A man survives a shipwreck and finds himself on an island of women that are in need of a man.


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“Shipwreck” A 9 minute 11 sec recording.

The last thing I remember clearly is the waves crashing over the side of the ship. The masts had broken and our helmsman was washed over the side, so the ship was at the mercy of the waves. I remember the wind screaming in my ear as I tried to make it to the helm and then the waves crashing over me and then nothing more.

It was by some miracle I washed up here, on this lonely beach. I was whole and mostly unharmed except for a maddening thirst and consuming hunger. The sand was almost pure white and felt like powder under my hands. I didn’t then know where I was, but it was land and I was grateful.

There was an abundance of vegetation off the beach so I stumbled that way, hoping I would find fresh water to sate my thirst on. Where there were plants usually there was water. I hoped my basic botanical studies were being recalled properly. I meandered off the beach into the lush vegetation and began to wander through the jungle. I soon came across an animal trail and followed it, hoping it would lead to a source of water.

After perhaps a mile of stumbling along, I found it. A small spring that gurgled forth pure spring water. It was like the finest wine to me and I drank my fill from it and splashed it all over myself before finally sitting to rest. My thirst sated, I now had only my hunger to worry about immediately. As fate would have it, that was a problem easily remedied as well.

I found that the island supported a wide variety of fruits and tubers. I ate those that I was familiar with, but there was a wide variety of others that looked tempting. Fearing poisonous fruit, I refrained from experimenting for the time being. My belly full and my thirst quenched, I lay down on the soft green grass and slept again, my body weary from it’s ordeal.

I awoke with a start and found myself surrounded by masked people. In fact, after a moment to shake sleep from my mind, I discovered the masked people were actually masked women. A dozen or so nearly nude women surrounded me, their deep bronze skin shining with native oils and there tight small breasts exposed. I would have found the whole thing quite erotic, had it not been for the razor sharp spears they kept prodding me with.

They bound me hand to foot and carried me like some wild boar from the hunt through the jungle to their village. There was a commotion as we arrived and I saw, to my amazement, nothing but women running around half nude! Their long black hair down, their almond eyes sparkling with joy, their bronze skin glistening in the same manner as my captors. Many of them had rings of gold through their stiff brown nipples and several were completely nude, exposing their dark Vs of pubic hair.

They carried me to the center of town. There they placed me on a huge flat table and tied me down on my back by my hands and feet. My captors removed their masks and dropped their spears and joined the others in an excited crowd that gathered around me. They were all so beautiful, so innocent and yet sensual. Their bodies pressed together into a wall of bronze flesh and brown nipples all around me.

A voice called out, a strong female voice and they fell back from me and grew quiet. A woman wearing only a gold waist chain walked forward. Her hair was wet looking and pulled back and her pussy was perfectly trimmed into a V. Her nipples sported twin rings of gold each and her flesh was definitely oiled and shiny. I figured she was in charge by the way the others deferred to her and moved out of her way.

She was magnificent. Taller then the others and her breasts and hips were fuller, more curvaceous. Her face was like an angel and I found my cock getting rock hard looking at all the nude flesh around me. She noticed my arousal and pointed to the bulge in my pants and talked in her native tongue and the crowd cheered. She turned back to me and made a sweeping motion and the next thing I knew, two women were cutting away my clothes with knives and leaving me nude, tied before her.

My cock was rock hard and I must say, impressive in it’s 8 inches of length. It was thick and heavy and lay against my belly up to my navel. She looked at my cock and reached out and took it in hand and smiled and turned to the crowd and called out a word. I don’t know what she said but they all cheered and I was happy enough too. The oils from her hands made her grasp slippery and it felt good as she squeezed it.

She climbed onto the table and stood over me and slowly lowered herself down and straddled my hard cock. I was in shock but didn’t fight her at all. On the contrary, I wanted it so much I would have begged her if I could have spoken her language. She slid my cock into her warm wet slit and then in one savage thrust took my all into her pussy.

The crowd cheered and began to chant something, I am not sure what, but the beat of their chant was in time with her riding me. She rose and fell on my cock, her wet pussy making it shiny and wet from her cum as she did. At first she rode me slow but as the beat picked up, she began to ride me faster and faster. The muscles in her pussy began to milk me as she bounced up and down. It was heaven and I began to moan in time with her own cries of pleasure.

Two of the other women came up and took hold of her legs and lifted her. She stopped her ride and extended her legs out straight and they began to raise and lower her on my cock. Every inch of me buried in her with each thrust.

They began to increase the speed of their motion and soon we were fucking harder, faster, and deeper then before and the “queen” suddenly began to thrash her head around and scream. The chanting was at a frenzied pace and her cries joined with the cries of the woman chanting in a cacophony of sexual sounds. The intensity of the sounds, the moans, the cries of pleasure, drowned out even my own moans as I felt her cum dripping down over me.

I couldn’t hold back any more and I began to shoot my cum into her. Great bursts of cum filled her pussy and then oozed back out and dripped onto me. She cried out and they lowered her so she could be filled up by the last of my cum. The chanting stopped and the crowd cheered as she lay against me for a moment and then stood up. My cum dripped down her bronze legs as she climbed from the table.

I expected to be untied at this point, but they didn’t. Instead, they began to caress me en masse and pour oils over my skin and rub them in. They were attentive to my body but avoided my eyes and didn’t speak to me. Soon I was fed fruits and given water to drink and covered for the night.

I have been laying here for several weeks now. Every day a new woman mounts me and rides me in time with the chanting crowd. Everyday I spill my cum into a new pussy. Every day I am caressed and oiled like a pet by 50-60 beautiful Asian women with skin of bronze and hair as black as night. Every night I am covered and fed. I thought of escape, perhaps somehow getting my hands free and getting loose. But then I think. . .what am I, fuckin nuts?


The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.