The Voice

This one was inspired by Sharon and her voice fetish. She starts getting anonymous phone calls from a co-worker. It starts out as harmless fun…


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“The Voice” A 30 min long recording.

My name is Sharon. I’m 33, an attractive single lady. Like all ladies in their sexual prime, I have many turn-ons, but one in particular is very strong for me. I have a voice fetish. There’s a particular kind of voice that I find extremely arousing, it’s totally incredible when I find it. Sometimes it turns up in the most unexpected places. Let me tell you a story.

A while back I worked in the administration section of a pharmaceuticals company. They manufactured veterinary medicines. There were lots of different types of people employed there. We had lab geeks, a big store room where the more physical guys worked and the office, where all the sexy secretaries hung out. I worked in the office, I looked after payroll, processed invoices, paper-trails and computer records, nothing too exciting. Except, exciting things did happen. I got to meet lots of fantastic people, and somehow it lead me down many interesting paths.

All the secretaries loved getting attention from the guys, even the married ones loved to flirt. I loved hearing about who they all liked. Some of the girls were very graphic when it came to talking about their fantasies, and there were a couple of affairs going on. As a result, I often found myself very aroused in the office. As time went on, I found I enjoyed flirting more and more, it made the days go by so much faster. A little daydreaming couldn’t hurt anyone, could it?

There was one guy that I especially liked, but he had a girlfriend. He was in his early twenties and in very good condition. He was called Kevin, he worked in the stores. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what I liked about him, but he was tall, dark and handsome, a cliche I know, but true. He exuded confidence without being arrogant and had a great sense of humor. I usually found it difficult to talk to guys that I like, but Kevin put me at ease. Lastly, there was his voice. It had a profound effect on me, it made my heart thump in my chest and gave me butterflies. I could listen to him read the national budget, and find myself getting aroused and exceedingly wet. His presence was spellbinding and thrilling to me, and I found myself flirting with him more and more as I got to know him better. He seemed to enjoy our chats, but I could never get a read on whether or not he liked me.

It was a tradition at work to have a company picnic day, at the beginning of summer. It was great, we got an afternoon to enjoy a barbecue, some good food and a couple of beers. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and us girls had been chatting over a couple of cold beers. I was a little tipsy, but that was OK, I’d been promised a lift home by Jane. I bumped into Kevin, by the beer cooler, and we got chatting. At one point I overstepped the line a little.

“You really are a doll” I told him sincerely. I pinched his check between my thumb and finger, “Why are the good ones always taken?” He was a good sport and laughed it off, taking it all as a compliment.

“Are you OK to get home he asked? If you need a lift, my brother is coming to pick me up, I’m sure we could drop you off on our way home.”

“See what I mean?” I smiled, “A knight in shining Armour! That’s OK Kevin, Jane’s already promised me a lift” I replied.

“Too bad.” He smirked, a mischievous glint in his eye.

The next day in work, most people had slight hangovers and tired heads but the atmosphere was great. I wasn’t too bad, but I felt a little tired and was definitely glad when home-time came. Later that evening, not long after dinner the phone rang. I picked it up.

“Hello, this is Sharon.” There was only silence on the line, but I could hear breathing. It gave me chills and I was just about to hang up when I heard a voice.

“Hello Sharon” said the voice softly. I felt trepidation, dread and confusion. Alarmingly, I also felt recognition, but I could not place his voice. I also have to admit that I found it sexy.

“Who is this? What do you want?” I asked, my voice shaky. He ignored my first question.

“I want to know you Sharon, I want to know how it feels to push my big cock slowly into your dripping wet cunt” he said softly. My mouth opened to respond but nothing came out. I was too shocked, too paralyzed in horror. My heart hammered scarily fast. “I want to make you cum like the Niagra falls as I fuck you deep into boundless ecstasy.”

I stood for a moment, my mouth agape. His words, his voice had penetrated right into my body. I actually felt, just for an instant, the thrilling sensation of fingertips gliding delicately along my slit, having been groped by his soft sensual voice. In a flustered panic I hung up the phone. I was trembling, I poured a small brandy and gulped it down.

The phone rang again, causing me to jump. I picked up, then hung up, then switched the answering machine to take any further calls.

