Jenny’s Parisian Seduction

A woman on a business trip to Paris finds an unexpected romance with another woman.


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By the time she got to the restaurant for dinner, Jenny was absolutely exhausted. The day of travel from California to Paris for the company business conference had left her quite drained. The airline had lost one of her bags and now she was short on clothes, it was a nightmare. There were of course many beautiful shops in Paris to get all sorts of lovely things at, but she hadn’t budgeted for that expense. Maybe there was a way she could claim it as a business expense she wondered…

The waiter brought the delicious meal to her table and a bottle of red wine. Jenny was famished, and couldn’t wait to dig into the steak and potato meal she’d ordered. As she was lifting the glass of wine to her lips, she noticed a woman smiling at her from the bar and wondered why the lady was smiling at her so. She didn’t know anyone here, so she wasn’t quite sure why the woman was singling her out. She was even more surprised when after the table was cleared before dessert the woman came over and introduced herself as Katherine.

“Do I know you?”, Jenny asked the attractive stranger.

“No, but I work in the European division of the company you do, I recognized you from your picture in the company office of the California crew. Several of us from the different divisions are staying here in this hotel,” she offered.

“Oh! By all means, join me then,” Jenny said welcomingly.

“No, I’m afraid I can’t. Thanks all the same, I have a late meeting with one of the big wigs upstairs. I think you’ll be in the meeting that’s the day after tomorrow, right?”, Katherine asked.

“Yes, that’s right. I came a couple days early since the jet lag is so severe with me being from the West Coast,” Jenny replied.

“Of course. Makes sense. Well, I’m sure we will see each other a lot over the next week. Have a lovely evening, enjoy Paris!”, Katherine said.

And with that, Katherine floated off towards the hotel elevators to meet with the higher ups leaving Jenny to enjoy her dessert and wine. Normally Jenny didn’t drink that terribly often, but the meal was so good, and she was so tired after the long flight, the drive from the airport to the hotel, she felt she deserved to indulge herself and she finished the bottle before going upstairs to her room. And once she arrived in the room, she saw a beautiful basket of chocolates and cookies, and a bottle of champagne had been delivered. There was a small fridge in the room which she then placed the bottle in and began to have some of the chocolates as she was getting undressed for bed.

That night Jenny tossed and turned and had strange dreams. The combination of being overly tired and the bottle of wine and jet lag had taken its toll and Jenny had a number of sexual dreams. She woke up after dreaming that the lady from the restaurant, Katherine had kissed her. The dream took her totally off guard, since she wasn’t into women in the slightest, but she passed it off as just being too keyed up and her mind whirling in twenty different directions with all there was to do business wise in the next week she was in Paris for.

When she got up the next morning, Jenny decided to give Paris a little exploration walk and found a lovely little cafe and decided to have some fresh croissants and coffee at the outside table and watch the citizens stroll by. She hadn’t sat down for five minutes before there was Katherine in front of her smiling again. She was a lovely woman, around 5’6, blue eyes, chestnut colored shoulder length hair, shapely figure, full breasts. Jenny was smaller at around 5’2, long red hair and green eyes and pale skin.

“Well, imagine seeing you here!,” Katherine exclaimed.

“I just got up a while ago and wanted to explore the city a bit, I had quite the tiring day yesterday coming over here, so am glad I get to just catch my breath today and relax a bit,” Jenny offered.

“I am sure you will have a lovely day exploring the city, Jenny,” Katherine said.

“Would you like to have dinner tonight with me? I’d like to get to know you better and not be in such a rush. Last night when we met, I had to run off to the meeting, and now again, I have to meet with another of the partners and can’t chat right now either,” Katherine explained.

“I’d like that very much. How about tonight around 7? Does that work?,” Jenny asked.

“Perfect. See you in the hotel dining room then,” Katherine replied before leaving.

Jenny spent the day wandering around the shops and museums and had a fantastic day, getting a couple of items of clothing to replace what was in the lost luggage. She went back to her room and put on one of the dresses she had bought herself. It was a lovely fire engine red low cut number that showed off her cleavage to full advantage. She almost worried it a tad too revealing, but it was Paris, one of the most stylish cities in the world, at a first class hotel, she looked beautiful and classy as she descended the staircase to the main dining room from her second story room. Jenny caught the attention of several of the guests dining as she made her entrance as they gazed approvingly on her.

