The Bullman – Part 2

A fantasy from the past rekindles the flames of passion for a lonely farmer’s wife.


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I walked back to the house in slowly dawning shock. I was trembling. It was warm and humid but I was shaking.

I couldn’t really believe what I’d just done. I’d never cheated on my husband before. I don’t think I ever really even thought about it. Not in any direct or explicit way.

I opened the door and stepped inside to the warmth. Had I really just invited him up here and promised to dress up for him, in my wedding night lingerie? What was I thinking? I’d only ever slept with one man in my entire life.

I flashed back to only moments ago, when I’d been spread against the gate, blissfully impaled on the bullman’s huge cock.

Thinking about it made me feel a deep achy hollowness, tingly flutters of pure need and pins and needles prickled my body all over as I remembered the feel of him forcing his oversized cock inside me.

I was breathless, on the verge of a panic attack. I felt detached, outside of myself, in a dreamlike state.

“Oh Jesus Christ” I gasped out loud.

I rushed to the liquor cabinet and twisted the cap off a bottle of Doug’s Scotch. I poured two fingers into a glass and quickly downed it in one swallow.

Liquid fire ran down my throat, and burnt my belly. Tendrils of heat quickly followed, diffusing through my body in a warm soothing glow.

I breathed deeply, regaining slightly more composure. I felt entranced. I heard myself laugh.

“It’s about time you did something for you!” I said out loud, to myself.

I pressed my hand to my pussy, caressing delicately. I spoke to myself once again.

“You better get ready for him. He’s going to be here in a minute. He’s going to want to stick his cock into you again.”

I continued rubbing my pussy.

“He’s going to want to fuck you.”

My panties felt damp, oozy. His warm semen dribbled slowly from between my pussy lips, and soaked the crotch of my panties.

“You liked him, seeding your pussy, didn’t you.”

I quickly went upstairs to get ready. I knew exactly where everything was, even though it had been packed away for some time.

After locating the items, I quickly undressed then slipped on White stockings and suspenders.

Then White silk panties and bra.

Finally I had a long Ivory satin slip dress. It went all the way down to my ankles. It was slit up the left side, along the front of the left leg, right to my waist. There was a matching night gown. The whole ensemble was ludicrously expensive, and I couldn’t help but feel special.

Memories came flooding back also, memories of my wedding night with Doug. Disappointing memories.

As I walked to the wardrobe I could feel the satin rubbing against my stockings. It was so arousing. I slipped on my heels and was almost ready.

For a finishing touch I slipped on a garter, and pulled it up to my left thigh.

I admired myself in the mirror. I was flushed, my cheeks certainly needed no rouge. Despite the terror I felt, I couldn’t help smiling to myself, it still fit quite well. Maybe it was stretched a little more tautly across my hips and belly but I was still a vision in virginal White. The stocking top of my left leg was just visible through the slit.

I’m not sure how long it took me to get ready, maybe 20 minutes. I peeped out from the upstairs bedroom window, the Bullman was in no hurry it seemed. When he emerged into view he was talking on his cell phone. My stomach began flipping somersaults at the sight of him striding purposefully towards the house.

“Too late now” I said quietly to myself and hurried downstairs, unsure of how where I wanted to be when he came in.

I thought about lying on the kitchen table, leaning against the counter but, dressed as I was, it seemed strange. I settled for sitting on the kitchen table, my feet each resting on a separate kitchen chair so that, when he walked in, he’d have a partial view in between my slightly parted knees.

There was a knock at the front door.

“Come in” I called, my voice sounded croaky. “I’m in the kitchen” I added weakly.

His large rugged frame appeared in the doorway.

I tried to seem relaxed, composed but I was a wreck. Even breathing seemed difficult.

“Mmmm, very nice” he said.

His confident demeanor made me feel slightly less nervous.

“So very very sexy, but you’re missing one thing.”

“Am I? Tell me?” I asked nervously.

