Toy Surprise

A couple going through a fast food drive thru find some naughty ways to fill their time while waiting for their order.


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“Toy Surprise” A 7 minute 19 sec recording.

“Be bad for me baby.” He said as he rolled down his window.

“Squishy,” she responded and giggled as she shifted her hips so he could see her fingering her pussy in the seat next to him. She was nice and wet and her fingers made great sucking sounds as she fucked herself.

“Yes, baby. . .Mmmmm squishy for me.” He watched her with that hungry look that told her she was going to get fucked really hard later. She grinned and her eyes half closed as she fucked herself faster.

“Can I take your order please?” The tinny voice asked through the drive through speaker.

He turned his attention momentarily back to the menu. “I’ll take a number one value meal and a kids hamburger meal please.” He paused and then added, “Oh, and can you make that value meal large please.”

“You want to super size it?”

“Yes, please. . .large.”


“OK. . .fucking supersize it then.” He was losing patience with the puberty victim at the microphone. “And the kids meal comes with a toy surprise right?” He waited.

“Yes, sir.” The voice was slightly hurt and sulky. Fucking moron would likely spit on his burger now.

“Thank you. Cola’s with those please.” The voice gave him a total and told him to drive around. The fact that there were 6 cars ahead of him obviously escaped the kids attention.

“Mmmmmm gonna get a toy.” She said as she fucked herself harder. He smiled and watched her, narrowly avoiding hitting the car ahead of him. She had opened her top so her big beautiful tits could almost be seen but, not quite. She was using the middle two fingers on her right hand, as they slid all the way in she spanked her clit and sent a splatter of cum in the air. “Hmmmmm Squishy!”

He started to laugh but had to stop to adjust his pants. His cock was rock hard watching her. Her eyes were almost closed but she was watching him intently, watching how aroused he was getting. She was feeding off his hunger for her and get more and more turned on.

They pulled ahead a car length and she adjusted herself so her pussy was facing him square on. She lifted her ass just enough for him to watch her fingers slide into herself and squish out her juices. Fucking herself hard and fast, she watched him staring deep into her wet slit and loved the feeling of being so naughty for him.

He reached out and stroked her thigh, his hands rising up near her pussy. “Be bad baby…be so bad for me.”

“Yes,” She panted in reply.

“Harder and faster baby . . . be my bad girl . . . such a naughty girl.” His voice was thick with excitement. His fingers traced her labia . . . he brought them to his lips and tasted her.

“Yes . . . bad. . . ” She panted, “So bad. . .wanna wanna be bad.”

Sliding his fingers next to hers he explored her inner lips, tickling them as she moaned and fucked herself faster. They moved ahead again. His fingers tips brushed over her clit hood and she groaned.

They moved forward another car length and she was fucking herself furiously. She felt her asshole and crack wet from her juices, she was so turned on and so close. She looked up at him with such an innocent look of need that he had to smile . . . she needed to cum so bad for him.

They moved up another car length and she was trying to rub her pussy down onto his fingers as she fucked herself. Trying to get him to play with her clit but he laughed and moved his fingers.

“Better hurry baby . . . only two cars left and this one looks to be just getting drinks.” He was teasing her and pushing her faster and faster.

“Come on baby…faster. . .harder. . . .be my bad girl! Cum for me baby!”

“Yessssssss.” she moaned at him as her orgasm started. She was biting her lip to keep from screaming and moaning as his fingers finally found her clit again and rubbed it as she came. it was so much. . .so intense. She shook but didn’t stop fucking herself.

“Good girl.” He said and they slid forward another car length. The window had a perfect view of her wet pussy stuffed with her fingers now. She had to get covered but her orgasm wasn’t finished. She moaned and wailed and tried to turn and cover herself but he kept playing with her and keeping her exposed.

She saw the boy come back to the window just as he let her go, her orgasm in the after shock phase. She was gasping for breath as she pulled her skirt down frantically and swung her legs back to the front. He was laughing and licking his fingers clean as she was in a panic trying to cover herself.

The pulled up to the window and he paid the boy and took their drinks. She was blushing bright red and grinning ear to ear.

“What are you grinning about?” He asked as he handed her the drink.

“Mmmmmm squishy.” She said and giggled.

“Mmmmhmmm baby…such a bad girl huh?” She nodded.

The boy returned moments later with their food and he took it and began to drive off. She looked into the bag and then yelled. “Hold it!”

He put on the brakes and looked at her, “What’s wrong?”

“There is no toy surprise in here and dammit…I earned a toy surprise!” She jutted out her lip in a pout.

He laughed and pulled into a parking space. Shutting off the engine he got ready to go in. Truth was, she did earn it. . .but you know. . .they always fuck you at the drive through.


The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.