Swing Baby

A couple have some naughty fun in a new sex swing they purchase.


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“Swing Baby” A 10 min 20 sec recording.

“W ell, that should do it,” the handyman said to Julie as he pulled and tested the anchor bolt. “This is hooked into a support beam and reinforced with a 4 by 4 of treated lumber. Basically, this should support anything you wanna hang from it.”

“Good, I want it that strong. Who knows who is going to sit in this chair if we throw a party and we wouldn’t want the hook pulling out or bending,” she said motioning to the rattan basket chair laying on the floor. “Well this hook is tempered steal. It can hold up to 750 lb. so, I don’t think anyone that big could get into the chair.” They both laughed. “So you should be safe with it,” he said as he began winding the cord to his drill up and getting ready to leave.

“Well thank you very much. I was hoping to get that chair up for the weekend. I hate having new things and not being able to use them right away,” she said as she fished in her pocket for the check she had already written out for him. Finding it, she held it out to him. “I added a couple of extra bucks for your fast response time. I know you are busy so. . .”

“You didn’t have to do that. . .but thank you.” He looked at the check and his grin deepened. “Thank you very much. Anytime you need any work, you just let me know,” he said as he walked to the door. Julie smiled and assured him she would, but her mind was elsewhere already. As he pulled away she picked up the rattan basket chair and carried it back to the garage where it belonged. She almost skipped back in she was so excited. She opened the closet and took out her newest toy and opened the box. The instructions were easy to follow and in no time she figured out how it worked and set it up. Now she just had to wait until her husband got home.

Jim walked in the door, tired from a long day of work. His brain ached from dealing with clients and he was not in a very good mood. He called out to Julie and she answered him from the back den, so he walked back there to see what she was doing. He loosened his tie as he walked in the room and then stopped dead. Julie was suspended in a harness from the ceiling. It was some sort of strapping swing that held the legs and shoulders up with a strap that ran under her back. She was completely nude and her pussy was shaved bare.

The lips were slightly red and swollen so he knew instantly she had been masturbating and the smile told him she had cum, at least once. She giggled at the look on his face and he knew she had cum several times, she always giggled after multiple orgasms. The juices were still glistening on her lips as she lay back and let herself spin around. There on the floor next to her were two lengths of rope and the dildo she had obviously been fucking herself with, a long double ended purple one that was good and thick. Jim walked closer and looked more carefully. Sure enough, her ass hole was wet too, she had been double fucking herself. Jim’s cock was straining against his slacks and he totally forgot about his throbbing headache and could only think of his throbbing head.

He stripped fast, tossing his clothes in a pile in the corner. Julie watched him shed his clothing and began to play with her clit, slowly rubbing it with her for fingers and spreading her sloppy wet lips. Her pussy was well stretched out for him and her ass, normally vice tight, was lubed, reamed, and ready for action. She wanted him to have his choice of holes to fuck. The swing chair allowed easy access to them all at once. She spread her lips wide and shoved two fingers deep into her pussy and pulled them out again. She stuck them in her mouth and sucked her own cum off of them making plenty of loud smacking noises for Jim to enjoy.

Jim threw off his underwear, the last of his clothing, and his cock hung and stretched to full length. He was a good 8 inches normally, just enough so that his cock hung down with a tilt from its own weight. He looked at the things laying near her and wasted no time in putting them to use. He walked over and grabbed the lengths of rope first and tossed one over his shoulder. He grabbed Julie’s right hand and pulled it up to the supporting chains and began to wind and tie it in place. Then he grabbed her other hand and tied that above her as well. The grin on Julie’s face told him this was what she had intended. She leaned back as he began to rotate her around and look at her from all angles. His cock brushed against her face as she swung by it and she playfully licked at it. Jim smiled and swung her back for a second lick. He picked up the dildo and bent it in two in his hands.

Julie rolled her eyes and laughed, she knew what he was going o do and she was ready for him. Swinging her back around so that her pussy faced him, Jim dribbled spit on the heads of the rubber cock and smeared it around. Once they were slippery enough, he reached down and spread Julie’s pussy and felt it to make sure it was wet enough too. Then he slid a finger into her ass and felt the slick lubricant there as well. Satisfied she was ready, he pulled his finger out and then pressed the heads against her holes. Julie screamed out as the two heads slid into her at once, feeling like she was going to be split in two. But then her ass and pussy sucked them in and the shafts began sliding in and the scream turned to a low guttural moan. Jim slid them perhaps two inches each into her and then stopped. Julie moaned but he would not slide them in deeper.

Grabbing the bent rubber dildo, Jim took a firm hold and then used it like a handle and spun Julie around. The feeling of the dildo stretching her as he pushed her with it was intense and Julie moaned out loudly. Jim grabbed it as she spun around and stopped her. In so doing, he slid the dildos another half inch deeper into her. Julie thrashed her head around. The force of the dildos pressing against her pussy and ass walls was so intense she felt her juices squishing out and dripping off her hanging ass. Jim turned her again, using the dildos as a handle. He spun her until her face was directly in front of his cock. He leaned over her and still used the dildos to begin to pull her onto his cock. The rubber cock buried itself another inch into each hole and she swung up until his head pressed on her waiting lips. With another push, his cock slid into her moth at the same time the rubber cock slipped deeper into her ass and pussy.

He pulled her back and then let her swing forward again and began to fuck her face. Julie began to suck him with lots of sloppy wet noises. Jim was loving it and began to slide her onto his cock faster, causing the dildo to double fuck her faster too. He was sliding in and out of her mouth fast now, his balls slapping her forehead with each swing. Julie loved the taste of his pre cum, specially when she had a dildo fucking her pussy at the same time. With one in each hole, she couldn’t last long. She hoped he would cum soon. Jim wasn’t far from cumming. The feel of his cock sliding all the way into her was too much. He moaned loud and began to shoot gobs of cum into her mouth. The swing kept her in motion as Jim froze, unable to continue to rock her back and forth, the intensity of his orgasm making his muscles clench.

His cum shot down her throat and then onto her face. She was getting covered in his cum and the sensation sent Julie over the edge. She started to cum again and felt her juices squishing around the dildo and oozing out of her pussy. She slurped and swallowed his cum as best she could, but it covered her face and hair. He just kept shooting cum until his balls were empty and she kept sucking and drinking him down. Finally they both recovered from their orgasms and they looked at one another. Jim raised an eyebrow as he touched the straps of the swing.

“You know honey. I really like this. I really do,” he said smiling at her. “But I gotta tell you. . .when I said I wanted to take swing lessons. . . .this is not quite what I had in mind.”


The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.