Anal Promise – Part 4

A woman and her boyfriend continue their anal sex misadventures after they return home from their evening at the restaurant.


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Returning from our wonderful–and very…Hmmm!…arousing–dinner, we enter through the entrance of my place. I’m holding the take home bag from my favorite–but very expensive–restaurant. The aroma of my sweet pussy wafts from the paper bag, instead of the incredibly well prepared steak that I brought home. And why is that? Giggle! Well, my Asian stud and I managed to get away with a lot of naughty stuff at the restaurant. How much naughty fun? So naughty that inside the take home bag is my new Lush, one of my pads that’s completely soaked with my pussy juice, and my silky blue panties. Despite wearing a pad over my bare cunt, I gushed so much that there’s a big wet spot on the crotch of my panties.

I’m also a little tipsy from the Argentian Malbec wine that I ordered at the restaurant. While I told myself that I wouldn’t drink that much…Giggle!…I managed to drink most of the bottle all by myself. Mikey drank a glass of Malbec himself to stop me from drinking anymore tonight. I’ve drank enough wine however…Oh my!…where my legs feel a little weak. The room rocks a little bit, kind of like when I’m at sea on a cruise ship.

I look into my guy’s dark brown eyes. I wrap my arms around Mikey’s neck, and then I plant my luscious lips with his. I have my eyes closed, while I breathe through my nostrils, as I passionately kiss my guy. Fuck, baby, I want you so much right now! My hands are clawing behind your back, but I’m frustrated that you’re still wearing your suit jacket, as my fingernails can’t dig into you. While we are lip locked in our French kiss, I roughly grab the lapels of your suit jacket and then force it off your shoulders. In another second, I hear your suit jacket drop the floor.

Giggle! I know that you’re frustrated, baby, because my black and gold sequin dress doesn’t come off that easily. That gives me a definite advantage in keeping my clothes on!

I break our kiss, my Asian stud, and you can see my lust that’s gleaming in my pretty eyes. I continue undressing you, Mikey, by taking off your tie. I love hearing the whipping sound your tie makes as the material slips through your collar! I deliberately loop your tie around my slender neck.

You hurriedly unbutton your dress shirt, while you watch me slither down to my knees. I deliberately lean my head against you, and then I catch sight of the bulge of your erection. Your concealed cock is desperately trying to poke through your dress pants!

I purposely tease aloud: Oh Mikey, did I make you so hard? Giggle! Well, my Asian stud, let your sensual Sharon take care of that!

I deftly unbuckle your leather belt, and then open up the front of your dress pants. I cannot help myself from smiling as I see your Batman boxers. The boxers with the large black and yellow Bat-symbol that’s spread across the front. There’s also one button that keeps the crotch closed, and then prevents your stiff, hard disk from springing out.

I lustfully tell you: Time for me to help “rescue” you!

With one quick motion, I yank down your pants and boxers. Your hard, shaved cock springs out at me. Hmmm-hmm, yum! I desire you so much, Mikey, that I wrap one of my hands around the base of your shaft. I then open my mouth, and then completely swallow your entire manpole with one gulp! I hear you gasp in a mix of surprise and pleasure as my warm mouth has engulfed your wonderful dick! I grab your butt cheeks with my hands to help steady myself, and then I suck you off. I slowly move my head back, where I make sure my teeth gently scrape along the top and underside of your hard shaft.

I soon only have your bulbous head in my mouth. I suck…Hmmm-hmm!…on the head of your cock like a lollipop. I purposely flick the tip of my tongue along your pee hole. You have good control of yourself so far, Mikey, where you aren’t oozing out of your sweet precum yet. That’s a mixed blessing for me. While I always want to savor tasting your jizz, my Asian stud, not having any of your precum yet means that you won’t be cumming so easily tonight. And that means I’ll be enjoying your hard cock for a good long time tonight! Oh fuck! My mind flashes with lustful images of you pounding my needy pussy over and over again, until I’m begging for you to cum!

I resume deep throating you, Mikey, where I slowly piston to gulp down your hard cock again. I purposely flatten my tongue, so that I enjoy feeling the underside of your shaft run along my tongue. I remove my hand from the base of your shaft, so that I can completely deep throat you. I soon have my luscious lips resting at the base of your shaft. My nose is mashed against your groin. Inside my hot, wet mouth, I feel your bulbous head at the back of my throat. I hum to tell you how much I’m enjoying having you inside my mouth.

I continue slowly deep throating you, baby, until your thick shaft glistens with my saliva. I purposely leave so much of my saliva over your rock hard cock that some of my spit drips off of you. The corners of my mouth and my chin are also covered with my saliva. Despite my lovely deep throating…Giggle!…I still can’t coax any of your precum to ooze out!

I purposefully release your hard cock from my mouth. I lustfully moan aloud: Oh fuck, Mikey! I want to taste you so badly! Ooowww!, I yelp out in pain!

