Raped By My Son’s Best Friend

Kara, an attractive, 38-year old marketing and sales junior executive, is fortunate in her life, career, health, and mother of a wonderful, loving, talented 15-year old teenage son. Life takes a change when her son is befriended by a seemingly intelligent, equally talented, but slightly odd, 17-year old fellow student from the same high school. At first slightly bemused by her son’s new friend’s exceptional friendliness, Kara is unprepared for his dark turn into sexual obsession for her.


Because this story is long, I am posting it in several parts, so it might be easier for ones to listen to if they wish to come back to it and listen to different parts on different days sort of thing. In total it’s around 140 min long, so 2 hours and 20 min.

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Kara still turns the heads of men, young and old, when she walks by them. At 38 years of age, most observers would agree Kara looks more like a healthy, 33 year-old woman. Kara feels complimented by favorable comparisons to known celebrities. Friends and colleagues say Kara resembles Alison Eastwood, the actress. Some include the actress Bridgette Wilson. Others think Kara has some resemblance to the former television hostess, Mary Hart. Like those beautiful women back in their prime, Kara has similar straight blond hair just below her shoulders. She is the same height as actress Alison, 5 feet, 8 inches and possesses similar bodily curves now more accentuated with middle age. Kara’s face still shows the beauty of her early 30s and her striking aquamarine eyes are the same. More, Kara possesses long, shapely legs that could compete with Mary Hart. While not slender and slim as in her 20s, Kara’s figure is more hour glass shaped now, her breasts a full 34D and her buttocks tantalizingly rounder. Because Kara works in the telecommunications industry she wears professional woman clothing styles which embrace occasional short skirts that highlight shapely legs usually clad in sheer pantyhose. Kara, successful in her telecommunications career, a proud, single mother of a well-behaved, polite, intelligent teenage son, Eric, has every reason to be happy.

Kara’s personal life took a turn one afternoon of which she would not recognize it as such until far later. Entertainment Program Scheduler at a local television network studio, Kara found herself that afternoon mulling over choices for an empty time slot on late night television several weeknights hence when her cellphone’s twinkling wind chimes signal sounded. It was the vice-principal from her teenage son’s high school, a respected, public high school with a good reputation for a quality education, sports, and extra-curricular activities.

Kara listened, concerned, as the vice-principal informed her of her son’s involvement in an altercation. Evidently it involved one of the high school girls. Her supposed boyfriend, or so it was claimed, became irate at the growing involvement she was allegedly showing to Eric.

Shortly after the school day, the supposed boyfriend and his friend confronted Eric. It appeared the two boys intended to assault Eric. There were student witnesses present who observed the confrontation. During the confrontation, another student intervened, a 17-year old junior classmate named, Mike, who was a transfer high school student just new to the high school. Mike demanded the two boys back off and when they refused, a scuffle broke out. Mike knew basic boxing and knocked down the boyfriend. Just then a teacher arrived on the scene who had witnessed the scuffle.

The four boys involved ended up in the principal’s office. After investigation, three of the boys received school suspensions. Because Mike was shown to be defending a victim of bullies, his suspension was only three days. Eric, being the victim of bullies, would not be punished.

That was the day Eric and Mike became close friends, despite their age difference. What made one difference was that Mike was in the junior class instead of the seniors due to his delay in high school, which no one appeared to know the exact, explicit reason or reasons, even Eric. So it wasn’t too incompatible for a sophomore and a junior to befriend each other and socialize together. As Kara soon learned, Eric had helped Mike on his schoolwork during and after school which is why a grateful Mike came to her son’s rescue. This would help set the stage for Mike’s entrance into Kara and Eric’s lives.

Eric invited Mike over to his mother’s house. Mike happily accepted because Eric could continue helping him with schoolwork. Also like almost all very young males in that age range they shared an interest in videogames. It turned out that Eric and Mike shared the same interest in a number of videogames. While Mike’s video gaming interests remained with standalone videogame consoles, Eric had long progressed into the realm of Internet video gaming. This was something new and fascinating to Mike, even though he barely knew of its existence.

Late in the afternoon, Kara returned home and as she entered the house she saw two young men deeply involved in a video game which she learned was, ‘The Warriors’, based off the iconic, popular action movie, “The Warriors” from 1979 in which a Coney Island second-in-command gang leader regroups his gang members after the leader is killed in a New York City convocation of youth gang representatives. From there the Warriors must fight their way back to the safety of Coney Island in the dark of night in unfamiliar territory. It wasn’t Eric’s game CD. Mike had brought over the game CD and even though it was an old CD game from 2006, both boys thoroughly enjoyed it as Kara stood nearby watching. Mike looked up at Kara, smiled and said, hello. Kara smiled and coughed audibly for the benefit of Eric. It caught his attention.

“Oh, hi mom. This is Mike. He’s the one that helped me out at school.” Eric looked at their school backpacks on the coffee table. “We’re going to do homework later on.” Eric assured his mother.

Kara strode directly to Mike who respectfully stood up, still smiling. Extending her hand, she expressed gratitude. “Thank you so much, Mike, for coming to the aid of my son. I don’t know what might have happened if you hadn’t been there.” Mike shook Kara’s offered hand and she clasped both hands on his to emphasize her appreciation. Kara offered Mike a cold soda which he accepted and she walked off into the kitchen. Mike continued looking at Kara from behind as she walked by, silently observing her face, her clothing, taking note of her figure, the business suit skirt, which ended some two inches above the top of the knee, and her legs, most of what he could see were her calves, and the smooth, barely shiny texture of the pantyhose nylon and lycra material encasing her legs like a second skin.

Mike remarked to his younger friend, “Your mom’s real good-looking.”

Kara returned with two, cold cans of root beer for the boys and a diet Pepsi for herself. She sat on a sofa chair that was 90 degrees to the wall sofa the boys sat on. The boys kept their video game on pause as for the next fifteen minutes or Eric recounted the events of the recent afterschool altercation and Mike’s intervention. After that introduction it was between Kara and Mike, exchanging pleasantries to get acquainted. Mike sat closest to Kara to speak with her. During the conversation, his eyes remained mostly on Kara’s beautiful, smooth white complexioned face and blue eyes and his eyes frequently darted down to look at her crossed thighs and calves. Her leg crossed over the other, her skirt had ridden further up to expose much of her pantyhose covered thighs, which Mike frequently chanced a glance at. This was not lost on Kara. But she was used to an adult lifetime of men admiring her legs everywhere she went. She noticed Mike’s admiring looks and her woman’s instincts sensed the young man’s physical interest, but Kara mentally accepted it as normal male behavior and did not think much further than that.

From that initial meeting, things seemed to progress normally. Kara’s womanly and social instincts sized up Mike as well as she might. He appeared to be just at 6 feet tall. His looks were unique. Mike looked to be Caucasian, but not totally. Too polite to inquire openly, Eric later told his mother that Mike was a true Heinz 57 blend of ethnicities, being mostly English, Welsh, Scottish, but with some Jamaican and Lebanese added into the mix. Kara mentally noted, that explains his close-cropped curly dark brown hair and his very light olive skin complexion. Along with his green eyes, Mike actually looked attractive. For a while Kara kept thinking Mike resembled someone she had seen before. It took some time before the memory emerged. She had watched a movie years ago, “The Human Stain”. One of the main actors was a multi-racial man, whose real-life name is Wentworth Miller. Mike bore a faint resemblance.

His physique resembled that of a professional swimmer. He had broad shoulders, flat stomach, narrow waist and hips. For a young man of his height, his legs seem to look a tad short in proportion. On the contrary, his arms seemed to be longer than typical. He was not muscular in the weight-lifter sense but he had muscle tone. His forearms were thick and corded with sinew. Kara mused to herself, overall her son’s friend tended to remind her of a sleek panther’s build. His walking gait even reminded her of a sleek panther padding about. There was a sense of immense masculine strength and power in Mike. There seemed to be no fat on the young man’s body, only whipcord muscle, tense sinews, and skin. Kara’s female instincts told her that here was a young man who exuded cat-like reflexes, agility, strength, possibly equivalent ferocity, a man who could hurt others if he wanted. Still, Mike by all intents and purposes, appeared amiable and friendly enough. He continued to be supportive of Eric, which Kara appreciated. Early on she harbored concern due to their age difference and that the older boy might dominate the younger. Yet Mike treated Eric respectfully and continued to provide the support and protection of an older brother. Kara came home from work to find Eric and Mike as usual engrossed in computer games.

“Did you boys do any homework, yet?” inquired Kara. She didn’t want to come off as demanding but she wanted to make sure the boys were reminded of higher priorities.

“Mike saved my butt again.” Eric announced. Kara stopped where she was and stared. Eric recounted the incident after school when they were skateboarding around the neighborhood. Eric was about to skate out into the street when Mike grabbed his arm and held him back. At that second a motorcyclist roared past, noticeably above the posted street speed limit. Eric avoided a street collision in which he would have been the dire loser.

“Eric!” stammered Kara. “I keep telling you to be more careful on skateboards and bicycles by watching where you’re going. You could have been killed or seriously injured.” Kara hesitated then, gathering herself and maintaining emotional self-control. She understood that she should feel happiness, not anger, that her son’s life was saved.

