The Amazon Woman

A woman takes on superhuman porportions as she begns to grow and grow, destroying all around her, demolishing neighborhoods, cars and people in this giantess tale.

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A 19 min 52 sec recording.

You had barely noticed that I was taller than you before I grabbed your face and shoved it into my breasts. Stitches were already popping by then. You squirmed and tried to fight me, but it was already too late. My tits grew to meet you, busting my bra and stretching my tee out. My jeans, tight to begin with, dug deep into my curves as I grew. My legs got longer, thicker, stronger inside their denim sleeves. I moaned as my panties tug deep into me, stretching as I filled out.

I hugged you tighter, just to feel you press against my exposed midriff, felt you shrink in comparison to my growing body. My tits, so heavy and full, grew to smother more and more of you under their weight. My nipples hardened, then hardened even more, then swelled longer and thicker, big as thumbs. I could hear them stretch like rubber, and felt them scrape against the thinning material of my shirt. My tits had grown so much already, but I wanted more.

My clothes were starting to tear. My once petite, delicate feet grew bigger and longer until they snapped the straps on my sandals. I wiggled my toes, delighted as I felt the soles of my feet spread to cover the remains of my shrinking shoes. They were bigger than your feet already, and as they grew I knew that they were only the start. I would grow into them, then they would grow some more, then I would grow taller, and they would grow longer and bigger until I could smother you with them, until I could step on the whole house–no, the city!

Could you hear it through my body? You listened as my tits gain pound after pound with each spurt, my ass inflated rounder, wider, bigger by the second. You felt so light in my arms, I could tell I was getting stronger, too. Feeling how weak you were in comparison, realizing just how strong I could become, I came in my tightening panties, convulsing with pleasure. And in the afterglow, I felt a wonderful, steady stream of new-found growth. Your feet left the ground just as the seams on my pants split open.

The button on my jeans popped open, even as my swelling butt and thighs peeked out through widening holes. The wetness from my pussy soaked into your chest. Although my breasts were still growing, I was now too tall for you to reach them. It was such a turn-on, getting bigger and taller, inching closer to the ceiling and growing out of my clothes. The floorboards creaked under my steadily increasing weight. My thighs were getting gigantic, swelling bigger and stronger, finally bursting out of my pants entirely.

I felt big. Superhuman. My shirt, stretching to the breaking point, ripped across my back and shoulders, unleashing my massive breasts. As if they knew they were free, they grew even bigger, swelling up and out. I pinched and rolled one of my long nipples between my fingers, and felt it–like the rest of me–grow from the attention. You struggled against my grip, pressed against my body like a doll. Did you think that you were causing it, that if you could just get away, it would stop?

Another growth spurt hit me, stronger this time. I hit my head on the ceiling, and the whole house shook. The waistband of my underwear stretched until it snapped. Aside from the bits of shirt that still clung to my skin, I was naked, hot, and sweaty. And big. An orgasm rolled through my body as I shot up again, and in my weakness, you wriggled free and fell to the floor beneath me. Trembling, I fell on my hands and knees, triggering a mini-quake.

You looked up at me, your eyes as wide as saucers. It made me feel even hotter. Did you like seeing me this big, with tits bigger than you? They were growing again, along with the rest of me.

You ran, you coward. That was fine. Just the thought of catching you was enough to drive me over the edge. As you fled out the door, I moaned so loud the windows rattled. My head shot up again until it hit the ceiling again, this time with me on all fours. It was all happening so fast, I was almost disappointed I couldn’t make it last. My legs alone were already more than ten feet long, almost twice my former height. I could feel the bones inside them stretching and thickening, and the pounds of flesh flowing into my growing body sounded like a bubbling stream. My feet were practically pulsating, eager to get bigger, waiting to crush and destroy. They started to press into the wall, knocking the pictures off and shaking the house.

I was so big, I filled the living room completely. My back started to press into the ceiling, causing me to crouch down even further. I didn’t want to just grow through the roof; I wanted to burst through it. I wanted the neighbors to look upon their growing queen, watch as her tits and ass swelled larger and rounder, gawk at legs that stretched and bulged, scream in fear as her enormous, growing footsteps crushed their houses. I was becoming a monster, and I loved it.

I stood up so suddenly that the house practically exploded. In the street, drivers screeched to a halt at the sight of me. I saw you trying to escape in the car, but you had barely made it out of the driveway when traffic had stopped. I felt a tingle in my asscheeks, as though my body knew what I was planning even before I thought of it. My butt was getting bigger, just for you. I could feel the skin stretching tighter as my ass ballooned out. My thighs and hips thickened to accommodate my new developments.

