The Photo Shoot

A 14 min 25 sec recording. A photographer doing a photo shoot decides shooting pictures isn’t as much fun as joining the action during a naughty photo taking session.



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“The Photo Shoot”

Sasha was taking a hard nine inches up the ass, sucking on a big ten inch cock and had another guy sucking her off. I moved around all three of them and clicked off pictures as fast as I could, catching all the action. She watched me as I moved around, seeing the obvious signs of my really getting off on this shit.

The guy sucking her was doing a good job, I could tell cause she was grabbing his hair and fucking his face in time with the cock slamming into her ass. Her other hand stroked the hard cock in her mouth, trying to milk him for a good facial shot. She made such great wet sucking sounds as she blew the guy, I was going nuts.

I moved back around to get good close ups of the cock ramming her ass and the guy sucking her off. Man her she cock was perfect, that guy was so lucky. He knew it too, you could tell by the look in his eyes he loved his work. Who wouldn’t love to suck her off? Jesus, she’s fuckin hot as hell. He was playin with her balls as he sucked her, gettin her ready to coat his face with cum.

I flipped the back of the cam open and quickly replaced the mini disk and started clicking shots again. I got a great one of the cock sliding out of her ass, leaving her gaping open before slamming back into her again. Then a nice one of her cock jammed all the way, balls deep, into the guys mouth as the cock was jammed all the way into her. This shoot was amazing.

My own cock was rock hard and riding down the leg of my pants. It was really hard not to pull it out and jerk off to the scene or slide it into her ass along with the big nine inches and double fuck her. I looked into her eyes and I could swear she was thinking the very same thing. Man she was insatiable, I loved her for it.

The guy she was sucking was moaning and thrusting into her mouth, I knew it wasn’t long till he blew his load on her face so I moved around that way to catch it. The whole time Sasha kept watching me, her eyes more and more hungry as she tasted precum. She had this look like she could have fucked the entire US Army dry and still been hungry for more. The guy pulled out of her mouth and Sasha stroked him fast and hard, squeezing and pumping him closer and closer.

“Come on baby. . .. give it to me.” She urged him. “Come…cum all over my face…fuck my face baby . . . give me the cum.” The guys eyes went glassy and I was clicking the pictures as fast as the camera would go, wanting to catch his jism mid air just before it hit her face.

He groaned and shot his load, she kept milking him as the cum splattered across her lips and cheeks. the sight of it almost made me blow my load. She opened her mouth and took some on the tongue and then milked the rest onto her face and sucked him again, draining the last of his cum and drizzling it out of her mouth. She was laughing and grabbed the guys hair sucking her cock again and began to pump his face faster.

“Ya. . .suck me. . .suck me . . . suck me good baby!” She yelled at him as she got closer to cumming. The guy fucking her ass was gripping her hips in a death lock, trying to hold back as long as possible. I moved down and got ready for his load. He groaned and pulled out, leaving her asshole gaping open and began to pump his stiff cock.

Sasha was yelling every dirty thing she could think of at him, urging him to fill her with his load. He threw back his head and howled once and began to shoot the most amazing load of cum I ever saw all over her ass and into her asshole. Sasha loved it and howled back at him as his hot cum filled her and coated her. He splattered his cum across her balls and onto the face of the guy sucking her. The whole scene was so hot I though I couldn’t take any more.

Sasha was watching me now and smiling an evil, hungry smile. She had both hands grabbing the guys face and fucking him as fast as she could. She gritted her teeth and growled as she got closer to cumming, the entire time, watching the camera. I was transfixed, her eyes were so amazing. . . I couldn’t look away. Her growling brought me back to reality and I realized she was gonna cum.

Kneeling down close I clicked off shot after shot as the guy pumped her cock, inches from his face. Sasha shot a great load of cum all over him. Some of it splattered on me I was so close and it was a monumental effort not to stop taking pictures to taste it. All I wanted was to drain that she cock into my mouth right then and suck her back hard.

I stood up and backed off as she finished and he licked her clean. I was sweating, that scene was so intense, I felt shaky from the rush of watching it all. But Sasha wasn’t done yet. The guy stood up, her cum still dripping from his face and she rolled her hips to him and spread her legs. He didn’t need a second invite and the scene was on again. I started clicking more shots as he opened his pants and pulled out his cock and slammed it home into her ass.

