Operation Dom Mom

Warning: For ones offended by racial slurs, be warned this recording contains them. Many are not familiar with the term “racial humiliation”, it is indeed a fetish and a popular one. Many blacks and other races enjoy being degraded for humiliation. Ones into interracial cuckold or black superiority fantasies often like racial slurs being used, so if such terms offend you, I’d suggest you don’t read the following story or listen to the recording.

A mother decides to teach her racist son a lesson and learn to respect the black man, including her boyfriend, via everything from humiliation to worshiping the big, black cock.


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“Operation Dom Mom”

 A 26 min 56 sec recording.

Oh Leroy….Are you sure!  Do you think your plan will work? Are you sure your plan to rid my adult son of his racist ways, will succeed.  Do you think it will end his prejudice and hatred of black men. Are you sure!  Your plan to teach my son to respect black men is very elaborate, and extremely cruel. Are you sure this will work?  I am desperate to reform my racist son, but I hope this is the right course of action. I am so frustrated with his racist lifestyle. As you know I am a 45 year old single mother. My 23 year old son graduated college and landed a well paying job, he plans to move back home in two weeks. The only problem is that my dear son has always been racist. Not sure where he got this hate and prejudice, but I’ve tried his entire life to discipline him, and I have simply failed. I am at my wits end.   Oh Leroy, I just worry that your plan to change my son, may be too extreme. Are you sure it will work???

Let me repeat your idea, just to make sure, we are on the same page. You want me to transform myself into a dominatrix! You want me to have a boob job! You want me to have perfect, huge tits, the kind of tits that have men mesmerized. You want me to be a big titty dom mom that disciplines her racist son. You want me to dominate and punish my white boy for being disrespectful to the all mighty black man!  You think I should bust his balls, bring him to his knees by kicking him right in the nuts. You think I should give him small penis humiliation, degrade him by mocking his tiny penis. You think I should speak of black men as his superiors,reminding him that black men are bigger and stronger than white guys. You think I should admit to my son that I am not only dating a black man,but I have become a slut for big nigger dick. You think I should then introduce my racist son to you Leroy,one of my many black lovers. And you also suggest that I stand by and laugh as you beat my white boy like  the wimp he is. You think you should kick his ass, turn him into your bitch.

You think I should invite other muscular black men into my home, to beat my white boy into shape, to turn him into an obedient slave for all black men. You also suggest I force my son to watch as his mommy gets fucked by a nigger. To witness his mom become a slut for a well hung black man. You think I should  allow you and my other black studs to: sissify him,feminize him and even force him to suck black dick. All while his mommy not only watches, but encourages these black men to force their giant cocks down his disrespectful throat. You also think I should humiliate my son by constantly laughing at him and asking him how it feels to be physically and sexually dominated by a group of niggers!!!!    Good lord Leroy, it sounds so harsh,so brutal. No matter how racist my son is, I just don’t think I can humiliate him so much.      (phone rings) Oh hi son!  I was just thinking about you…….What,not again…. You were videotaped with your fraternity brothers singing that racist song again….When will you ever learn son…….stop laughing,and for gods sake stop using that dreadful n-word. OK, I think I had enough. We will discuss this when you arrive home in two weeks. GOOD BYE!! (hang up phone)      OK Leroy, we will do this your way. I am gonna teach that boy a lesson…….Operation Dom Mom starts the second he walks thru that door!


Welcome home son, I am in the living room,come on in…….  Why is mommy wearing a robe? Well dear, let me remove it.  Look at this! Look at your mommy! Look at me in this shiny black latex bikini! Look at my new tits! My huge tits!  Well boy!  What’s the matter! Why did your jaw drop? Are you mesmerized by my body? I bet you’re wondering why I am holding this whip…..(whipping sound) Well my little boy, it’s time mommy gave you the discipline you need! It’s time your mother punishes you, dominates you, humiliates you. Quite frankly, your mommy going to change you from a racist white boy into a sissy slave for black men!

Well by the fact that you are speechless and drooling at the sight of mommy’s big tits, it’s gonna be quite easy punishing you.(giggle)  Since you can’t even speak,I want you to just nod “yes”  as I lay down the rules: (whipping sound)  MOMMY IS IN CHARGE….RIGHT!!…good boy.     (whipping sound) YOU WILL OBEY MOMMY,CORRECT!….good boy.      (whipping sound)  MOMMY IS THE BOSS!!  (whipping sound)  MOMMY MAKES THE RULES!!   (whipping sound)  YOU WILL DO AS MOMMY SAYS!!…good boy.