“Mike, please come here. I want to thank you so much for saving my son, Eric. That’s twice you’ve come to his aid.”

Mike stood up, smiling awkwardly, perhaps with some embarrassment. Kara took two steps forward and embraced him. “Thank you so much for watching out for Eric. I really am grateful to you, Mike. You’re like an older brother to him.” Kara kissed the young man on his cheek. Mike patted and rubbed Kara’s back.

“It’s all good, Miss Kara. I was right there and heard the oncoming motorcycle even though a parked van blocked the street view. Eric’s a nice guy. I’ve got his back.”

Kara gratefully replied, “I am so grateful for…” She felt Mike’s embrace draw her firmer to him so that her chest pressed upon his. One of his hands rubbed the small of her lower back while she felt his other open hand press lightly on her hip bone, his fingers resting on the side of her buttock. Mike added, “Hey, Miss Kara, it’s all good. No worries.” Mike reciprocated Kara’s kiss with his on her cheek and more. He shifted his face and kissed her on her lips. Kara was taken by surprise as she didn’t expect that and she froze for several moments which Mike used to kiss her lips twice more. She felt his lower hand slide over to lightly caress her buttock. Mike’s back was to Eric, still sitting on the sofa, watching the television screen and nothing else, which was good.

Kara felt deeply surprised but not as shocked as she might have expected herself. As a fully grown mature woman in her late thirties, she’d experienced an adult lifetime of amorous males embracing her and trying to impart their passion on her. She should not be so surprised of a 17-year old young man, at the peak of his virility to automatically experience some physical attraction to a grown, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, woman. She could be outraged at the unwanted intimacy thrust upon her by this young man. But hesitating thoughts restrained any of that as Kara considered the debt she owed Mike for possibly saving his life and being the best friend her son ever had. More, Kara did not consider herself confrontational but supportive and caring. She decided to be discrete and give Mike a pass on this one.

Kara smiled and gently pushed away from Mike. “Well, yes, I’m still going to be happy that you’re there to give him your support whenever he needs it.” Kara sighed loudly and clasped her hands. “Well okay…I’m going into the kitchen to start dinner and then I’m going to get changed out of my work clothes. I’ll talk you all later.” Kara left the boys and headed towards the kitchen. Without thinking of it she turned her head and glanced back. Mike was still standing there, smiling at her. In the kitchen Kara placed her handbag on the kitchen island. She pulled off her blazer jacket then retrieved a cold bottle of water from the refrigerator. She’d already decided that dinner was going to be easy to make with minimal fuss. Hamburger Helper, macaroni, cheese, and ground beef was one of Eric’s favorites. A can of peas heated up on the stove and a pan of oven-baked Ready-to-Bake biscuits should make a decent supper.

Kara had pulled a packet of ground hamburger from the refrigerator and as she turned around there was Mike standing at the far edge of the kitchen island. He tried to look relaxed and smiled.

Kara was surprised, “Oh! Mike! Hey, uh, hi. Is there something…”

Mike interrupted, “No, no, Miss Kara, I came in here to see if there was anything I could do to help.”

Kara politely declined. Everything was in order. Mike remained where he was, not leaving but not advancing towards her. They began a friendly conversation of pleasantries, how was high school, Mike’s interests and hobbies. On his own personal and family background, Mike offered little information, preferring to talk about anything than that and Kara sensed it. Eventually, somehow, the conversation turned around to Kara. Mike complimented Kara on her good looks, shapely legs, nice figure, trying to politely phrase it as a function of good physical exercise. Kara accepted the compliments in good nature, despite the focus on her physical beauty. She told Mike that she was fond of aerobics and credited it with keeping her in decent health and physical shape. Mike inquired of Kara as to what exercise attire did she typically wear while practicing aerobics. Kara replied that she most often wore leotards and tights. She soon realized Mike had an interest in her clothing and underwear. Mike complimented Kara on her nylons and asked if it was pantyhose. When Kara confirmed pantyhose, Mike asked a series of follow-on questions about her pantyhose, politely complimenting her on the effectiveness of pantyhose making her legs look smooth and flawless.

His pantyhose inquiries puzzled Kara as Mike seemed to know and want to know more about pantyhose than the typical male. Kara was a world-wise mature woman who knew from personal experience, talks with friends, and research that men frequently harbored selectiveness for articles of feminine clothing, lingerie, and underwear. Almost all men liked sexy panties and thongs, and especially if those were worn. She’d met a guy or two who was into worn bras. She assumed many guys liked nylons, specifically the thigh-hi’s and garter belts. Pantyhose was not even a mystery. She discovered long ago that there were men who loved pantyhose on women. Some of her girlfriends corroborated that, but the pantyhose lovers were few and far between.

Mike continued to ask his questions, self-aware that he should do so in a casual, friendly demeanor. He wanted to know Kara’s favorite pantyhose colors, styles, brands, and type, such as sheer-to-waist. He then tried to inquire in an off-hand manner if she preferred wearing pantyhose with nothing underneath.

Kara was by now uneasy at the personal depth of Mike’s questions. She politely answered, trying to frame answers in a third person so as not to be too open about her underwear.

Mike learned that Miss Kara preferred nude and tan color tones with off-black for special occasions. She preferred sheer-to-waist pantyhose and as for wearing it without anything else.

Kara discretely pointed out to Mike that pantyhose were invented to be just that, panty and hosiery, which should obliquely answer his question. By now Kara knew she had allowed herself too far into this personal topic than she should have. She excused herself from Mike to return to her bedroom to change into comfortable house clothing, thereby ending the discussion.

The next morning Kara prepared to leave the house for work. She unplugged her cell phone from its charger and placed it inside her handbag. She hesitated, uncertain what made her do so. What was amiss? She rummaged into the handbag. Nothing missing, except, she wasn’t sure. Wasn’t there an old, worn pantyhose or two balled up and stashed away? Kara didn’t recall for certain if she had already disposed of the nylons or not. She shrugged. She needed to get going otherwise the morning traffic commute would be heavier the longer she delayed.

Over the following weeks, Mike regularly visited Eric, usually after school, for a few hours. He would discretely leave not long after Kara returned home. Kara would recall Mike usually looking up and greeting her with a smile, his eyes following her as she passed by. Sometimes Mike would try to start up a chat with her and it was usually all small talk.

In her bedroom, Kara gratefully stripped off her blazer jacket, unbuttoned and pulled off her blouse, unzipped her short skirt and dropped it down and deposited her working clothes on her bed. She kept her pantyhose on longer. Kara glanced in the bedroom mirror at her body. She was trying something new, going braless, following a quiet fashion trend set by millennial women in the belief the bare breasts were comfortable and natural and the current thought that a bra might actually be unnecessary. She lifted her C cup size breasts up, the nipples protruding out. She agreed. Bare breasts were more comfortable and cooler in the warm summer days. She felt that it was not visually obvious that she was braless under her blouse. She wasn’t wearing snug or skintight upper garments that would reveal that.

Kara admitted silently to herself that it was a naughty feeling but it was comfortable and felt feminine. She would keep trying the braless experiment going for a while longer. Kara looked more and noted she was dressing almost totally commando every morning. Her only underwear was her sheer-to-waist nude or tan pantyhose. She never felt the necessity or need to wear a panty underneath and didn’t quite understand why a few other woman pantyhose wearers did. Most of her girlfriends and female colleagues didn’t wear pantyhose except on special occasions but she knew most of them didn’t wear panties under their pantyhose. Kara examined her pantyhose in the mirror for snags, runs, and holes. No one else knew that she usually wore a cheap, generic brand of nude and tan sheer-to-waist pantyhose, cheap because the pantyhose didn’t have the typical crotch panel gusset which lowered the cost. The pantyhose were solid nylon. But the cheap pantyhose didn’t last long and damaged easier so Kara had to frequently throw away damaged pantyhose. Replacing those was inexpensive, however. Yet Kara did keep a number of better pantyhose such as L’eggs Sheer Energy and Hanes brands for special occasions.

Kara glanced into the bedroom trash bucket and thought she had left several damaged, worn pantyhose but there were none so she assumed she must have emptied it. Kara considered herself generally a neat person but not 100%. She sometimes left clothing articles still lying around and especially worn pantyhose since she frequently wore it. She could be amiss in doing something about the growing collection of worn pantyhose lying around her bedroom, bed, and bathroom. But lately there was less and less of her worn pantyhose visible around her bedroom. To be sure Kara initially didn’t notice it and when she did it did not register that much in her mind. Later Kara would see just a few pantyhose here and there and ponder it, but she had more important things to concern herself with.