Jenny made her way to the table Katherine was sitting at and they enjoyed a gourmet meal before going back up to Jenny’s room to talk. When they arrived, she took the chilled bottle of champagne out the fridge, it was a magnum, and she opened it and poured glasses of it for herself and Katherine. They talked for hours about all kinds of things, how they got in to the business they were in at the fashion house, various boyfriends they’d had, all kinds of things they talked about.

After they’d polished off the magnum of champagne, Katherine could tell Jenny was a bit tipsy, as was she.

“You know Jenny, you remind me a lot of someone I used to know years ago, a college roommate of mine, Sarah. She was a beautiful girl, so much fun. I really shouldn’t even mention it…,” Katherine trailed.

“No, what were you going to say, Katherine,” Jenny asked all of a sudden interested in the similarities between her and this pretty Sarah girl.

“Well…, one night Sarah and I…, one night we had had a bit too much to drink, kinda like you and I have, and well, we sort of experimented,” Katherine offered.

“What do you mean ‘experimented’,” Jenny questioned.

“I mean we fooled around with each other. Neither of us had done anything with a girl before and it was very enjoyable for both of us,” she offered.

“I never did anything like that,” Jenny admitted.

With that admission Katherine walked over to where Jenny was laid out on the bed her head propped up by her hand comfortable and relaxed. Jenny saw her approaching the bed and didn’t do anything to stop her. Katherine sat down on the bed and leaned in and gently kissed Jenny on her lips. She pulled back for a moment in shock, but then reached out to Katherine and ran her fingers through her silky chestnut colored hair and kissed her back with a hunger she shocked herself with. Katherine gently pushed Jenny onto her back and started kissing her deeply and with great passion as her hand found Jenny’s breast and rubbed her nipple through the red fabric of her dress quickly making it erect.

Jenny sat up and Katherine unzipped the back of the dress and they got her out of it and then she too quickly stood up and stepped out of her outfit and returned to the bed. There they both lay, in bras and panties and nothing else kissing with passion and abandon. Jenny’s boyfriend at home, James, was the last thing on her mind at this moment. The champagne had made her feel light headed and wonderful and she was all of a sudden very horny and more than willing to play with this beautiful woman beside her.

Katherine’s hand returned to Jenny’s breast and was massaging it, kneading it as she kissed her and her tongue probed ever deeper into her new friends mouth. Her hand moved from Jenny’s breast downwards to her panties. She lightly traced her fingertips up and down Jenny’s pussy lips through the flimsy fabric, it wasn’t very long until she felt the fabric becoming damp, at which point she slipped her hand inside the panties and started stroking so it was skin against skin. Katherine’s fingers gently opened Jenny’s pussy lips open and she sought out her stiffened clit and began rubbing it in slow, teasing circles. She knew Jenny was enjoying herself since her breathing was becoming heavier and more jagged with each pass of her fingers over that stiffened joy bud.

Katherine momentarily stopped what she was doing long enough to slip Jenny’s panties off down her legs and toss them to the floor and unhook her bra and remove it. Jenny lay totally naked before her, panting and horny. She started sucking on Jenny’s nipple as her hand returned to her wet, dripping pussy and stroked it back and forth to a teasing degree. She then released the nipple from her mouth and started kissing downwards, first to Jenny’s belly and then to her pubic bone, and then to the place she had been waiting for, her juicy, shaved, slippery wet pussy. Katherine kissed the vaginal lips so tenderly and gently, just teasing them with the tip of her tongue, up and down.

Taking one inner lip in her mouth at a time and then slowly pushing in two fingers and twisting them slightly as she pulled them back out, all the while continuing her sensual administrations to Jenny’s still hardened clit. Jenny laced her fingers through Katherine’s hair and guided her mouth just where she wanted her to lick and she bucked her hips up and down seeking her release, which she got seconds later after Katherine started licking faster and faster until Jenny moaned with such volume Katherine was concerned the other hotel guests might hear.

Jenny came hard, Katherine’s hand was sopping. She started to lick her fingers clean, which turned Jenny on a tremendous amount to witness.

