My Boss My Slave

A woman soon learns that she can control her new boss, which turns out to be both fun and profitable when the level of his submission is revealed.

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Hi. My name is Sharon.

A little over a year ago I got a new boss. His name is Peter. He seemed quite nice and very competent and was very receptive to my ideas and strategies. It wasn’t long before I noticed that he had trouble taking his eyes off me. One time I thought I actually saw him looking at me through a mirror. He didn’t realize I could see him and I couldn’t believe the longing and lust I saw.

I decided to take advantage of the situation. I walked into his office one morning and told him he was taking me out to lunch that day but first he’d have to give me $ 100 for the pleasure of my company. He started to laugh until I went right up to him nose to nose, grabbed him buy the shirt and told him he’d better be in my office at noon with $100. Sure enough, he showed up at my door at noon with the $100 and I told him where he was taking me for lunch. A very expensive restaurant by the way. He told me not to expect to make a habit of this but when we got into his car to return to work I made it clear that he would be taking me out to the restaurant of my choice each week and that I wasn’t prepared to hear any more complaining.

After that he stopped trying to fight me as he realized that I was in control.

When my birthday was a couple of weeks away I informed him that he would be giving me a $5,000 birthday gift. He didn’t even attempt to argue.

After giving me the $5,000 I told him he’d be giving me a similar amount on Christmas, Valentines Day and the anniversary of our first having met. He tried to complain when I slapped him very hard across the face and told him I’d punish him severely if he ever tried to disobey me. He started whimpering, telling me he thought about me non-stop and that he fantasized about me when he had sex with his wife. He also said that he now masturbated daily while calling out my name.

In early December, our company threw their annual Christmas party. I brought one of the men I’d been having casual sex with and Peter brought his wife. I managed to get some time alone with her while Peter was talking business and I started talking about how much I loved sex. She mentioned that her love life had improved 100% since Peter started working at the firm. I told her that was because he was fantasizing about me while having sex with her. She was quite stunned by my comment. I also let her know that Peter told me about how he masturbates daily while calling out my name. She immediately turned on her heels and got Peter and left in a huff.

The following day Peter came into my office all flustered and wanted me to explain to his wife that I was just kidding. For the second time, I walked up to him, slapped him hard across the face and reminded him that I was in charge and he was to do what I wanted not the other way around. I then ordered him to go home to his wife that night and admit that he does fantasize about me when he has sex with her and that’s the only reason he enjoys it so much. He was to further tell her that I was far more beautiful and desirable that she was and that he had fallen in love with me. He literally begged me not to make him do this but I informed him that if he didn’t then I would order him to quit his job and I would never see him again. He had no choice but to follow my orders.

The next day he told me that his wife had kicked him out of the house and that he stayed in a motel room the previous night. He asked if he could move in with me. I laughed in his face and said that I could never have a man who was so weak live in my house. I told him I’d help him look for an apartment, for a fee of course. Once he was settled I started taking him out shopping so that he could buy me the latest fashions. It was fun having Peter as my slave.

One night I invited him over to my place and mentioned that I was having a few girlfriends over for drinks and finger food, all of which I asked him to pick up. When he arrived, I told him he’d be our waiter and that he’d have to do it in the nude. He was by now beyond arguing. He removed his clothes and I put a collar around his neck to show that he was my property. When greeting my guests at the door Peter was shocked to learn that they were all women who worked for him. They too were shocked by his being there nude but quickly got used to the idea. They were fascinated when I told them about how he was a very obedient slave and about all the things he bought for me and all the money he gave me. As he was serving them food and drinks they began taking turns slapping his ass and grabbing his balls and cock. I had made it quite plain to Peter that he was not to complain about anything that night so he took it all without comment.

Following the party, the women started treating him with much less respect at work. One day he tried to order one of them to do something she clearly disagreed with and she laughed in his face. When he tried to exert his authority, she walked up to him, grabbed his balls and squeezed hard until he fell to his knees. It was so gratifying to see him reduced to such a pathetic creature.

I decided I wanted to do one more thing to show my utter dominance over him. I invited him to my house one night when one of my lovers was over. I had him wait in the living room while we had passionate and very loud sex. When we were done I put on my robe and asked Peter to come in and bring a wet face cloth. My lover was naked and still had cum and my juices on his cock. I told Peter to clean him up but first I told him he had to lick the juices off his cock. He said he didn’t think he could do it. I told him that if he really wanted me to believe that he was in love with me he would do as I commanded. I was not surprised to see him comply with my wishes.

I must say I quite enjoy having Peter as my dedicated slave. I think every woman would benefit from having one.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.