The Rape of Sarah Burlington

This story is very similar to the other one by this same author that wrote the “Soft Rape” one. It’s about a brainless, clueless “men’s health advisor” that is continually getting into situations where men can take advantage of her and she really only has herself to blame. It’s titled “The Rape of Sarah Burlington,” but there is no violence. You can’t have a shred of sympathy for this dopey broad!


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“The Rape of Sarah Burlington”

 A 47 min 43 sec recording.

Opening: Sounds of a woman engaged in making love-sexual intercourse-with a man.
Sighing, moaning, cooing, French-kissing tongue sounds, sounds of a body moving.
Simulated sound of coitus in-progress (Try wetting your lips and smacking them
together without sucking; sounds like the sexual act itself, penis insertion and
scrotum slapping against woman’s butt. Second idea, try tapping your stomach which
sounds similar. Or lastly, tapping your own bare groin is close to the sound, too.)

Sarah’s opening monologue: My name is Sarah Burlington. I am a health and fitness advisor.

All my clients are men so I specialize in male health, physical fitness, and virility. But right now I am in the middle of passionate sexual intercourse with my virile friend, Jeff.

Cellphone rings.

Sarah: And the last thing I need is my cellphone ringing. But I see it’s important, from a new client that I promised to contact as soon as possible.

Sarah to Jeff: Jeff, honey, I really do have to take this call. I promised to speak with Eddie.
He’s a new client. Please be patient and bear with me. This is important to me
too because Eddie is a wealthy client and you understand all that, don’t you?
French-kissing sounds.

Thank you for understanding, Jeff. You’re the best. And baby, you
don’t have to stop what you’re doing, mmmmmm. (Slurpy kissing sound.)

Sarah to Eddie: Uh, um, hello, Eddie. I’m sorry I didn’t contact you sooner. My schedule
was so busy but I should have called. What was…oh, ah, no, it’s okay to
talk right now. I was just doing some light exercise so it’s all good. Uh, mmmm
hmmm. (Light sounds of a body moving as on a bed and faint sounds of kissing
as if someone else was present in the background. Light tapping sound in back-
ground, the sound of sex.)

Uhhh, ohhh. Oh, that’s good, Eddie. I’m very happy you’ve decided to be a full
client. Given all that time and expense you’re willing to invest for yourself,
there’s so, hmmmm, much I can do for you, as we talked about. Uh, yes, that’s
right, anything you need to talk about with me, any problems, any uhhmmm,
concerns, go ahead yes, and mmm, bring it up. Faint sounds of sex. Bed sounds.
Uhhmmmm. Huh, what, oh could you repeat that, Eddie? Wait for two seconds.
Well…yes, I suppose I could see you in one hour if that it is that important to
you, Eddie. (Mmmmm, exhale sound.)

Two seconds pause. Ah, no…no, there’s no need to apologize, Eddie. You’re
not interfering with my exercise. I have the cellphone on speaker and can still
talk. I mean…I hope that it’s okay with you, too. Mmm. I have to stay in good
physical shape, too. That’s the first thing clients look at when they meet me in
person the first time, yes. Ahhhhmmm. (Two seconds. Sounds of sex.)

What’s that, Eddie? (Two seconds pause.) Sounds like what? Girlish giggling
from Sarah. Oh really? Giggle. I never heard that before from anyone. I
didn’t know my exercise breathing sounded like that. Ohhh, that’s kind of
embarrassing. But you’re so funny, Eddie. You have such a vivid, mmmm
imagination. I think that’s very healthy for a man, Eddie. Pause, ahhmmm,
Say that again, Eddie? Oh yes, I’ll hold on.

Sarah to Jeff: Hhhmmm, kissing, Jeff, he went to get a pen and paper. Oh my gawd, Jeff.
It’s so funny. He told me that my exercise breathing resembles the sounds of
sex to him. If only he knew. French kissing and sounds of sex, bed. Ohhh,
hmmmm, Jeff, I’m about to orgasm hard. It’s your thick cock, that’s why.
Ohhh, ahhh, hmmmmm. Have to finish before he gets back, oh my gawd.
You feel sooo good inside me, Jeff. I feel it coming. Oh gawd, no yet,
can’t hold it back. Oh nooo! Huhmmmm.

