There’s Always Room For Jello

A couple have some naughty food fun involving Jello and toys…


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“Always Room For Jello” A 9 min 58 sec recording.

Michelle was on her hands and knees and my face was right there by her sweet pussy. I was spreading her cheeks and dipping my tongue into her slit and tasting her juices and basically teasing her. I wouldn’t give her a good tongue fucking like she wanted, no matter how much she begged. I had a new surprise for her tonight.

I reached under the bed and pulled out the little box I had gotten earlier in the day and kept licking and teasing her pussy while I opened it. I took the string of anal beads out of the plastic bag they were in and held them up beside her so she could see them. She looked at them and then laughed, I knew she could never admit to wanting to try them, she was shy about her desire for anal sex.

It was the only thing she couldn’t come right out and tell me she wanted. I moved my mouth up to her tight ass hole and gently licked it. She purred a soft cooing sound at me and wiggled her ass in my face. This was her way of giving me the green light to play with her ass. I slowly slid my tongue into her ass and flattened it and spread her open. She moaned as her tight ass hole was spread wide and she pushed back to get my tongue as deep as possible in her.

I began to lick her ass and let my spit make it slippery as my tongue stretched it out and relaxed her a bit. When she was good and ready I placed the first bead against her ass and pushed it in using only my tongue. She moaned as the large bead slipped into her ass and was sucked out of sight. I fed in the string to the next bead with my fingers, gently pushing it into her.

I placed the second bead against her ass hole and held it there with my tongue until she was moaning for me to push it in. I applied pressure and the bead disappeared into her ass. I placed the third bead and pushed it in immediately and she squeaked as the bead went in. She wasn’t expecting another so soon.

The fourth bead I pushed in with my finger and then slid the finger up her ass to the last knuckle. I pushed all the beads in her deeper up her ass to make room for the last and to give her the most pleasure. I wiggled my finger in her ass and she moaned and pushed back onto it. She loved to have her ass finger fucked, especially while I was eating her pussy out. I fucked her another couple of times with my finger and then withdrew it. The final bead was placed against her ass and I held it there, not pushing it in, just pressing it against her ass. She moaned and wiggled her ass to entice me to push it in but, I just held it there. She moaned a pleading sound and pressed back a little against the bead. I wouldn’t push it in though, I just held it in place.

Finally she pushed back against it until her ass hole began to slide over it and take it in. That is what I wanted, I wanted her to make the first move to take the last one in. I pushed forward with my tongue and the last bead vanished into her ass. I slid the last of the cord into her tight ass until only the plastic pull loop hung from her ass. She was moaning and begging me to fuck her but, again I had other plans. Tonight I wanted to do so many new things to her that she would go wild and cum so hard she would never forget it. I slapped her ass once and stood up. She gave me a questioning look and I laughed and told her to wait a second and walked from the room. When I returned I had something in a plastic bowl that
she couldn’t see.

She always said she hated surprises but, the fact was she loved them. She loved to not know what sensation was coming next. So when I knelt down behind her again she was shivering in anticipation of what was next for her tonight. I pulled the Jell-O egg from the bowl. I had made it earlier in the day and it was cold from the fridge, I had just taken it from the holiday mold while she waited. It was the size of a jumbo egg and made from cherry Jell-O. . .I liked cherry Jell-O best.

I placed the Jell-O egg between her lips and she squealed at the cold but, then as I started pushing it into her pussy, she moaned at the feeling of the cold squishy thing being pushed into her. The egg filled her and was a little hard to push in without it breaking apart but, once the fattest part slid into her, her pussy sucked in the rest right out of my hand. I laughed as the egg vanished into her pussy.

I knew the egg was filling most of her pussy now and as it started to warm, it would squish out to the rest of her. I took a small vibrator in my hand and placed the tip into her until I could feel it press against the Jell-O egg and then turned it on. The vibrations from it made the Jell-O jiggle inside her and the Jell-O conducted the vibrations to her entire pussy at once, the egg and the vibrator became one big sex toy that tickled all her pussy walls at once. She moaned and lowered her shoulders to allow me easier access to her pussy.
I began rubbing her clit with my other hand and she started moaning louder.

She fucked back onto the vibrator and squealed when the cold Jell-O began to squish
deeper into her hot pussy. The Jell-O was melting a little and trails of sweet juices and Jell-O mixed and dripped out of her pussy. She was fucking back onto it harder and harder as her pussy got wetter and wetter.

She was moaning loud and fucking herself hard on the vibrator as I held it in place. She replaced my hand on her clit with her own as she began to rub and pinch it just the way she liked it. I knew she was going to cum by how rough she was with her clit, the closer she got, the rougher her play was.

I grabbed the pull ring on the anal beads and pulled the cord until the first bead was right at her ass hole, pulling it until her ass stretched out a little. She was moaning loud and fucking herself hard as she could on the vibrator. I pulled the first bead out and she screamed. She was starting to cum. I pulled the second bead to her ass hole and as she went forward on the vibrator, she pulled it out of her ass and her legs began to tremble.

I started fucking her with the vibrator as she began to freeze up. She always went rigid as she started to cum, she wasn’t really able to move a lot because of the intensity of her orgasms. I pulled the third bead out hard as I fucked her with the vibrator, the melted Jell-O making her pussy a sloppy wet mess as it oozed out of her.

I pulled the fourth and fifth bead out very quick as I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could with the vibrator. She pressed her face into the bed and scream as loud as she could and her body shook from head to toe. I slid the vibrator all the way in her and closed her pussy lips over it and she tumbled over onto her side. She began to curl into a fetal position as her orgasm reached the greatest intensity. She was shaking like a leaf. I opened her pussy back up and let the vibrator pop back out and then turned it off and withdrew it the rest of
the way.

She was all curled up and I began to comfort her and rub my hands over her skin, she jerked and moaned at each touch but, slowly she settled down as the orgasm began to subside. She opened her eyes back up and looked at me and tried to say something but, she still wasn’t able to speak, her breathing was too ragged still.

Finally she kissed me and took a deep breath and asked, Those Jell-O eggs. . .don’t you usually make them in batches of six? Then she smiled at me and I laughed. There is always room for more Jell-O.


The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.