An elderly man remembers the past sexual love he felt and shared for his wife, a loving and beautiful story.

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“Remembrance”  An 11 min 38 sec recording.

I remember what a woman’s flesh felt like. The soft warmth, the gentle curves, the swell of a breast, the ample fullness of the buttocks. I remember the feel of her body against mine, how we fitted together in sleep, my protective arm over her, my hand cupping her breast. I remember the impulsiveness of our youth, when we didn’t sleep, when the hunger of our bodies required an urgent coupling; and the intensity of our love, when we tenderly explored each other’s bodies and discovered the needs and gratifications of the flesh. I remember that the impulsiveness settled into contentment, the hunger became less urgent but our love remained deep and comforting.

Oh yes, it was some time ago, but I remember the feel a woman’s flesh, and want to feel it again.

To lie again with a woman, to kiss and let our tongues dance together, to see and feel again the beautiful softness of a breast, the nipple a hard bud in my hand. I would take the nipple onto my mouth, gently tease it with my tongue, a soft bite, a suck to raise it off the breast, to suck it hard then let it slip out of my mouth and PLOP back into place. I would put my hand on your other breast and fondle it, squeeze it and relax, roll this nipple in my fingers, pull it, feel it harden.

I kiss your breasts and kiss my way down your body, my hand preceding me, fondling, massaging, exploring the contours, every dip and hollow, every swell, the flatness of your belly, the narrowness of your waist and the swell of your hips. I kiss and lick you, I come to the depression of your navel. My fingers have already found and explored it, would you like my tongue to follow suit? I harden my tongue and press it in. You give a little murmur, you aren’t exactly moaning, but little growls of pleasure are escaping. While my tongue occupies your attention, my hand has wandered to the mound of your pubic area. It is completely bare. Smooth, soft, beautiful bare flesh. I pause here, my hand moving in small circles, side to side but not going lower, waiting for my tongue to catch up. Now your hips move, reflex action, an unconscious encouragement to my hand, but I still hesitate. This is a moment not to be taken lightly. I move my hand to the side, over your hip and onto your thigh while my mouth takes over. I kiss the swell of flesh while my hand moves over your thigh, massaging gently, mouth and hand so near your centre of pleasure but refusing your growing desire. I continue to kiss and lick, but my hand is getting closer, I move to your inner thigh, up and down and around, ever closer but still not touching what you want so much to be touched. Your movements are getting stronger, your breathing faster and coarser, moaning now, your desire mounting, so I have to satisfy it.

I let my hand lightly touch the lips of your vagina. A quick gasp, an in drawing of breath. I touch again and another gasp, I increase the touch, I am continually in contact now, moving along the beautiful crease between the folds of your lips, and I open them to let my finger slide inside. Your legs have involuntarily opened to allow more pleasure to flow in. My mouth moves down to give a first kiss to your vagina, but a kiss here is not enough, not for you or for me. I lick, and taste the first fruits of my actions. Your moans become more articulate, become almost words, but not words anyone can understand. My finger is now busy inside you, being joined by another one and moving gently in and out, my tongue has rolled itself into a tube and has penetrated into you, forcing itself ever deeper and feeling for your ultimate organ of sensuality. Your hips are moving strongly now, presenting yourself to my probing fingers, moving up to meet my down. I’m having difficulty keeping my tongue in your vagina, but I am determined to succeed. If you only knew how much you were delaying your final pleasure!

I have been lying by your side so far, but I decide that a more direct approach is now called for. I remove my mouth and fingers, and you let out a long quivering moan of despair at their loss. I quickly move round and open your legs to their fullest extent and kneel between them. I take hold of your hips and pull you towards me, raising you so that your bottom is resting on my knees. I lift your legs over my shoulders and this brings your beautiful naked vagina right up to my face. I regard it solemnly, taking in its beauty until your thrusting movements and your pleas to carry on make me bury my face in it once more and my fingers slide deeply inside again. You are more accessible now, my tongue can explore further and it finds it goal at last. Your clitoris! That mysterious fount of ultimate pleasure! You squeal, my tongue finds that small tube, like a woman’s small penis, coming out of its hood, swelling, increasing, hardening, my tongue dancing around it, my lips penetrating yours until they can take a hold on it, sucking it performing a kind of female fellatio on it. My fingers are also energetically working, giving you the penetration you need. You are moaning now, incoherently urging me on, letting me know the extent of the pleasure it is giving you. Moans, gasps, grunts, squeals, your hips performing a fandango on my shoulders as my lips and tongue continue to torment your clitoris, your passion rising, unstoppable, uncontrollable, until the dam bursts and overflows, taking you with it.

Your pleasure, your ecstasy, your transport to heaven, overwhelms you and you collapse, your legs going limp on my shoulders, your body slumping onto my knees. I let you rest a while, then gently remove your legs and move out from between them. You lie, exhausted, on the bed and I lie beside you, gentling you and petting you, allowing you to return to this world and glow in the remembrance of the one you just visited. I kiss you gently and you fall asleep. I doze with you. Some time later, you awake and turn to me and snuggle up. “Thank you darling, that was beautiful” you murmur, “Now it’s your turn, what can I do for you?” “No, my dear” I say, “Thank you for the thought, but I’m afraid time has taken its toll on me, and the old pleasures are gone. Now, my pleasure is in giving you pleasure, and believe me, I get almost as much enjoyment out of it as you do.” “I’m sorry,” you say. “Don’t be” I say, “if you want to reward me, let me come to you again”.

Ah, yes, I remember what a woman felt like.


The above story was written by another author I have done recordings for. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. This story is also posted on Climax Connection, which I own. No one else has permission to copy it or post it unless the author gives it to you.

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