Sarah to Eddie: Uh, uh, huh, oh that’s you, Eddie? You’re back? Uh, no, nothing wrong.
Just, uh, huh, reaching an exercise peak and, uhhhh, breathing harder. And
I felt a twitch of pain in a, a, a muscle, yeah, that’s what you’re hearing.
You wish to read that list to me, Eddie. Uh, yes, go ahead and read it off.
J-just a-about there…go on, (Ed…sounds of female orgasm mixed in with
sounds of sex.)

Sarah: Oh my gawd. I couldn’t hold back my orgasm. Thank goodness he’s busy reading out
loud his list right now. He would have heard everything and I can’t be sure he didn’t.

Sarah: He’s still talking, good. Perfect timing. I can feel Jeff about to come, too. Oh, that was
a real hard thrust. He’s full up inside me, holding it. Yes, there, he’s ejaculating his
semen. Oh gawd I can feel that, so much semen. What’s going on with Jeff today?
I wonder what he had for breakfast and lunch today. (Sighing, moaning, and sounds of
satisfaction from Sarah.)

Sarah to Jeff: Female husky, lowered voice. Jeff, darling, that was a lot you gave me just now.
You made me feel so good. Don’t worry, yeah, he’s still reading off his list of
things to do. Low giggle. Oh my goodness, Jeff. I can still feel you cumming.
What did you do today? Your virility level is off the chart. (Kissing sounds.)

Sarah to Eddie: Okay, Eddie. Yes, that is indeed a very long list but let’s go ahead and discuss
it at my office within the hour. We won’t do it all at once but organize it into a
scheduled program that makes good sense for you. (Two second pause.) Yes,
Eddie. Certainly, I can help with any other concerns and needs you want to
Discuss but let’s hold off until we meet. I’m going to get ready and leave for
the office right now. Two second pause. Good, Eddie. Looking forward to
meeting with you, too. Two second pause. Alright, see you soon. Bye.

Sarah to Jeff: Whew! Eddie is one anxious, eager client. I guess that’s a good thing. He wants
a lot in his customized health fitness program.
It’s a lot of time and a lot of fees but that’s good for me.

Ahhhhh, slow sigh of relief and satisfaction. That was awesome, Jeff. You
really made me feel sooo good. You came so much this time. You were saving
it all up for me, huh? Giggle. Long sigh. I feel like wanting to stay here with
you, still totally inside me and us taking a nap like that.
But, boo hoo, I have to get going.

No time to shower. Have to get dressed now. Jeff, honey, pass me that off-
black pantyhose, that one right there. Yes, that one. Thank you. Three second
pause. I have the black, blazer jacket dress out already. I’ll just wear that.
Two seconds. What’s that, Jeff? Eddie? Oh, he’s okay. I’m certain he’s
alright. It’s fine. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about. (Two seconds.) Try
not to worry, babe. I love you for your concern, you know that. You already
understand everything. All my clients are men, and sure a lot of them are
attracted to me and get turned-on. It’s part of the business but everything turns
out alright. We’ve talked about this and I loved that you’re the non-jealous type
and you’re cool about what I do.

What about Eddie? You’re not sure about him? But Jeff you’ve never even met
him. Two seconds. Oh Jeff, there’s no need to worry, at least now. Oh yes, I
love you for your concern. Pause two seconds. I think I can see it, Jeff.
You’re worried again for some odd reason. But I know why. You’re suddenly

concerned for my safety and you don’t want to bring it up because you love me.
But it’s okay, Jeff. You’re worried because I’ve been raped before during some of
my consultations and sessions over the past years. But I was okay, I
wasn’t physically harmed in any way. I handled it and I’m okay, Jeff. I’m fine.
Trust me. You just need to love me and continue trusting me. That’s good for
me, babe. Look, you made me feel like a complete woman just now. I’m going to
feel so womanly carrying you inside me for the rest of the day. It’s totally
awesome. Three seconds pause. Jeff, I mean, where else can I find a guy like you
understanding and totally cool with what I do. We’ll bring this up one more time.
I’m so glad you’re completely accepting of me. I told you that many clients want
virility counseling and sometimes they ask me for intercourse, sometimes out of
great need. Then they proposition me by agreeing to paying more fees. I’m such
a lucky woman that you accept me for everything that I am. Most girls don’t find
guys like that easily.

