Impregnating Your Best Friend

A couple of best friends undress and make love to one another and get the lady pregnant.


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“Impregnating Your Best Friend”

A 15 min 6 sec recording.

“Hi Issac, its me, your best friend Joyce. Thanks for letting me stay over here while they fix the gas leak at my apartment. I had to come straight here from work so I’ve only got the clothes on my back. Actually Issac, it got me thinking. I need to wash my work clothes but I have nothing to change into. So what I was thinking was that maybe I could just let you see me naked? We’ve been friends for so long that the idea seems almost comfortable.

Here, you sit down on the bed and don’t take your eyes off of me, ok? I’m taking off my shirt and bra in front of you. There, you can see my naked breasts and it feels completely natural to me. Now off comes my skirt and panties. There we go Issac, your best friend Joyce is now completely nude in front of you. You know what Issac, being naked in front feels so completely natural. I love that you can see all of my tan skin, see my b-cup breasts swinging in front of you, see my smooth vagina starting to glisten with arousal. That’s right Issac, being naked before is starting to sexually arouse me.

Please Issac, could you take off your clothes too? I think it would feel so natural for us to be naked together. You will? Thank you Issac! I can see you taking off your shirt. Mmmm, I love your chest Issac. And now your pants and boxers are off exposing your erect penis to me. Issac, it feels so good to be naked together with you. And its ok that your penis is erect because of my naked body. I know you think that I am beautiful so it is only natural that the sight of my breasts and vagina sexually excite you. In fact, this feels so natural and comfortable I think I’d be ok with a hug. And I could really use a hug after having such a stressful day.

You stay sitting on the bed and I’ll come over and straddle you. I climb onto you and put my legs to either side of yours. I make sure that your erect penis is pressed gently between your belly and mine. I wrap my arms around your naked body and feel you wrap yours around mine. I nuzzle against your neck as so much of your naked body contacts yours. This feels so natural Issac. I am so comfortable sitting naked on your lap, embracing you. I can feel your penis throbbing against my belly. Issac, it would be completely natural for you to re-position the head of your penis again my vagina. I know you’re still a virgin and as your best friend I want to do something for you. Mmmm, good your penis is in the right position now, now let me lower my body down a little.

The head of your penis is inside my vagina now. It feels completely natural to have this part of you inside me. I think I need to feel your entire penis inside me though, let me lower my body completely onto you. Mmmmm, yes Issac. You have your penis completely inside the vagina of your best friend Joyce. Its a perfect fit, like you were made to be inside of me. Mmmmmm, in fact, just having your penis fitting so perfectly so deep within me is going to make me climax! Oh yes Issac. Yes! I’m orgasming so hard on your erect penis! Mmmm Issac, that was wonderful. Your virgin penis gave me the best orgasm of my life. Now Issac, I’m going to start having sexual intercourse with you. Moving my hips while straddling feels so natural. Mmmm, and the feel of your erect penis sliding back and forth inside my wet vagina is driving me wild with arousal. Mmmm, how does it feel Issac?

How does it feel to be having sex with your best friend Joyce? It feels perfect to me, I feel so comfortable holding your penis inside my vagina. And it feels so natural for me to use my vagina to stimulate your penis while you’re inside me. Just sit back and relax while I ride your penis, moving my hips faster and faster, trying to take your penis deeper and deeper. I feel the head of your penis start bumping against my cervix with each thrust down I make and I climax again. Yessss Issac, your penis is making me climax again! Mmmm Issac, two orgasms in a row! Your penis makes me feel so good! We were made for each other.

Our bodies belong connected together like this. Doesn’t it just feel completely natural for me to orgasm on your erect penis? Now its time for you to climax, ok Issac? Please ejaculate every last drop of your seed into my body so you can impregnate me. Wouldn’t that feel so completely natural? Your sperm belongs inside of me Issac. Your seed belongs inside your best friend Joyce. That’s right Issac, I’m ovulating and fertile right now and your penis is about to fill my vagina with millions of your sperm. And my egg is there waiting for it, waiting to be fertilized. It will feel so right for you to impregnate me.

So ejaculate Issac, ejaculate into the fertile body of your best friend Joyce. I’m moving my hips faster, trying to milk your load out of you and inside me. I reach behind myself and cup your scrotum lightly, gently massaging your testicles. And this all feels so natural to be doing, we’re such good friends and I feel so comfortable with you. Even now, as I stimulate your penis with my tight vagina, this feels like the most natural thing for us to do. Its only natural that you impregnate your best friend Joyce. Please give me semen Issac, please give your best friend Joyce spurt after spurt of your seed. Plant it deep inside my vagina, fertilize my body with your ejaculation.

You won’t be a virgin once you’ve gotten spilled all of your sperm inside my body. Its a natural thing for you to spill your virgin seed into my body. Now push deep Issac, you’re almost there! Yes, I can feel you pressed right up against my cervix. Now relax and do what is natural, release your seed inside my vagina. That’s it Issac, I can feel it building in your testicles. Please give it to me, ejaculate fill me up with your semen. Press hard against me and force your ejaculation to shoot directly through my cervix and into my fertile womb. I’m thrusting down against your as fast and as hard as I can, your penis sliding nearly out of my vagina before I plunge back down, feeling the tip of your penis push against my cervix. I feel your scrotum start to tighten in my hand. Good Issac.

I plunge down a final time and lock my body onto yours, holding you as tightly as I can, trying to pull your penis even deeper inside my body. Do it Issac! Ejaculate! Ejaculate inside your best friend Joyce! Fill my vagina and womb up with your sperm. I clamp my hand around your swollen testicles harder now, forcing their contents out even more intensely and feel your climax take you. I feel your testicles throbbing in my hand as your penis throbs inside my vagina. I feel spurt after spurt of your hot semen splashing into my womb. Its starts swimming deeper inside of me and you shoot even more inside me. The wave of semen you released inside of me has nearly reached my egg! I grab your hand and entwine my fingers in yours, then place our hands together on my flat belly.

The force of your continued ejaculation inside of my body has saturated my womb completely with your semen. As our hands rest together on my belly I feel your climax fade. Your intense spurts of sperm rich semen into my vagina slowly subside. Issac, that felt so natural to do. You gave me so much of your semen! Issac, your semen is nearly to my egg, please look into my eyes and hold me while I conceive. Its natural that you ejaculated so much semen into me Issac. Its completely natural that you filled your best friend Joyce with your semen. We sit together, my legs and arms wrapped tight around you as I sit on your lap, your penis impaling my vagina. My vagina is pulsing around your penis, milking out any remaining semen into my body.

As you look deeply into my eyes I feel your semen flood across my egg, sperm swarming it. My vagina pulses faster in anticipation, I am about to be fertilized by your sperm and that is all I need. Your penis starts throbbing along with my vagina and I you can see you’re ready to climax. I feel one of your sperm attach to my egg, fertilizing me. I start to orgasm, setting off your second one. Oh god yes Issac, you’ve fertilized me! I’m pregnant! Mmmmmmm. I take another load of your semen inside me as you ejaculate into my now pregnant body. I’m pregnant now Issac, you’ve gotten your best friend Joyce pregnant. I’m yours now Issac. Your best friend Joyce is yours completely. And it feels so natural that I’m yours now. Your semen has claimed me and impregnated me. Your best friend Joyce belongs to you Issac. I’m so glad you’re my best friend! Now lets get some rest so that in the morning you can make love to your newly impregnated best friend Joyce.”


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.