Mediterranean Adventure

A woman finishing up her Greek vacation has an interesting and sexy encounter with the pretty female customs officer at the airport.



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I had been planning on this trip to Greece for months and was very much looking forward to it. I’d gotten my first passport and saved for a solid year so I could see the Mediterranean in style. Bought new clothes, swimsuits, I was so looking forward to going over. I never dreamed the most memorable part of my vacation would actually be after the vacation itself. What an odd turn of events awaited me when I went to the airport to come home.

When I’d been in Greece of course I got the usual souvenirs and some nice fabric to have made up into a dress and some jewelry as well, but one of my more unusual purchases was a sex toy. I certainly hadn’t planned on buying any sex toys when I went on my vacation, but I found a little sex toy shop over there and got a unique little bullet vibe, it was tiny but it was very powerful and after I got it, I must admit I used it every night at the hotel before bed and it had given me lots of pleasure already. When I was packing up my things to get ready to come home, I forgot it was in my makeup bag and didn’t pack it in my suitcase that was going to be checked. When I was freshening my makeup at the airport washroom before going through customs I noticed it. I certainly didn’t want anyone finding it in my makeup bag, so I just tucked it into my bra and didn’t think much of it.

Well a few minutes later I was very embarrassed when I realized when already in line, that they used the wand like metal detectors they waved all over your body to pick up anything metal. I was pretty sure it was plastic, but then again, it did run on a watch battery and that was made out of metal… Oh oh, this could prove a bit embarrassing. As I made my way to the head of the line, I noticed the female customs officer was very pretty. Dark hair, olive skin, green eyes. Her name tag said “Melina” and she seemed far too pretty to be wearing that ugly airport uniform they had her in, but I realized she wouldn’t be dressed to the nines to be doing work at the airport.

As I was told to hold my arms out, I again silently prayed the detector wouldn’t go off due to the tiny bullet vibe in my bra. All over my body she waved the wand and then it started to beep as it got around my chest. Oh this is embarrassing, I thought to myself.

“Alright, Miss, what have you hidden that is setting this off?”, she asked.

“Nothing, it must just be the underwire in my bra, that’s all,” I replied hoping she would buy my excuse.

“I’m afraid you will have to come with me to the inspection office down this corridor here, it’s standard operating procedure, if it’s what you say, it will only take a moment to check and then you can get on your flight,” she replied.

I nervously walked with the pretty guard down the hall to a small little office. She then asked me to unbutton my blouse and remove my bra so she could inspect it and make sure it was just the underwire. I held the bullet vibe in my hand, hoping she wouldn’t notice my closed hand and that she’d just examine the bra and that would be the end of it. But she did notice my hand holding something.

“What is in your hand,” she asked, her beautiful green eyes staring right into mine.

“Nothing,” I stammered, lying.

“Yes, you have something, what is it? Show me,” she demanded.

I stuck out my hand and opened it, revealing the tiny toy. She looked at my hand and back up at me, not knowing what it was.

“What is it?,” she questioned sincerely.

She knew it wasn’t a weapon of any kind, or anything threatening. I didn’t get the idea I was in any trouble.

“Well, this is a bit embarrassing,” I said as I looked at her pretty face.

She looked back at the item and then back up at me awaiting an answer.

“It’s a vibrating sex toy,” I blurted out matter of factly.

She looked so shocked when I said it. Her mouth opened as if she was going to speak, but then closed again.

“I meant to pack it in my checked bag, but I just forgot, so when I saw it in my makeup bag, I didn’t want to have anyone see it, so I just stuffed it in my bra and hoped no one would find it. I know it’s not a weapon or anything illegal, it’s just embarrassing is all,” I stated.

“No, you’re right, you haven’t broken any rules, it’s not illegal for you to take it on board,” she reassured me.

She reached over and asked if she could see it. I nodded and she curiously picked it up out of my hand and inspected it closely and turned it on and smiled a bit when she turned it on to see it work.

“Oh my, it is a powerful little thing, isn’t it?” she stated.

“It is, it, um, works very well…”, I sheepishly admitted.

“Maybe I should get one,” she laughed.

I don’t know what made me say what I said next, but it just blurted out.

“You could try it if you like,” I offered.

“Oh I can’t,” she protested, yet seemed to be toying with the idea in her mind as her brows furrowed in contemplation.

“Sure you can, the flight doesn’t board for another hour, I have the time,” I countered.

She turned around and locked the door to the tiny room and started to unzip her pants and take them off. She had on a black lace thong underneath that looked beautiful on her firm, olive complexioned skin, which she also then slipped out of. She then sat on one of the chairs and spread her legs and turned on the tiny vibe and applied it to her clit, which she had exposed by spreading open her pussy lips and I could see her pink moistness and started to feel aroused myself as I watched her as she bit her lip and squirmed from the vibe and its sensations on her pussy. I could tell she enjoyed it very much. I walked over to her and started to rub her breasts through her shirt, which she had left on. I could feel her nipples getting hard and I then unbuttoned her stiff work shirt and popped her breasts out of the top of her bra to give me access to the nipples, which I then lowered my head down to and started to suckle as she continued to use the bullet vibe on herself.

I removed my skirt and panties and stood before her as she approached her climax. She bit her lip hard when she came to avoid anyone hearing from outside the door, but she whimpered a bit as she breathed hard and caught her breath. Without even turning the vibe off, she moved it right to my pussy, the toy still wet and sticky from her juices and she opened my cunt lips and laid it right on my clit and I braced my one hand on her shoulder for support as she held it right on me. It wasn’t long until I came from the powerful vibe as well, standing up in front of her. As I came I felt a small trickle of my juices begin to drip down my thigh, and in seconds I then felt her tongue lapping it up and going right into my shaved pussy. I had barely caught my breath and she was licking my cunt with such deliberate motions and not giving me a chance to calm down, I could feel a second orgasm welling up inside of me and with her mouth sucking on my clit, I came again and she continued to lick and lick and lick.

Melina stood up in front of me, her pretty face wet with my juices and we were both breathing heavy. My fingers sought out her cunt, which had a strip of neatly trimmed black hair and I started to rub her pussy and easily found her still stiffened clit and I worked my fingertip over it again and again until I heard her breathing become ragged and I knew she was on the verge of cumming again so I didn’t let up and just kept rubbing her until she went over the edge and came all over my hand. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I had never done anything like it before or since, and yet it seemed so natural at the time.

“Here, there’s a tiny bathroom through that door,” she said.

We both went in and cleaned ourselves up before leaving the tiny room and walking back to the customs check point area. She went to hand me back the vibe as I was leaving the room and I told her no, you keep it, so she slipped the tiny toy into her pocket. The other guard looked at her and then the clock and then back at her as if silently asking her why she had been gone so long, but she ignored him. I was cleared and boarded the plane for back home and the entire flight home I couldn’t stop thinking about the events in the little inspection room at the airport with the pretty Melina. What a vacation, and what an experience.



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