Anal Promise – Part 2

A woman has now gotten ready for her boyfriend and their evening of anal sex and romance. She greets him at the door and a night of anal debauchery ensues.


A 27 min 35 sec recording.

Previously: I, sexy Sharon, had made a promise to my guy to let him fuck my tight, puckered ass to his heart’s content. To prepare, I called my anal master and then retold to him how I cleansed myself out with two quarts of warm water for my enema. And now, I’m just waiting for my asshole to be fucked over and over again by my guy’s hard, shaved cock.

I am not having a very productive time, Mikey, while I wait for you to come over here for our afternoon anal fuck fest. I have barely gotten anything done!

Throughout my seemingly eternal wait for you, baby, my mind keeps wandering in imagining how you’re going to fuck my asshole. Despite wanting to have your wonderful dick plundering my forbidden hole over and over again, I feel my backdoor tightening up. Damn it!, I curse to myself. The last thing I need right now is for my sphincter to be clenching so tightly. While I know that my Asian stud loves hearing me scream and shout as he fucks my asshole, I wouldn’t be crying out in ecstasy. I would be yelping and screaming from the constant pain of my anal passage never wanting to relax.

I need some help to get my asshole to relax a little bit before my anal master comes over. I instantly know what can relax me! I walk over to my kitchen, and then uncork a bottle of red wine. A Cabernet Sauvignon to be specific. While I let the bottle breathe, I retrieve a pair of wine glasses. I’m so tempted to put out a plate of crackers and brie cheese to go along with the wine, but I can’t risk eating anything that would dirty my freshly flushed out insides. I pour myself a glass of wine. I examine my glass to make sure that no cork bits have accidentally broken off into the bottle. I hold my filled glass up to the light, as I love how the light goes through the burgundy color of the Cabernet Sauvignon to prism into a diverse range of red hues.

I put down my filled glass as my smart phone chimes. I look at the new notification, and then I smile happily as I see that Mikey has gotten us a dinner reservation at my favorite restaurant. I’m looking forward in having an excuse to wear one of my nice dresses, to bask in the romantic mood lighting, to sit with my Asian guy in a private booth, and to enjoy one of the finest steaks that I have ever eaten. I pick up my glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, sit down on my nearby sofa, and bask in the sun that shines through my balcony window. I take the first slow sip of my wine, and then hum in enjoyment. I close my eyes as my tongue savors the the taste of the delicious wine. I also love how the Cabernet Sauvignon flows down into me. After a few more sips of wine, I can feel the tension leave my sexy body so that I can relax. I smile again as I can feel my asshole unclench. While my backdoor is still incredibly tight, I know that I’m ready to thoroughly enjoy anal sex with my guy.

Just after I’ve finished downing the last sip of Cabernet Sauvignon, I hear my doorbell ring. If it’s you, Mikey, I know that you usually allow yourself into my place. I’m not completely sure what’s going on here…Hmmm?…but I play along. I strip out of your dress shirt and my pants, where I’m only wearing my panties. I then grab and put on my long, tan overcoat. I have the front of my overcoat secured in front of me. I then put on my brown, wide brim fedora hat to complete my barefoot, gumshoe detective look. My doorbell rings for a second time, before I can answer it. I open my door, and happily see you standing there. You are holding your overnight bag, your suit bag, and a small plastic bag. While I let you in and then close my door, I ask you what’s in the plastic bag. You coyly tell me that it’s a surprise, and you deliberately don’t let me see into the plastic bag.

You tell me on how sexy and mysterious I look in my gumshoe detective look. I tell you that I’m so happy that you’ve finally come over to see me. You drop everything that you’re holding onto the floor. You gently take off my brown fedora off my head, and then fling my wide brimmed hat to my sofa. You, my Asian stud, scoop me into your strong arms. You then lean in to kiss me. I latch my arms around you, and then lock my luscious lips to your mouth. Our nostrils flare during our long, passionate kiss. After we finish our kiss, Mikey, you surprise me by suddenly picking me up. I instinctively squeal like a little girl. I also cannot help flailing my long, slender legs. Your arms feel so strong and capable, while you carry me into my bedroom.