Well, I think I’m all set. I’ll get going and I’ll see you back in a few hours, Jeff.
I’ll be alright. See you, lover.

Sarah: (At her office) Glad I made it with time to spare. Traffic seemed a little heavier this
afternoon. Man, what was with loverboy, Jeff, today? First he was such sex-stud.
I’m still wet and leaking, and, oh my, why didn’t I wear a pantyhose with a gusset crotch
piece? This pantyhose is just all sheer nylon. And how did I get so distracted? I
decided not to wear a bra under the blazer dress but maybe I should have. Jeff can be
so loving and accepting and I don’t know how. He thinks that I’ve been raped only once
or twice and I don’t want him to know that it was actually seven times. And I didn’t tell
him about the multiple times of being touched, fondled, and groped. I’m worried he’d
freak out. This business of mine has its own occupational hazards that only someone
like me can go through it and deal with it without it getting to your mind.

Sarah to Eddie: (Eddie enters the office) Oh hello, Eddie. Please come on in. The handshake
is nice but let me give you a hug as I’m going to be your long-term health

Sarah: He’ really happy to see me. He’s returning a long hug there. Gosh, I feel his erection
growing against me. Another physically excited client. Oh my, I feel his hand down
there gently squeezing my butt cheek. What…he’s kissing me on the lips. Need to pull,
oh my gawd, his tongue going in. Have to push away…

Sarah to Eddie: Ummm, okay, Eddie. That was very, very friendly of you. But let’s sit down
and see what I can do for you. Here, come this way. You can sit at that chair in
in front of my desk. I’ll sit in the other one next to yours. But first…you’ll
have to excuse me. I just need to lean over and pick up your file so I can
reference it. Pause two seconds. Oh wait, that’s not it but it’s here for sure.

Sarah: Wait two seconds. Oh my gosh. I think I feel something…his hand gently touching my
butt cheek? Oh no…I’m bending over and this blazer jacket dress is so short. I must
be showing him my entire buttocks and everything else between. Oh gawd, no. My pantyhose doesn’t have a crotch panel! It’s just all nylon. He must be staring at my bare pussy lips. And shit…I just had sex and oh no, he’ll probably notice the semen fluid out of my pussy lips and on the pantyhose. Shit, he’ll
smell it too, being so close. I feel the palm of his hand against my butt cheek. Oh gawd
I hope he doesn’t think about ripping my pantyhose. Eddie saw everything! He
knows that I’ve just been fucked hard. Oh please, where is that folder! Oh my gawd, I
feel his fingers lightly on my wet labia lips. He’s hoping I don’t feel or notice it. I need
him to believe that. Where is, oh fuck, it was right down here in front of my face. I
now know Eddie needs sexual intercourse badly and he wants to fuck me real hard. I’m
going to have to manage his carnal lust carefully.

Sarah to Eddie: Silly me. It was right here in front all the time. Okay, let me sit and check
your file, Eddie, just to be sure. I remember you wanted a comprehensive,
customized, fitness and health program. That’s a good idea. I will ask you
a number of questions. It will be highly useful for me to examine your
present body musculature, structure, muscle tone, and fat distribution.
If you don’t mind right now, Eddie, you can undress so I can do that for
you. And my notes, Eddie, tell me that you want virility added to your
fitness health program. That’s fine. You’ll have to remove everything then
and just stand where you are, feet shoulder width apart. Two seconds pause.
What’s that, Eddie? Two seconds. Sure, you can undress in the exercise room
and leave your clothing on the wall pegs. I’ll join there when you’re ready so
I’m just going to make some notes in your file. Two seconds pause.