What Kara didn’t know was that Mike had been collecting her worn pantyhose, starting with her purse. He would sometimes excuse himself from Eric, leaving him in the living room preoccupied with an active video game. Mike would quietly enter Kara’s bedroom and regale himself with the sight of so much of her worn pantyhose lying about. There were worn, pungent pantyhose on her dresser, draped on the mirror, on the side of her bed, under the bed, in the trash bucket, and even in the closet on the ground. Her bathroom was another treasure trove of pantyhose. Miss Kara did wash her pantyhose, some of it, and left it hanging on the shower curtain rail or on a towel rack. Mike did not touch those. Those pantyhose would be noticed missing plus those were cleaned and didn’t have Miss Kara’s bodily and feminine odors embedded. Mike collected only a select few at a time. He started with Kara’s discarded pantyhose in the trash and those lying where it was least observable, such as under the bed or the side or in the closet. He initially left the worn pantyhose lying out in the open alone. Miss Kara tended to keeping adding to the worn pantyhose left around her bedroom which was otherwise neat and tidy except for a few left-out clothing articles and shoes. Eventually Mike would start helping himself to the worn pantyhose left out in the open but he was careful to limit himself to just a few. He was not going to make it obvious by taking all the worn pantyhose.

Mike was delighted to discover something else; Miss Kara’s worn exercise leotards and shiny, tan exercise pantyhose. He was able to filch only two of her worn exercise leotards because one was underneath the bed and another underneath her dresser. He usually found the worn exercise pantyhose with it or close by. A jackpot appeared one afternoon when Mike found a worn exercise bra and panty in Kara’s bedroom. The black color exercise bra and panty resembled bikini swim wear, only of thicker spandex and Lycra material. It was something a beach volleyball woman might wear. The exercise bikini bottom crotch area was discolored with a few musky stains. Mike took those too. Soon he amassed a collection of Miss Kara’s worn pantyhose and some worn exercise leotards. At night, in the quiet privacy of his bedroom, Mike would retrieve the box holding his prize collection. He would retrieve the pantyhose to examine and fondle the nylons, pressing the crotch area to his face to savor the musk feminine scent.

Many of the pantyhose had no crotch panel, just solid nylon. A few were nicer Sheer Energy, Hanes, No Nonsense, Calvin Klein, and Danskin. He could count on most of the hose bearing bodily traces of her femininity and womanhood. Mike kept separate in the box a bunch of special-damaged pantyhose. A few had the crotch area ripped open; these were mostly the cheap pantyhose with no crotch panels and there was a No Nonsense pantyhose with a ripped crotch panel gusset too. The other several damaged pantyhose were the nicer Sheer Energy and Hanes. One such pantyhose looked like a scissors carefully snipped the crotch panel in the middle from bottom to top of the oval-shaped crotch panel. Another one had its entire oval crotch panel snipped off from within the elastic oval seam. There were a few special ones he loved the most. These were the worn pantyhose whose nylon crotch area or the crotch panels had been soaked with and now stiffened with pungent, dried male semen.

During their many video game sessions at Eric’s house, Mike took advantage of the young boy’s trust and naivete to inquire more about his beautiful, 38-year old mother. In this way Mike came to learn much more about the personal life of Miss Kara. Mike learned that Kara had an active social dating life because men still looked upon her as beautiful, physically attractive and sexually appealing. There was more to looks. Kara was highly intelligent, friendly, conversational, and very feminine, all the more appealing to men who were much younger to men who were older. Eric told Mike that his mother still hoped to remarry with the right man. Even though she came close to finding the right man on several occasions, the problem arose of commitment to marriage. Eric added that he supported his mother and wanted her to be happy. He didn’t object to his mother’s active dating life because he understood that his mother wanted to be married and happy again. It seemed that Kara attracted attractive men in her telecommunications career, those who worked within as management and those associated with it such as men from the entertainment industry. Kara’s career brought her into contact with a lot of men of notable career and social backgrounds from the telecommunications industry, Hollywood studio types, and celebrities and notables being interviewed in the television studio. Eric continued innocently that he had seen a lot of the men who dated his mom because they would stop by the house to pick her up for a dinner date or some social event. Sometimes Kara would date a certain man for a period of time until for one reason or another it ended.

Mike was fascinated and listened intently. Being an avid listener encouraged Eric to speak more. His mother dated usually white men. But in later years she became more liberal minded. Eric remembered his mother going on a dinner date several times with an Asian American man who owned a company that manufactured fascinating glass windows that could switch from transparent to opaque at the press of an electrical switch. His mother had met the man during television studio interview negotiations and during the interview tour. Eric recalled the most memorable date his mother accepted was with a black man who was a television channel news sportscaster. He had been a college star football player and later a football player in the NFL for a few years. The handsome black guy showed up at the house in his snazzy, gleaming sports car, dressed in very fine men’s attire, well-groomed and shaven, even his eyebrows professionally shaped and smelling strongly of high-priced men’s cologne. Then again, Eric considered, his mother never dated bums. All her dates were sophisticated men of means.

As Mike achieved Eric’s deeper trust, he learned more. Kara sometimes brought her date home overnight. Eric and his mother had an understanding between them. Eric was discrete and non-inquisitive, asking no questions about what his mother was doing. It helped greatly that Eric had made his room in the spacious attic, giving him a wide berth of open space and privacy that teenagers crave. And it meant that his mother enjoyed her full privacy, essentially having the whole downstairs house to entertain whomever she chose. Not every man she dated received an invitation to visit after the date or to stay the night with her. Eric was only fifteen years old, naïve still in many ways, yet mature enough to comprehend and accept that his mother had her own female ways that she needed to do. When Mike ventured further inquiry into Kara’s activity with the individual men who stayed the night, he immediately encountered Eric’s discomfort and reticence. Mike understood he had reached Eric’s limit and pulled back. On his own Mike understood Miss Kara more. She had an active social life and an active sex life. It made sense. Kara was still very attractive and sexually appealing to men. She was in her thirties, supposedly the time period where women are at their highest sexual peak. It was clear, Kara liked men. She may have desired marriage yet in the meantime she still had her sexual needs to satisfy. Kara was quite aware of her value to men and given her own social and economic standing, she would seek the best quality of men and it made sense. There may have been men she met who could have qualified as prospective marriage partners but failed to measure up to her other male standards for virility, good looks, and masculine charisma.

On the other hand those who met those standards may have fell short in the other categories. Mike felt excitement. This beautiful, fine, ripe mature woman he enjoyed looking at was classy and sophisticated and still liked her men when and where she would select them. Her sex life must be active and strong Mike calculated. She embraced variety and spice as he evinced from the ripped and cut pantyhose he collected. The worn pantyhose with dried seminal fluid on the crotch panel gussets intrigued him. He wasn’t certain how that came about. Where and when during the day or evening would a sexual tryst occur between Miss Kara and a man, yet that required she pull back on her pantyhose and clothes? Did Kara meet a man at her home during the day when Eric was at school? Was it at her workplace or somewhere else? These were enticing sexual mysteries that arouse Mike even more. Mike knew more about girls than Eric. He knew that girls could play hard-to-get with the general male types but when the right stud came along the same girl could be very easy to get.

It was a weekday early in the evening that Mike was at Kara’s house, playing video games with Eric. Kara had already returned home and was in her bedroom. Mike excused himself from Eric. He walked quietly towards Kara’s bedroom, easy to do since he removed his sneakers while playing video games. Reaching the bedroom, he saw the door slightly ajar, not fully closed enough to engage the catch. At the door he could hear the sounds from a television. Gently pushing the bedroom door so that it opened just an inch, Mike peered inside with one eye.

Kara stood near the opposite end of the bedroom, her back towards the door. She had been undressing. The sound of the television evening news filled the room. Kara had just pulled off her short skirt and tossed it on her bed. She was just about naked except for her sheer-to-waist pantyhose, no panties underneath, showing everything she had. She kept her pantyhose on as she proceeded to do some slow, relaxing stretches. Mike dared to push the door further open so he could watch Miss Kara with both eyes. The tan color of her sheer pantyhose contrasted with the pale tone skin tone of the rest of her body. Mike felt ecstatic and sexually excited. At times Kara turned to the sides and he saw her unsupported breasts swinging and flopping around, the dark pink nipples sticking out. Kara spread her feet wide apart and bent over, touching the floor. Her back faced Mike and he examined everything Kara had under her sheer pantyhose, which meant her entire vulval labia folds. Mike’s good eyesight stood him well this time. He peered closer and noticed the white cotton string of a tampon between her labia. Her pantyhose made it difficult not to slide on the carpet so Kara stood up and began tugging her pantyhose down. Once she removed it, Kara unraveled the pantyhose, and seeing a small run in the front decided to toss it in the waste basket next to the dresser.

Kara spread her feet again and started slow stretches to the front, sides, and back and waist turns. Mike remained watching raptly, still excited with his unbelievable luck and what he was observing, a beautiful, shapely, stunning, middle-aged blonde, blue-eyed woman in the prime of her beauty, in all of her naked feminine glory, revealing everything of her womanhood. He took in the sight of Kara’s gleaming, well-shaped, white thighs and calves from the back. If Kara’s wondrous sexy legs were not the best he’d ever appreciated, then her legs ranked among the best. Mike’s eyes widened as he watched. Kara bent over low, hands reaching behind to rub her inner thighs until they reached her womanhood. With both hands her fingers spread her labia apart. Her fingers spread her labial lips wide apart and rubbed inside the tender pink flesh, the opening of her vagina revealed. Mike appreciated that Miss Kara had an overall big pussy which he liked, causing him an erection. Her fingers fumbled for the white cotton string, finally gripping it between thumb and forefinger. She pulled slowly and steadily until the white tip of the tampon emerged from her vagina. She pulled further and the length of a size large, shiny wet, white tampon length emerged until it fell completely out. Mike saw that the tampon was a large one but he was more surprised that it was totally white and not red as expected. He did not yet realize the connection of Miss Kara wearing a sheer-to-waist pantyhose with no cotton crotch panel, no panties and to the tampon which essentially performed the function of both but internally.

