Controlled Part 3

The wealthy wife continues her dalliance with the employee of her husband, as she allows him to sexually control her.


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A 25 min 58 sec recording.

I sit silently and unmoving, thanks to Michael’s commands, in the front passenger seat of his BMW as he drives us away from the adult sex shop. He has deliberately teased me by placing the black plastic bag in my lap. The bag has been opened just enough for me to see my new vibrating nipple clamps and my new…Hmmm!…gigantic butt plug inside. I desperately want to unpackage both new sex toys, but I can’t! Fuck! I can only, at best, feel them moving around in my lap.

My Asian companion surprises me by asking me if I’m attracted to him.

His words trigger the strange compulsion for me to answer. I blush with embarrassment, like when I had my first crush.

I sheepishly answer, “Yes. I think that you’re hunky.”

Michael drives along familiar snow covered roads that lead back to his place. As we park inside of his garage, I longfully stare at his bright red, pickup truck. My thoughts are consumed with his Ford F-150, especially imagining what the strong vibrations reverberating from the powerful engine would feel like.

I find myself exiting Michael’s black BMW along with him. I follow him to his bedroom. Was I so obsessed with my Asian companion’s Ford F-150 that I didn’t hear him command me to go along with him? Or am I willingly following Michael?

Instead of testing if I have my free will again or not, I become too absorbed in looking around Michael’s boudoir. His bedroom is different than most men’s bedrooms that I’ve been in. I notice the king sized bed at one end of Michael’s bedroom, and then see the gigantic sixty-inch high-def flat screen that’s mounted on the other side of his bedroom. On both sides of his master bedroom are golden dance poles. There are carpeted circles at the base of each pole, and embedded spotlights in the ceiling that shine upon each golden pole.

Michael commands me to stand in the center of his bedroom. I find myself positioning myself between the two golden poles, while standing a few feet away from his large bed. I’m bathed in the bright light of another embedded spotlight that’s directly above me.

My Asian companion mounts a high-definition video camera to one side of his king sized bed, and then begins recording me. I inquire why is he recording me? Michael answers that he wants to capture that I’m completely consensual to what happens.

I curiously ask aloud, “What happens next?”

Michael gives me a choice. I can either strip naked for him right now; or I can refuse. If I go al natural, then I am one-hundred percent willing to do everything that happens afterwards. If I stay clothed, then he will take me home.

I think through the choice that Michael has given me. Do I return home, where I can return to my normal routine of sleeping by myself in a sexless marriage? After being with Michael tonight, despite being mind controlled, having one night stands with young studs no longer excites me. I’m also very anxious to play with my new sex toys.

Instead of speaking out my answer, I move my hands behind my back to reach the zipper of my expensive dress. I purposefully lock my pretty eyes with Michael’s dark eyes as I slowly pull the zipper all the down. I find my breath quickening with excitement. I can hear my heart pounding faster. I cannot resist smiling in joy as I find Michael’s gaze following the downward path of my zipper.

I find myself aroused to strip for my hunky Asian. I haven’t felt this excited, since I undressed out of my elaborate wedding gown for my guy husband on our wedding night. I grab the small straps at the top of my dress, and then pull the thin straps down my shoulders. I let go of the dress straps, and then wrap my arms across my huge bosom. The dress straps fall freely on their own, and no longer hold up my white dress. My criss-crossed arms are the only things holding up my expensive dress.

I deliberately turn my back to Michael. The opened zipper at the back of my white dress completely exposes my shoulders and my spine, while still concealing my ass cheeks. Just like in a James Bond movie, I unclasp my arms in front of me to no longer hold up my white dress. My expensive dress falls off of my sexy body, and then plops to the floor. I’m now completely nude, except for my white stockings and high heels, with my bare back and my bubble butt cheeks shown to my hunky Asian.

My breathing quickens as I suddenly feel nervous. It’s this nervous in a long time. At the same time, however, my arousal increases where my elongated nipples swell to their full one-inch length. I also feel my clitty swell to its big bud-like shape.

I take a deep breath of courage, and then I face forward towards Michael. My gigantic bosom heaves up and down from my mix of excitement and nervousness. I know that my Asian master can see the sheen of my pussy juice that has coated my inner thighs, and that has stained my white, thigh-high stockings.

Michael asks me if I desire him right now.

I lustfully reveal, “Yes, master. I want you so much!”

Master?!?, I wonder in my head. Where the fuck did that come from?!? I don’t recall Michael telling me that he was my master. I have never submitted to any man, not even my gay husband, where I’ve always been the dominant lover. I’ve always dominated the young studs that I’ve seduced, where they always beg me to plunge their hard cocks inside of me.

Part of me, however, becomes extremely aroused…Hmmm!…in having my Asian master dominate me. I moan and then want to desperately touch myself, as I fantasize about Michael fucking me from behind doggie style while rough yanking on my long, lush hair! I’m bucking underneath…Fuck! hunky Asian as his wild mare, while he breaks me in and tames me with each deep and ramming thrust of his hard dick!

