The Victim

A dominant man controls a submissive woman who can’t get enough of him.


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“Be my victim”

His voice, so deep, and melodic like chocolate to her ears. She trembled. Yes, she would gladly be his victim, she always was. She nodded consent, the games begin.

His hands, rough on her clothing, grabbing handfuls and ripping, shredding it off her. She squealed at the sheer force of his desire for her. He ripped and tore away her dress like it was tissue paper, pausing to run his hungry hands over her bare flesh.

She responded, moaning softly at his touch, her skin feeling like it was burning up. She so longed for his touches, caresses. She loved the feeling of his. . .

Bites! Hard and vicious on her neck, a deep dark growl in his throat warning her to stay still. She was prey for him to feast upon, flesh for him to sate his dark hungers. Hands grabbing her bra, so frilly and lacey, and then torn and ripped from her. The elastic holding on valiantly until it too snapped under his strength.

She moaned and shivered as her breasts were freed. Hanging slightly only for an instant before his hands were on them, grabbing and squeezing them. His fingers digging into her flesh as he played with them, his thumb and forefinger pulling on the nipple until she responded with a gasp. He chuckled an evil laugh and bit her neck again, pushing her head down into a bowed position with his teeth. She submitted, he had her now and she was his willingly.

One hand snaked down her body, touching too hard to tickle and soft enough to make her shiver. His nibbles and kisses down her neck so comforting, the growl in his throat so dangerous. His fingers slid under her panties and began to play with her pussy. His action, so casual and yet so intense because it was nothing more then him taking what he owned. It was natural for him to violate her.

His fingers inside her, feeling her, exploring her. He bit her neck lovingly, a sign he was pleased how wet she was. She was wet always for him, his touch made her dripping wet all the time, ready for him to use at his leisure.

His fingers fucked her for another moment, just long enough for the juices within to begin to spill out and saturate her panties. Then he pulled them out and grabbed at the silk fabric and tore at it, the elastic waist band holding for a moment and then snapping like string in his hand. She moaned as a tiny climax went through her, the panties pulled away, she was nude and bare before him. She was completely at his mercy.

His bites became so intense upon her neck her knees buckled in the pain/pleasure of it. His growl became feral and hungry. His weight shifted on her and she had to bend to it and drop down to the floor, he was covering her, pinning her in place, his teeth never leaving her throat. The growl never stopping, just quieting as he got his way.

His hands grabbed hers and pulled them behind her, he lifted up off her long enough to use the shreds of her panties to bind her hands back. The silk pulled tight around her wrists, she could feel the wetness of her arousal binding her to his will.

“Mineeeeeee.” He growled and she nodded breathlessly, she knew it as did he. She was his.

His hand grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her head down to the ground, his other hand grabbing her hips and pulling them up until she had her ass and pussy presented for him to take. He kept a hold of her hair, holding her in place as he undid his fly. The sound of the zipper seemed to thrill through her whole soul.

As the head of his cock pressed against her wet pouting lips she moaned and welcomed him in. His whole cock sliding into her in one long thrust until his balls pressed against her ass cheeks. He filled her and she began to weep at the feeling, so full, so complete.

He slow fucked her, taking his time and enjoying each inch sliding in and out of her pussy, allowing her tears to flow onto the floor as she released all the sadness within herself, all the waiting for him, all the time she wished he was right there, in her.

As the tears abated and she began to push back onto his cock he began to fuck her faster and harder, thrusting deep into her each time, she could feel her cum squishing out and dripping down her legs. All for him, all that wetness all for him. He slammed into her again and she cried out.

As their fucking rose to a fevered pitch she began to scream to him, begging him to be allowed to cum, to flood him with her cum. She wanted to so badly and he laughed a wicked laugh and slapped her ass each time she asked. each time harder and harder, no matter how much she begged he did not answer her. He just kept fucking her harder and harder.

She was shaking like a leaf, she couldn’t control her body, she was just reacting to the cock slamming in and out of her. She was screaming “Please,” over and over to him and he was stretching her until she felt she would rip open. “Please. Please. Please.” And still he fucked her and spanked her and made no reply.

Then as she began to collapse, unable to control her legs enough to keep herself up he pulled back hard on her hair, drawing her up to all fours and his teeth again on her neck. She screamed at the top of her lungs, desperate and primal screams. She was being consumed by him, eaten alive in a fit of passion.

Then his voice, sweet release, his voice. “Cum for me baby girl…cum for me now!” He growled and slammed into her so hard she lost all breath, she couldn’t make a noise, she just began to shake. “I said cum!” He slammed into her again and again. She couldn’t breath, her entire body was nothing but fire.

Growling and pulling on her hair he exploded into her. She could feel his cum shooting into her pussy, filling her. Blast after blast of hot cum filled her until it was squishing out with each thrust. he kept cumming and cumming until she was stuffed and filled and dripping his sex. Then he let her collapse on the floor.

Finally she gulped in air desperately and screamed out and curled into a fetal ball. Her body kept burning and burning. His cum filled her pussy so full, she was so full of him. His body over her, his sweaty flesh against her. She cried. He held her.

She was in a dream, he was kissing her and touching her. His fingers were fire, they burned so deliciously. He stroked her and set her on fire too. She moaned and came again. She cried at the joy of it. She cried for his touch. He was there.

“Be my victim.” He whispered in her ear and she nodded so hard she though her head would snap off. Yes, she was his victim, always. She was his prey.



The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.