One Saturday morning, Mike showed up with his bicycle. Both young men planned to undertake some recreational bicycling outside the neighborhood. Mike excused himself and walked to Kara’s bedroom and knocked several times on the door. Kara opened the door. Mike observed that she had been exercising. She wore a fuchsia-color, one-piece, sleeveless, shiny Lycra leotard. Her legs were clad in shiny, tan, exercise pantyhose. White sports sneakers covered her feet which had red socks on but pulled down for a wrinkled look. Her appearance was classic 80’s aerobics, which had made a small comeback not too long ago.

Kara appeared at the door, breathing deeply and perspiring but she still smiled. “Good morning, Mike. What is it? Do you need something?” Mike appreciated Miss Kara could be so pleasant and friendly even though he sensed she didn’t want to be interrupted during her workout.

Mike greeted Kara warmly. “Good morning, Miss Kara. No, everything’s okay. Eric and I are about to take off bicycling for a couple of hours. But before we leave, I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday, even though I’m a little late.”

“Oh, Mike that was a week ago. But that is sweet of you. Thank you.”

Mike lifted his hand which held a small, thin, rectangular box. “And this is for you.”

Kara objected, “Mike, no… you don’t have to give me anything.”

Mike retorted, “Please, Miss Kara, I’d still like you to accept it. You’ve been so nice and hospitable to me.”

“Well, Mike you’ve been such a good friend to my son, that is why you’re welcome in my home. Alright, step inside my room for a second.” Kara accepted the slim, white cardboard box and lifted the lid. Inside was a gold-plated, chain necklace and a matching bracelet. While Kara looked at the jewelry, Mike’s eyes wandered up and down Kara’s body, taking in every curve, from her beautiful, heart-shaped face and fine features to her breasts, unencumbered with any bra under the leotard so that he could observe the outline of the nipples down her smooth stomach to her fine hips and the faint outline of a cameltoe between her thighs, outlining the labia joining at the pudendal cleft, down more to her shapely shiny pantyhose clad thighs and calves then up again in just seconds.

Kara felt somewhat taken aback and self-conscious at the unexpected gift from her son’s best friend, just a young man, a teenager really. It was a nice-looking gold chain. She assumed it was only gold-plated but it didn’t matter because it appeared like gold. The design of the chain was a common style but one that she liked. She could actually envision herself wearing the gold chain and bracelet. She gave Mike an appreciative hug and kissed him on the cheek next to his lips.

“Thank you, Mike. I can actually see myself wearing this. And thank you for being such a loyal friend to Eric.”

Mike enjoyed the embrace and prolonged it for all he could. He rubbed and patted her back while expressing a long welcome to stretch out the mutual hug. He enjoyed the sensation of Kara’s full breasts pressed against his chest, thinking he could feel both nipples. He then had his hands on Kara’s hips lightly rubbing up and down, feeling the leotard and exercise pantyhose material while his extended fingers felt the outside curve of her buttocks. As Kara kissed Mike on the cheek near his lips, Mike seized his opportunity, kissing the corner of her lips and then planting two quick kisses in succession on the lips. Kara’s lips parted to speak and Mike’s third kiss found his teeth making contact with her front teeth. More, Mike felt the tip of his tongue make momentary contact with her tongue as she was about to speak.

Kara deftly slipped her face to the side of Mike’s head. She hugged him firmer and patted him on the back. “Oh my, Mike, not so much. That’s a lot of welcome from you.” She didn’t sound offended, though. Still smiling, Kara gently removed Mike’s hands from her hips.

“Okay, okay, that’s fine. Thank you, Mike. Now you two, young men enjoy your bicycling but remember to wear your helmets and watch for the traffic. Call me if anything happens. Be sure to come back by 4:00 pm. I’ll be going out later on today.”

Just a few weeks later, Eric participated in a voluntary, weekend, school-sponsored camping excursion. Eric departed with his fellow camping students directly after school that Friday afternoon on a chartered school bus. Kara would be alone until Eric returned on the Sunday afternoon.

Kara returned home Friday evening, with no plans other than relaxing and reviewing some work files and scheduling on her laptop over the weekend. She had no date for the weekend and currently she wasn’t seeing any man. It was unfortunate timing, Kara thought to herself because she had the entire house to herself and she was beginning to miss the company of a man. Maybe she might reach out and contact someone from a previous date. Kara sat on the sofa, thumbing idly in her mail, considering her options. She actually felt a twinge of loneliness and a urge of female biological need. Nothing I can do about that now, she sighed to herself. Moments later her lonely introspection was interrupted by knocking at the door. She heard a familiar voice muffled behind the door. Peering through the door viewer she confirmed it was her son’s friend, Mike.

Kara opened the door. “Hello there, Mike. Good afternoon, how’s everything? You know that Eric is on a weekend camping trip with some of his classmates?”

Mike smiled widely. “Good afternoon, Miss Kara. Everything’s fine. Yeah, I know about Eric. I just stopped by to return these video game CDs I borrowed from him.”

Mike held up his hands holding several CD cases.

“Alright. I’ll just take these and …” Mike interrupted. “Miss Kara, Eric told me that I could borrow a couple of his video games for the weekend. Would it be okay if I pick them up now?”

Kara nodded, “I don’t see why not, Mike. Come inside and take it. I take it you know which ones you want?”

“Yes, Miss Kara.” Mike followed Kara inside, close behind. He quietly shut the door behind him. Kara reached the wooden coffee table in front of the sofa. She bent over to lay the game CD cases on it.

“Oh this coffee table is a mess. I’ll have to straighten it out. Eric left some game disks here. I don’t know if these are it.” As she bent over, her skirt, which was several inches above her knee, rode higher up, exposing the top of her thighs.

Mike was right behind Kara and he silently crouched down. He asked, “What are the titles, Miss Kara? Those might be it.”

“Uh, well, Mike, I don’t know. Maybe you should take a look yourself, but there are several.” Mike asked Kara again to read out the disk titles and she complied. As Kara murmured off the title of each game disk, Mike used the distraction to peer up her skirt.

Mike used a forefinger to lift up the hem of her skirt higher so that he could view everything. He was rewarded. As he anticipated, Miss Kara was wearing a sheer-to-waist, light tan pantyhose. It was his day for good fortune. She wasn’t wearing a panty underneath and the pantyhose did not have a crotch panel gusset. It was total solid, see-thru nylon. He was treated to an awesome carnal display of a ripe woman, her smooth thighs, the roundness of her buttocks and at the confluence of thighs and buttocks emerged her beautiful, plump, completely waxed, bare labial lips pressed together to form her womanly pudendal cleft. There were a few dull, whitish stain spots on the pantyhose crotch area but Mike could see, ‘everything’. Mike neared his face as close as possible to her posterior. Kara had been active all day long and naturally Mike smelled a mixture of bodily and feminine odors, some unpleasant yet the strong musky scent of her femininity came thru and filled his nostrils. And as he appreciated the fine, carnal aspects of Miss Kara’s womanhood, he felt the stirrings of his manhood. Mike felt the overwhelming urge to touch her, to feel her, to tear open that pantyhose and expose whole her bare pussy for himself. Closer to her still, till the tip of his nose contacted the pantyhose over her labia majora. He gently pressed his nose over her labia and rubbed. Mike inhaled the musk depths of her vagina.

Mike’s youthful, panther-like reflexes worked in his favor. Miss Kara straightened herself up and Mike silently sprang to his feet. She turned around to Mike, who was standing right in front of her. Kara gazed quizzically at Mike. Why was he standing so close to her? And so odd, she had just felt something on her pussy lips just moments ago.

Kara sighed. “Well, that’s it. Mike. Eric has more under the television and in his bedroom but I don’t….umm, Mike, are you feeling okay? You don’t look right.”

Mike stammered his reply, “Uh, no, I’m okay, Miss Kara. I probably just look tired or something. That’s why. But I’d appreciate it if you would sit down and talk with me for a little while.”

Still looking at Mike quizzically with some concern, Kara was dubious. “Well, if you are concerned about something, Mike. I can talk just a little while. I need to do some things soon.”

She sat on the sofa and crossed her right leg over her left. Her skirt rode up higher to reveal her shapely thigh.

Mike sat down next to Kara. Scratching the back of his head nervously, he forced a smile and asked her, “Okay, well, uh, it’s kind of like this, Miss Kara. What does a young guy do or how does he act when he finds an older woman really beautiful and irresistible?”

Kara sat there, gazing at Mike, processing his question and uncomfortable moments of silence passed between them. Her passive face slowly smiled. At length, Kara replied, slowly, measuring her words. “Oh, I see…hmmm…well, that is interesting to say the least, Mike. I wasn’t quite prepared for this but, uh, let’s see, umm…I suppose it would be a compliment for the older woman to know she’s still beautiful and desirable especially coming from a much younger man. I know that young men often find older women attractive because it’s something that’s basically built into every man’s drive, so to speak. It’s known that young men are at their sexual peak early on while women reach theirs a little later, and young men probably look at older women as more physically mature and sexually attractive…”

Kara recognized that she was starting to ramble on and it was probably a good idea to get right to the point and bring it out in the open, no matter how embarrassing for either of them.