You’ve roughly grabbed onto my thick, luscious hair! Shit that hurts! I snarl at you: Michael! What the fuck?!?

I have no choice but to crawl on my hands and knees, while you drag my long hair to force me to come along with you. I feel degraded and primal at the same time, as you make me slink along with you. I’m aroused at how roughly I’m being treated where I feel my nipples and clitty swelling, while my bare muff becomes warn and moist.

In a few moments, baby, we’re in my bedroom. You finally release my abused hair! I can still feel the painful throbbing at the roots of my scalp. I should be grateful that you didn’t actually pull out any of my hair. I hear you tell me to strip out of my dress. And then you tell me that your woman doesn’t wear clothes in the bedroom.

I’m too fucking horny and desire my guy too much to protest. I go along with Mikey’s role playing. At least I hope that you’re role playing! I don’t think that a sensual and erotic strip tease would do here. So instead, I deftly strip out of my black and gold sequin dress. Doing so, however, reveals to Mikey on how he can easily strip me out of this next time.

I then stand there. I feign being embarrassed that I’m fully nude by using one hand to cover my big titties and my other hand to cover my bare snatch. I even look away from my guy to completely my false modesty. I even make myself blush. Mikey, who’s also fully naked, walks toward me. I can’t help noticing his still rock hard cock bobbing with each step that he takes. He roughly grabs my hands away from my sexy body to expose my huge breasts and my shaved mound. My pink nipples have swollen into their pointy tips. My swollen clit just about to pop out of its flesh hood. My sexual arousal has also made my pussy lips puffy to inviting, velvety folds.

My dominant-playing guy whispers a few orders into my ear. I move in to give my Asian stud a quick kiss. As I break away from my guy, I make sure that swollen, pointy nipples push along his slightly hairy chest.

I tell Mikey in a sexy, submissive tone: Of course, baby. Anything for you. Anything!

I move to my night dresser by the side of my bed, and then I retrieve the item my guy has requested. I return to him holding my leopard-spotted hand cuffs. My guy tells me lie down on my back onto my large bed. After I’m lying there, Mikey secures my wrists to the head board with my leopard-spotted hand cuffs.

My faster breathing makes it seem as if I’m playing the fearful submissive, but my quickened breathing actually shows how horny and excited that I’ve become. Mikey then asks me if I’m ready to have my asshole fucked all night long.

I tell my Asian stud: Yes. My asshole is all yours for the entire night. The velvety folds of my swollen pussy lips are glistening now, as my sweet juice has oozed out of me. My cunt is so wet that I’m pretty sure that Mikey could easily plunge his hard, thick cock into me with one thrust.

I boldly request: Before that, Mikey, please plunge your wonderful cock into my pussy! I need to have your dick in my cunt!

My guy leans into to kiss me, and then uses his fingers to spread open the puffy, swollen folds of my cunt lips. My pussy is wide open now to reveal my inner pink opening and my wetness. I flex my kegels to make my wet fuck hole spasm open and close once that pushes out a tickle of my sweet juice and a tiny glob of my cream. I’m eagerly anticipating having Mikey thrust his thick, hard cock into me!

Instead, however, he strums his fingers over my engorged and fully exposed clit! Fuck!, I cry out in pleasure.

I’m already so fucking horny that playing with my sensitive love button quickly builds up my orgasm within me! Mikey knows exactly how to rub my big clitty to make me climax.

I blurt out in esctasy: Yes, baby! Make me cum! Just like that! Make me cum! It seems like mere moments pass, with Mikey rubbing my clitty just right, where I’m so ready to explode with my orgasm! My big, swollen nipples are throbbing to be touched! I tug at the hand cuffs that bind my wrists to my head board, but I can’t free myself.

I barely manage to cry out: Mikey! I’m going to cum!

My Asian stud seems to move at the speed of the light. He stops rubbing my huge clit, and then plunges his thick, hard dick into me!

Fffuuuccckkk!, I scream out in pleasure.

I feel his wonderful cock ramming all the way into my needy muff! I love feeling my pussy walls being stretched out by his thick shaft! I’m filled up so completely and utterly by him. I finally feel his groin mash against my swollen pussy lips, and feel his cum-filled balls press against the flesh between my fuck holes. Having Mikey’s steel hard cock in me pushes me over the edge! I explode with my first orgasm!

Cum–! Cccuuummmmmiiinnnggg!!!, I wail at the top of my lungs.

While I’m cumming, I wiggle and thrash uncontrollably underneath my guy! My hand cuffs prevent my arms from flailing all the the place. My head moves from side to side. My long, lush hair whips back and forth over my pretty face. My pussy walls tighten around my guy’s hard manpole inside of me.

