The Watcher

A young woman and a man in the apartment across the way have a unique relationship on the phone as she masturbates in front of her window for him.


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“The Watcher” A 7 minute 53 sec recording.

The phone rang at exactly 10:00 as always. Sandy picked it up but said nothing. Instead she listened for his harsh breathing. His breath was ragged and hurried, he was well into stroking his cock tonight.

“Hello?” She said in a sweet demure voice. At the same time she slid the covers back off her nude body and brought her knees up slightly to allow him a good view. She looked out the window and across the street. She couldn’t see him but she knew he was in one of the darkened windows over there, watching her.

“Hello?” She asked again as she allowed her free hand to slowly meander down her body, grasping her firm, full C cup breasts. She pulled on her nipple slightly and let out a little moan. “Are you there?” She asked, her own voice becoming breathy in excitement.

“Yes.” His answers were always short and to the point. He was busy stroking his cock, which Sandy always imagined as huge and rock hard as he watched her.

And why wouldn’t it be? Her young 20-year-old body was nearly perfect. With full C cup breasts which did not sag at all, a tight ass that just begged to be spanked while she was fucked hard, and her shaved pussy lips seemingly always in a pout of arousal, swollen and slightly parted. She was a wet dream in the flesh. Her face was shockingly angelic, so sweet and innocent looking, framed by shoulder length blonde hair she seemed so pure. People were amazed at how slutty she could really be.

Her fingers began to work her nipple faster, pulling on it and pinching it until she let out little squeals of delight. She heard his breathing getting more ragged and deeper. She imagined how fast his hand was stroking his cock, sliding up and down it’s huge length, squeezing the head that was so hard it throbbed. He wanted her and that made her wet.

“Want me to fuck myself for you?” She asked coyly. She knew he did, though he never asked her too, he always seemed to like it. There was silence and she laughed, he was so shy, even hidden on the phone, a nameless voice. “OK, I will, just for you.”

Sandy turned herself so that her pussy was facing the window and tilted her hips slightly. Her fingers traced down over her tight belly and then framed her perfect little pussy lips. Slowly she let one finger slide into her wet hole, raising herself up more so that he could see every detail. His breathing was frantic and she heard the muffled sound of his masturbation. . .a very faint slapping sound as his hand jerked up and don on his cock.

Closing her eyes she let another finger slide into herself and started fucking herself hard and fast. She wasn’t gentle like she normally liked. She was harsh with herself like he would be. She didn’t masturbate for him, she finger fucked herself. The wet sounds from her pussy soon in rhythm with the sounds of his jacking off on the phone.

She could feel her juices running down the crack of her ass and she lifted her hips so that they dripped down her ass cheeks. She knew he could see her cum dripping out of her and she knew he liked it. It was for him, that nameless voice on the phone.

“Baby fuck me!” She called out and moaned loudly. She almost dropped the phone as she shifted slightly and spread her legs farther apart so she could slide a third finger in. It was tight, and it hurt a little but, that felt so good right now. With her pinkie raised out of the way, she fucked herself hard and fast for him. The juices squishing out with each thrust in.

She imagined his huge cock filling her and stretching her tight young pussy. She imagined the sweat dripping from his broad chest. . .slowly running down his muscles until it splashed onto her. Their sweat combining to make her nubile body glisten in the low light.

“Oh Fuck!” He yelled into the phone and she knew he was gonna fill her up soon. Fill her with so much cum that it gushed out of her pussy and all over the bed. She began bucking her hips against her fingers, grinding to get the most out of each thrust. She heard him moan a long low growl and she knew he was shooting a massive load. She could hear his breathing go short and raspy as his huge cock blew blast after blast of cum into her. Her fingers slammed into her again and again and she felt her own orgasm start. It was a sudden one, no build up. It almost caught her off guard but, she always came after her filled her up.

She thrashed her head and lost the phone as she grabbed her nipple with the other hand. Her fingers slammed in deep and the palm rubbed her clit hard. She pulled on the nipple until it felt like it would rip off and then she came. She felt her juices squirting out all over her hand as she ground her hips hard against her palm. It felt like all the liquid in her body was pouring out of her pussy right then, a steady stream of passion she couldn’t stop.

A minute passed and she remembered the phone. She grabbed it up but heard the automated voice telling her to hang up the phone, that the calling party had left the line. She slumped down and relaxed. She knew he was still watching her through the window. He was sitting there covered in his cum imagining it was hers. She was wiggling her butt in her own wet spot and enjoying the image of it being their cum mixed.

She clicked the phone off and placed it back on the stand. Looking out the window at the building across the way, she wondered where he was. She wondered if she had met him. It was better this way after all, absolutely no strings. She stood up and drew the blinds, blowing him a quick kiss goodnight as she did. She knew he was still watching. He always was.



The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.