“Mike, let me ask you something here. Are you actually referring to yourself? Do you mean to say it’s me you find yourself attracted to? Is this what it is?”

Mike looked at Miss Kara momentarily and averted his gaze downward. He twiddled his fingers together nervously, managing to utter a mere, “uhh…mmm…”

Kara grinned and reached her right hand to Mike’s forearm. “Listen, Mike. I understand. It’s okay. Thank you for the compliment. It’s natural. You’re seventeen years old and about to turn eighteen soon. It’s pretty common for young men to find older women attractive and beautiful and desirable in some way at their age. When I say, older, I mean typically women in my age group. But usually the young guys will always find someone more attractive and in their own age group, which is how it usually works out and meant to be. Right now it’s pretty much a normal infatuation. You’ll see. Is this helpful?”

“It’s because older chicks usually dress nicer and more classy, like what you’re wearing, Miss Kara.”

“My office work clothes. Oh, I haven’t thought about that, Mike. I wear these kinds of clothing just about every day because it’s professional and required at my work place. I’m so used to wearing it I don’t give it much thought, but I suppose it’s possible how men can find it attractive, I guess. Is it the matching jacket and skirt, the colorful blouse, nylons, high heels, or something?”

“Yeah, yeah, Miss Kara. Since you mention it. I like the skirt you’re wearing. It’s short enough to show your nice legs, but not too short. And you wear pantyhose on your legs which make your legs look even nicer and smoother.”

“Oh, my legs…and the pantyhose? You like that, Mike?”

“Oh yes, Miss Kara. I’ve always wanted to say it out loud to you. I think you’ve got beautiful, gorgeous, sexy legs. And the pantyhose make them look so much more gorgeous. It’s the pantyhose. I like it so much.”

Kara was surprised by the turn of the conversation. “My pantyhose? Really, Mike? What is it about the pantyhose you like so much?” Mike inquired, “Miss Kara, are your pantyhose sheer to the waist?”

“Why, uh…yes, Mike. These are sheer to the waist.”

“What is the color?”

“It’s kind of a light tan. It gives my legs some color because my skin tone is so pale. I don’t want to tan because it tends to damage the skin and cause premature aging.”

“Just curious, Miss Kara. Is pantyhose worn with or without underwear?”

“You seem very curious about pantyhose, Mike, but I guess it’s natural male curiosity. Pantyhose are not meant to be worn with anything else because it usually provides sufficient coverage for the woman. But there are some women who feel more comfortable with more coverage and might wear something else with it.”

“Again, just curious, Miss Kara. Is that how you wear pantyhose?”

Kara shifted slightly in her seat. “Such a personal question, Mike. I don’t know if I should say, well…okay. Just this once. I’m comfortable with the coverage my pantyhose gives me. I don’t wear a panty underneath, but if I feel the need to I can always use a panty liner or a sanitary pad. Tampons are very effective for staying clean.”

Kara uttered a soft laugh of amusement. “I feel like I’m giving you a short lesson on female biology, Mike.” Her voice trailed off. “Anything else?”

To her surprise, Mike inquired further. “What are your favorite pantyhose brands or styles, Miss Kara?”

“Oh my goodness, Mike. You really want to know all this stuff about my pantyhose? Why? Why such the interest?”

“Because pantyhose make you look more beautiful, Miss Kara. So what pantyhose do you wear?’

“Oh gosh, Mike. I wear like, Sheer Energy, No Nonsense, Hanes, Calvin Klein and some other brands. I think I’ve worn, ‘Round the Clock’, JC Penney, Capri, Danskin…I’ve tried a lot of different pantyhose.”

“Those pantyhose all have the crotch panel or some don’t?” Mike asked.

Kara was beginning to feel incredulous at Mike’s line of questioning. It was very personal and she couldn’t believe she was actually answering. She’d never do this with a young man that she didn’t know as well as Mike. “All of them have a crotch panel.”

“Including the one you’re wearing right now, Miss Kara?”

Kara absently stroked the nylon material on her thigh with her fingertips. “I’m trying to remember, maybe, probably not.” Kara didn’t feel too comfortable revealing the fact to Mike, who already knew the answer. “Mike, can you tell me what it is about pantyhose that attracts you so much?”

“I can point it out to you, Miss Kara”. he replied.

“Really? How…” but before she could finish, Mike reach over and stroked the nylon stretched over her right thigh with his fingertips.

“It’s because the material is so tight yet smooth and silky to the touch. It makes your skin look completely smooth with no imperfections.”

Kara felt astonished by Mike’s bold touch on her thigh. She moved her thigh slightly away, raising it in the process. “Uh, hmm…you like the feeling of the pantyhose, Mike. But it’s my thigh you’re rubbing, you know. Should you be doing that to me, hmm?” Kara was feeling quite embarrassed. “Ahh, Mike, it’s very interesting but…”

Mike was gazing down at her thigh and still lightly stroking it. His voice dropped low as he murmured how much he thought her legs were shapely and gorgeous and perfect under her pantyhose. Mike slid his fingers from the top of her crossed, right thigh down the side, stroking her nylon-covered flesh in a small, circular motion to underneath. Kara’s short skirt had ridden up her legs when she sat down so her thighs were fully exposed. Mike’s fingers followed the soft flesh of her under thigh to the buttock where he stroked and rubbed and thrust his fingers further under her thigh where his fingertips encountered even softer flesh.

Kara was shocked and embarrassed. She was also becoming afraid. “Mike, please, you need to stop what you’re doing. You’re touching me down there intimately. You’re not supposed to do that. I think we’re done here and…” Mike leaned in and kissed Kara’s opened astonished mouth, murmuring, “You’re so beautiful, Miss Kara, I want to kiss you.” His tongue flickered into her mouth.

Mike began his seduction of Miss Kara. Kara found herself immobilized by a swirl of conflicting senses and emotions that she never experienced as such before. Her mind swirled with astonishment, embarrassment, outrage, fear, and excitement of her situation. She had never been touched and seduced like this by such a young man, still a boy truly. Thoughts flashed amidst the chaos of her mind. Is this what it’s like for a woman of her age to be in such inappropriate physical contact with a teen boy? And more, she had not asked for it. She tried moving her face away from his kissing. His other hand had caressed the side of her face and slipped down the side of her neck, inside her blazer jacket and came to rest atop her breast where he started squeezing and fondling.

“Ohhh, Mike, please, stop this, now. You can’t be touching me all over and kissing me. It’s wrong. You’re fondling my breast and touching my private area. Stop, Mike, stop. I know you’re attracted to my body. I know what you want, but it’s not possible, no Mike, no.” With a supreme effort, she pushed away and quickly stood up, almost stumbling. “Alright, Mike, we’re done here. It’s time for you to go home. I have things to do. You need to control yourself and respect boundaries. I’m twice your age and what you did was totally inappropriate and…”

Mike sprang up and embraced Kara in steel vise hug with his powerful, sinewy arms. “I can’t help it, Miss Kara. You’re just so beautiful and sexy that I want you.” He grabbed a huge handful of her hair and pulled hard. Kara yelped, opening her mouth wide and at that Mike pressed his mouth hard on hers, thrusting his tongue deep inside.

Mike cut off Kara’s scolding by pulling her hair hard, forcing her head back as he then kissed her hard.

“Oh, owww! Mike, stop! My hair…mmmmphhhh!” Mike was forcibly and deeply French kissing Kara to the sound of sloppy, slurping noises.

Mike wrapped his powerful arms around Kara from behind, pinning her thin, weak arms to her side. Kara felt like steel bands were binding her, so strong Mike proved. Gripping her at the waist, Mike lifted Kara off the ground. He held all five feet, eight inches of Kara helplessly in the air. He shook her body side to side to emphasize his strength and power then moved off towards her bedroom.

Kara screamed. “Omigawd! Noooo, Mike, noooo!” She saw the hallway approaching, leading to her bedroom. She already knew seconds ago what was going to happen to her. Time seemed to slow in that instant yet continue inexorably forward. Her mind was already reeling with the knowledge anticipating the next series of events to occur in her life. Her mind could almost process it as already happening, already done. Sobbing, Kara knew what was next. She was going to engage in sexual intercourse in the next minute. She could only imagine, how it would happen, how long, how hard, what way. Whichever way, she was going to be raped. Kara vainly struggled, impossible in those steel-like, manly arms. She kicked out her legs to the sides, spreading her feet wide apart to catch on something. Her skirt was fully pulled to the waist exposing her pantyhose and therefore her vulva. Her blouse had come apart, exposing her braless C breasts. It mattered not.