My hunky Asian snaps me back to reality, in a good way, by telling me how fucking hot I look. I’m know that I’m damn sexy, but it’s always nice to hear someone telling me how beautiful I am.

I glance at one of the golden dance poles, while biting my pointer finger, and then make my decision on what I’m going to do. I do my best confident look as I stride towards one of the master bedroom’s dance poles. My gigantic, thirty-six double D titties bounce with each step that I take, while my ass cheeks jiggle. My hands grab the golden pole. I blush with embarrassment in what I’m about to do. In my wildest dreams, I would never have thought that I would play out as someone’s private stripper! I rest my pretty face against the dance pole.

I lustfully proclaim to my hunky Asian, “I wish that I was grasping your hard cock, Michael, instead of this dance pole.”

I wrap my arms around the dance pole, and then press my hot, moist pussy against the golden surface. I gasp…Fuck!…upon feeling the cold metal against my seemingly burning hot snatch! I grind my bare snatch up and down the surface of the dance pole. I love how my swollen clitty rubs…Moan!…along the golden pole! My labia spreads open, and then my drenched fuck hole rubs directly…Oh fuck!…on the metal surface.

I moan aloud, “Fuck, master! I wish this was you!”

I’m so fucking horny that my pussy juices are oozing out of me and coating the golden pole. I feel my orgasm building within me.

For the next several minutes–I think, with my arms and legs scissor-locked around the dance pole, I frantically hump the golden pole. I don’t care that the friction is tearing apart my white stockings! I feel my high heeled shoes fall off my feet. Tiny trails of my pussy juice run down the golden surface. I forget that I could go over to Michael and fuck him, as I’m too focused in trying to cum from bouncing up and down the dance pole.

I whimper in frustration, as I find that I can’t climax from humping the dance pole! I suddenly stop in what I’m doing, as I hear Michael ordering me to his side.

I was so focused in grinding against the dance pole, where I don’t consciously hear Michael’s words. I find myself crawling towards my hunky Asian on my hands and knees. I’ve been made to lower my huge bosom close enough to the floor, where my elongated nipples rub against the floor. Ooowww! Ouch! My face contorts in pain as my poor nipples are dragged along with me! My elongated nipples feel like they’re being used as a poor man’s excuse for matches! I can feel holes being torn in the knees of my white stockings. I’m surprised that my well manicured toenails aren’t tearing holes into the feet of my stockings. I selfishly hope that I don’t chip a nail to ruin my well manicured fingernails.

After the seemingly longest and most painful crawl of my life, I’m finally beside my Asian master. I’m made to kneel next to him like a bitch in heat. My knees burn from the crawling. My inch-long nipples throb and burn from being dragged along so much.

I see his rock hard phallus just inches away from my face. His erection is an impressive eight inches, and well groomed. I only see his trimmed public hairs over his cum-filled balls. I desperately want to grasp his smooth, hard shaft; or to suck him off; or to slide him into me! Oh fuck, please! I can’t, however, as my Asian master has commanded me to sit still.

I helpless watch in joy as Michael uses the newly purchased nipple clamps on me. He grasps and then yanks on my right nipple…Oh yes!…with one of his hands. And then he latches a nipple clamp onto my long, right nipple! I blurt out a muffled cry of pain…Ooowww!…but…Oh fuck!…that feels so good! I whimper as the weight of the small attached motor drags down my clamp nipple and my huge titty more than I had expected.

Michael repeats the same by snapping the other nipple clamp…Fucking shit!…onto my super-long, left nipple!

Within the next second, my Asian master turns on the small motors of the nipple clamps!

I loudly wail, “Fffuuuccckkk!!!”

Despite what I had mentally braced myself for, I’m not prepared for the powerful vibrations of the motorized nipple clamps! I love…Moan!…the intense mix of pleasure and pain the vibrating nipple clamps are giving me! I collapse to the floor, where my open palms stop me from smacking against the hard surface. The unexpected weight of the vibrating nipple clamps make my gigantic titties feel heavier. I feel the full weight of my humongous titties, like I did right after my breast augmentation. I’m panting and gasping, as my arousal shoots through the roof!

My pretty head rests against the floor. My legs are locked together with my ass jutting up. I feel Michael’s strong hands pry apart my stocking clothed legs. And then…Gasp!…I feel the air pass along my exposed muff! My pussy burns as hot as a volcano, and drips with my sweet juice.

I scream out in pleasure, “Fuck! Oh fuck!”

Why did I cry out in ecstasy? Giggle! It’s because my Asian master is now rubbing my huge, engorged clit! I go completely crazy, while quickly being driven to my orgasm. Michael does a marvelous job playing with my clitty…Gasp!…by repeatedly rubbing with an up and down motion, while pushing down…Moan!…with just the right amount of pressure.

