Get Me Pregnant

A tale of rather frenzied impregnation and magic.


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“Get Me Pregnant”

An 8 min 3 sec recording.

“Quickly Issac, there is no time, you need to become erect and let me mount you immediately! Good Issac, your erection is full already. Now don’t think any more, just lay down and let my vagina be penetrated with your stiff penis.

Yes Issac, that’s it, your penis is completely inside me. Now please ejaculate, there isn’t time for intercourse, just release your semen into me immediately. Please do it, please ejaculate right now while your penis is deep inside my vagina.

Good boy Issac, I feel your body tensing. Release into me!

I accept your gift of semen Issac.

Oh Issac, thank you so much for giving your semen to me. I suppose you’re wondering what this is all about?

Well you see, you only know me as your friend Joyce, but I am actually Joyce the Teenage Sex Witch. My magic power comes from semen given to me willingly, just like you gave me yours a moment ago. And the faster the semen is delivered into my vagina the more powerful it is. Right now my body is absorbing your semen and my magic power is increasing.

I now have enough power to cast a spell! Here, let me place my fingertips on your temples… Just relax Issac, let Joyce the Teenage Sex Witch cast a spell on you. Can you feel it? A pleasant warmth in your mind and in your genitals? I’m binding you to me as a Familiar, using the power from your own semen.

There, everything is ready… I know how good you must be feeling with my Sex Magic flowing through your body. All we need to do to complete the spell is for you to ejaculate willingly within my vagina again. The moment your semen flows out into me you’ll be bound to me.

I’m starting to have intercourse with you Issac. Can you feel my vagina milking your penis as I raise and lower my hips? Just relax and allow yourself to become mine completely. You want to belong to Joyce the Teenage Sex Witch, don’t you? Just let me keep moving my body on top of you, my vagina will take care of your penis, take care of your pleasure. I’m moving faster now Issac. Up…. Down…. Up… Down… Up.. Down.. Up. Down. Up down up down up down updownupdownupdown.

Goddess! I feel you preparing to ejaculate inside my vagina. Now Issac release! Yes, now! Let my vagina stimulate you to ejaculation!

I accept your gift of semen Issac.

Oh Issac, that was so good. You were such a good boy! Now you belong to Joyce the Teenage Sex Witch completely. Any command I give you will be obeyed.

Now let me place my hand over my lower belly and cast another spell.

I cast a spell to make me ovulate Issac. We’re going to make a baby together, you’re going to impregnate me. Now let me start riding you again Issac. Let Joyce the Teenage Sex Witch take your semen once more. You can’t resist my command, you belong to me now and must obey. Now Issac, when I climax you must ejaculate your semen into me. More semen then you have ever ejaculated before, no less then 50 strong spurts deep inside me, coating my fertile womb with your potent seed.

And you’ll do it Issac, because I command you to, because you belong to Joyce the Teenage Sex Witch and you must obey me. Can you feel your testicles swelling? They’re responding to my command, preparing you to ejaculate as much semen as I have asked for.

Now become more erect Issac, let your penis swell harder and larger then it ever has. Your penis must expand until my vagina is so tight around you that none of your semen will escape after ejaculation. Good boy, I can feel it… . Your penis is so big inside me now Issac I can barely move. I can feel my climax approaching.

Just one more command… Your penis will stay erect after ejaculation until I command otherwise so that all your seed will stay plugged inside me. I will become impregnated by you Issac, you don’t have a choice.

Its time Issac, I can feel my orgasm approaching… Several orgasms in fact. Just push up inside my vagina as deep as you can, bury your swollen penis deeply inside Joyce the Teenage Sex Witch.


I accept your gift of semen Issac. Oh yes, Joyce the Teenage Sex Witch accepts your gift of semen.

I feel so full Issac! Your semen is stretching out my womb.

Now Issac, fall asleep for me, with me impaled on your hard penis and your sperm swimming towards my egg. I’ll wake you up when you’ve fertilized me.

Sleep for me Issac, sleep for Joyce the Teenage Sex Witch, your Mistress. You are mine forever now… I love you Issac… Joyce loves you… You are impregnating Joyce… And Joyce loves you.”


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.