Kara sobbed, pleading and almost screaming. “Ohhh no, no, no, no, (sobbing), please, no, no, no, stop, stop, Mike, please stop. Don’t do this, oh no, oh no, oh, oh, oh, oh, (sobbing)! Please, don’t do this to me. We’re supposed to be friends. I’m Eric’s mother. He’s your best friend.” (more sobbing and pleading for fifteen seconds)

Mike entered the room holding Kara and let her down, spinning her around, grabbing her hair from behind and pressing her mouth against his. His tongue slipped into her mouth but she kept her teeth clenched. He stared hard into her eyes and commanded, “Let’s make, love, Kara. I want to make love to you, babe.” There was no, Miss, Kara, in his voice. Any pretense of deference was long gone. It was going to be from here on out, just Kara and only Kara. From this moment on she was to him his equal and his sexual partner.

Kara looked into Mike’s eyes and saw how a totally different person he now looked. He looked like a full-grown man. His eyes were wide, glaring, piercing, and scary. She felt weak with fear. Here was a man bigger than her and several times her strength. Resisting him was not only out of the question, it seemed ridiculous to even try. Kara’s mind only took moments to calculate her course of action, which in reality was her only realistic and safest one. She would have to submit and give him her body. She would have to give Mike what he craved the most right now. She would have to have sex with him. Her womanly instincts already assured her. Mike did not intend to physically hurt her. His lust was driving him mad and once his lust was sated, she would be safe and he would leave. There was no way she was going to escape the room with Mike shutting and locking the bedroom door. Only if she tried something foolish, resisting or hurting him, might things spiral out of control and threaten her physical safety. I’m a grown woman, strong enough to handle the situation, Kara thought. He just wants sex with me. I can do this, she reassured herself.

Mike snapped Kara out of her thoughts. He pulled off his T shirt. “Let’s fuck now.” Kara (gasped!) with the sudden, unexpected vocalized vulgarity of his sexual lust for her. “Get your clothes off!” he commanded, close to a yell.

Looking glumly at Mike, Kara began disrobing. She drew off her blazer jacket and laid it on a plush, cushion room chair. She unzipped her skirt, tugging it past her wide hips and round buttocks, dropping it to the floor. She unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her blouse and at the wrists. She regained enough composure to speak. “Having you been thinking about doing this for a long time or did you just do this on the spur of the moment? Have you been fantasizing about my body for a long time, now?” Mike glared at her, “Never mind, Kara. Just get naked and get on top of the bed.”

Kara wasn’t finished. “Mike, if we’re going to have sex, at least you could be nicer to me.” He was unbuckling his jeans. Kara immediately noticed the large bulge in his jeans. He was already hard and ready for sexual intercourse. He’s really big, she thought. In his state of arousal he’ll probably climax fast, she considered. It would all be over quickly.

Mike pulled his jeans off and next pulled his briefs down. Kara’s eyes widened at what she saw. Mike was very well endowed. His engorged penis was long, about eight inches. The shaft was thick but not fat. A well-defined, helmet shaped described the glans tip. His erection stood hard and straight out at almost a forty-five degree angle. Everything looked proper and strongly virile, Kara’s female brain told her. And her brain automatically envisioned how his virile engorged penis would fit inside her. She saw that his glans tip was wet and more of the clear pre-cum fluid was leaking out. Her eyes conveyed the masculine image of reproductive virility to her brain and into her libido. Kara felt something responding in her body and in her brain, causing her some concern and anxiety.

Mike noticed Kara staring at his erection. He commanded her, “C’mon, Kara. Take my underwear off.” Kara stepped forward and knelt down. She pulled his briefs down to the floor, her eyes remaining all the while on his impressive manhood. She felt a hand on her head. “Go ahead. Feel my cock.” Kara put her fingers around the shaft. It was incredibly hard. In all the past times she had had sex with other men, she couldn’t remember an erection as hard as this one. It fact Mike’s hard cock almost didn’t seem natural as if there was something artificial inside the shaft lending it incredible hardness. Kara processed, this is what a young man’s cock feels like when hard. It’s their youth and testosterone. Her fingers and thumbs were slowly stroking the shaft up and down, placing pressure on the thick cord of blood vessels bulging beneath it with her thumbs. It was causing more pre-cum fluid to flow. Her hand lowered to cup his scrotum feeling the testicles inside. Kara noted to herself that he had large balls as well. This must be an indication of his fertility and manhood or probably because he really needed sex and hadn’t had it in a while. She realized she was holding a well-primed set of young male reproductive organs in her hands which were going to be used inside her very soon. Again, Kara experienced some twitching and urging response in her body which she tried to shrug off.

Mike calmly spoke, “Go on. Suck it, Kara. Suck my cock.”

Still stroking and squeezing his hard cock, Kara looked up, pleading. “Wait, Mike. Don’t ask me to do that, please don’t. I can’t.”

Mike pushed his cock forward to her face. “Get real. C’mon, Kara. Don’t play hard to get. I know you must have sucked cock before, maybe a lot of times. Go on. Suck it.”

Kara lowered her mouth over his penis. She began sucking the glans tip first. She thought to herself. What can I do? He knows he’s right. I’ve sucked on men’s cocks many times before and liked it. She began taking more of the hard fleshy shaft into her mouth, rubbing her tongue around it, letting the edge of her teeth bite softly down and she sucked up and down the shaft. His pre-cum fluid was salty as expected, but more so and somehow the flavor was different, richer. Her right hand steadied the engorged penis in her mouth while the other held up the young man’s testicles and fondled them. Kara kept up a rhythmic stroke, taking in several inches of cock, interrupting by holding it out and lapping her tongue up and down the shaft. She would just suck on the helmet tip, biting it softly so he could feel her teeth. Then she would swallow much of the shaft between her cheek and teeth, showing the huge bulge in the side of her face. Then she would return to the main routine of sucking up and down on his cock, giving enough suction to make loud slurping and sucking noises. (fellatio noises)

Mike thoroughly enjoyed the oral sex. He told Kara so. “Oh yeah, that feels so fucking good. Keep on doing it. Oh wow, Kara. You suck cock like a pro, fuck yeah.” It was so enjoyable he knew because Miss Kara was obviously experienced in fellatio. He didn’t know how many men’s cocks enjoyed Kara’s mouth but he liked to think it was quite a few. Mike briefly considered ejaculating inside her mouth because it was so pleasurable and had it gone on longer he would have had no choice but he could feel the beginning of a climax and he wasn’t ready to go there yet. “Okay, that was great. That’s good enough for now. Stand up, babe.” Mike effortlessly pulled Kara to her feet. She wiped the saliva off her mouth.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” She asked, already knowing the answer. Mike drew her up against him and embraced her tightly. He French-kissed her, while his hands rubbed her bare shoulders, the soft, expanse of her bare back and fondled and squeezed her pantyhose-covered buttocks. (kissing and slurping and moaning sounds). Kara felt his hand slide under the pantyhose waistband to fondle her bare buttocks. After fondling and squeezing her buttocks for some time, he pulled his hand out of the pantyhose and came around to her vulva, caressing and rubbing her bare pussy lips. Soon his hand slipped back under the pantyhose and was again fondling and rubbing her labia. Mike seemed to know how caress her genital area without causing discomfort as if he sought to arouse her. His fingers spread her labia apart and caressed the inner flesh, the vulvar vestibule, and vaginal opening. His fingers did not enter her yet. She was already moist, but not lubricated still. Mike wanted to feel her pussy wet and dripping. It would be a total turn-on for him. But he couldn’t rush it and he couldn’t be rough about it.

Kara stoically accepted her body’s sexual prowling as part of her decision to accept and give herself willingly. Soon she would be on her bed, legs spread, engaged in sexual intercourse, and it would soon be over peacefully. She looked dispassionately at Mike through lowered eyelids, fixing his gaze. “You like my body, don’t you, Mike? My body fascinates you and you find it arousing, yes?”

Mike replied in a husky voice. “Damn straight, Kara. You have one of the hottest bodies I’ve ever seen on a chick. You’re got great curves, big firm tits to hold, nice nipples to rub, fine firm ass to squeeze, everything, on top of it all, your beautiful face. You are just one freaking, beautiful, hot-bodied, fuckable bitch.”

Kara felt something contradictory of outrage and yet enticing at the in-your-face sexual vulgarity, the brazen lewdness of Mike’s unfiltered confession of sexual lust to her. She felt the mental urge to slap his face but felt something else…wanton, inside her, more a feeling than thoughts, a bodily reaction to such open carnality.

Mike demanded to Kara. “Take off the pantyhose. Give it to me, I want it.”

“You like my pantyhose don’t you?” inquired Kara. “My pantyhose have been disappearing from my bedroom, the bathroom, the waste baskets, and my purse. It’s been you all this time hasn’t it, Mike.”

Mike confessed, “I love your worn pantyhose, Kara. They smell so nice. I just had to have your pantyhose.”

Kara slowly and deliberately pulled down her pantyhose. “You’re turned on by my pantyhose, yes? You like the smell of my body on the nylons because you can smell my pussy on it, am I right?”

“Like I say, Kara, you are such a frickin’ hot woman and I love smelling you.”

