Beauty Secret

An 8 min 20 sec recording. A couple has some naughty fun in the shower washing and getting dirty again. Listen to “Beauty Secret” To listen to this story, click. I heard the water running when I woke up. My eyes slowly opening as I smelled her perfume from the night before on the pillow …


An 11 min 20 sec mp3 recording. A couple visiting an amusement park get stuck on a ride and decide to make good use of their time being trapped. Listen to “Amusement” To listen to this story, click. “Oh fuck we’re stuck.” He said and looked over the edge of the sky tram car like …

Pathetic Penis

Listen to “Pathetic Penis” To listen to this story, click. “Pathetic Penis” – A client wanted me to record this for them, they wrote it. I never claim work as my own that is not. But they gave me permission to use it as I see fit. It is very entertaining, so I wanted to share …

Small Penis Humiliation

Listen to “Small Penis Humiliation” To listen to this story, click. “Small Penis Humiliation” – Listen as I laugh and belittle you and your pencil dick……A 4 min 32 sec recording.

Cuckold Fantasy

Listen to “Cuckold Fantasy” To listen to this story, click. “Cuckold Fantasy” – Hear about what you’d see as you watched your woman get fucked by 2 other guys as you sat and stroked yourself…..and watched. A 2 min 46 sec recording.

Tease & Denial

Listen to “Tease & Denial” To listen to this story, click. “Tease & Denial” – Listen as I tease and deny you orgasm. 4 min 39 sec

Passionate Description

Listen to “Passionate Description” To listen to this story, click. “Passionate Description” – A detailed description of what I would do to you and your body, and what you would do to me and mine…….If you loved my “Will You Make Love To Me?” recording, this is similarly sensual. 7 min 32 sec recording.