Anal Promise – Part 1

A woman enjoys teasing her boyfriend that is really into anal sex, calling him at work to tell him how she’s getting ready for the evening’s anal sexual activities, including her enema preparation to be as clean as possible.


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A 19 min 27 sec recording.

I’m listening to the ringing on my smart phone, while I wait for you–Mikey–to pick up my call. You answer my call with a very professional greeting. I know that you’re at work, and that you automatically speak professionally. Each time I hear to talk like this, baby, I get aroused. I happily say hello to you and then let you know that it’s your sexy, sensual Sharon who’s calling.

I deliberately tease you by revealing to you that I’m sitting here all by myself in my comfty hair. And once again, I’m only wearing your dress shirt that I’ve taken from you. I love talking to you when you’re at work, my Asian stud, because I can talk as nasty and as dirty as I much as I want…Giggle…but you can’t. I confess to you that hearing your work voice has made my pink nipples swell, and made my bare snatch get warm and moist.

I can hear you, Mikey, get a little flustered on the phone where you speak with more “Er’s” and “Um’s” than normal. I don’t relent with my naughty talk, and add my coup de grace. I ask you, baby, if you remember my promise to let you fuck my tight, puckered asshole to your heart’s content? I smile with a big, wide grin when I hear you immediately answer back that you remember. You even confess to me on how frustrated you are, Mikey, that it’s been a week already where I haven’t let you indulge yourself with my lovely behind. I reveal to you that I just finished giving myself an enema. And I didn’t use a tiny, four and a-half ounce saline bottle that you can buy in the stores. Before I reveal anything further, my anal master, I tease you in asking on how hard your wonderful shaved cock has become. I know, Mikey, that anal talk always gives you the fastest erections. I continue in revealing that I purchased and used a two quart bag that’s used for a colon cleansing kit. I describe to you, because I can, on how this kit comes with a colon tip. You know the kind, Mikey. The tip that’s wider at the start, then swedges to a smaller width, and also has tiny little holes for the water to spurt out.

I know that you have the biggest erection in your dress pants, Mikey, and that you’re hanging on my every word. I tell you on how I filled up the two quart enema bag with warm water, and then clamped the tube so that none of the water would leak out. I even managed to hook the completely filled enema bag, which looked so fucking huge, onto my shower rod so that gravity would let the warm water go into my butt. Next, I lubed by the colon tip and my tight, puckered asshole with vaseline. While still wearing your dress shirt, my anal master, I got onto my hands and knees on the tiled floor of my bathroom. While I’ve had enemas before, I bit my lip in fear while I held the lubed up colon tip just inches away from my deflowered asshole. I steeled myself by taking in a deep breath, and then carefully pressed the colon tip against my puckered anal ring. As the colon tip is significantly smaller than the bulbous head of your manpole, Mikey, there was no resistance from my anal ring. My butt easily accepted and allowed the lubed up colon tip to enter my forbidden hole. Fucking shit! I gasped in shock as, once again, something foreign entered my asshole! Even though I forced myself to breath normally, my asshole instinctively reacted by tightly clenching onto the colon tip! The vaseline allowed me to deftly insert the rest of the colon tip into inside of me.

I know, Mikey, that if you were here…Giggle…you would be snapping pictures of me. I know how aroused you are right now, baby, in imagining how I look doggie style with an enema tube going from my butt to the completely filled up enema bag. I’m ready to release the warm water into me, where I’m holding the release clamp in my hand. My human instincts overwhelm me with questions and concerns with what I’m about to do. Am I really going to do that big of a enema? Where is all two ounces of warm water going to go into me? Is there so much water that the water will rush up my stomach, and then spurt out of my mouth? I breath deeply in and out a few times to calm my irrational fears. I then remind myself that I’m fulfilling my I.O.U. to my darling Mikey that to butt fuck me with his wonderful cock to his heart’s content. I close my eyes to recall the last time we had anal sex. It was such a wonderful, very erotic experience! I remember on how tender and gentle you were, my anal master, in entering my asshole with your seemingly gigantic, hard cock. And unlike in pornos, baby, you fucked my ass to drive me to explode with a very intense and incredibly anal orgasm! I came so hard that my cunt squirted with my sweetness! I instantly recalled how deep you came inside of my freshly fucked asshole with the biggest ejaculation that you’ve ever had with me! You spurted so much of your Asian spunk into my anal passage, Mikey, that it took quite a while for all of your jizz to ooze out of my asshole. I remember that you thoroughly enjoyed seeing your cum leak out of my butt, my Asian stud, as you kept stretching open my anal ring over and over again…until we were both sure that all of you jizz had emptied out of me.

With that wonderful and intensely erotic anal memory, I open up the clamp on the enema tube. With nothing no longer holding back the water flow, the warm water instantly rushes out of the two ounce enema bag. Gravity helps out with the rest to make the warm water flow into my waiting behind. Fuck! Fucking shit! It seems like a rushing river has suddenly flooded my anal passage! The warm water makes my anal passage loosen up to allow the enema flow to better come into me. And unlike your thick, hard cock–my anal master–the warm water continues deeper and deeper into me! I make myself continue to breath and constantly remind myself to relax. The last thing I need is for my sphincter to tighten up so much that forces the colon tip to eject out of my ass! My entire, sexy body shakes in shock as the warm water flows into my intestines. Grunt! I loudly grunt out from the shock of the warm water going through my insides. My arms and legs shake briefly, but I don’t falter from my kneeling position.