She continued, “I’m pretty sure, Mike. You looked up my skirt before and you’ve touched me several times.” Kara finished removing her pantyhose. She deliberately unraveled and smoothed out the pantyhose by gently stretching out the length. She straightened the elastic waistband. Placing both hands inside the waistband, she widened her fingers and stretched the pantyhose open. She displayed the crotch area to Mike for several moments. Finally Kara straightened the pantyhose, pulled on the material and held it straight out to Mike, who didn’t waste time grabbing the pantyhose. He sniffed the pantyhose panty several times, enjoying the strong feminine musk odor before tossing it on his stack of clothes.

“Go on and get on the bed. You know what to do.” Mike told Kara. Kara looked back at him for several seconds, her eyes imploring. “Mike, please…think about this.”

“Kara, I’ve thought about this for a long time. I’ve thought about you all this time. I want you so fucking bad it hurts. Get on the bed. Let’s fuck.”

Kara knew Mike was a man you just don’t say no to. Completely naked, she padded over to her bed. She climbed on and lied down directly in the middle of the bed. Looking up at the ceiling, her arms straight at her sides, she spread her legs wide apart. Let’s get this over with, she thought to herself. She had no idea what would happen in the next 60 minutes.

Mike waited for Kara to settle on the bed comfortably. He watched with extreme visual arousal as Kara lay straight and still for some moments and then silently spread her legs wide apart for him. The view of her wholly exposed femininity evoked greater sexual desire until his engorged penis hurt from the pressure. He appreciated the sensual, gentle bulge of her womanly mons pubis and then below, all of her sex, the fleshy, hairless vulva, displaying the sensuous pudendal cleft of her full labia lips. Mike had been fondling her vulva so the labia were already slightly parted, revealing the delicate inner, carnal portal of which feminine fluid was present. Mike resisted his body’s urgent demand for sex. The foreplay was almost as fun and prolonged the ensuing carnal pleasure of a woman’s body.

Mike climbed on the bed and sat right next to her right side. He wanted to touch, feel, and explore the entire body of beautiful Miss Kara as she lay there. He bent over to kiss her passionately. Kara’s eyes were closed. She was quiescent and still, save for the rise and fall of her breasts during breathing. Her face remained expressionless and her lips were parted. As Mike French kissed Kara her eyebrows furrowed and eyelids tensed visibly at the intrusion. She didn’t attempt to clench her teeth nor close her lips. She kept her mouth and jaw relaxed. Mike played his tongue all through her mouth, teeth and lips but she wasn’t going to reciprocate. Most men delighted in women’s breasts; for many the bigger the better. Mike liked fondling and squeezing Kara’s C cup breasts. He alternately played with her nipples, rubbing, pinching and tweaking the fleshy rosebuds, thoughtful enough not to be too rough on her. In short order, the nipples stiffened and protruded out. This was the signal for Mike to kiss and suck on them. As he groped her breasts, cupping the mounds and fondling, Mike expressed his appreciation. “You’ve got beautiful breasts, Kara, full and plump and sexy.”

Mike began kissing and licking Kara’s entire body, working lower and lower still, around her navel and abdomen till he reached her mons pubis where he pressed his face, kissing it. He kissed and licked her vulva, sniffing and inhaling her womanhood, rubbing each labium with his lips, tongue, and nose. He caressed and fondled her labia with his fingertips before spreading them apart to expose the tender, moist dark pink flat fleshy area, her vulval vestibule. Above it stood the clitoris within its fleshy hood. Below the vulval vestibule, barely visible appeared the urethra and below it the entrance to her vagina. He pulled her labia folds wider apart to expose her vaginal entrance yet he wanted to gaze past the surface of her womanhood and explore the heart of it. He slid an index fingertip from both hands into her vagina and pulled open her vaginal canal. Now he could peer down her most intimate, private, sexual and reproductive chamber, the moist, slippery walls leading to the round tip of a healthy, pink cervix at the end of the vaginal tunnel.

Mike was amazed that a woman’s cervix resembled the very tip of a man’s penis. It must have been some deliberate joke of Nature he thought. Mike inserted two fingers of his right hand completely into her vagina where he felt the wet, slippery flesh of the tunnel, continuing to rub inside in a circular motion. He felt what was supposed to be the G-spot as it was claimed, at the roof of her vaginal tunnel. He felt flesh-covered pubic bone give way to nothing underneath. Right at that juncture was reputedly the G-spot. He rubbed that spot up and down and in a circular motion. Mike heard Kara sigh and gasp and groan. Clearly she was feeling it and experiencing some kind of sensory emotion. More, her vaginal tunnel became more slippery with lubricating fluid. Mike enjoyed touching Kara’s womanhood. It was erotic and sexually arousing. He swirled his two fingers inside and around her vaginal tunnel, next moving them in and out, his fingers slick and wet with her fluid. Mike fantasized about the number of male cocks that enjoyed time inside her beautiful vagina, how many other men savored her delicious pussy. He added the fact a newborn baby emerged out of this sweet vaginal tunnel, his friend, Eric, years ago. There was no end to how much pleasure and joy Miss Kara could give men. He wanted to know just how many men Miss Kara had sex with in the past. He saw Kara making noises and moving her head back and forth. He was ready.

Mike lay on top of Kara, wrapping his powerful sinewy arms around her. He moved to kiss her lips but she turned her face. He pressed her face straight and kissed her lips. She kept her teeth closed but he kissed her anyway, pushing his tongue under her lips and cheeks. He didn’t enter her womanhood yet, his dripping, engorged erection lying between her labium like a giant sausage between two halves of a fresh bun. Mike simply rubbed his hard penis on her vulva surface first. Then he raised his hips and pressed the tip of the glans against her pudendal cleft. He made no move to insert himself into her femininity yet. Instead he started a series of gentle prods of her vulva right over the vaginal entrance, in a teasing, probing intermittent pushes. Kara felt this motion of male flesh gently knocking at the portal of her womanhood. She had never felt a man do that to her before. Typically when a man pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy, he meant to thrust it through her vagina, whether she was ready, lubricated or not, passionate or not. If she was still dry or not lubricated enough yet, the resulting sensation could be uncomfortable to painful. Yet here was this young man teasing her carnal flesh in a way that she experienced as a new erotic sensation, despite the situation she was in. Whatever he was intending, it was working. Her body reacted and she felt her vaginal fluids flow, despite herself. As her vaginal walls released sexual fluids there was nothing to keep her sexual portal closed. Under his gentle prodding, her vaginal sheath opened apart, spilling sexual fluid at its entrance and his turgid manhood slid within until the entire shaft filled her, the glans pressed upon her cervix.

Mike began sexing Kara. He didn’t rush. He kept up a deliberate, steady rhythm of strokes, retracting almost the entire length of his penis before reinserting it all the way back inside, his testicular scrotum slapping her perineum and buttocks. Kara realized with astonishment how quickly her body was responding to the sexual intercourse. Her body experienced pleasure and increasingly more so. Instinctively Kara understood that at this rate her body would reach climax and achieve orgasm, despite the situation of Mike forcing her to give herself sexually to him. Her mind raced. Was this any different than the few, rare occasions when she willingly gave in to sexual pressure of persistent suitors? Back then she told herself it was totally consensual. More, she gave in or relented because she stood to gain some advantage from the man afterwards. Otherwise the other times she made love or had sex with other men it was mutual physical attraction. Mike was no different from other men whose overwhelming strength of lust overpowered her in one way or another. She could feel some pleasure in the worst of those cases but here her body reacted by experiencing its own sexual lust and resulting sensual carnal pleasure. It was…different. Kara started breathing deeper and faster. She could feel her face flush and she felt the same rapid stirrings of sexual pleasure increasing within her womanhood as she did with those men she was sexually attracted towards in the past. (female moans, sighs, groans of sexual arousal and pleasure) Her face relaxed and her teeth parted as she began to moan. Mike’s tongue slipped inside her mouth. (kissing, sucking and slurping).

Kara thought to herself, she was getting fucked hard like she never had been before. Sure, she thought she had been fucked hard and well with her first and only black sexual partner some time ago, the former football player. But as hard and strong as he was, Mike was able to surpass him. The young man’s cock felt so hard that at one point Kara lifted her head to make certain it was his actual penis entering her and not a plastic facsimile. A cock that hard could possibly hurt her insides, she considered in a fleeting thought. But it didn’t matter. Kara felt the stirrings of a growing orgasm and she was incredulous. She considered herself normal in the female department of orgasm achievement but never before had an orgasm start to make itself felt so early in the act of sexual intercourse. But she knew her body and she knew her orgasm was approaching, not even at a steady rate but accelerating. Her body reacted. Her splayed legs wrapped around Mike’s thighs. Her hands reached behind his back although his continuing embrace limited movement. She wondered how close Mike was to his orgasm. They were having unprotected sexual intercourse and she anticipated the young spilling a large quantity of semen due to his youth. Her reproductive and sexual organs were quivering with energy that was erupted outward through her whole body as the orgasm smothered her like an onrushing wave of warm, embracing water. (sounds of female orgasm, loud and prolonged) Kara trembled with wave of sexual ecstasy coursing through her body, swirling through her brain as she moaned and groaned loudly with pleasure.

Her orgasm peaked, held for several, long moments, before its inevitable subsiding. Still in the throes of tinkling pleasure, she felt the young man climax. He gripped her tightly, thrusting his shaft all the way in till it could go no further. He pressed his sex firmly upon her. Kara felt the stirrings of his testicles against her and the throbbing of his cock as he spilled his seed against her womb. He was young. He was virile. His ejaculation continued longer and his gift of semen was larger.

