The Thanksgiving Visitor

A college girl brings home her friend for Thanksgiving, and the girl and her father get quite cozy when the mother has to go out of town unexpectedly to help family.

thanksgiving girl

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Peter had looked forward to a nice, simple Thanksgiving. His daughter was coming home from college for the long weekend and bringing her friend and roommate with her as her parents had gone to a wedding overseas and the girl had nowhere to go, so Peter and his wife Karen had invited her. He and his wife were happily married and had two children, their son Michael was grown and off to the west coast for a few years, and their daughter Brooke was in her final year of college.

Peter and Karen had never met Mindy, who their daughter had made fast friends with, but she had been described to them as a lovely, hard working girl working her way through school to become a doctor. Their daughter’s age, and intelligent, they were happy to have her in their home for the long weekend to share Thanksgiving with them. That’s what the holiday was all about after all, sharing, and being grateful, and taking in others that didn’t a place to be for the holiday.

Peter had only been home from work around an hour when the train the girls were due to arrive on was to arrive, so he’d gone down to the station to pick them up and drive them back. He broke into a smile when he saw his beloved daughter get off the steps of the train and her pretty friend was right behind her, loaded down with suitcases and her purse. He was struck by her beauty, a lovely redhead with emerald green eyes and fair skin, petite in comparison to his tall, leggy blonde daughter with her flowing hair. Mindy was a striking girl to be sure.

“Daddy!”, Brooke yelled as she greeted her handsome father.

“Hello, dear, wonderful to see you!,” he exclaimed as he threw his open arms around her and hugged her tightly, after not seeing her since she left for school a couple of months earlier.

“Daddy, this is Mindy, I’ve told you and mom all about her. We have gotten to know each other so well, you’re just going to love her!”, Brooke said assuredly.

Mindy put out her hand and Peter shook it.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Harrison,” Mindy said politely.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, no need to be so formal, it’s Peter”, he stated as he placed a hand on a shoulder of each of the girls on either side of him and led them to the car.

They put their bags in the trunk and drove the few blocks back to the house. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see his wife Karen standing in her coat with a suitcase about to walk out the door.

“Honey, what’s wrong”, he asked her concerned.

“Oh Peter, my sister just called, she’s broken her leg I have to go help her and her family for the weekend, I am so sorry to leave you and the girls alone like this, but I have to help her. All the groceries for the meal have been purchased and are in the fridge, Brooke is going to have to do the meal, she’s a good cook, she can do it, and I’m sure Mindy can help her”, she said.

She was out the door and into the cab she’d called before they knew what had happened. Peter was a bit disappointed, but things happen, you have to go with the flow.

“Alright girls, looks like it’s just the three of us, I’m sure it will be fine. Let’s order a pizza tonight, and tomorrow we can get the meal done between the three of us”, he said.

So Brooke called for a pizza, and the three of them chatted about their school projects and how they were doing and Peter was telling them how his business was coming along as well, they had a nice dinner and then the girls went upstairs and retired to Brooke’s room for the evening. Peter tidied up and settled in to watch a movie on t.v., and the girl in the movie resembled Mindy a bit he thought, another pretty redhead. She really was a beauty, he thought to himself. He was tired after his long day, and fell asleep in the reclining chair with the t.v. still on and he didn’t hear Mindy come down a while later. She was hungry and had come down to get a couple of more pieces of the leftover pizza that was in the fridge.

The beeping of the microwave woke him and he straightened up in his chair to see her in the kitchen. She was sitting at the table with the heated up food in front of her on a plate as he got up and entered the kitchen.

“Oh, hello Peter, I was hungry so thought I’d come down and have a bit more of the pizza,” she said.

“Of course dear. I’m actually a bit hungry again myself, maybe I will join you”, he said.