Now that we have established the rules, let me tell you about why you are about to be punished.  You are a racist! A bigoted white boy! You hates black men! and you know something,  (whipping sound)  MOMMY DOES NOT LIKE RACIST WHITE BOYS!!    So mommy is going to punish you!  Mommy is going to discipline you! Mommy is going to humiliate you! I am going to to whip,beat and degrade you till you become a true worshipper of the black man, or as you like to say, “NIGGER”!!!  That’s right, you will become a submissive slave to the NIGGER!! (giggle)  And when Mommy  thinks you have been disciplined and humiliated enough, when Mommy thinks you have had enough embarrassment and punishment, (whipping sound) Mommy going to punish and degrade you even more.(laugh,laugh)

Let’s begin:   Stare at mommy’s big tits, that’s right, gawk and drool at your mothers tits. As you focus on my huge boobs, Ummmph! I kick you in the balls!!(laugh). Get up little boy,listen to your mommy!  Ummmph!  I kick you in the balls again.(laugh,laugh)  Look at you whimpering on the ground. STAND UP and take your punishment!  You’re gonna regret your racist ways. Let me whip your balls. (whipping sound)  Ahhh! poor little white boy getting abused by his mother(laugh,laugh)    (whipping sound) Right in the balls! (giggle)  Look at you crying like a bitch. Stand up sissy boy! Stand up and look me in my tits,my huge tits. Now as you are mesmerized by mommy beautiful tits, I grab you by the balls in squeeze!(laugh)  Squeeze!! (laugh,laugh) What’s wrong son, is this embarrassing? Does it embarrass you that your mommy has you by the balls!(laugh) Literally , your mother has you by the balls! (laugh)  Squeeze!! look at you squirm. Are you ready to repent,are you ready to apologize?  OK… as I squeeze your balls so tightly, repeat after me:  Black men are superior!    Black men rule!    White boys  should worship black men!   Black men are gods!  ….Good boy!!   Enough ball abuse, let’s move on little boy.

What upsets me most about having a racist son is the fact that I have many black friends. That’s right Mommy has quite a few black friends. These people you call “niggers” are some of my mommy’s dearest friends. Mommy is gonna teach you a lesson.    Let me introduce you to my friend Leroy.  My little boy, meet Leroy.  He is mom’s dear friend, your mothers black friend!  Leroy, this is my son the racist. What’s the matter honey, cat got your tongue,(giggle)   I dare you to call him a nigger. Look at him!  6 foot five, very muscular. This black man is enormous!  He is twice your size. What’s the matter son, are you afraid to call him a “nigger” to his face? (giggle)   Are you afraid the black man is going to kick your ass?(giggle). Leroy, take your shirt off please, show my son your muscles. See honey, my black friend Leroy is a bodybuilder. Good lord, look at those big black muscles! You look intimidated son. Does this  muscular black man intimidate you.? Good!(giggle)  Part of Mommy’s discipline, is to have Leroy beat your ass. That’s right this nigger is going to overpower you and beat you into submission…. you racist bitch!!! Get him Leroy, kick his ass!!(laugh,laugh) Yeah punch him good! (laugh,laugh,laugh) That black man is beating you up right in front of your Mom.(laugh,laugh,laugh)  (laugh,laugh)

Oh look at you now white boy, laying on the ground,crying like a little girl. It took a mere 10 minutes for this black muscle god to beat you senseless, as your mother watched and laughed.(giggle) Look up at Mommy, I bet you regret using the “N” word now,don’t you.(giggle) It seems the”nigger’ just made you his bitch! (laugh,laugh) He kicked your ass ,all over the room. You were no match for this black bodybuilder. He bullied you,right in front of your Mom.(laugh,laugh)   Ahhhh, poor baby,look at you whine. Does it embarrass you that mommy’s black friend just smacked you around like a bitch. I bet you are humiliated, and completely ashamed. I bet you would love for me to stop this degradation……..Well to fucking bad! Mommy is just beginning to humiliate you.(laugh.laugh)

What I forgot to mention was, not only his Leroy, the black man that just beat the shit out of you, a friend, but he is my boyfriend.(laugh) That’s right, your mommy is dating a black man. A nigger!    Your mother is fucking Leroy, a big muscular black guy. How does that make you feel honey?  How does it make you feel to know that some big black man is having sex with your mom? How humiliating is it to know that the muscular black man that is banging your mom, just kicked your ass?(giggle)   Look at you, down on your knees, sobbing like a bitch, yet you just can’t take your eyes off of mommy’s big tits. Just imagine how much fun Leroy has with these beautiful tits.(giggle)  After all, they belong to the black man, as do I.  Yeah thats right, your Mom is owned by a black man!!  I am the property of a big strong black man!!   A big nigger controls your mother!!(laugh,laugh)  Again, how humiliating is this?(giggle)  How disgraceful is it to know that your dear sweet mom is a fuck toy for a black man?(giggle)    Ahhh! poor baby!  Do you think your nightmare can get any worse?  Oh yes, white boy, the humiliation continues….