I demandingly blurt out, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

My Asian master doesn’t change the pattern or swiftness of his rubbing motions. Unlike the inexperienced young studs that I’ve fucked, Michael pleasures my clitty properly..

I cry out, “I’m cumming!”

My vision goes white as I explode with an amazingly powerful orgasm! I remember my sexy, naked body quaking as I cum loud and hard! I suddenly feel the urge to pee, and I can do nothing to stop myself. Instead of urinating, however, I do one of the most intense kegels in my life and then my cunt…Fucking shit!…squirts with a powerful stream of my pussy juice! I also feel my asshole flexing open. After I finishing squirting, my sexy body violently shakes from the powerful erotic release! I lose myself in the wonderful pleasure in cumming, where submit to my wild, erotic side. All of my rational thoughts melt away. I become completely consumed in giving and receiving pleasure.

Despite the strange control that Michael has over me, I willingly and eagerly have sex with my Asian master! Bits and pieces of what we do flash in my mind. My mind briefly captures me hungrily sucking on Michael’s steel hard cock.

Next, I’m screaming and wailing at the top of my lungs as my hunky Asian expertly licks my hot, drenched muff over and over again! I cum so many times, while Michael has his mouth clamped onto my pussy and my clitty! My pretty eyes roll back, while I wail like a banshee. I orgasm so many times from my Asian master muff diving on me that it hurts! I managed to blurt out a desperately request for a respite for my throbbing, gushing cunt to recover from the round of non-stop orgasms.

I’m so lost in the wonderful erotic pleasures that I’m having with my Asian master that I completely forget about the huge, red butt plug that Michael purchased for me. I’ll just to wait for another time to have my asshole ripped open by the three-inch base of my new butt plug.

I’m still panting and desperately gasping for air during my brief rest, where Michael plunges his eight-inch dick into me! I enjoy cumming several more times, as Michael pounds me with his wonderful cock from several different positions.

I regain myself fully, while I am top of my Asian master. I have Michael lying underneath me, while I am bouncing up and down on his rock hard shaft! My drenched pussy continues to juice with my sweetness that provides ample lubrication for me to ride his cock. All the while, I’m talking like a dirty slut. Every once in awhile…Gasp!…I feel some of my feminine jizz ooze out! I deliberately tease aloud if my Asian master loves riding him as his bitch in heat. I tease what does Michael like more? Does he enjoy how my hot, wet cunt is tightly gripping his thick cock? Or how my very swollen pussy lips are wrapped around his shaft? Or how my huge titties are wildly flopping up and down, and nearly snacking me in the face?

I can tell by his strained facial expression that Michael will be cumming soon. I lustfully encourage for my Asian master to cum for me! I eagerly await for his white, hot spunk!

Just when I think that my hunky Asian is going to lose it and finally cum for me, Michael pushes me down onto my hands and knees into a doggy style position! And then, he rams back into me from behind! He grabs onto my long, lush hair to ride me as his horsey! My pretty face snaps upward, where my cries and pants echo throughout Michael’s boudoir!

I lustfully scream out, “Yes, baby, yes! Fuck your horsey!”

My Asian master uses me for his own personal pleasure by slamming hard and fast into my soaking wet pussy a few more times. He savagely plows deep and hard into my tight, drenched cunt one last time, and then roars that he’s cumming!

I joyfully cry out, “Yes, master! Breed me! Breed me!”

I’m surprised that I just encouraged Michael to cum inside of me! And that I wanted to be breed by him! I lay underneath my Asian master as he blasts several ropes of his hot jizz deep inside of my fuck hole. I feel the inner depths of my pussy being filled up with Michael’s cum.

I happily shout out, “Yes, yes, yes! Just like that! I feel your Asian jizz shooting to my cervix!”

After he finishes cumming, Michael keeps his spent cock buried deep inside of my freshly fucked cunt.

I call out, “Fucking shit! You’ve tamed me and breed me! You’ve seeded your naughty white whore with your Asian spunk.”

Michael goes along with my Asian breeding fantasy, and then asks what happens if I don’t get pregnant with his Asian love child? I reassure my hunky Asian that there will be plenty more times for him to breed me over and over again. I also tease him that I’ll be his bucking mare once again, when the horse-like hairs of my new gigantic, red butt plug are sticking out my asshole.

I look at Michael’s night stand clock, and then notice how late it is. I laugh at the late hour, and then tell my hunky Asian that I’m typically home by now. Michael asks me if I need to call home or not. I tell Michael that he’s very sweet with his concern, but I reassure him that my rich, old guy could care less where I am right now.

Instead, I finally have Michael dislodge his spent cock from my still drenched pussy. We move into a lying position. And then I curl up against my hunky Asian. Despite being used to sleeping by myself all these years, I find it utterly delightful in having someone to sleep with. I finally get to rest my head against Michael’s broad shoulder. I purposefully try to keep my legs pressed together, so that I can keep my Asian master’s jizz inside of me, as I drift off into sleep.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.