Homecoming Part 3

A long separated brother and sister meet up again as adults and begin an affair without knowing they are related.


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Jean and Jimmy continued their clandestine affair even though they knew they were full blooded brother and sister. The fact that they had been separated since Jean was a baby had made them feel as though they were not in fact family, since they had not been raised together. They had accepted it was a very unfortunate situation, but they were growing very close to one another and couldn’t fight their intense sexual feelings for each other regardless of this revelation, and they decided to just continue on as they were and set that matter aside. No one else knew and they were certainly not going to be sharing that detail with anyone.

Their primary concern of the moment was keeping Jimmy’s wife Stephanie from finding out, since even though their marriage was not doing well, they didn’t wish to invite any problems and be indiscreet about the affair they were having. Every single day they were together at the greenhouse after work they would fuck each others brains out. They couldn’t get enough of one another. The forbidden aspect of their affair was bad enough, but the fact that they were siblings made it all the more naughty, and yet appealing at the same time.

“Fuck, I can’t get enough of your cock,” Jean exclaimed one night to Jimmy after he’d bent her over his desk and fucked her from behind.

“Glad to hear it, sis,” Jimmy teased.

They were both naked and breathing hard after their latest round of lovemaking. All of a sudden they heard something outside the door and were silent. They could hear footsteps approaching the door. Jean ran behind the desk and crawled underneath it and Jimmy grabbed his tee shirt and pulled it on over his head quickly and sat at his desk naked from the waist down with Jean crowded underneath as Stephanie breezed in the office.

“Hun, what are you doing back here, I thought you were going to the gym for a few hours tonight,” he questioned.

“I am, I just forgot my purse in here earlier when I was doing the books and I needed it, so came back for it, I was right in the gym parking lot when I realized it was here and I had to drive all the way back for it, my membership card is in my wallet and you need it, pissed me off I had to come all the way back for it. I’m surprised you’re still here, I thought you were leaving soon after me,” she questioned.

Much to Jimmy’s horror Stephanie sat down in the chair in front of his desk and didn’t appear to be in any hurry to leave. Jean was naked, crouched under the desk and Jimmy was sitting in his chair bare assed hoping his wife wouldn’t look too closely and see nothing but skin below his tee shirt bottom.

“I thought you were going to the club to workout,” Jimmy questioned.

“Oh I am, I just thought I’d chat with you for a bit, I’m not in any hurry, the club’s open for hours more, will likely be busy for a while honestly, I do hate waiting to use the machines,” she stated.

Under the desk, Jean was right between Jimmy’s spread legs in the chair, his semi erect cock inches from her face. Jimmy flinched slightly when all of a sudden he felt her mouth on his cock, wet and warm and he still had to appear to Stephanie as if nothing odd was going on, that he was just filling out order forms at his desk, when really his sister that his wife knew nothing about had his throbbing hard cock in her mouth under that desk. He was finding it hard to keep his voice sounding normal as he was talking to his wife as he was getting sucked off right in front of her.

“Are you alright, dear?”, she questioned, her brows furrowed.

“Yes, why?”, he asked.

“You just seem a bit flushed is all, maybe you should go home and rest, maybe you’re coming down with something,” she wondered.

He could feel Jean’s lips encircling his cock, drooling all over his hard shaft she was plunging in and out of her mouth, as his wife was standing mere inches away on the other side of the desk and she was teasing and stroking his cock and balls so teasingly and lovingly, knowing it was really mean to do it with his wife right there. She was making it more difficult and she knew it and was enjoying it tremendously.

“No, I’m fine, just a headache is all, I will be going home in a few minutes,” he promised, his voice nearly cracking.

“I just had to go over some orders that have to go in tomorrow, I shouldn’t be too much longer before I’ll be on my way home. I can pick us up a pizza on the way home, ok?”, he said.

“Sure, I’ll have worked up an appetite after my workout,” she said as she picked up her purse neither Jean nor Jimmy had noticed and walked back out the door.

Jean and Jimmy were both shaking as they heard her car start up and drive away at what a close call they had with Stephanie coming back into the office with them there like that.

“You are a very bad girl!”, Jimmy said to Jean as she giggled at him.

He couldn’t stay mad at her though, and he grabbed her by the wrists and put her over his knee and started to lightly spank her bare bottom. After a few playful swats, he started to caress her round ass and then his fingers plunged down between her ass cheeks and to her pussy which of course was dripping wet and he started to rub her clit with the tip of his middle finger. Up and down and up and down slowly and gently until he heard her breathing change and become much heavier with each pass of his fingers over her cunt lips and clit. She started to buck her hips slightly to meet his hand and he could tell she was getting close to cumming, so he applied more pressure to her clit and rubbed faster and faster until his sister cried out and came all over his hand, making it all sticky.

“Fuck I love the way you touch me,” Jean said.

“You drive me wild, you do know that, don’t you?”, she asked.

“I know. I can tell from the way you respond to me how much you love me,” he replied.

“I do love you Jimmy. I know I shouldn’t love you the way I do, but I can’t help it. I’m totally in love with you,” she admitted.

“I love you too, my sexy sis,” Jimmy said as he lifted her onto his lap and started to kiss her passionately and deeply, his tongue teasing her lips and encouraging her to open her mouth to him to explore. He grabbed her hair

in his hands, gently tugging on it as they kissed. He kissed down her neck and down in a trail between her breasts and then took one of her nipples into his mouth, lightly biting on it, as Jean ran her hands through his hair.

“I need to feel you inside of me,” she said to her brother. He laid her on her back on the sofa and climbed on top of her, pressing his weight down on her as he edged apart her knees with one of his own. She yielded to him and he sunk his hardened cock into her warm, inviting cunt that he knew belonged to him, and only to him. He whispered in her ear how much he loved her and it made waves throughout her body to her those words from the man she adored and desired more than anything else. He drove her crazy and she truly didn’t care that he was her brother, to her he was simply the man that she loved. Her silky wet pussy enveloped him and he rocked back and forth on top of her as she wrapped her creamy thighs around his waist and encouraged him to plunge ever deeper inside. He was thrusting in balls deep and feeling her wetness all over his cock and balls, and the feeling was exquisite, much better than he’d ever felt fucking his wife, Stephanie.

“I love you so much, Jimmy, you know you own me body and soul,” she proclaimed, tears welling up in her eyes from the intensity of her emotions for him.

“I love you too, sweetheart,” Jimmy whispered to her sincerely as he shot his load of cum deep into her bare pussy.

They played for a bit longer than got on their things to go home. Each wondering what was going to become of them and their secret affair. Jean wanted to build a life with Jimmy, brother or not, and Jimmy was about at the end with his wife, but had to think all this through before doing anything permanent. So they each went back to their respective places and pondered what the future held for them.



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