After we pass through the threshold into my bedroom, you gently drop me back onto my bare feet. Our hands grope at each other, while we undress each other. When I remove your pants and boxers, baby, I love that you’re already fully erect. Your shaved manpole springs out to me.

I kiss down your body as I go down onto my knees. I grasp your erection. You gasp in pleasure on how good my hand feels on you. I enjoy how rock hard and warm your dick has become. I tenderly kiss the bulbous head of your cock, and then smile as my soft lips make you moan. I plant loving kisses all over your shaved shaft, while I softly murmur on how much I love your cock. After each soft kiss, I purr on how much I love your cock. I gently cup your balls, and greatly appreciate how you’ve trimmed down the public hair on the rest of your scrotum. I lustfully tell you that all of your cum will be mine and only mine! I then open my lips to put your bulbous head into my mouth. You moan in approval. I slowly continue moving my mouth down your thick, hard shaft…Hmmm hmmm!…until I have completely deep throated you. I enjoy deep throating you even more, as you’ve freshly showered to where I can’t smell any of your ball sweat. I’ve missed savoring your sweet jizz so much, Mikey, that I’m sorely tempted to suck you off right here. I could then put a cock ring at the base of your shaft and then get you hard again…Giggle!…so that I force you maintain a full erection.

I hear you ask me to save sucking your off for some ass-to-mouth action later on. I deliberately make you worry in questioning if I’m even going to be in the mood for ATM! With you here, my Asian stud, I’m become so fucking horny and wet. My now wet and hot pussy is desiring to explode with a wonderful climax! My asshole now anticipates having your thick, shaved cock inside of me.

I purposefully remove my mouth from your now saliva-covered shaft with a loud popping sound. I climb onto my bed with feral-like movements, and then get onto my hands and knees in a sexy, sultry doggie style pose. I lustfully demand for you to lube up my backdoor, and then lube yourself so that you can ass fuck me. I confess to you, my anal master, that I want you in my ass so much! I spread my legs wide apart to better reveal my wet pussy and my freshly flushed out behind. I grasp my bubble butt, and then spread open my ass cheeks to fully expose my asshole.

I gasp in anticipation as I feel you gently rub the water-based lube over my tightly, puckered anal ring. While you lube up your shaft, you ask me to wink for you. I smile, and then I flex my asshole to have my backdoor wink at you. Flexing my forbidden hole allows some of the lube to be sucked up into my anal passage. I gasp as my sexy body shivers from the chill of the lube being sucked into my backdoor. We repeat the process in applying lube to my anal ring and then having me wink for you, until I”m satisfied that you’ve given me enough lube for your anal penetration. I, of course, could have just let you insert a lubed up finger into me…Giggle!…but I know–Mikey–on how much you enjoy seeing my asshole flex over and over at you before you butt fuck me.

You are now standing behind me now with your lubed up manpole ready to enter my now glistening asshole. I hear you ask me to say the words. The words that tell you how naughty I am. I remind you that I’m not going to say those words, until you have your hard, shaved dick balls deep inside my butt.

I hear you asking if I’m ready. I lustfully reveal to you that I’m so ready for you! I also remind you, baby, that you have to be gentle with my ass until I say those naughty words.

You grasp onto my shapely hips for leverage. I twerk my lovely behind, and then tell you to please stop teasing me! You respond by pressing your bulbous head against my tightly, puckered asshole. I gasp in an instinctive reaction to the seemingly forbidden touch of your hard dick against my butt, where I suck in and then hold my breath! I remind myself to breathe normally, so that my backdoor doesn’t clench up and make your anal entrance unpleasurable to me. Mikey, you push forward a little harder that applies more pressure against my anal ring. I cannot help squealing softly as you apply more pressure against my asshole. The pressure builds and builds against my forbidden hole as my anal ring slowly, but surely gapes open. Suddenly, and without warning, it happens! My anal ring has widened out enough for your seemingly mushroom-sized head of your cock to enter my asshole. I loudly gasp as you enter my backdoor! I love how slowly you, Mikey, are penetrating my butt. After you push the bulbous head of your dick into me, my anal ring tightens around your hard shaft. I push one of my hands against your strong thigh. You stop pushing, baby, as you know that this is my way of telling you stop what you’re doing. I make sure that I’m breathing normally, while my asshole gets used to having the seemingly gigantic head of your cock inside me again.

