A Trip To The Movies

A cougar and her sexy cub boyfriend have a hot and fun time at the movies.


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“A Trip To The Movies” A 13 min 38 sec recording.

My new 18 year old boyfriend Roy really wanted to go to this new movie that was playing at the theater. I couldn’t imagine why, as it seemed pretty boring to me from what I’d seen from the commercials advertising it. I like him a lot though, so I figured a couple of hours of my time wasn’t much to ask me to sacrifice for making him happy. I knew once we got back home after it was over the real excitement would begin. He was the hottest lover I’d ever had and I’d been making good use of his young cock every chance I got. He was as insatiable as I was and we fucked for hours every single night, and I never tired of him.

Some people are just a perfect match sexually, and I’d met mine. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other and every night was filled with orgasm after orgasm. We hadn’t gone to the show in months though, so after a nice dinner, we drove to the movies and went into the theater. There wasn’t too many people there, filled to around half capacity. Considering how boring the movie looked, I wasn’t surprised. An evening out was a nice change of pace though and I’m sure it would be tolerable, not the worst I’d ever sat through. The previews came on and I always liked those. Funny how they always managed to make a movie look good from the preview, yet the actual movies always seemed to pale in comparison. I guess that’s the idea, show the best clips to attract the audience.

Once the lights went down low, Roy put his arm around my should and pulled me close to him. I adored being in his arms. His aftershave was so appealing and he always smelled so good. He’d sat us fairly close to the back rows and there wasn’t many people that far back, our row was empty except for one man in the aisle seat, we were in the middle of the row, I always preferred the middle since it made the screen centered the best visually. I was right, the movie was boring. Roy leaned in and started to kiss my neck and then moved up my neck to my jaw and then my waiting mouth. Fuck he could kiss, he never failed to make me wet from how he touched me and kissed me. His lips were so soft and sensual and I opened my mouth gently to caress his tongue with my own. I could feel my nipples hardening and I was a bit uncomfortable becoming this aroused in public.

He whispered in my ear softly, “I’m going to make you cum.” I stared at him with widened eyes, and then glanced around at the other moviegoers to see if anyone was watching us. No one seemed to be paying any attention to us, but I was still a bit nervous, what if an usher happened on by with a flashlight? There were some people around, one would no doubt get up and walk past our aisle for snacks or a run to the restroom and maybe see. I could never say no to Roy though, it just wasn’t possible. His sexy, breathy voice never failed to drive me wild. We resumed kissing each other passionately and with total abandon.

I reached my hand over to his crotch and felt his rock hard cock through his jeans. I wanted to stroke it so badly, but was afraid I’d be seen. Roy however had no such reservations and I felt his hand starting to creep up my skirt and up my thigh. I could feel him push my thighs apart as he inched his way up with his fingers. I was so turned on feeling his fingertips start to graze my pussy lips through my panties, which needless to say were beginning to get very damp. Someone walked past the aisle, but we were in the middle of it and no one even looked. I’m sure the ones in the rows behind saw our silhouettes kissing, but they couldn’t see where his hand was.

I could feel his breath on my neck as he kissed me and teased me through my panties. I couldn’t stand it, I bucked my hips forward so he could ease my panties off to the side a bit so I could feel skin against skin. I wrapped my arms around him and felt his fingers slide between my dripping wet pussy lips. It felt so good, no one could tease my pussy like Roy could. My clit was all stiff and swollen and begging for his touch. I loved being his cougar slut, my pussy belonging only to him. I was starting to breathe heavier and kissing him harder as he fingered me more and more, circling my clit with his middle finger as I bucked towards him slightly. “Oh no you don’t, you’re not allowed to cum yet,” he whispered smiling as he eased off his pace. He continued with this stopping and starting for the entire length of the movie with his hand between my legs teasing me, not allowing me to cum.

My breathing slowed back down as he so gently caressed me I could barely feel it, going crazy with him wanting to quicken up his pace, I so desperately wanted to cum for him. I’m normally loud when I cum, but I knew I had to be quiet since we were surrounded by people. We were kissing so hard and deeply, I was just dripping and Roy continued to tease my stiffened clit. All I could think of was when we’d get back to my place and he’d fuck me all night long, but obviously he was determined to make this a night to remember and make me cum in a room full of people first. His fingers started to move faster and I was getting closer and closer again to cumming. My legs were trembling and I was biting my lip to keep from screaming out. Roy was looking right in my eyes as he rubbed me to climax right there and I was panting trying to catch my breath and not be too conspicuous. Just then I looked over at the man at the end of our aisle and saw he smiling at me and stroking his cock. Oh God, he’d seen and known what was going on.

“Looks like we have a bit of an audience,” I whispered to my naughty partner in crime. He followed my gaze and laughed to himself not caring. The credits were soon rolling and we then each headed into the restroom to clean ourselves up a bit before driving back to my place. As soon as we were in my door, I started taking his clothes off as we walked hurriedly to the bedroom. Fuck I was so hot for him, I could feel my cum dripping down my leg as I took my clothes off and tossed them on the floor in a pile. I grabbed Roy’s belt and undid it quickly and unzipped his jeans. “I’ve been fucking hard for two hours,” he said. I grinned at him and practically tore his pants off as I pushed him back onto the bed.

We got his shirt off and soon we were both naked and panting, me straddling him, his huge, hard cock resting between my legs, but not yet inside of me. I leaned over him, my hands on his shoulders kissing him deeply. I could feel his dick against me. He rolled me over and pinned me down pushing my knees apart and I felt the tip of his dripping cock head against my shaved cunt lips and it one thrust he was inside me, his girth stretching me open and I gasped. “My God, do you have any idea what you do to me?”, I said to him as my arms coiled around him and I ran my fingers through his hair and we kissed one another hungrily. I could feel his young cock gliding in an out of me sending me into a frenzied passion as I pulled him deeper into me with every thrust. “You’re my cougar slut, aren’t you…”, he said matter of factly. “My good girl,” he teased, making me wetter with ever utterance of such phrases.

He started to suck on my nipples, swirling his tongue around them, turning them into stiffened pink peaks as he teased me with his cock in my pussy I was clenching so tightly around his dick. It felt so good, the way he made love to me, I could not have been more turned on. Roy was the best lover I had ever had, no one could make me cum harder or handle me better. I loved being his good girl for him. He thrust and he thrust into me, pushing in his thick cock all the way up to the balls, and I loved every minute of it. I got closer and closer to cumming as he whispered he loved me in my ear, and I said it right back, and I came all over his teenage cock, gushing my creamy cum all over his shaft. In seconds of me cumming, I felt him spurt inside of me in multiple squirts as he collapsed on top of me.

I loved when he stayed on top of me and inside my cunt waiting to get hard again as we kissed and talked. Feeling his hands all over my body as he got hard again, but he slid his cock out and I started to suck on it and lick my own juices off of it, relishing every drop of myself on that sweet dick of his as we looked into each others eyes as I slurped away on that juicy cock in my mouth. Massaging his balls in one hand as I traced my tongue all over his throbbing cock. His aroused breathing was making me so horny again, I couldn’t get enough of his sweet sounds as I brought him so much pleasure. My sweet teenage lover, how I adore you and your voice and your cock inside of me. I bobbed my head up and down on that cock until he shot another load down my throat and I swallowed every drop and we then curled up in each others arms and fell asleep together.



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