I gush a mixture of my clear juice and white feminine jizz that stays trapped inside of me. I’m panting and wailing during my explosive orgasm. Waves and waves of pleasure erupt within me as I climax.

After I finish cumming, I lay there to recover. I whimper in disappointment as Mikey pulls his still rock hard dick out of me. With nothing inside of my drenched cunt, my sweet juice and cream flow out of me. I feel my sweetness ooze down the fresh between my fuck holes, flow over my asshole, and then make a wet spot underneath me. I see my Asian stud’s cock glistening with a good coating of my pussy juice and globs of my cream.

Not giving any long respite, Mikey presses the bulbous head of his manpole against my asshole! Maybe it’s because my guy had fucked my forbidden fuck hole earlier today? Or maybe it’s because I want my Asian stud so much? Unlike this afternoon, my anal ring provides no resistance. I feel my anal opening quickly stretch apart to accommodate the seemingly gigantic head of my guy’s rock hard dick. I gasp in excitement as Mikey’s bulbous head easily slips into my butt! I feel a new pulse of pleasure flow through me, as my asshole gets filled by my Asian stud’s wonderful cock!

I lustfully encourage my guy: Yes, that’s it! Rip open my asshole with your wonderful dick!

Mikey easily pushes the rest of my thick, hard cock into me! I’m amazed on how deftly my anal passage stretches out. I usually wince in discomfort in having my asshole stretched out so widely by guy’s hard girth. Despite that his manpole feels incredibly huge inside of my backdoor, I’m so turned on that he’s buried his dick all the way into my asshole!

My Asian stud keeps his hard manpole plunged all the way into my butt, and then asks me to say those naughty words. I know what naughty words that my guy wants to hear. It’s the naughty words that I denied saying earlier this afternoon. I happy tell to Mikey: Anal slut. Yes, baby, you heard me correctly. I’m your
anal slut!

Saying those naughty words makes me so wicked! I want my guy to fuck…Moan! No, not just fuck! I now want Mikey to destroy my asshole with his thick, hard cock! My guy slowly pistons his steel hard cock out of my asshole, until only his bulbous head is in me. He then slowly pushes all the way back into my backdoor. My anal passage offers no resistance to him, and remains stretched out when he pulls out of me. He asks me again who am I?

I lustfully confess, Your anal slut.

My lovely legs are spread wide apart. Mikey grabs onto my hips with the strong grip of his hands. I love it when my guy grabs onto me!

And then, without any warning, my Asian stud swiftly rams his thick, hard cock balls deep into my asshole! I feel like a jack hammer has suddenly pounded my poor butt!

Fuck!, I cry out in surprise and shock.

I barely have time to collect myself as Mikey quickly pulls back. And then, just as quickly, my guy slams his manpole hard and fast into the inner depths of my backdoor! In saying those naughty words, I’ve just given permission for my Asian stud to fuck my asshole as hard and as fast as he desires. I know that Mikey has been wanted to pound my asshole ever since I promised my butt to him this morning. I can only manage to grunt or to groan each time Mikey rams his steel hard dick fast and deep into my asshole! His thick shaft has stretched me out so well that my anal passage doesn’t tighten back up. His manpole still feels so incredibly huge inside my butt! I hear his hips slapping against me, each time he slams hard and fast into my ass. My guy is doing his best to destroy my asshole with his savage anal fucking.

My hands are balled up into tight fists. I frantically pull at the hand cuffs, as I want to wrap my arms around my Asian stud! I curse aloud at how my hands are bound! While I’m incredibly frustrated that my hands are cuffed…Giggle!…I know that my guy is so turned on that he can freely butt fuck me without any
interference from me.

While there’s a good chance that my asshole will be incredibly raw and sore in the morning, my guy knows how much his nasty and brutal butt fucking is turning me on! I feel another orgasm quickly building up within me.

I love how much my Asian stud is pounding my asshole that I want his thick, hard cock plunged deeper and deeper into my bowels! I move my legs to wrap them in a scissor-like vice around my guy. Mikey, however, knows me too well and senses what I’m trying to do. Just as I’m trying to move my luscious legs, my guy clamps his strong hands onto my muscular calves. He then presses my legs back onto my large bed! My thankfully flexible legs feel like a crab’s claw that’s being pried apart! Nnnooo!, I lustfully blurt out in protest.

Mikey manages to have the stamina to continue pounding my asshole. I manage to see his wonderfully thick shaft pulling out of my butt. I also see my severely stretched out anal ring gripping his manpole so tightly that the folds of my anal opening are tugged up along my guy’s shaft.

I then see Mikey’s steel hard cock slamming all the way back into my behind. I hiss in pleasure as my asshole is brutally filled up! I then feel my butt cheeks absorb the impact of my guy’s powerful thrust. My gaping and drenched cunt oozes with my sweet juice. My swollen clitty begs to be touched. My engorged nipples look like pink teats that desperately want to be pinched and pulled.