Sarah: He left the door half open, okay. Hmm, let’s see, I should complete his profile right
while I’m at it. I wonder why he’s here. He seems to be in good physical shape already,
at least on the outside. He probably wants more conditioning and fine tuning including
health and nutrition. Virility? I wonder what he’s worried about. When he pressed his
erection on me I didn’t notice any dysfunction there.

What’s he doing in there? He’s down to his tight boxer briefs and I can see from here
that his body already looks pretty good. Wait a minute, what’s he doing? He’s going
over to the wall. He’s checking out my worn leotards and exercise pantyhose tights. He’s feeling the pantyhose and smelling it. Now he’s stretching the
waistband open, looking inside and oh my goodness, smelling the crotch panel. I can’t
believe he wants to do that. I perspired heavily in those tights and my leotard. It’s got
to smell rank but he’s enjoying himself. What else is he doing? He’s looking at another
of my worn exercise pantyhose and leotards on the other peg. He’s looking inside the
pantyhose and checking the crotch piece. Why is he rubbing it and smelling…wait, oh
no, is that a pantyhose I wore after sex? Oh shit, it probably is and it’s full of semen all
dried up hopefully. Oh great, he’s checking out my sexual activity. I don’t need him
discovering that I help some of my clients with their male needs.

Sarah to Eddie: Hi Eddie. Looks like you’re just about ready. Oh yes, those are my exercise
leotards. Yes that’s nice you like them. Okay now why don’t you come over
here and we can begin your examination. Do you want to take off your briefs
for the virility exam? Very good. Pause two seconds. That’s good now just
stand straight but relaxed, your feet should width about. Good. Hold your
arms slightly out to the sides. I can get a good feel of your muscle tone. Not
bad, you’ve done some physical training before, hmm? We can do some
work around your mid-section to level out those love handles and smooth out
your tummy more. (Two seconds.)

Your lower body is in decent condition and
I think stretching and muscle toning is a good start. Buttocks are flat, thigh
muscles feel okay but a little on the soft side so the muscle toning will help.
Giggle. Sorry, I know it can be ticklish. Other clients experience it, too. But
usually once you get used to it and relax it doesn’t feel ticklish. Your calves
feel similar, need muscle workout and toning.

Okay, Eddie, let’s see about your male virility. I’m going to examine
your penis shaft starting with the glans. That’s a nicely shaped helmet tip. The
underside is…um, hmm, showing a good virile response. The speed of your
erection is very good I would say. The firmness is hard. I’m guessing the
length of your erection is close to eight inches with a good width and thick-
ness. Eddie, I think your virility is fine. Now let’s check your testicles. Yes
these are big. I’m not feeling any bumps or abnormalities. Your testicles are
definitely feel above-average size and your scrotum feels firm, even full. I
want to ask you, Eddie, when was the last time you ejaculated, whether by
sexual intercourse, masturbation, or a wet dream? Pause two seconds. Oh, I
see. Well, Eddie, from what I know, a man’s body needs to be exercised and
used in all its functions. Later on, we can sit down and I can give you
information and advice on that and also you might be interested in relationship
and intimacy counseling from me. You look fine to me, Eddie, and I don’t
think there should be any inherent problem in developing a healthy relation-
ship with a woman partner in which you both can satisfy each other’s human
needs. I’m sorry, what was that you said, Eddie? (Two seconds.)

Well, I can assist you in some function to relieve that pent-up stress. I am trained in
sexology bodywork and therapy. What you’re looking for and need is, Lingam
massage. It goes much further than you might think. Lingam massage
involves not just the penis but also the testicles, perineum and the prostate
externally. Its purpose is not orgasm although that is usually a pleasant side
effect. Lingam helps a man learn to relax and receive instead of focusing on
doing something, which can cause stress and inhibit virility. You’ll learn from
the Lingam bodywork to experience a softer, more receptive thinking which
allows you to experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective. Two
seconds pause. Well, a Lingam massage would be a session in itself and you
would be lying down comfortably.