He then heated up some himself and sat down across from her and they chit chatted away. He couldn’t help but notice the swell of her full breasts under the big, loose tee shirt she was wearing as a nightgown, and how shapely her bare legs were that she had crossed. The night shirt was a bit sheer and he could see the outlines of her darker nipples through it. Mindy seemed unaware of the effect her attire was having on Peter and kept chit chatting away and enjoying the reheated pizza. She finished it and placed the plate on the counter beside the sink and walked back upstairs after saying goodnight and he watched her walk up the stairs and as she climbed them, he caught a glimpse of her bare buttocks under the shirt and felt a twinge in his cock as he saw.

The next day, Brooke did most of the meal preparation as she was a good cook and enjoyed cooking and all ingredients were already on hand. So Mindy and Peter spent most of the day in the living room together talking and getting to know one another as they had the Thanksgiving day parade on and the football games. They found they were very compatible and got along very well and talked about many different topics. Brooke had mentioned to Mindy that her parents always liked to dress up for holiday meals, so Mindy had brought along a nice dress to wear and some stockings and heels and changed into them before going to eat in the dining room, which Brooke had beautifully set. Her mother Karen was always jokingly called “Martha Stewart” around the holidays, since she liked everything ‘just so’ and her daughter Brooke had also inherited that streak for doing things up right as well.

After the meal was ready, they all had a lovely dinner and watched some movies on t.v. together before the girls again went upstairs for the night. The dress Mindy had been wearing and the stockings with the seams up the back had made Peter spend most of the meal with a hard on under the table as he took quick glances at Mindy across the table. He knew he shouldn’t be thinking those thoughts, he was happily married and this girl was his daughters age, yet he was thinking of what a lovely, appealing girl she was…

Like the night before, he again fell asleep watching t.v. in the reclining chair and again woke up to the beeping microwave. He went into the kitchen and saw Mindy heating up some of the leftover dinner.

“I get so hungry in the night sometimes!”, she confessed.

“No worries, my dear, have all you’d like”, Peter said as he sat down at the table and watched her.

“Are you hungry too?,” she asked him.

“A little, I could go for something, maybe a sandwich”, he said.

“You sit right there. I will make it for you”, she offered.

Mindy quickly made him a turkey sandwich, and added a couple of pickles to the plate. She placed it in front of him and then brought her own plate of food to the table and they ate and talked together. Once more, Peter looked at her and had thoughts he felt he shouldn’t for one so young, or for one so happily married as he was.

“You’re really a lovely girl Mindy”, he said quietly.

“Thank you Peter, you’re a very attractive man yourself”, she said truthfully.

Peter was in his late forties, graying at the temples, very distinguished looking and still had a boyish charm about him. He reminded Mindy of one of her professors she liked a lot from last year, one she had had a brief affair with. She never told Brooke about it, since she worried her friend might not understand, or even question her motives, worrying it was to improve grades or something, which it was not.

“Would you like a drink, let’s go in the living room and talk some more”, Peter asked her.

They got up after they finished their food and sat on the sofa with the brandy he poured for each of them. They had a few drinks and the t.v. was on in the background at a low volume. They glanced at the screen and some sort of love story was on, there was a couple making out in bed.

Instinctively Peter reached out and ran his fingers through Mindy’s beautiful, soft long red hair. She didn’t stop him. He then leaned in and kissed her softly on the mouth and she parted her lips eagerly and they kissed deeply there for what seemed like a long time. Peter felt guilty, yet couldn’t stop himself, and his hands sought her firm, youthful breasts under her night shirt. He could feel her nipples becoming erect at his touch. Mindy was also turned on, and removed her nightshirt by pulling it off over her head. She was momentarily worried about Brooke waking and coming to look for her, but Brooke was a sound sleeper and seldom ever woke before morning.

Peter pushed her back into the deep, plush sofa and laid on top of her, exploring her mouth with his tongue. He and his wife had a good sex life, but there’s nothing like youth to get your juices flowing and this beautiful, young college girl was getting him harder than he had been in years. He could feel her nipples against his chest and his hard cock wanting to be released badly from his pants. Mindy was naked underneath him and his hands squeezed her full breasts and his thumbs toyed with her nipples and he trailed kisses down to her neck and breasts as his fingers caressed her creamy thighs.