“Your turn,” Jenny stated to Katherine and eased her onto her back on the large, plush king sized bed. Katherine gave no resistance whatsoever and slipped out of her bra and panties and didn’t know what to expect, as Jenny was a bit shy, it being her first time with another woman and all. Jenny started to kiss Katherine back, tasting her own juices that were spread half across Katherine’s face. She enjoyed the taste of herself on her lips. She had tasted her own juices on her boyfriends face many times after he’d gone down on her and she found it quite erotic to do so. Her fingers found her friends pussy and she dove right in, surprising Katherine at her eagerness. She stroked her clit up and down and slid a couple of fingers inside her to drag her pussy juices up to her clit. She kissed Katherine deeply as she rubbed her pussy and made her cum all over her hand.

“I’ve never done any of this before,” Jenny revealed again.

“It’s ok, don’t do anything more than you want to,” Katherine stated.

“No, I want to, it’s different, I like it”, Jenny confessed.

She kissed down Katherine’s taut tummy to her creamy inner thighs and she parted her legs and started to kiss her between them. The juices were not dissimilar to her own, but slightly different. She opened the lips with her fingers like she was examining the delicate petals on a rare orchid. As she spread them open, the clit was right there, erect and demanding attention. She licked it gently at first, to see Katherine’s reaction. She could tell she liked it, so she continued, firmer and faster until Katherine started to moan and quiver and she continued until she stopped. They lay there sticky and breathless after their impromptu evening of womanly exploration. They fell asleep that way and woke up several hours later. Katherine excused herself to go to her room and get ready for the days meetings about the fall fashion line coming out, and Jenny fell back asleep for a few hours, dreaming sweet and naughty dreams of the night before and all that had transpired.

Once back in her room, Katherine picked up the phone to call James.

“Well, didn’t take too much convincing there on my part, James, you have a lovely girlfriend there, you’re lucky I live over here or you just might have a fight on your hands to keep her!,” Katherine joked.

“What all happened there last night,” James questioned.

“Well first of all, I did have the voice activated recorder in my purse, so all the vocalizations were captured as per your request. I felt guilty doing that, she’s such a lovely girl, James. I had a wonderful time with her and she did with me as well. I can email over the mp3 of the recording for you to hear for yourself. We were in her room the whole night, we played for a couple of hours. I started out by rubbing her pussy and then going down on her, and then she did the same to me. She’s a very sweet girl. I think she has a wilder side to her that hasn’t been tapped yet,” Katherine said.

“Well I do thank you for doing your part so beautifully,” James offered.

“It was a pleasure. I think I will ask her out to dinner again tonight. We do have the rest of the week here, might as well take advantage!”, Katherine giggled.

“Hey, this isn’t about you taking my girlfriend,” James said.

“I know, but I do like her and we might as well enjoy each other while we are here for the meetings. I may just be sending you home a newly sexually liberated girlfriend, be grateful,” Katherine said.

“Oh I am, believe me, I am. Oh I just got the download link of the soundfile you sent. Looks like I will be enjoying myself this evening listening to yours…,” James exclaimed.

“Alright then, you have a good night and I will be as well-I hope,” Katherine stated.

For the rest of the week Jenny and Katherine spent each night in bed, sometimes in Jenny’s room, other times in Katherine’s, and at the end of the week, it was sweet sorrow for them to part from one another, but they had separate lives and had to get back to them. The week had been a surreal experience they knew they both would cherish for years to come.

“By the way Jenny, are you booked next month at the convention in Las Vegas?,” Katherine inquired.

“Why I am indeed! You going to be there?,” Jenny asked excitedly.

“Yes, I am. Looks like we might run into each other again,” Katherine flirted.

“I am SO looking forward to it! I thought it was just going to be a bunch of shop talk and more boring meetings, but now, now it has a whole different appeal in it for me,” Jenny grinned.

They hugged at the airport and got onto their separate flights, each happy for the week of special friendship that they had shared, even though it had been at Jenny’s boyfriend’s James’ arrangement, it had turned out beautifully. As they each were flown back to their home cities, they each played over the events in their minds and they couldn’t wait for Vegas.



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