He was powerfully muscled and he looped his arms under her lower back and shoulder, put her legs over his shoulders and lifted her up. I didn’t think he would have the strength to lift her and slam fuck her like that. He was raising her up and slamming her down hard onto his cock again and again. Sasha was howling and loving it, telling him to fuck her even harder.

The shots I got were great; her perched just barely on the head of his cock and slam! All the way balls deep onto eight inches. She was grunting each time, her big tits shaking from the impact, the other guys cum was squishing out of her and making the entire fuck wet and sloppy. The sound of each slam fuck was like wet sucking and applause. I was really impressed when he kept that going for almost 8 minutes non stop.

Sasha urged him on and then told him to cum on her face. God I love a woman who loves cum. He slammed her down again and then dropped her back onto the bed, leaning in and straddling her face as he stroked himself off. He shot another big load of cum all over her pretty face and she licked it up like a kitten. Opening her mouth she took a couple nice big wads in her mouth and then drooled them out her pouty lips.

He pulled back finally and stepped away, I kept clicking the shots of Sasha laying there, coated in cum, licking her fingers and smiling at the camera. She got up on all fours and crawled to the edge of the bed, making beckoning motions with her fingers, daring the viewer to be next. It was great, she knew how to work a camera so well. Then she laughed and pointed at me.

“You. . .put down the fuckin camera and get in me now.” She slapped her cum coated ass and laughed.

Now, Sasha Foxx just asked me to fuck her. Sasha Foxx, my fantasy, the T girl I have jerked off to countless times. The girl I drool over each and every night was on all fours, ass slick with cum, spreading her cheeks and fingering herself, waiting for me to fuck her. I barely got the camera on the table before I dropped it. I’m not a fuckin fool, I was tearing at my clothes.

As I pulled my shirt up and off she grabbed my pants and undid them, pulling them down far enough to get my cock out and gobble it up. I may not be nine inches but I got a fair seven and a half thick inches and she took it all down her throat with ease. She was sucking me and squeezing my balls as I kicked off my pants and underwear, catching them on my shoes I almost fell. I kicked off my shoes and finished stripping naked, my cock never leaving her mouth.

I was rock hard and she sucked me to the point that my fuckin eyes rolled back in my head but, I didn’t want to cum in her sweet mouth, I wanted at that ass. I pulled out and she smiled and flipped around for me, presenting her ass to be fucked. I didn’t waste any time, I guided my cock into her hole and began to fuck her as hard as I could.

I had to hold her up with my grip on her hips as I fucked her, each slam so hard it knocked her forward. the other guys cum was splattering all over both of us as we fucked and it made her asshole so slick, it was amazing to hammer fuck her like that. She was moaning and urging me on and I was sweating and panting like an animal as I gave her everything I had.

“Come on baby…ya…fuck me. . .fuck me good Daddy. . .fuck me good…ya Daddy!” She screamed out. Damn, Sasha Foxx was talking baby talk to me, that was too much. I pushed her down on her belly and climbed on top of her, her legs pushed together. I fucked directly down into her, slamming my cock deep into her tight asshole as hard as I could. She was screaming as I nailed her like this, it felt so tight, so deep this way for her.

The bed was bouncing from the force of our fucking and she was screaming as loud as she could. I expected the hotel people to come crashing through the door at any minute but, didn’t give a shit. I was hammer fucking Sasha Foxx, fuck everything else. I let myself bounce up and then slam down into her as hard as I could and she clenched her ass cheeks, milking me to cum.

I pulled out and heard clicking. . .Ya…They were taking pictures now. I stroked my cock and pressed the head against her sweet asshole. It was gaping open again from the brutal fucking and as I started to cum, I shot all of it down into her. The flash told me they caught every drop going deep into her ass.

I collapsed on top of her and we kissed. The cum from the other men got all over my face and she began to lick it off me and then we kissed again, tasting the saltiness of all our cum mixed up. She was amazing, she drained us all dry and could have still kept going. I ran my hands over her cum coated body as I lay there panting. This was the best photo gig I ever had.


This story was part of a collection I bought. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I have the right to post it and have made the recording of it.