Anal Promise – Part 3

A woman and her boyfriend take a break from their night of anal sex and go out for dinner. Her boyfriend however makes her insert a remotely controlled sex toy before they leave, and once she’s around other people, he turns it on and she starts to orgasm at the most inappropriate of times.


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A 30 min 17 sec recording.

I’m standing in my big closet with one towel covering the top of my head and wrapped around my long, silky hair. I have a bigger towel encircling my sexy, naked body. My larger towel is tightened around me that acts like a corset to push together and push up my lovely, huge breasts to large ovals that rest just below my neck.

I close my pretty eyes and then take in a deep breath. I take a few seconds to focus on how clean I feel after my shower. I love how my soft skin feels right after a shower. And after all of the naughty fun my guy, Mikey, and I had this afternoon…Giggle!…I needed the shower before we went out tonight.

I open my eyes again, and then concentrate on picking out something to wear to one of my favorite restaurants that my Asian stud is taking me out to tonight. When I was toweling myself off, baby, I remember that you told me to wear something that would show some leg; while not hugging my sexy body too tightly. You, Mikey, usually ask me to wear something tight fitting; so I’m curious as to why you’re asking me to not wear one of my tight fitting dresses tonight? Hmmm? What is my my guy planning?

I finally pick out my Zanuce dress. It’s a mostly black dress with an asymmetrical design and gold sequins. The right shoulder and arm are bare, while the left shoulder and arm are completely covered. The black part of the my dress runs all the way down to my feet. The gold sequins run down the left side of the dress and top mid-thigh, which exposes my left leg. I also have to make sure that I’m wearing a bra and panties underneath, as the black material becomes see-through whenever someone takes a pictures with their flash. I always need to wear high heels with my Zanuce dress, so that I don’t trip over the hem of the dress.

I exit my closet and then enter my bedroom. I’m so lost in my own thoughts that I don’t…Oh!…notice that my guy is waiting for me in my bedroom. I notice that Mikey is nearly dressed in his crimson red dress and dark grey dress pants. I also resist the urge to complain on how quickly men can get dressed. He’s holding open the mysterious plastic bag, and then asks me to reach into the bag and take out what’s inside. I’m excited that I finally get to see the mysterious item that my Asian guy has gotten for me. I reach inside and then…Huh?…feel a weird silicon object. I pull out the silicon item, and then see that I’m holding…What the fuck is this?!?…a giant, pink sperm. The head of this silicon sperm seems to be over 3-inches long, and about 1-1/2 inches wide. The pink tail of this gigantic silicon thingy seems to be just under 5-inches long. And the total length of this huge, pink sperm seems to be over 7-inches.

I hear my guy tell me that I’m holding a Lush. A Lush? I instantly think about the soap stores that are the mall. I’m, however, definitely not holding a bar of soap!

Mikey flashes me a devilish grin, and then requests that I put the Lush into my bare snatch before I get dressed.

What the fuck–?!?, I blurt out.

Despite all of the naughty things that I’ve done with my Asian stud, I’m taken aback that he wants me to put the Lush into me. My guy also tells me to also wear a tampon pad over my lovely mound as well. I shoo Mikey out of my bedroom, while reassuring him that I’ll be wearing the Lush and a tampon pad tonight.

Time passes by way to quickly for me as I finish getting myself ready for tonight’s dinner with my Mikey. My guy’s jaw literally drops to the floor when he seems me. I smile and blush with the silent flattery that he gives me. I hand my driver’s license to Mikey, so that he can hold onto it for me in your wallet, as I’m not using a purse tonight.

Time passes by too quickly for me, as I suddenly seem to find myself being led to your black SUV by you. Being chivalrous, as always, my guy helps me into the front passengers seat. I know, Mikey, that you are deliberately trying to get a look underneath my black and gold sequin dress to check if I’m wearing the Lush you gave me; but I’ve had to deal with too many upskirt peepers in my time. I deftly…Giggle!…prevent you from taking a peek underneath me. After we’re both seated in the dark leather seats of your SUV, baby, you ask me if I’m wearing my Lush. I blatantly and defiantly mock you in questioning if I’m wearing the gigantic, pink sperm toy.