Since you’re interested in it, I’ll demonstrate some of the massage touch to show you. Of course the Lingam massage would actually start with a short, traditional full body massage to relax you first and get you to breathe deeply first then normally. One hand holds your penis up and my other hand very gently massages your scrotum so that it relaxes. As I do this I will also massage the perineum area between the testicles and anus. I’ll be gently massaging your shaft, varying the speed and pressure and also massaging on the pubic bone. My fingers will squeeze the base of your penis then pull up and off like this. Then I’ll alternate hands on your shaft and scrotum so that you receive the stimulation from different directions. Hmm, Eddie, you’ve got a pretty good flow of pre-cum fluid, very healthy. Now see this, I have to keep you from ejaculating because the goal is not orgasm for its sake, but to learn ejaculation control. If you can master
your ejaculatory control, you can become multi-orgasmic, a nice idea, hmm? I would back off
the massage and let you soften a bit then resume massaging. And later on in the process I would
be addressing more attention on what is called in Lingam, the ‘Sacred Spot’, about the size of a
pea between the scrotum and anus.

I locate it and gently push inward like this and you’re going to feel a lot of sensations and emotions, some uncomfortable feeling at the very first but as this spot is worked on and softened up, you will be able to expand your orgasms and control your ejaculations like you’ve never done before. My other hand massages the head of your shaft with the fingers with a soft twisting motion and then my hand wraps around the whole shaft like this and continues gently massaging all of it. See, you were already close to ejaculation when I pressed the sacred spot and I can tell the look on your face that you felt something. Oh, I’ve got to be careful and not let you ejaculate. There was already some whitish fluid flowing out with the pre-cum fluid. That was some of your semen. That’s a good demonstration of what to expect with a Lingam massage if you wish to include that in your health fitness program and there is an additional fee added. (Wait two seconds.)

Well very good, Eddie. I’m glad you liked it because the entire Lingam massage is an indescribable experience for the man. Well, seems like everything here looks-uh, what, Eddie? Sure, go ahead ask me. Is there anything else I can do for you? Wait three seconds. Um, well, hm-hm. Yes, I understand…sex-sexual intercourse? You want to make love to me? Well, that’s really expressing your thoughts and needs to me, but this whole session is about expressing what you want and need and that’s alright. I’ve been certain for the last several minutes that you would have needed a release, given your, ahem, um, strong physical response. I can feel that you have a strong need for me right now. If you want to be with me, yes, it’s something I can do for you for two-hundred dollars. This is a totally separate service from your fitness program and it has to remain very discrete between you and me. We can do this after the normal session right here in the office exercise room. There’s a fold-out bed available. Or if you want, I can meet you at your place. If you want me to wear something you like, within reason, I can. Oh you like what I am wearing, the jacket dress and pantyhose – you find it sexy, well, that makes it easy. My pantyhose? Yes, it is sheer-to-the-waist. Uh, yeah, I’m not wearing anything underneath. I usually don’t with pantyhose.

What, you wanted to see…you mean spread my knees wider? Well, I’m already squatting down in front of you examining your manhood but if want to see my pantyhose, okay, here, like this, good enough? I see, Eddie, you do like my pantyhose? All pantyhose in general? Oh, just pretty women – like me…thank you for the compliment. You know, Eddie, pantyhose is also a sexual fetish but a relatively harmless one. We can discuss your pantyhose fetish the next time if you would like that. What, Eddie? You saw what? Oh my gawd, so embarrassing. You say you can see a lot of sticky wetness between my legs. Oh my, I didn’t mean for anything so private and intimate to show. Yesss, Eddie – to answer your question, coughs throat, ahem, um, hm, okay so I had, uh, sex with my boyfriend just before your session. And, uh, well to put it this way, my boyfriend was very generous in his gift to me. I had to rush and I should have done some clean-up first. You heard what, Eddie? Oh my gawd! You did?! You could hear me having sexual intercourse over the cell phone? You heard everything! Oh my gosh. This is terribly embarrassing. You even heard me orgasm, oh no. Oh this is so bad. You just told me you heard me and my boyfriend fucking. What did you…okay, yes, he fucked me hard, if that’s what you want to know. I hope I didn’t turn you off, Eddie. I can clean-up first or if you want to do this another time it’s alright, I understand. Um, you don’t mind? Wellll, alright, Eddie, if that’s fine with you. It’s up to you.