OMG! Shriek! I cry out as the warm water rushes into my tummy! I can’t do anything at the rushing tide of the enema fills stomach. Fucking shit! Fucking shit! Grunt! I forgot for the briefest of moments that the enema has two whole fucking quarts of water! The warm water continues to flow unabated into my poor tummy! I can feel my stomach being stretched out more and more. I’m not sure if it’s moments or a few minutes that pass by. My tummy soon feels heavy from all of the warm water that has flowed into me. When I glance down to look underneath me, I look like a woman in the first trimester of her pregnancy. One of my knees slip a little bit that creates motions that make my filled tummy jiggle! Shriek! Fucking shit! The slightest movement of my water-filled tummy hurts so fucking much! I’m sweating and panting, while enduring the large enema. I left the warm water continue to flow into me for a little while longer, until my tummy throbs in pain. That pain tells me that my stomach has reached the limits of its elasticity. I’m not sure how much of the 2 quarts of this enema that I’ve taken into me, Mikey, but I need to stop this enema now before my stomach is ripped open.

I frantically reach for the clamp that closes off the enema tube. I successfully grab for the clamp, and then close it to shut off the enema. Sigh of relief! I sigh in greatly relief that the warm water has stopped flowing into me. I carefully lower my arms, so that I can rest my head and my chest against the bathroom floor. I instinctively fight off the urge to rush over to my toilet, so that I can empty myself. I let the warm water sit inside for a few minutes to ensure that the warm water loosens up anything inside of me. I want to make sure that my anal passage and insides are super-clean, my anal master, so that nothing messy comes out of me while you fuck my ass to your heart’s content. I’m guessing that I probably took almost all of the two quarts of this large enema into me, as my tummy has never felt so filled and so heavy before!

I know, Mikey, that you’re dying to know what happens next! Giggle. Needless to say, baby, I made way to my toilet. I then pushed the warm water, and everything else biological, out of me. I have no idea what I pushed out, because I had my pretty eyes closed while I strained my glutes to do the most intense Kegels of my life! I keep bearing down, until I pushed all of the dirty water out of me. My poor tummy was relieved that it was no longer stretched out. My insides were glad to no longer have any of the enema water inside of me.

I sat there on my toilet, until I had regained my strength and until my insides were no longer throbbing in pain. I stripped naked, and then took a nice, long shower. I know that you would have loved to be in this shower with me, Mikey, because I made sure that my butt and asshole were squeaky clean!

And that brings us to where we are, baby, with me sitting here in my comfy chair. I can see the nearly full bottle of anal lube that’s sitting on my nightstand. My asshole, my anal passage, and the rest of me has been cleaned out. Giggle. I’m so ready, Mikey, for you to come over for you fuck my tight, puckered asshole as many times as you want and for as long as you want!

So what are you going to do, my anal master? I know that you have plenty of vacation time left. How about you take the afternoon off, take a shower, freshly shave your face and your wonderful cock, and then make sure you put on clean underwear? Why shower? As I’m offering my ass to you, Mikey, I don’t want to have to deal with any of your ball sweat! If my nose is inundated with your ball sweat, I’m going to kick you out of my place and to deny you all anal sex for the rest of the month!

Oh yeah, Mikey! If you come over this afternoon to pound my asshole over and over again, we can take a respite for a nice, romantic dinner. Do you remember that very expensive, but really nice, steak restaurant that we go to once in a blue moon? And how the still use real candles at the tables? And how they lower the lights for a romantic mood setting during dinner time? Well, baby, make dinner reservations for us tonight. With the many times that you take customers over for dinner to that expensive steak restaurant, I know that they should have no problems taking your dinner reservation. So that means, Mikey, you’ll also have to bring one of your dress suits and other dress stuff over too. I might even through in a surprise for dinner. Giggle. What will this surprise be, baby? If I told you, then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

I will tell you, however, that after dinner…I can offer you something so much better than dessert! And what would that be, my anal master? We can come back to my place, and then I’ll let you keep fucking my ass! I know, baby, that you’ll have thoroughly destroyed my asshole before dinner; but I’m in a very, very naughty mood. Giggle. I’m feeling so naughty that I would love for you fuck my butt all night long!

I hear you ask me to call myself a very nasty, dirty name. I tell you, Mikey, that I’m only going to call myself once your wonderful, shaved cock has been plunged deep into my tight, puckered asshole.

I say goodbye to you, baby, and then end our phone call. Whew! I find myself so incredible aroused and horny! My nipples have swollen into their big, long tips. My bare snatch is very warm and very moist. My clitty has swollen to where I can tell that my love button has popped out of its fleshy hood. If I wasn’t waiting for my Asian stud to come over, I would be playing with myself right now and making myself cum non-stop! Instead, I will be a good lady and wait for my Mikey. I deliberately put on panties and shorts to cover up my privates. I then stare at my computer in an attempt to do some work.

I cannot wait for my Asian stud to come over to fuck my asshole over and over again!


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.