Oh fuck!, I suddenly scream out!

I’m sucking in my breath…Ahhh!…as a one-second jolt of strong vibrations erupts inside my snatch! I realize that the Lush–which is buried deep inside my shaved cunt–was turned on and sent out the strong vibrations. Shit, that was intense! I can feel my nipples and my clitty swelling. I find myself getting horny. I’m suddenly a mixed up mess. Part of me wants the Lush to vibration again and not stop, until I orgasm. Another part of me cannot believe that Mikey turned on the Lush without my permission!

Michael!, I snarl at him!

There are only two occasions on when I call my Asian guy by his given name. Either when we’re with other people, so that I don’t embarrass my guy. Or when I’m fucking pissed off at him!

What the fuck did you just do?!?, I angrily question.

Like a kid with free reign in a toy store, Mikey, shows me the screen of the Lush app on his iPhone.

What the hell?!?, I bark at my guy. You can control my Lush from your iPhone?, I ask in shock.

Mikey eagerly nods his head. My fiendish guy informs me that he used the lowest vibration setting.

Lowest vibration setting?!?, I blurt in surprise. Just how many damn setting does the Lush have?!?, I demand to know.

Aaauuuaaahhh!, I loudly shriek!

My pussy is suddenly…Fuck!…assaulted with the most intense vibrations I have ever experienced in my life! I’m wiggling in my car seat like a flopping fish, while desperately trying to breathe! I feel the numb on the Lush…Fucking shit!…that’s in direct contact with my super-sensitive G-spot! My hands tightly grip the armrests. I’m going crazy with lust…Ooohhh!…while quickly feeling my orgasm building within me! My cunt has become hot and moist. My pussy walls are now tightly clenching…Oh fuck!…onto my Lush. My nipples and clitty are now completely swollen! I can feel the strong vibrations reaching my swollen love button! I am uncontrollably squirming in my car seat! I try to speak to tell Mikey to stop…Mieh–Ggguuuhhhaaaddd!…but I can only incoherently squeal in pleasure while I’m panting.

A few seconds later. At least I think it’s a few seconds later, my Lush stops vibrating. I collapse into my car seat with my long hair splashed all across my face. My buxom chest rises up and down as I catch my breath. I’m thankful that I took Mikey’s advice to wear the tampon pad, as I can feel some of my pussy juice oozing out of my bare muff.

After I have regained myself, I flip down the passenger sun visor to check myself out in the small mirror. I fix my hair. I sigh in relief that my makeup is okay, and that my mascara has not run. I then purposefully punch Mikey in his shoulder with the strongest punch that I can muster! I feel some satisfaction when I hear my guy cry out in pain.

What the fuck, Michael?!?, I snarl in mock anger.

I reprimand my Asian guy that I only asked how powerful my Lush could get, and that I didn’t need a demonstration. I pretend to be upset at Mikey, but I’m really not. I love the intense, mind-blowing pleasure that my Lush just gave me! I have always been dissatisfied with my vibrators, because their vibrations were never strong enough for me. When I do play with my vibrators, I not only fuck my pussy with a buzzing sex toy…Giggle!…but I also have the tip of another vibrator right against my clitty. And even then, it takes a seeming eternity for both vibrators to make me climax. With the strongest vibrations from my Lush, however…Giggle!…I think I could orgasm in no time!

Part of me wants to beg my guy to activate my Lush again, until I cum. Considering how mysterious and devlish Mikey was in not fully telling me about my Lush, I pretend to be a pissed off bitch. I demand that Mikey not use the Lush app again, until we’re been seated at our private booth inside the restaurant. I warn my guy that if he uses the most powerful vibrations right away, then Mikey will not get any naughty dessert tonight! I know…Giggle!…that I already promised the naughty pleasures to my guy; but I know how much Mikey gets turned on when I’m defiant to him. I confirm this by glancing down at his dress pants…Hmm-hmmm!…where I can see the tent caused by his erection.