After a few moments the beginning of my anal passage accepts you, my anal master, I squeeze your thigh with my hand. You know, Mikey, that I’ve just given you my signal to resume. You once again push your wonderful, shaved cock further into my asshole. The combination of the lube and my desire to get a good butt fucking allows your manpole to slide into my forbidden fuck hole. I allow you to push an inch or so of your shaft into my anal passage, before I stop you. I not only take these moments for my backdoor to get used to your seemingly monster-sized dick, baby, but I also thoroughly relish being slowly filled and stretched out by you. I excite you by blurting out on how fucking huge your thick, hard cock feels inside my butt! I make you repeat the process to slowly and gently enter my asshole inch by inch. I moan in pleasure each time more of your steel hard dick enters my asshole! I smile from ear to ear when you are balls deep inside of me, where I feel your groin pressing against my butt cheeks and feel your cum-filled balls touching my wet and burning hot cunt.

I demand of you not to start, Mikey, so that I can enjoy feeling you all the way inside my behind. I deliberately tease you by flexing my pelvis muscles, which purposefully makes my anal passage squeeze your manpole. I flash a mischievous smile, when I hear you gasp in pleasure. After a few moments, I give you permission to fuck my ass. I moan and gasp in pleasure as you slowly pull out of my asshole inch by inch, until only your bulbous head is inside of me. You then, my anal master, steadily push yourself back into my asshole. Your wonderful shaved dick feels like a gigantic piston leisurely driving in and out of bubble butt. I tell you how much I love your tender ass fucking! You let my climax build by tenderly pumping in and out of my backdoor. After slowly fucking my ass for a while, Mikey, you tell me to say those naughty words. I reprimand you, baby…Giggle!…that it’s not the right time to say those dirty words yet!

For the next minute or two, I moan and pant while you slowly fuck my butt. Each time you gently thrust all the way into me, my much desired orgasm builds. My pussy becomes wetter and wetter, until I feel my sweetness ooze out of me and then a a few drops dribble down my inner thigh. I soon move one of my hands to rub my engorged clit, as my sensitive love button throbs to be touched! I lustfully scream out, Oh fuck! As the pleasurable combination of rubbing my clitty and being tenderly ass fucked by my guy drives me closer and closer in cumming!

I’m soon so close in cumming! I feel myself reach my peak of ecstasy, just before I orgasm. I rub my big clit faster as I desperately want to cum! I even twerk my behind that makes your manpole wiggle inside of my anal passage. I whimper in frustration that I can’t cum! I lustfully cry out to you, Mikey, to make me cum! Make me cum with your thick, hard cock fucking my asshole!

The erotic and lustful part of me is so ready for you to fuck my butt hard and fast, like the savage ass fucking that you want to give me, Mikey! All I have to do is say those naughty words for you, my anal master, to pound my ass! The rational part of me screams at me to not say those dirty words yet, as I promised my ass to you for as long as you want.

You, my Asian stud, step things up to make me explode with my first anal orgasm. I moan in pleasure as I slowly feel you piston out of my anal passage. And, once again, you deliberately keep the bulbous head of your cock inside of me. You take the briefest of moments to better grasp my shapely hips. Without warning me, baby, you ram all the back into my asshole with one hard thrust! I scream out a long gutteral, Fuck! My beautiful eyes widen from your rough battering of my backdoor. Your savage thrust that deeply penetrates the inner depths of my anal passage makes me so horny! I feel my much wanted orgasm building up even more, but I’m not there yet. I lustfully shout out in encouragement to ass fuck me just like that! Just like that!