I sat on the sofa, my heart still racing. I tried to convince myself that it was just some random caller, but I was unlisted. How did he know my name? Also, a niggling feeling would not go away. I knew who had called, a slowly dawning recognition told me it was Kevin! I wasn’t certain. He hadn’t said that much, and what he had said had been softly spoken and breathless. But there was something that rang a bell, and with the warmth of brandy flushing my cheeks I felt myself smile.

I lay down on the couch and replayed the call in my mind. As I pictured Kevin, it made my pussy ache with tingling excitement. I put my hands inside my panties and realized that I was already very very wet. I imagined him having his way with me down in a small room, off the main storage area, and masturbated myself to a frenzied orgasm.

I slept soundly that night, and checked the answering machine in the morning. I was more than a little disappointed not to have a message from Kevin! I dressed up quite sexily, taking great pains with my hair and make-up before going to work. I wore a white see through blouse, with a satin camisole underneath, a black skirt just above the knee, seamed stockings and a pair of killer heels. I’m not sure why, perhaps I was trying to get someone’s attention.

Next day at work, I saw Kevin in the canteen at lunchtime. He was totally his usual self, breezy and chatting.

“You look nice today Sharon,” Kevin commented. I took a seat opposite him.

“Some pervert called me up last night,” I confided, my eyes widened as I watched his face show calmness and curiosity, without betraying so much as a flicker of guilt. He was giving nothing away.

“Well Sharon, with the way you look, it’s hardly very surprising. I’ll bet you’re turning heads today!” smiled Kevin. “What did he say?” he asked.

“I don’t know, I hung up” I lied. “You’re one hell of a good actor Kevin” I thought to myself. I didn’t see much of him throughout the remainder of the day.

That night, after dinner, I turned on T.V. but I could not concentrate on anything. I was restless. Who was I kidding, I was waiting impatiently for the phone to ring. And it did.

Over the coming days and weeks, the phone calls continued. At first I just listened. I was turned on by his obscene descriptions of what he’d like to do with me. But even more potent was the voice. I found it to be addictive, soothing. I started to trust it. One particular night I was very horny. I found myself unable to resist talking to him, I began to talk back. God, I loved it. It got me so worked up. My frustrations were driving me insane. Every day I went to work dressing increasingly sexy. I was starting to get a lot of male attention, but I stayed focused on him.

One Sunday evening, the phone rang at the now usual time. I picked up.

“Hello, this is Sharon, with whom am I speaking?” I tried to sound sultry.

“You looked so sexy in work today, like a high class whore. You looked like you wanted to be used and cummed into. God how I wanted to bend you over your desk and fuck you. That was the desired effect I presume? You did get dressed up for me, didn’t you?” his voice asked softly.

“Yes, I’m so glad you approve.” I answered. “You made me so wet last night, I could not stop thinking about having your cock inside me.”

“I do approve. My hand is moving slowly up your skirt Sharon, groping your cunt” he gasped. I was entranced by his voice, my legs spread for him and my hand moved up my thigh. I groped my cunt, my fingers and palm curled firmly against my soaking panties. His breathing reverberated through me.

“It feels so good,” I panted, “my pussy is hollow without your big cock to fill me up. Please, I need to feel it slide inside me.” I could tell he was stroking his cock.

“Your panties are so wet Sharon, I know what you need. I’m hooking a finger under the crotch of your panties pulling them aside.” As he spoke I mirrored his actions. “The tip of my cock parting your lubricated lips feels heavenly,” he whispered. I had to make do with a vibrator, but his voice brought the experience to life. He made it feel so incredibly real. I could feel every sensation he described. It was beyond amazing.

We continued our phone sex for over an hour and I managed to come 3 times. By the end of it I was literally sitting in a puddle of juices.

“I know who you are!” I blurted. So much for my poker-face. I’d had enough, I needed to take this further.

“Do you?” he chided, I could hear him smile.

“I want you to work late tomorrow night. I will too of course. When everyone else has left for the evening, I want you to fuck me, then fuck me again, keep on fucking me. Then fuck me some more. Use me however you please, bend me over a desk, I’m yours.” I didn’t care that my desperation was evident. I was desperate. The phone-line went dead.

I was so excited next morning I woke early and got dressed. By now I felt I knew how he liked me to dress, sexy simple elegance. I selected a black silk wrap dress. It hung just below the knee and was slightly low cut, showing a hint of cleavage but it was classy and by no means slutty. I wore a white pearl necklace, and pearl earrings. The sleeves came midway between my shoulders and elbows.