Mikey stays true to his word, during our drive to the restaurant, where he never once takes out his iPhone and never uses the Lush app.

The peaceful drive to the restaurant allows me to snuggle against my guy, despite using the front seat belt, and then rest my head against his right shoulder. I enjoy leaning against Mikey’s broad shoulder. I coo in appreciation, and then I close my pretty eyes. Despite the sounds of the tire against the pavement and of the music playing over the car stereo, I feel so secure and so at ease leaning against my handsomely dressed guy that I enter a tranquil mediation. I use my mediation to replenish my energy, as I know that my Asian stud will thoroughly and utterly exhaust me tonight.

The uneventful drive to the restaurant also gives Mikey time to get rid of his raging hard on. While I love seeing my guy’s erection poking through his pants…Giggle!…I think that walking around with a boner would get Mikey kicked out of the restaurant.

In the blink of the eye, at least to me, we’re arrived at my favorite–and very expensive–restaurant. Mikey not only valet parks his black SUV, but he also helps me out of his vehicle. I love how chivalrous my guy is by extending his hand to give me support as I exit his black SUV. Mikey gets a bit korney, but still cutely adorable, when he softly kisses the top of my hand…Giggle!…because he loves treating me like his princess when we’re formally dressed. I shiver of delight races up my spine as his lips press against my supple skin. As we enter the steak restaurant, I can see several other ladies fuming mad that their guys aren’t treating them as chivalrously as Mikey has treated me.

I let Mikey handle greeting the host and then checking in, as I’m enjoying how other people–ladies and guys alike–are noticing me. I purposefully kiss my guy on his cheek, just before the host guides us to our booth. We’re seated at a booth that conceals us very well from most of the other dining patrons. It’s early enough this evening where the surrounding booths are not occupied, which gives us the best possible privacy that we could achieve in the restaurant. I know that most people would try to provide an ample bribe to the host to be seated this well. The restaurant owner, however, knows how much repeating lunches and dinners Mikey brings with his customer meetings and new business by word of mouth that he can request this kind of special seating at least once a year.

After we’re seated, I thank Mikey again for tonight’s dinner at my favorite restaurant. I grab the wine list, and then peruse the wine selections that are being offered. My guy knows that I really enjoy ordering wine whenever we dine out. While I could order a higher priced Cabernet Sauvignon, I’ve already had my fill of Cabernet Sauvignon from earlier today.

I’m so absorbed with the wine list that I fail to notice that our server has arrived. Tonight, Nikki, our server is a woman with ash blonde hair and of average height. And unlike myself with my buxom breasts, I can immediately tell that this lady has small boobies. I hear Mikey order his dirty martini, which he always orders whenever we’re out. I don’t pay attention to hear my guy provide the specifics on how he wants his dirty martini prepared. I’m still deciding on what bottle of wine I want. I quickly set my sights on the Malbec wine from Argentina, and not the one from France. I prefer the Argentinean Malbec not only as blackberry, plum, and black cherry are used; but also due to the hint of milk chocolate, violet flowers, and leather that come from the oak aging.

Before I can order the Melbac, I’m interrupted by Mikey. He whips out my ID, and then insists that the server confirm that I’m of legal age to drink.

Really?!?, I blurt out in astonishment!

I reign in my irritation, and then patiently allow the ash blonde lady to check my ID. After a few moments, the server returns my ID to me with a very happy smile.

Sharon? Such a lovely name., Nikki comments.

Nikki then asks me what I’d like to drink.

I would like to have–Uhmm!, I tell to Nikki.

Before I can finish speaking out my order…Fuck!…I suddenly feel my Lush come alive with vibrations! While the vibrations aren’t the most intense ones that my Lush can provide, the seemingly intense vibrations make it incredibly hard for me to focus and to speak. I tightly grab the edge of the table in an attempt to suppress what my Lush is doing to me. I close my eyes and then take in a deep breath to gain the strength to complete my drink order. I open my pretty eyes again, and then I manage to finish telling Nikki about my Melbac order.