So far, mommy has busted your balls, you have been bullied and beaten by a muscular black man, and you have learned that your mother is a slut for black men. Now the next step is to show you why mommy likes black men. Sorry honey, it’s true, Black men are bigger!!  Show him Leroy!!    Good lord, look at that thing!! Look my little boy, Leroy has a gigantic cock!(giggle)   Look at that enormous dick!!  Look at you boy, simply speechless!! You are completely stunned at the size of the black man’s dick!  What’s the matter son, is it humiliating to know your mothers black boyfriend is hung like a horse. Is it embarrassing to discover that black cock is so massive.  I bet you are humiliated (giggle)

You have spent your entire life looking down at black men, treating black men as if they were inferior. And now ,right in front of your face, you find out the truth. Black dick is bigger than white dick,much bigger!  Leroy is got to be 5 times bigger than you.(laugh)  Face it white boy, The Nigger is Bigger!   Therefore, The Nigger is Better!      The black man is the alpha male, the big bull, the man in charge, the king, the boss.  And the white boy is the beta male, the little wimp, the submissive bitch, the sissy queen, the obedient servant. (giggle,giggle)     So…. you racist son of a bitch!!!  how does it feel to find out your mommy is a size queen,  and her black boyfriend has a 15 inch cock.   (laugh)  I bet you have never been so humiliated in your life.(laugh)  Well my little boy, it’s about to get worse.(laugh,laugh,laugh)

It’s time you experience the ultimate humiliation for any white man,  it’s time you suck a big nigger dick!!!!!!  That’s right your punishment for being a racist is to suck a black cock.   Oh no little boy, don’t you shake your head “no”. You are going to do what mommy says!  (whipping sound) On your knees bitch!!  (whipping sound)    That’s right,do what mommy says or me and my black stud will beat the fuck out of you.(giggle)    OK  sissy boy kiss that black dick. Pucker up and kiss that black mans big fat dick.  Good boy(giggle)   Don’t forget his balls, his huge black balls, kiss em,lick em, worship those big nigger balls.    Now it’s time to suck(giggle)   Open wide! (whipping sound) I know his dick is enormous, open wider bitch!!!  Good boy!!  (laugh,laugh) Look at you, a prejudice white boy sucking nigger dick!!!  Now thats what I call reparations, a white boy with a big black horse cock in his mouth. How does it feel to be the black mans bitch?  How does it make you feel to be turned into a sissy cock sucker by a black guy? How does it feel to be on your knees, serving a big black man?     (whipping sound)  Don’t close your eyes while your sucking his cock! I want to see your eyes!  Look up at Leroy while your blowing him.(giggle)  Look at mommy also. I want to see the humiliation on your face as you are forced to suck a nigger dick!   And as an added bonus your Dom Mom installed a camera right over there, so I can keep a recording of you sucking a large black dick. (laugh,laugh)     Ahhhh…poor baby, you worried I might post this video on You Tube. Well you never know(giggle) Maybe as part of your punishment I will let the entire world see you become the black mans sissy! (giggle)  We will see!  For now I am going sit back and watch you suck my lovers black cock. Go ahead Leroy,do whatever you want to my racist son! Make him your bitch!!


Oh Wow!! that was perfect Leroy. I loved watching you put that white boy in his place. I think after an hour of him being humiliated by your giant black dick, he knows who’s the boss and who’s the bitch! (laugh)  Leroy, would you please leave me alone with my son, I need to talk to him privately. Mommy needs to lay down the law.(giggle)  Thanks Leroy, just wait for me in the bedroom, when I am finished humiliating my sissy boy, I would like you to fuck me silly with that big hard black cock of yours.

So now were alone, me your big titty domineering mother,  and you a sissy cocksucker for black men and their superior dicks.(laugh,laugh)  Are those tears in your eyes. Poor baby, I bet you feel absolutely humiliated.  I watched as that black man forced you to be his oral sissy slave.  I saw the entire thing.  Tell me son, how does it feel to tongue a black mans balls while your mommy watched and laughed? (laugh,laugh)  How does it make you feel being forced to suck a nigger cock, in front of your mother.(laugh)    Did it embarrass  you to know that the black man that was fucking your face  happens to be your mommy’s black lover? (laugh,laugh)    How does it feel knowing I might release the video of  you crawling on your hands and knees begging for that nigger cock? (laugh)   How does it make you feel knowing your mommy forced you to be a little sissy slut for black dick?(laugh)   Oh , I will never forget the look of humiliation on your face as Leroy slapped you with his huge nigger dick.(giggle)  There is not a better way to punish a racist white boy, than have some well hung black man slap him in his face with a big black dick!  (laugh,laugh)  How ashamed you must have felt as you were being beaten by 15 inches of black cock.  Well, mommy is just glad you were taught the most valuable lesson in life……….Black Dick RULES!!!!

From this day forward, you need to obey certain rules. First of all,  You do as mommy says…..(whipping sound) Right bitch!      Secondly, you are a full time sissy for black men,   all black men……(whipping sound)   Right bitch!  And that’s about it, Mommy’s in charge and you suck big nigger dick.(giggle)  Of course, doing as mommy says, might include: submitting to more of mommy’s black lovers, or become a sissy maid around the house, or being forced to wear panties, Mommy’s panties, Mommy’s shiny,satin,panties.(laugh)    Maybe. I will invite over about 10  big black studs to humiliate and feminize you.(giggle)    Well either way, (whipping sound)  YOU WILL DO AS MOMMY SAYS!!   Now, first things first:  Crawl upstairs to my bedroom, I want you to witness your mommy getting fucked senseless by a big strong nigger!!  (laugh)  (whipping sound)  (laugh,laugh,laugh,laugh)


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.