Underneath I wore matching black silk lingerie. The dress clung tightly to my body, wrapping beautifully across my full breasts, and cinched in at the waist by a tied belt, highlighting my curvy figure. It also allowed for easy access, unwrapping it was just as easy as wrapping it. I loved the way it draped over my body, and the feel of the silk as it brushed across the bare flesh of my legs. To finish the outfit, I wore black stilettos.

The day in work was a real drag, a much slower Monday than usual. I couldn’t keep focused. I just wished everyone would fuck off home to leave us to it. By 6:45 there were only a few stragglers left. Kevin was still here, and I knew our time was getting close.

I looked out the office window, and watched in horror as he walked out of the building, got in his car a drove away. What the fuck? Maybe he was just being cautious? Perhaps he was going to come back when the last person had left? Jane and Melissa were the last two to leave the office, then I was all alone. I waited for 15 minutes, really pissed when Kevin didn’t show.

I sighed and got up, switching off the office lights. I went into the canteen before I left, the daily ritual of putting my mug into the dishwasher. Suddenly the lights went off, leaving me in darkness. As my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I looked back over my shoulder. I could just make out the slightly darker silhouette of a man standing in the canteen doorway.

“Be careful what you wish for.” It was him, and I could hear humor mixed with dripping expectancy. His voice made my pussy tingle with anticipation. I could sense my juices flowing. As well as sexual excitement, I felt apprehensive. Why had he turned off the lights? My heart was beating wildly. I didn’t dare to move, I was rooted to the spot, my hands on the dishwasher supporting me.

“I thought you’d left?” I asked weakly.

“No, I’m still here.” He walked into the room, taking his time. “I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” His voice lusty and so arousing. “Have you been fantasizing all day about being my whore?” He asked, coming closer.

“Yes.” He was only a few steps away from me now. The wait was agonizing. Every fiber of my being was knotted with aching desire, I was breathless with tension.

“Did you imagine me cumming into your cunt?” His words thrilled me, I could feel the effects of the blood rushing to my cunt, my swollen clit pulsed rapidly.

“God yes. It made me so wet, I need to feel your cock inside me” I gasped. He stepped in close behind me, his hands squeezed my heaving breasts, caressing while his lips tickled my earlobe, biting gently. I felt goosebumps prickling my arms.

“You won’t have to ache much longer. I’m going to use you like a slut” he whispered, his breath was hot and tickly. I trembled as his hands glided down over my belly, the deep ache in my cunt now overpowering. Each moment without his cock was a life sentence.

“I’m your private whore, take me, use me you dirty bastard” I responded. His hands rolled over as they reached my hips, his fingernails and knuckles brushed delicately along the lines where my legs join my torso, oh god, such agonizing pleasure. I thought I might cum, before he even got started. He had such power over me and I could tell he was getting off on it. Juice streamed from my snatch, as his fingernails converged just above my mound, moving tenderly over the curve of my pubis. He uncurled his fingers, and pushed them between my spread legs groping my cunt.

I moaned softly at his opulent touch. His left hand trailed back up to my hip, his right moved in and out, my silk dress bunched up as he stroked my snatch. I felt his bulge grinding into my ass. His finger parted my lips through the flimsy silk fabric. He pulled back, and unzipped himself, all the while pleasuring my cunt with his right hand. I felt his rigid cock so hot and hard, pressed against my silk covered ass. His hands moved to my hips, then slowly down along my outer thighs. I waggled my ass, brushing it over and back across his cock.

His hands moved below the hem of my dress, moving underneath. His fingertips flowed slowly back along the smooth soft skin of my thighs, back to my hips, lifting up my dress up over my ass on their way. I felt a crackling sensation on my skin, static where he touched me. His hands reached the waistband of my panties before moving back down again, this time drawing my soaked panties down all the way to my ankles. I stepped out of them, feeling the air cool against my hot glistening cunt.

The tip of his cock nudged my slit open, making me inhale sharply. My eyeballs rolled and I felt faint. I bent over further and dropped to my elbows, leaning on the dishwasher for support.