The small breasted ash blonde teasingly winks at me, and then leaves to process our drink orders. I gratefully feel my Lush stop buzzing within my now hot and moist cunt.

I turn to Mikey, and then ask him why the fuck did he make the server check my ID?!? And why the fuck, of all times, did he decide to turn on my Lush with our server right there!

He tenderly takes my hands to calm me down, and then leans into me to softly talk to me. My guy asks if I noticed how much the server was checking me out.

Checking me out?!?, I mockingly comment in disbelief.

Mikey informs me that our server could not take her eyes off of me. My guy lets me know that he caught Nikki licking her lips as the ash blonde lady continued gawking at me. Mikey purposefully let our server look at my ID to get my address. He also tells me I shouldn’t be surprised if Nikki stops by my place next week.

I’m flattered and concerned at the same time. I don’t well Nikki enough to know if she’s a psycho bitch or not, but I trust Mikey’s judgment of Nikki’s interest in me. I’ve never had sex with another woman before, and there’s a chance that Nikki could be my first lesbian experience. I don’t have much time to think about a potential visit from the ash blonde lady, much less let my mind imagine a girl-girl romp with Nikki, as my guy asks me what interest me on the menu.

Mikey thankfully doesn’t use his Lush app when Nikki returns with our drinks. I notice, however, that our server pays extra special attention to me; and seems to purposefully lean in close whenever pouring the Melbac for me. I decide to tease Nikki by moaning in pleasure from my taste test of the Melbac. I probably would have moaned in delight anyways, as I love how easily the Melbac flows down my throat. The best way I could describe drinking a Melbac is like drinking liquid velvet. I caught our ash blonde server biting her finger as taste tested the Melbac. I told Nikki that the Melbac was excellent, and then noticed how our server sighed in relief.

For some reason tonight’s Argentian Melback tastes…Hmm-hmmm!…especially good tonight! I could easily drink glass after glass right now, but I’m not here to become a lush tonight.

Lush?, I remark aloud. For no apparent reason, I find it funny that I said “Lush”. I laugh uncontrollably for a few moments, just like when I heard something incredibly funny.

When our server returned later on to take our meal order, of course, Mikey used his Lush app again. And just like last time, while the lowest vibration setting was used, I just barely managed to speak my meal order as the powerful vibrations assaulted my G-spot, my pussy walls, and my swollen clitty. My Lush was still buzzing away inside of my now burning hot and wet sex as Nikki asked for what side dishes I wanted, and if I wanted a soup or salad.

After our server left our private booth, I felt my sweet juice ooze of my still throbbing cunt and then drench my tampon pad.

Fuck!!!, I’m screaming in my head! I’m so goddamn horny that I really, really want to cum! My will power is taxed to its limit…Oh fuck!…as I desperately resist the urge to move my hands underneath my dress, so that I can rapidly frig my engorged clitty. I lean against my Asian stud.

I lustfully whisper into Mikey’s ear, Please! Please use the Lush app to make me orgasm! I need to cum so badly!

I smile happily as Mikey tells me that it’s his pleasure to help me climax. I pulls out two sets of wired ear buds, where each one has its own mic.

Mikey…Giggle!, I deliberately tease aloud, You must be wearing your utility belt tonight.

I plug in one of the wired ear buds into my smart phone, and then slip the ear bud into my ear. I see that Mikey has done the same to his iPhone.

I hear, through my ear bud, my phone ring with a call from my guy. I answer the call. I find it strange that both Mikey and I are talking on the phone, when we’re sitting right next to each other. Through the ear bud, I hear Mikey tell me to just listen and then do as he requests.

Gladly, baby., I immediately answer.