You want me to examine some marks on the top of your penis? Oh, alright, Eddie, but I didn’t see anything unusual. Here, let me take a closer look. Hmmm. Well, yes, I see a few skin marks and discolorations but nothing out of…(Quick shriek, aaghhmmmm, ahhhh, gag, ahhhggg…)

Sarah: He just shoved his entire cock into my mouth!!! He’s holding my head!

Sarah to Eddie: Ah-ah-ah, gawwg, uh, uh, ulp, No, Eddie, no…gag, gulp, gag, ah, ah, ah, ah, ulp, aaagghhmm. (Gagging, sucking, slurping sounds go on for ten seconds. Then spitting sound.)

Oh my gawd, Eddie!!! Why did you just do that, shoving your cock all the way in mouth? You left so much pre-cum in my mouth, gagging, spitting sound. What’s gotten into you? Have you lost your mind? Why did you do, no, no, no, no, stop Eddie, please stop! Don’t take off my jacket dress, please noooo! Oh gawd, please, Eddie, no, no, no, no, no, pleassse, no, don’t. Oh, my gawd, noooo, ho-ho-oh-oh, nooo…crying, sobbing, loud crying, pleading. W-wait, wait, please, Eddie, no, no, no! Please no…don’t take my pantyhose off…don’t rip it, please. Crying, sobbing louding. Please, wait, no, no, don’t throw my high heels across the room. Sobs. Oh my gawd, Eddie, you’ve stripped me naked, oh why, please, tell me why, oh no, no, ho-ho, oh-oh-oh, sobs, crying. P-p-please, Eddie, y-yes, yes, I won’t struggle..I’ll lie still on the floor. Just d-d-don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, please, I’m begging you…sobbing, crying, pleading. W-w-what, Eddie? Open my thighs wide… o-okay, okay, like this? Ohhh, Eddie, you’re pulling my thighs apart hard. Sobs, crying. Alright, yes, yes, yes, I’ll lie still, Eddie. You wanna feel up my entire body. Low sobs. Please, just don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, please, anything you want, Eddie. I know you need sex, okay, okay, whatever you want. K-kiss? Do I have to kiss you, Eddie? B-but why, I only kiss my boyfriend, no, no, no, okay, okay, hmmm, (French-kissing, tongue slurping sounds for fifteen seconds.)

Sarah: He’s got me stark naked and lying spread-eagled on the exercise room floor, my legs spread so wide I feel like splitting. He’s French-kissing me like he was my lover. Oh gawd, he’s fondling and squeezing my breasts and playing with the nipples. Now he’s got a hand on my bare pussy, rubbing it and spreading the labia apart. He’s feeling up between my pussy lips and fingering inside my vagina with two fingers. He’s feeling around the inside of my vaginal tunnel, rubbing the G-spot, and now touching the cervix. His thumb is pressing hard and rubbing on my clitoris. He’s got his hand in everything. He knows I’ve just been fucked and he’s feeling all the semen left inside, like he’s scooping it out. He’s still fondling my breasts and nipples, now what, he’s squeezing them, licking, sucking, and now the nipples, too. He’s giving my pussy lips a massage. His hard cock is going inside me pretty soon and that’s that. Oh my gawd,

it can’t be….not now, not like this, not this way! My body, oh no, not my body…starting to feel aroused. This can’t be happening to me. Oh, why, why, is it because I just had sex and my body is still primed for it? But it’s not Jeff! (Licking and sucking sounds on breasts and nipples. Then French-kissing, slurping, tongue-licking sucking sounds.)

He just told me that I have a fucking, cock-teasing, hard body. Noooo. He got on top of me. Ahhh. Felt his cock go all the way in. Now being fucked hard. All the way in and out and in. I feel his balls slapping my butt. He needs sex in the worst way. It’s not going to take him long to climax and he’s going to ejaculate a lot of semen into me.