Mikey, you repeatedly fuck my asshole as I demand where you slowly pull back and then roughly pound hard and deep back into me! Each savage ramming not only feels like your wonderful cock is going deeper and deeper into my forbidden depths, but also inches me closer and closer to my orgasm. My large bed shakes as each powerful thrust you make, and pushes my face and my huge titties into my bed. I lustfully demand for you to not stop! Don’t stop!

I manage to scream out “Don’t!” one last time, and then I explode with my first anal orgasm! All of the muscles in my sexy, naked body lock up as I’m overwhelmed by the first pleasurable wave of my climax. I can barely breathe as the next waves of my anal orgasm pulse through me. I cannot stop my sexy body from shaking over and over again. I also cannot prevent my anal passage from spasming again that squeezes your steel hard shaft over and over. My slightly gaping cunt gushes with pussy juice. After my orgasmic bliss subsides, I bear down with my pelvic muscles that pushes open my drenched snatch and stretches out my anal passage. Flexing my kegels makes me squeeze out my white, creamy feminine jizz.

I am still recovering from my wonderfully intense anal orgasm, baby, where I feel you swiftly pull out of my freshly fucked asshole. I can only manage to whimper in my protest to not pull out of my butt. I’m barely aware of what’s going on, Mikey, when I feel you flip me onto my back. I have finally recovered from my explosive anal orgasm, my Asian stud, when I see stroking your hard, throbbing cock over my large titties. I push my huge boobies together that makes my swollen nipples more pronounced. I also lick my lips in anticipating in seeing you ejaculate all over my titty flesh. I’m grateful that you aren’t making me suck you off, Mikey, as I’m not in a naughty enough mood for any kind of ass-to-mouth action.

I encourage you to cum, baby, and tell you cum all over my big titties. I tell you that I want you to cover my tits with your jizz! You tightly grasp your throbbing manpole, my Asian stud, and then groan in pleasure. You finally cum for me by shooting a geyser-like spurt of your hot spunk onto me! You first blast of cum is a lovely, thick stream to behold. Your large shot of cum expertly lands between my pushed up breasts, and then splatters across me to coat my pointy nipples; my large areolas; and the rest of my titty flesh! You delightfully surprise me, Mikey, by ejaculating another strong stream of your cum! Your hot jizz arcs past my nipples, and then splashes at the top of my bosom and coats part of my throat. You stroke your manpole again, but you’ve temporarily depleted yourself. You continue to stroke your spent cock for me, baby, where you squeeze out the clear drops of your cum. After you realize that you have no more of your jizz to give to me, you sit back onto my large bed.

I coo happily in how much you’ve cum for me, my Asian stud. I, of course, know that ass fucking me always makes you cum so much for me. I don’t want all of your jizz to go to waste, so I scoop up some of your white, gooey cum. I deliberately hold up my fingers over my cum-covered titties to watch your cum dribble off my fingers. I then again scoop up some of your jizz again, and then taste you. I close my eyes as the taste of your sweet cum explodes over my tongue. I moan, while sucking hard on my fingers, to tell you how much I enjoy your sweetness. I take my now cleaned off fingers from my mouth, and then tell you how much I love your sweet, Asian cum. I continue scooping up your jizz off of my sexy body, baby, so that I can continue enjoy tasting you! I whine when I can’t scoop up anymore your cum. While I can no longer see the white of your cum coating me, I can still feel the stickiness of your jizz on my neck; over my upper chest; and across my huge titties. I don’t want any of your cum to go to waste, Mikey, so I rub the remnants of your jizz into my skin. I deliberately tease you that you not only have the best tasting man-juice that I have ever had, but your cum is so good at keeping my skin soft and youthful.

I look at my clock, and then notice how much time has passed. Our afternoon has flown by during your slow and tender fucking of my asshole. I mention that it’s probably a good time to shower and get ready for our dinner. I can see your disappointment, my anal master, that we won’t have the time for your roughly fuck my butt hard and fast. And that I haven’t said those naughty words yet. I reassure you, Mikey, that you still have all night to fuck my ass. I promise you that before the night has ended that I will have said those nasty, dirty words that you love to hear. And then you’ll be able to destroy my asshole with your wonderful dick.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.