Were you watching me, looking at the growing shadow looming overhead? I turned around and sat down hard, crushing the car and you completely. The fall caused an earthquake that set off car alarms for blocks.

The pavement was collapsing underneath me as I got heavier and heavier. My legs went on for dozens of feet out in front of me, and I could hear my bones creak as they stretched and thickened. My feet were as tall as houses, and slowly swelling bigger, longer. The tingling, orgasmic feeling had only gotten stronger as I got bigger, almost as if my nerves were multiplying along with my growth. The sensation was overwhelming, and tears trickled out of the corners of my eyes as I savored it.

Bystanders, police, reporters all showed up, some gawking, some trying to ask me questions or make demands. My thoughts drifted away from them as I wondered how much bigger I would have to grow for them to fit inside me. A car, or a single person? Easy. But a dozen or a hundred cars, a thousand people? I cooed as I felt my pussy grow wet just thinking about it. In fact, it made my pussy do more than that: I felt it stretch and bulge, pumping itself bigger and deeper, trying to prove itself capable of the challenge. Some in the growing crowd talked about it, my swelling labia and engorging clit.

The police wanted me to stop, as if I had control over the changes happening to my body. I was almost a hundred feet tall, but I was weak. How could I say no to breasts bigger than my head, to hips wider than a street? My curves were pleading to expand, to swell, to crush everything around me. I should have told the crowd to run. I should have told them that every part of me, from my lips to my toes, wanted to grow and grow until the world disappeared underneath me. A bloodlust had invaded my skin, and my primal urges craved destruction.

I rolled over, out of the street and onto a row of houses. They collapsed as I bulldozed through them, a massive, fleshy wave of woman. I lingered for a while on the two-story house beneath my breasts, slowly lowering my chest on top of it. Gingerly, I rested each tit on the roof, knocking some shingles off in the process. I could hear the rafters groan, even though I was only putting the slightest bit of weight on them. A little more weight, and the roof started to buckle. It felt so good to feel them spread out, ooze over the house like some devouring monster. My nipples grew darker and harder. I knew what was going to happen, what I needed to have happen.

I needed them to grow.

They sloshed and burbled. I felt them become dense, pulling me down, caving in the roof with a crash. I held my breath in anticipation, daring my tits to do it, finish the job, smash those windows and crush those walls.

Their expansion began. My skin stretched so fast, it almost hurt. The top story of the house folded in on itself, and I could feel the soft, relentless push of my swelling mounds shove couches, beds, tables aside. Studs snapped and splintered as tons of tit squashed against them. My breasts had been too big for me to hold before, and they grew until they were almost twice as big again. They were so heavy! I let them down all the way, collapsing the rest of the house into a flattened mess. I was still propped up above the rest of the houses, even as I sank into the ground even further. The neighborhood looked so small.

Laying on my front gave the audience a full view of my butt, which gave me dirty thoughts. My ass was already bigger than a house, bigger than two houses. But it still felt small to me. People could still see my head over it. I could barely catch a glimpse of my massive cheeks when I looked over my shoulder. And my puny little legs! How would they ever straddle the globe, or even the country, if they were so small? I’d need to get longer legs, thicker thighs, a fatter booty, and bigger feet if I wanted people to take me seriously.

I gave my butt a loud, cracking smack to get things started. My legs grew a few feet longer. I grinned as my toes dug into the ground. Smack! Another few feet, and this time I felt my ass gain a few more tons, too. Smack! I felt some pinpricks against my swelling calves. The police were scared, and said something about stopping. They were right; my butt needed to learn a lesson. I gave it another spanking, and it rose higher and wider in response. I kicked a few of the cars out of the way of my lengthening legs, smashing them with my growing feet. People were panicking, but they were all so far away, so insignificant. They should have run when they had the chance.

I wanted more. More ass, more tits, more me. I rolled onto my back, delighting as houses exploded underneath me. I covered the whole block, and I could feel my growing body expanding into the streets. It was time to show these ants what this body was capable of.

I traced my fingers along the edges of my areolae, teasing my body. It was working. I felt them getting heavier by the second, inflating at the lightest of touches. The crowds around me all murmured in shock. My tits were already so huge, big enough to smash buildings, so huge that I struggled under their weight. And yet, I kept making them bigger, two huge hills of flesh capped by long, hard, udder-like nips. The sound alone, that deep, wet gurgle of growth, was enough to take me to the edge of climax. Even if they outgrew my reach or pinned me to the spot, it wouldn’t be enough to stop me. I’d rub whatever bit of their bulk I could until they started to crush everything around me, until they filled the whole planet.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.