“Yes, your wedding ring.”

“Oh! I see.” I smiled anxiously.

As we conversed, I felt an undeniable insistence growing deep within me, radiating outwards from my core. His eyes roamed all over me.

I slipped off the table and walked slowly to the sink, where my ring was located in a small bowl on the window sill. God, what if someone were to see me through the window.

Mike followed me.

As I began to push the ring on to my finger. Mike stood at my side, perpendicular to the way I stood, facing me side-on.

I turned my head and looked in his eyes.

“How do I look now?” I asked softly, seeking his approval.

He reached out both hands, placed one on my back, just above my ass, the other on my hand, over my hand, caressing my fingers, my wedding ring, before sliding his fingertips slowly up my arm.

His fingertips continued on their journey, along my shoulder, then down to my breast, squeezing, caressing before flattening on my belly.

I was panting, struggling for breath.

He leaned in close to me and kissed my neck.

“You’re like a fantasy come to life” he whispered, his lip flecked my earlobe tenderly.

He had me sandwiched between his large hands, one flat on my back just above my ass, the other flat on my belly. His hands moved downwards together, one over my rear while the other moved down between my legs.

His touch was delicate, silken. Both his hands moved between my parted legs, one groping my pussy from behind, the other from the front.

A volley of thrills flared in my pussy.

Moans of elation burst from my mouth, as his fingertips mesmerized my pussy. My head fell back, juicy wet pleasure oozed from my slit.

“I want to stick my cock in you so unbelievably bad,” his fingertips dazzled my pussy with their magic.

His words, his touch had me aching, soaking my panties.

“I’ll bet you part you legs every chance you get, you filthy cheating slut wife.”

I turned to him, opening my mouth to deny the accusation, but no words came out, just another whimper of pleasure.

His fingers were thick, not stubby, but rounded at the tips, his nails bitten down almost to nothing. They were strong, workman fingers.

They pressed insistently into my slit, parting my lips through the wedding-night gown, through the silk panties. Some swirled around my clit, while others slid along my seeping gash, he worked me with both hands, playing me like a virtuoso.

He found the slit at the front of my dress and moved his hand inside. He tugged my panties down slowly to my ankles.

“Was it a night to remember the last time you wore this?” he spoke softly. “Did he fuck you like the goddess you are and make you come again and again?”

Just then the phone rang.

“That’ll be him now, why don’t you catch your breath before answering the phone?” The bullman smiled knowingly.

While I picked up, Mike began undressing. He removed his overalls and top to reveal a washboard stomach. He had black hair on his arms and some on his chest, very manly.

“Oh, Hi Doug, what’s up?”

“Are you OK, you sound out of breath.”

“Sure I was upstairs, I had to run for the phone.” The lie came easily, without thinking.

I watched Mike remove his jeans, socks and finally his boxers. He stood there completely naked.

“I’m not going to make it back tonight. I’be been offered a fantastic deal on some cattle. A guy called Jack Donovan, but I need to go to the his place to see them. He lives a few hours from here, in the wrong direction. He’s offered to put me up tonight. Warren says he is trustworthy.”

Mike had stepped up close again, resuming his side-on position.

“I see, when will you be back?” I stammered not knowing what to say as the Bullman slipped his hand inside the slit of my dress and ran the tip of his finger along my slit.

“All going well, I should be back by lunchtime tomorrow.”

I looked down at the Bullman’s cock. Jesus he was seriously hung.

“That’s fine honey” I replied, at the same moment as I felt the bullman’s thick finger slide inside my sopping pussy. Then I spotted my panties discarded by the sink, on the floor. It was so arousing, knowing his cock was mere moments from being inside me.

I closed my eyes and reached down to take hold of his semi-erect cock.

I pressed his cock to my belly and started rubbing it against the satin. I felt him increasing in size, growing rigid. I looked around, feeling a sense of unrealness.