She parted her legs for him to make his quest easier, and she let out a tiny gasp when she felt his fingers reach her pussy lips and trace up and down her wet slit without diving right in, he wanted to tease her before going for her clit. He just gently toyed with the outermost edges of her lips. He could feel her seeping wetness without ever pushing his fingers into her yet. She started to buck her hips up towards him to get the fingers to go to her clit. He finally did as she wanted and eased her pussy lips open and started to rub her clit, which was stiff and demanding attention from his fingers. He rubbed it and made gentle little circles with his middle fingertip over it until she was panting. She could feel his hard cock in his pants against her thigh and wanted to please him, but not until she got her first release. Her breath quickened, and he continued his rhythmic rubbing on her and she came biting her lip to keep from crying out and waking his daughter upstairs, Brooke.

She slowly caught her breath and as she did so, she unzipped his pants and took out his cock and it was very hard. She stroked it in her hand and pumped it forcefully.

“I want to make love to you, Mindy”, Peter whispered in her ear as he kissed it.

“Then do it”, she whispered.

Peter stood up and got out of his clothes and then laid back down on top of Mindy. She opened her legs for him and her pussy enveloped his cock and he felt her molten loins take in his entire length and coat him with her juices. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as he glided back and forth with her, feeling her clench around him. She ran her nails up and down his back lightly and he loved it and whimpered his approval at her touch. She wrapped her legs around him and felt herself nearing her second orgasm as he rocked and rocked inside of her. She took a breath and did indeed cum all over his cock. He came inside of her and just lay inside of her that way until he caught his breath.

He then withdrew his cock from her dripping pussy and sat up on the sofa, naked beside her. She got down on her knees on the floor in front of him and took his cock into her mouth that was still wet from both of their juices and he was soon hard in her mouth again. He’d never slept with anyone but his wife before and this was something he had never experienced with another woman and it was amazingly pleasurable to him to feel these feelings with someone else. He placed his hand on the back of her head and she swallowed his cock greedily and with great gusto, slurping and sucking it and licking it clean, then paying attention to his full balls. Taking them in her mouth and stroking his cock at the same time. She knew from his breathing he was about to cum again and she fully deep throated him in anticipation of his load. She felt him shoot rope after rope down her throat and she gulped it down.

He raised her up back to the couch and laid her back. This time it was he who knelt onto the floor and placed her knees over his shoulders and buried his face into her sopping cunt and licked it clean of both of their cum and he again worked on her delicate pearl of a clit which had already cum twice, with his tongue. He flickered it, swirled it and sucked on it with his tongue driving her wild once more. As he sucked on it, she came and came and came, her orgasm coming in waves, her fingers clutching his hair and pushing his face right into her pussy, making it shiny with her juices from ear to ear.

They both soon caught their breath and realized dawn was breaking out the window and she’d best get up to bed before Brooke woke up and wondered where she was.

The next couple of nights Mindy was there, she snuck downstairs after Brooke was asleep and fucked her host pretty much the same. On the day she and Brooke were due to go back to school, Brooke’s mom Karen returned home after looking after her sister for the weekend.

“I am so sorry I had to leave you girls alone, I do hope you made out OK, and got a nice meal for yourselves and Peter,” she said.

“Oh yes mom, we had a very nice visit with daddy,” Brooke said innocently, not knowing what her father and friend had been up to.

“Tell you what Mindy, I think you should come back for a few days over the Christmas holidays and I can make you feel like a real guest, not having to pitch in and get your own food. I want you to feel right at home”, Karen said.

“Oh I’d LOVE that! But trust me, I felt right at home”, Mindy said, looking over at Peter, who cast his gaze elsewhere guiltily.

They all said their goodbyes and Peter drove the girls back to the train station and hugged them both before they got on board. Before she boarded the train, Mindy leaned into Peter and whispered, “Looking forward to Christmas vacation even more this year…”

The girls boarded the train and Peter drove back home wondering what he’d gotten himself into with this beautiful, saucy young girl. He grinned and couldn’t wait to find out.



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