Sex In The Shadows

Two couples in apartment buildings across from each other have sex and enjoy watching each others silhouettes.


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“Sex In The Shadows” A 9 minute 35 sec recording.

Greg and Tina watched out the window. Across the quad, the apartment was dark. They didn’t know who lived there. Didn’t care to know. They only knew that that couple liked to watch and be watched and that was all they ever wanted to know. There was no faces, no names, nothing that would allow them to notice each other on the street. The were just shadows. Tonight was their turn and Tina and Greg got to watch.

A flickering light came on and Tina clapped once and slid her panties off in anticipation. Another flickering light from behind their blinds. The white fabric showing shadows of the room behind as yet another candle was lit.

Greg stroked his cock to full hardness getting ready for the show and looked at Tina. She was excited, like she always was, no matter if she was putting on the show or watching one. The act of flashing and being flashed made her pussy dripping wet. She pulled off her tight t shirt and let her B-cup breasts loose, the nipples long and stiff, ready to be sucked. But not yet. The show first.

Soon there was a enough candles going they could see the other couple’s shadows against the blinds. They were nude, his hard cock standing straight out. She waved to the blinds once and dropped to her knees. The full length of the hard cock vanishing into her shadow. Her shadow bobbed back and forth as she sucked his cock and he grabbed her hair and began to slowly fuck her face.

Tina grabbed Greg’s cock and began to pump it slowly. He reached over and began to play with her nipples as she started rubbing her pussy in time with the shadow blow job across the way. Greg pinched her nipples lightly and she moaned and squeezed his cock in return. The first droplet of precum standing out on the head of it.

The shadow couple stopped the blow job and she stood up. They kissed and she leaned back so he could suck her nipples and they would cast a perfect shadow for Greg and Tina to watch. Her heavy C-cup breasts were squeezed and fondled as he sucked on nipple and then the other. Her long hair hanging back as she grabbed his hair and pushed his face down.

He was on his knees and she raised a leg so he could lick her pussy. His shadow blending into hers as she began to grind her hips against him and push on his head harder. One hand grabbed her breast and squeezed it and pulled on the nipple as her body shuddered slightly and her head leaned back in pleasure.

Tina turned Greg so they could both watch as she mounted him. His hard cock sliding easily into her wet pussy. She didn’t fuck him, just sat there with his cock in her and watched the show.

The man stood and the two shadows kissed for long moments. Their hands grabbing and rubbing each other all over. Then she turned and bent over, presenting herself to him doggy style. He stroked his cock twice and rubbed the head along her slit, up and down as she wiggled her ass back and forth, obviously wanting him in her.

Tina rose and slid back down his cock. A slow fuck. Rising up and lowering herself and letting it build in both of them. Greg was sucking on her nipples as she started to ride him. One hand on her ass squeezing her cheek, the other grabbing her hair and turning her head to watch the show. His was turned so he could suck on her nipple and watch too. . .watch the shadows fuck.

The man shadow slid into her in one thrust. She must have been so wet. His cock disappeared into her shadow and they started fucking slowly. He raised his hand and spanked her playfully and she threw her head back and tossed her hair in response. He spanked her again, harder, and she began to fuck back onto him hard.

Greg slapped Tina’s ass and she squealed in pleasure and began to rise and fall faster and with more force. He spanked her again and she began to fuck him faster. He held her nipple in his teeth so each time she rose up, it pulled hard against them.

The man shadow grabbed a double handful of her hair and began to fuck her hard and fast. He pulled so hard she arched her back against it and her legs buckled slightly. He didn’t slow down, his cock slamming in and out of her faster and faster. She braced her arms against the. . . couch(?). . .and began to slam right back into him with equal force. She looked over her shoulders at him and he slapped her ass again and pulled her hair tight.

Tina bounced on Greg so fast now, the meeting of their bodies made a slapping sound and the couch groaned under the strain of each impact. Her juices flowed out of her and dripped down his balls making them both a wet mess as they fucked. But both of them kept their eyes to the window. Both watched the show.

The man shadow kept slamming in and out but the woman began to falter. Her return thrusts were staggered and off time as she neared her orgasm. Then, like a renewed purpose, she slammed back into him so hard, they moved their couch with each thrust. The fucked hard four or five times and she started shaking. He stopped his thrusts and held his cock in her and ground against her hard, one hand reaching down and playing with her clit.

She threw her head back and cried a shadow scream and began to shake. He began fucking her like mad again until her legs began to shake too bad. He caught her in his arms as she collapsed. Intermission time.

Tina turned and kissed Greg as she fucked him like a demon. Riding up and down on his cock so fast her whole body shook. Greg had both hands on her ass, spreading her wide open so she could slam down deeper and harder. His fingers digging into her and almost painful in their force.

Tina’s felt Greg’s cock throb hard and he began to moan. She went as fast as she could, riding him faster and faster, her tits bouncing in his face, her pussy dripping her cum down his balls and the crack of his ass. Greg leaned his head back and stopped breathing and Tina felt his cock begin to erupt into her. She cried out and felt her pussy respond by clenching tight and her own orgasm ripped through her. She bounced up and down a few more times as his hot cum shot into her, each thrust forcing their combined sex to gush from her. Cum dripped down his balls as she finally collapsed against him.

Out of breath, they lay against each other and turned and watched the final act of the show. She was kneeling in front of him. He was stroking his cock. She pushed her breasts together and shadow cum sprayed all over them covering her. He stroked until his legs got wobbly and then she grabbed the cock and began to suck on it and rub it over her face. His legs got even more shaky and he knelt down next to her.

One by one they blew out the candles. By the last candles faint light, Tina and Greg saw her wave to them to say goodnight and then the last candle went out. The show was over.


The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.