“How is the AI guy working out?” Doug asked, his timing perfect. I looked at the bullman.

“Oh he seems good, he’s *real hard* at work.” He was completely rigid now, throbbing against the soft flesh of my belly.

“OK, well be sure to keep an eye on him.”

“Don’t worry Doug, I’ll make sure he’s….kept busy” I trailed off.

“See you tomorrow then honey. Be good.”

“You too” I answered and hung up.

I turned to face Mike.

“You wont believe this…”

“He won’t be home tonight.” The bullman was quick to interrupt me.

“How did you…”

“I called a close friend of mine, Jack Donovan, and asked him to do me a favor…I want you all to myself tonight. I want to stick my cock in you all night long.”

I felt suddenly weak, overcome with lust, like I would die if I had to wait another moment for the feel of him inside me.

We embraced suddenly, kissing hungrily. I was literally salivating as I tasted him. I wanted to drink him down, to swallow him whole.

I could feel a growing wet spot where his cock was pressed against me. There were trails of precum drooling from the tip and my hand was slimy from it.

I broke the kiss suddenly and began walking slowly backward. With my hand still grasping the base of his his cock, I lead him along with me.

I came to a sudden halt, bumping against the kitchen sink. I immediately parted my legs wide, and leaned back against the sink, stretching the slit in my dress wide.

He stood before me, his feet between mine. I stared into his eyes as I urgently guided his cock through the slit in my dress, up between my thighs, up to the saturated slit in my flesh.

“What are you waiting for? Stick your big bullman’s cock in me right now you dirty bastard” I demanded.

As his helmet delved into the folds of my slit I felt like I was suffocating. I was panting, hyperventilating as I lifted my right leg and wrapped it around behind him, as if desperately trying to climb onto his cock. Every part of me knew what I needed.

With a single Herculean thrust, the bullman drove his prodigious cock up inside me. The last breath was expelled from my gasping lungs by the impact.

“Uhhhhhhhh.” A shrill cried burst from me.

The relief was immediate, overwhelming. My eyes closed involuntarily. I was instantly drowning in oceans of pure bliss.

We leaned in close together, mouths agape, inhaling each other’s breath, lips brushing, tongues dancing as we voraciously devoured each other.

The dual sensations of his tongue inside my salivating mouth and his cock deep inside my convulsing wetness was incredible.

I thought he’d be rough, brutal, that he’d fuck me hard. But there was no need. There was so much intensity.

He surprised me with his intently deliberate advance as he patiently but inevitably immersed his bare erection further and further into my feverish pussy.

I bore down hard, desperately struggling to have his long length crammed all the way inside me.

My urgency soon abated. Something incredible was happening. I realized I was crying, at some point my pleasure had become a softly shimmering orgasm. I couldn’t pinpoint when. I had simply crossed the line, and was now moving further and further beyond it.

His micro-thrusts flooded me with increasingly concentrated pleasures that were endlessly ramping up. His tongue flecked against mine and I felt every sensation echoing in my pussy.

I was utterly entwined in him, locked onto him. I was coming, overflowing, but still my orgasm was intensifying, building and building.

The only way I can describe it is that it was like my entire body had become an gigantic orgasming clitoris, with an infinity of tongues that licked and lashed it at every point. Every tiny movement the bullman made was earth shattering. Tectonic plates shifted at my core, releasing enduring ripples of euphoria.

My pussy felt aqueous, fluid, it was adapting to his presence, becoming totally and utterly infused with his opulent flesh. We were now a single harmonious unity.

I had found paradise and it went on and on for heavenly hours.

At some point we collapsed, out of breath, in exhaustion. I slowly opened my eyes and drew my head slowly back, breaking our deadlocked kiss. We were lying on our sides, face to face in bed. I can honestly say I have absolutely no recollection whatsoever of moving from the kitchen, even to this day.

He must have carried me up the stairs but I couldn’t remember it. Had he drugged me?