My Asian stud lustfully grunts to me, his Anal Slut, if I want cum. I lustfully gasp out through my frantic breathing: Yes! Anal Slut wants to cum! Mikey asks me who I am. I’m so ready to cum that it’s difficult for me to remember to speak!

I manage to blurt out, Anal Slut!

My guy continues to brutally fuck my poor asshole a few more times. Each time he rams deep and hard into my butt, I loudly cry out “Anal Slut!” I someone manage to keep screaming out “Anal Slut” in a mantra-like fashion as Mikey does his best to destroy my asshole with his thick, hard cock.

I’m so close in cumming now! I feel the pleasure wave of my impending orgasm pressing against me, like a rushing tidal wave that need to be released from the flood gates. I’m breathing so hard to where I’m close in hyperventilating. I’ve lost the ability to think rationally.

My entire world, for now, is just my guy savagely pounding my asshole!

Just when I think I’m never going to climax, I suddenly feel Mikey pound his steel hard cock deep into me! I feel my forbidden depths being probed more by my guy’s manpole. My senses are assaulted as my Asian stud rubs my throbbing, engorged clitty while he bites hard into my swollen, right nipple!

Ggguuuaaahhhaaaddd!!!, I loudly wail in an intense mix of pleasure and pain. Mikey’s surprise erotic pleasuring of me pushes me over the brink, and then triggers my anal climax! And then all of the muscles in my sweat, sexy body tightly lock up. I lay motionless underneath my Asian stud with my pretty eyes rolled back and my mouth agape in a silent scream of pleasure! My mind is devoid of thoughts as the first, intense wave of my anal orgasm washes through me! For the rest of my first anal orgasm, I am wildly thrashing underneath Mikey. My bound arms are wildly flailing back and forth. My head is rolling from side to side, while my long, luscious hair moves like a mop across my face. My lovely, gigantic breasts flop back and forth as my sexy body twists from side to side. My anal passage tightly clamps onto my guy’s manpole.

My gaping pussy spasms uncontrollably, where each spasm pushes out ample amounts of my sweet juice and my white cream. I am screeching out curse words as I continue to cum. While I’m cumming, I feel Mikey releasing his teeth from my throbbing right nipple. He then digs his teeth into my waiting left nipple.

I’m not sure how long I cum, and I don’t care! I love the intense orgasmic pleasure that washes through me over and over again!

After my first anal orgasm ends, I lay underneath Mikey as an exhausted lump. My long, luscious hair obscures most of my vision to where I can barely see anything. I can still feel my Asian stud’s rock hard manpole buried deep inside my asshole. I feel the stickiness of my pussy juice and feminine jizz over my still gaping cunt, down my inner thighs, and pooled underneath my butt cheeks. Mikey has released his teeth from my left nipple. And he no longer massages my clitty. My nipples and clit are still swollen, but no longer completely engorged. I giggle in how sexual satisfied I feel! I cannot help grinning from ear to ear.

I refuse to admit to Mikey, but I love being his Anal Slut! I always have such intense anal orgasms from having my guy brutally butt fuck me. If my asshole didn’t get destroyed by being Mikey’s Anal Slut, I would be his Anal Slut more often.

I blurt out my realization: Oh fuck, Mikey! You’re still in my ass! And you’re still…Gasp!…rock hard!

I ask my guy if he’s cum yet or not. My Asian stud informs me that he hasn’t cum yet! Typically Mikey also cums during my anal orgasm. I quickly deduce that in letting my guy cum earlier this afternoon that Mikey won’t be shooting his wad so easily tonight.

Mikey then reminds me that I promised my asshole to him for the entire night. And that my guy’s going to butt fuck me all night long! After being reminded about my anal promise to Mikey, my Asian stud resumes fucking my asshole again. Unlike just a few moments ago, however, my guy deliberately and purposefully butt fucks me with slow strokes. Despite the savage, jack hammer-like fucking that Mikey just gave my ass, I feel like there’s a gigantic pole slowly pulling in and out of my anal passage.

Fucking shit!, I cry out in frustration.

Mikey knows that he’s torturing me now. His deliberately slow fucking of my asshole is just enough to keep him aroused and rock hard, but does little to build up another orgasm within me. Especially after the intense, mind-blowing anal orgasm that I just had! At this point, my guy butt fucks me for his pleasure and his pleasure alone.

I plead to my guy: Baby, will you let me cum again tonight?

Mikey flashes me a devilish grin as his only answer to me. I lay underneath my guy helplessly as I watch his thick, hard cock slowly piston into my stretched out asshole inch-by-inch. And then feel and see my Asian stud pause when he’s balls deep within my forbidden depths. And then I watch in torture as his manpole slowly leaves my backdoor inch-by-inch.

I’m in for a long night, while Mikey takes pleasure in butt fucking me all night long.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.