I hear Mikey command me to walk to the ladies’ lavatory, sit down as if I’m going to take a pee, and then leave my Lush buried deep in my hot, wet cunt. While I’ve been given a strange and weird request, I play along…Giggle!…because I know that there will be an incredible payoff here.

While still listening to the phone conversation through my ear bud, I make my way into the ladies’ bathroom. I’m thankful that Mikey doesn’t use his Lush app as I walk. I’m soon in the women’s washroom of the restaurant, where it seems that no one else is here with me. I enter one of the stalls, close the door, and then sit down on the toilet. I’m thankful that the restaurant’s toilets don’t have the auto-flushing sensors, or else I’m pretty that I would be making the toilet flush non-stop.

I talk into the ear bud’s mic, Okay, my Asian stud. I’m sitting down on the toilet now.

Oh fuck!, I squeal through my clenched teeth!

My Lush has been activated again! And this time…Fucking shit! Fucking shit!…my Lush is pulsing with the strongest vibrations possible! The incredibly mind-blowing vibrations…Aaahhh!…quickly drive me crazy with lust! My nipples and clitty instantly swell into engorged tips! My pussy immediately burns and drips with my sweet juice! The numb of my Lush buzzes just right onto my super-sensitive G-spot!

Mmmiiikkkeeeyyy!, I lustfully moan aloud!

My right hand tightly grips the toilet seat in an attempt to keep myself steady, while my cunt; pussy walls; G-spot; and engorged clit…Oh fuck!…are pleasured over and over by the fucking strong vibrations! My left hand covers my mouth to muffle my loud moans and cries of pleasure. Even with my mouth muffled, I’m pretty sure that anyone entering the women’s bathroom could easily hear me.

Just like when I was riding in Mikey’s black SUV, my body is uncontrollably wiggling around the toilet. I make the toilet seat move vigorously move back and forth that makes constantly jiggling noises.

I’m completely lost in the ecstasy that my Lush’s vibrations are giving me, where I’m oblivious to everything else. I’m so fucking happy that I can feel my long denied orgasm quickly building within me! My bald cunt feels as hot as a volcano. My pussy has juiced so much that I’ve soaked my tampon pad.

Don’t stop! Ooohhh gguuuhhhaaaddd!, I cry out!

I’m so close in cumming now! I don’t care if anyone else has entered the ladies’ bathroom or not! I just want to cum!

Don’t stop!, I lustfully demand!

Just when I think I’m going to be trapped at the peak of esctasy and not be able to climax, my orgasm explodes within me! I muffle my mouth as much as possible, while I wail in orgasmic bliss. I’m cumming so strongly that my sexy body shakes like an earthquake! My pussy walls spasm to clench my Lush over and over again. A seemingly tsunami of my sweet juice gushes out of my spasming cunt! My tampon pad manages to absorb most of my squirt, but not all of my pussy juice. I’m pretty sure that I’ve just taxed the super-absorbent limits of my tampon pad! I can feel a trickle of my sweetness dribble down my inner thigh.

I fail to notice that my Lush stops vibrating, as I can’t stop my sexy body from trembling during my post-orgasmic bliss. I’m panting and gasping for air. I can feel sweat on my brow, and all over my body. I lie back against the toilet tank, while I recover from my mind-blowing orgasm. I’m grateful that riding the toilet seat like a bucking bronco hasn’t ripped the toilet seat from its nuts and bolts.

I hear my guy tell me, through my ear bud, on how wonderful and lovely it was to hear me cum. I smile appreciatively like a little school girl. If my face and chest weren’t already flushed red, I would be blushing. I tell Mikey that I need a few moments to regain myself, and then to clean myself up. Mikey tells me to keep my thoroughly drenched tampon pad on, so that he can smell my sweetness later on.

Keeping myself starved earlier today and cumming so hard just now has really worked up my appetite! I can’t wait to take the first bite of my medium rare steak, which will be sizzling in a pool of melted butter.

And I’m now…Giggle!…I’m really looking forward to the naughty dessert that I’m going to have with my Asian stud tonight.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.