The bedroom curtains were open and it was dusk outside. He was still hard inside me, still fully erect, all the way inside me, this stranger in my bed filling me with happiness. We lay there, looking at one another.

I just felt such a sense of mellow bliss, a warm glow all over me. Almost like I was stoned.

We didn’t talk at first, we just looked into each others eyes as we both caught out breath. Minutes drifted by. I cracked first.

“What time is it? And…”

“…What in the name of Christ did you do to me, that was un-fucking-believable?” I blurted.

We both burst into uncontrollable belly-aching laughter. The sudden bodily movement made me realize just how highly sensitive my pussy had become. It felt as if he had fused to me inside, and it hurt as I slid against him.

“Don’t you ever have tantric sex with your husband, Doug?” he asked, smiling knowingly.

Our voices were so soft, so mellow, soothing.

“I…no…I guess not!”

He made a tiny movement, another barely detectable micro-thrust.

“Ahhhaaaauuuhhh” I cried sharply, suddenly tottering on the brink of orgasm once more.

“It’s not over yet Mary. This is the eye of the storm.” He thrust again to reiterate his point, making my eyes and pussy water.

“Didn’t he even make the effort on your wedding night? I would’ve expected a long luxurious marathon of love making.”

“No Mike, he’d had a few too many drinks with his friends. He climbed on top of me, his sour whiskey breath in my face. He wanted to fuck me but could hardly get inside me. He couldn’t get fully erect. It was over as quick as it started.”

He rotated his hips and thrust again.

“Uhaaaaaahhh” I moaned softly.

“Well you seem to like it Mary.”

“How did you? Um, I mean, when did we come upstairs? I can’t remember it. Did you drug me or something?”

The Bullman laughed before answering my question.

“I carried you upstairs. To be honest you had me a little worried. I thought you were going to have a seizure or something.”

“What happened?”

“Your whole body went rigid and started spasming, jerking like crazy. At the same time your legs were completely limp. I think you were orgasming uncontrollably.”

“Oh my God.”

“It looked a little like you were being electrocuted. When I carried you upstairs, each step on the staircase seemed to send you more out of control, if that’s possible. You were kicking out and bucking wildly.”

“You were still inside me, still fucking me, when you carried me upstairs?” I asked, incredulous.

“Yes Mary, I had no idea how it might affect you if I pulled out of you and you were…in that state.”

“Jesus! I’m shocked! I’ve never…” I trailed off.

“You seemed to come back a little, to reach a plateau after we got in bed. It was, I don’t have words. It was sublime. How do you feel now?”

“I feel wonderful, absolutely amazing. So deeply relaxed. I feel on top of the world. I feel like I want you inside me forever and ever. Only…”

Mike raised his eyebrows, quizzically.

“I’m famished, I could eat a horse, and another one for desert.”

“Me too.” He laughed.

“Just how long were you fucking me exactly?” I smirked.

“I lost track of time too. I’d say it’s after 7 now though, it’s getting dark outside.” Unreality washed over me. He must have been fucking me for 5 or 6 hours.

I winced as he slowly withdrew, feeling distressed, as if part of me was being taken away. He sensed my anguish.

“Don’t worry, we have all night,” he reassured softly.

It felt very strange walking around in my wedding night get-up, cooking for a man I’d just met. We were like lovesick teenagers in some weird porn movie. He couldn’t keep his hands off me. I wondered if I could restrain myself long enough to cook the meal. I has starving, and my appetite for him was increasing ferociously with every second we were out of contact.

We wolfed down steaks with fried onions and oven fries. Just some quick fuel. It tasted fantastic. As we ate we talked some more. And that lead to some interesting discoveries for both of us.


johnnytee is my favorite author I have done recordings for. He contacted me years ago on Literotica and we have had many stories recorded since he wrote. He is very talented and I always love his works. Here are links to his pages on Climax Connection and Literotica.

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