“Stick your cock in me, please” I urged, panting desperately. He thrusted forward sudden and forceful, his formidable girth jammed tightly into my cunt. “Oohhhh,” I cried out, feeling the lush texture of his helmet stretching my tunnel. I began to gyrate my hips a little, greasing his heavenly cock, before I felt it stabbing deeper into my tight snatch.

“Come for me my whore” he commanded. His voice washed over me, I felt like I was drowning in pleasure. It was too much, unendurable. I went completely limp, some threshold had been surpassed. I shuddered violently as I came onto his powerful surging cock.

My shocked body went into some kind of defensive state, relaxing entirely. My pussy contracted involuntarily, gripping his big cock like a vice. He didn’t stop, his rhythm and intensity increasing, prolonging my contractions. I cried out, primal and guttural as he fucked me, giving me no chance to recover.

He was relentless, merciless, a ravenous beast. My knees buckled as he rammed his magnificent cock into my defenseless cunt. Each power-stroke almost lifting me off the ground. Instead of tapering off, my orgasm grew in severity. Each thrust of his cock accompanied by a staggering injection of tortuous bliss. My whole body quaked, unable to cope with his rampant cock.

I was sure such intensity could not last, but it did. It went on and on and I completely lost track of time. Orgasm after orgasm, I didn’t know if it was multiple or if I was still on the first one.

When he eventually came, I was utterly his, completely out of control, writhing on his incredible cock. Rumbling waves of ecstasy radiated outwards from my cunt as pressure jets of his searing hot semen lashed into me. My legs gave, I collapsed as he hosed his gargantuan load into me, his twitching ejaculating cock now holding me up.

My breathless moans emerged sounding more like primal growls and grunts. His orgasm finally began to diminish after what seemed like an eternity, and I felt a blissful sense of well-being, the pleasure now at bearable levels.

“Oh my god” I gasped, trying, but failing, to catch my breath. I felt a warm pleasantness, as I basked in afterglow of our sex. His cock softened in my pussy, such a delicious indulgence. I heard myself purring, the cat that got the cream.

He withdrew his length slowly from me, it was still painful to lose him. My dress fell back down to a decent position and I turned to see him. It was gloomy, I looked at his face. It was familiar, but it wasn’t Kevin! We kissed passionately, he held me in his arms.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Johnny” he smiled. I think a part of me had known all along that it wasn’t Kevin.

“You sound a lot like someone I know!”

“Everyone mistakes my voice for my brother’s,” he laughed. “People always call me Kevin when I answer the phone. I saw you at the Company Picnic when I collected him, I have to say I was besotted. I stole your number from his phone.” I kissed him again, a slow lingering kiss, breathing in his breath, tasting his yummyness. “I’ve only been working here just over a week, Kevin got me the job. My god you’re such a hot sexy bitch. The outfits you wear.”

“Those are for you Johnny. Turn on the light’s I want to see you.” He walked to the doorway and flicked the switch, then turned around grinning his handsome grin. He was only 21, with jet black hair and gorgeous brown eyes. What a hunk. He was even hotter than Kevin! On his way back he detoured, picked up my panties and put them in his pocket. I sat on a table and he came over and kissed me.

“You’re beautiful” I said.

“So are you,” he replied. He was hard again. I spread for him. We made long slow sensual love. He fucked me on the canteen table as I sat in an upright position, kissing him, touching his muscular young body. It was amazing, tender, and if possible, even better than our first fuck.

As I walked back to my car panty-less, I could feel his warm cum trickling down my inner thigh. It tickled. I drove home on autopilot, my mind elsewhere, replaying the scenes over and over. I was barely in the door of my house when the phone rang. It was him.

“I’ve been thinking about you Sharon. I’ve got your soaking wet panties wrapped around my hard cock. It makes me feel so close to you.” I smiled as I thought of his wonderful cock. We talked dirty for a little while, but I got a little frustrated and impatient.

“Why don’t you come on over here Johnny. Perhaps, if you pushed that big cock of yours into my wet aching cunt, you’d feel even closer to me.” The line went instantly dead.


johnnytee is my favorite author I have done recordings for. He contacted me years ago on Literotica and we have had many stories recorded since he wrote. He is very talented and I always love his works. Here are links to his pages on Climax Connection and Literotica.

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The above story was written by another author I have done recordings for. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it unless the author gives it to you.