(Sounds of sexual intercourse: penis slurping in and out of vagina; balls slapping on butt; French-kissing; slurping, tongue sucking; licking.) Sarah being sexed up vigorously and man enjoying her body with relish.
Oh my gawd, oh noooo, ohhh-oh-ho-oh, he’s causing an orgasm in me and I can’t stop it. I’m going to climax and I’ll have to take the orgasm with it. That is just great, exasperated, another forced orgasm from another client rape. What is it with some of these guys? Can’t they understand how much I’m trying to help them? Thank gawd all they want is the sexual intercourse and they leave afterwards, not hurting me. He’s coming, fast. Ohhh no…he’s ejaculating. I feel it…a lot. He’s fucking me hard and he’s still ejaculating his semen. How can a man have so much semen? I can’t believe he’s shooting so much cum still inside me. It’s going to start filling my uterus, too. Wait… hhmmmm, aaahhh…approaching sexual intercourse climax and long, prolonged, sexual intercourse orgasm sounds. LOUD.

Sarah to Eddie: Oh my gosh, Eddie. Look what you’ve done to me. See, look! You’ve ejaculated so much semen inside my vagina. I’m a mess. Why did you do this to me? I was willing to give you want you needed. You didn’t need to force me like that and rape me. W-what? Say what? Two seconds pause. You still want to pay me the two-hundred dollars? Well, darn yes, I’m entitled to it. I gave you what you wanted, or rather, you took what you wanted. Two seconds pause. It’s your what? You call this your sexual fantasy? Eddie, listen to me, if you wanted a sexual fantasy like this we could have discussed it first and maybe I could have accommodated your wish in some play-acting role. I’m a men’s health and fitness advisor. I know about men’s sexual needs and fantasies. Next time we need to talk a lot in depth about your sexual needs, fetishes, urges, and sexual fantasies. Next time? That’s right, Eddie. I could end your client relationship but I’m willing to accept your apology because it looked like to me that you went totally out of control and I didn’t even think you were the same person.

I can tell you came to me because you have other needs and problems that you couldn’t or wouldn’t express and now I have a good idea of it. Also, in good faith you paid me for the sexual intercourse you asked me for and I was willing to give. We’ll need to talk in different counseling sessions, Eddie about controlling, no, better yet, managing your sexual needs and urges in a controlled yet fulfilling way because, Eddie, I don’t want some other woman getting hurt. If you need help and more release, I’ll help you get there, Eddie. It’s going to take some time and it’s going to cost more. Do you understand, Eddie? I know you’re going to want me again and we’ll take care of that my way, okay? Agreed? Good. Now Eddie, I need to clean myself up. You can see yourself out. When? Well, next appointment, make it this Friday afternoon, same time so we can get started on your health and fitness program which will include some time spent on your sexual health. Alright, go.

What are you doing, Eddie? You’re taking all my worn and soiled pantyhose off the wall pegs. And you’re taking my soiled black pantyhose here? Why do you want them? Oh wait, yes, I remember you love pantyhose especially my pantyhose. I know, I know, you love my bodily odors and fluids in the pantyhose. It doesn’t look like I can stop you so you’re going to take them all anyway. Uh, yes, that’s right there’s a couple in that waste basket if you want those, too. Two seconds. What are you looking at? What’s inside, oh my gawd, no, you found the used condom full of semen inside that pantyhose. Oh darn it. Please don’t take that, throw it away. You’re taking it all anyway. Well, Eddie, you’re not the first client that’s asked me for sexual intercourse and you’re not going to be the last, either. So please go, Eddie and I’ll see you this Friday.

Great. Exasperated. I’ve been talking to him standing here stark naked the whole time. Oh look down there. I’m just dripping semen out all over the floor. I can’t go home to Jeff like this. Have to get cleaned up first. I can’t tell Jeff anything. I love him and I don’t want him to know. Have to tell him everything went fine. My job carries its own occupational hazard.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.