Kara felt Mike relax as he came down from his orgasm. He released his embrace but continued to lay on top of her. His virile manhood remained ensconced shaft deep within Kara and for now she didn’t mind. Kara began thinking. This was good, too good. She contemplated deeper. So this is what it feels like to have a very young man as a sex partner. Now she understood for herself what was it that compelled female high school teachers in their twenties and thirties to throw their careers away in order to enjoy the bodies of 15, 16, 17, and 18 year old boys. These young males could prove an intensity and pleasure of sexual intercourse greater than a man ten years older and more.

Kara felt the pressure of Mike’s body on top of her. His ejaculations had finally subsided and she felt his penis soften inside her vagina but it did not go flaccid like older men. She did feel much warm wetness between her thighs and knew there was a mess on her bed spread. What was she going to do now? Technically she could still label this a rape because Mike coerced her but how much of a real rape was it? Could she even convince any court after experiencing a pleasurable orgasm as such? It was a fact that many woman rape victims experienced orgasms against their will but like this? Improbably for Kara, she considered that just right now, she didn’t feel like a rape victim. No, she didn’t feel any sort of emotional distress. She felt like any other woman who just finished pleasurable, fun sex. She was going to have to somehow sort this all out in her mind before speaking to Mike afterwards. What was she going to say to him about raping her? How could she say it and would she even sound and look sincere? Kara worried that her voice and face would betray her otherwise and Mike would immediately know she enjoyed the sexual intercourse. He might even ridicule her for it.

She thought Mike might be lightly dozing but he was fully awake. He kissed her face, neck and shoulders. His hands stroked her arms, torso, fondled her breasts and nipples, and caressed her hips and thighs. He wasn’t finished. Kara lay motionless, debating whether to speak, something, anything at all, to know just what Mike was thinking, what was his intention. It became very clear. Kara felt Mike’s embedded penis inside her vagina stiffen and harden once more. The sensation of his penis hardening into a cock deep in her vaginal sheath opened stimulated her sexual instinct and female reproductive drive. In spite of herself, Kara felt helpless to resist Mike and her own body’s sexual needs. Kara had never experienced the sexual power of a teen boy before but she knew that young men as such had incredible virility from a high testosterone output that endowed them with a continuing sex drive after an orgasm.

Mike did not hold Kara in a restrictive embrace this time. His arms remained free so his hands could caress and stroke her wherever he could. For Kara it had been a very long time since she engaged in messy sex. In fact she had a hard time remembering when and if she ever had sex twice in a row with a man. Perhaps it happened when she was in her early twenties. She remembered years ago when she had sex with two men in one day but that wasn’t the same and the circumstances were different. One was for business and the second one for pleasure. Mike was slower this second time. She could hear the messy, squishing, slurping sounds between their legs. She expected he would be pushing all his semen out of her and depositing a second fill. Kara remained relaxed; her legs spread wide again, her arms by her side. She would just let Mike finish and that would be it. Mike’s sexual rhythm was different. He pushed all the way in and pressed the tip of the glans against her cervix. She could feel him trying to rub her cervix with the tip of his cock.

As he withdrew, he hesitated at her G-spot and rubbed it with the glans. Then he would do several normal strokes before rubbing her cervix and G-spot again. Kara felt his hand slide between their bodies. His fingers groped and touched her clitoris. He pulled the protective hood of skin away to rub the tiny, already stiffened fleshy nib. But now Kara felt an extra sensation added to the mix. Mike was sexing her in different ways now and it was having an impact. She felt the onset of pleasurable sensation again. Yet it was different. She was feeling, difficult to accurately describe in her thoughts, an intensity that was intense but in a different way. It was if her sexual pleasure was reaching her through different doors, taking a longer path each way but fulfilling her more.

Kara’s womanly instincts and sexual experience told her that this second round of sexual intercourse was being done as much for her enjoyment as for his. Mike was putting in extra effort and technique that men usually either don’t know to or don’t care to. She was experiencing bodily sensual pleasure, stronger now but orgasm had not begun. Something was different, this time, better, more intense, far more pleasurable. Kara wrapped her legs around Mike’s waist. Her arms wrapped around his back and her fingers dug into his shoulders. The hell with the rape she thought. He’s making me enjoy all this. But as Mike continued to stimulate her cervix and rub her G-spot, Kara started feeling something strange deep inside her reproductive organs. (sounds of man fucking) It was the early sensations of a growing climax, but now it was originating far deeper inside her and the focal point was her cervix. She only intuitively knew that because she had never experienced before what she suspected might be happening, a cervical orgasm.

Kara’s mind whirled with the possibility as she felt an increasing level of pleasurable sensation beginning to blossom into ecstasy. She knew about the cervical orgasm in talks with her girlfriends. None of them ever experienced a cervical orgasm although one of her girlfriends said she knew another woman who had. Her memory conjured up the details, difficult when her body was experiencing more intense sensual sensation. The typical vaginal orgasm stimulated only one nerve path to the brain. The cervical orgasm stimulated three nerve paths, causing such carnal sexual sensory overload that the orgasmic effects lingered on supposedly for several days. This was impossibly incredible, Kara thought. How could a 17-year old boy make this happen in a 38-year old woman?

Kara felt Mike’s extraordinary coupling with her, his large, engorged erection giving her an incredible feeling of fullness, the motions of it stimulating her sexually, expanding her sexual libido, was amazingly electrifying. His penis stimulated her cervix and G-spot to heretofore unexplored dimensions of sexual ecstasy. Kara felt herself experiencing in internal explosion that she could only imagine being similar to a powerful dose of mind-altering, addictive, forbidden aphrodisiac. She felt Mike’s incredible huge cock imbuing her with its masculine virility, feeling every inch of fleshy surface of his and hers as the shaft slid deep inside and withdrew almost completely out; in and out, in and out. (sounds of male fucking) Kara felt the onset of that mysterious, mythical cervical orgasm she had long heard about and intuitively knew she was about to experience. Mike was keenly aware of his sexual partner’s arousal state. She gripped him tighter and moaned louder as she built to a climax. Only this time, her sexual arousal was much higher and her climax would be more intense. Kara had no choice, compelled by feminine libido and reproductive instinct. Her body surrendered, boldly and brazenly, without shame. She opened her mouth and met Mike’s, thrusting her tongue deep inside to meet his, twisting and curling upon each other. When his tongue entered her mouth she hungrily
sucked on it.

Soon their tongues emerged at full length to curl and lap around each other in an outside French kiss. They continued tongue-kissing like this for a long time until their lower faces dripped with saliva. She was moaning and groaning to a higher pitch, almost screaming in ecstasy. Mike would aid her. He held her tighter and speeded up his pelvic thrusts, shortening the thrusts yet continuing the cervical contact. Kara gripped him tight with her arms and legs. She cried out her climax almost in distress as her cervical orgasm broke through. The orgasm was incredibly powerful, shaking her body and overwhelming her mind with endorphin that she reached the edge of blackout. Her body was in complete, head-to-toe electrifying shock of ecstasy that felt like an out-of-body experience for her yet in the most awesome pleasurable sensation. Her body tingled and trembled with the aftershocks of a mind-blowing orgasm multiplied several times over. (sounds of a woman’s prolonged orgasmic ecstasy) She would only be remotely aware of Mike’s own orgasm, pressing his hardened penis completely into her and not letting go, ejaculating his warm semen deeply into her feminine receptacle to be absorbed into her womb.

Time slowed to a near stop for Kara, lying on her bed almost comatose, barely conscious to anything outside of her mind and body, the overwhelming surge of endorphins numbing her brain to any other conscious action. She was barely aware of the weight of Mike’s body resting on hers; such was the out-of-body mind-altering experience of a cervical orgasm.

Mike rested on top of Kara for some time, letting his penis and testicles spill life-creating fluid deep into her womanhood. His whole body felt the tiny, muscle twinges and spasms under the near-unconscious woman’s entire, trembling, body. Ultimately sated and satisfied, he slowly detached himself from her body, watching his softening penis retract from her vagina, the tip finally emerging followed by a flow of fresh, warm, pearly-white seminal fluid. He left the bed and stood up, gazing with satisfaction at the prostrate, spread-leg, mature woman who still trembled and jerked under the prolonged effects of her cervical orgasm. Mike reached over and gently swiped his hand over her glistening, sticky wet, drooling vulva, coming away with hers and his sexual bodily fluids on it. He took hold of her ankles and brought her feet together. Still naked, he lay back down alongside Kara, gazing into her face, seeing her closed eyelids but her eyelashes flickered. Her lips moved and trembled wordlessly. Mike kissed her face and her lips tenderly yet with some passion. He positioned his lips over her ear and spoke in a low tone. He asked Kara about how many men had she had sex with by now. He repeated his question two more times in the low, soothing, firm tone. Kara’s eyelids and lips trembled, as if she were also in a quasi-hypnotic state induced by the overpowering orgasm’s endorphin rush in her brain. She muttered, almost inaudibly her answer to Mike: 32 men. Mike felt surprised and excited. Kara carried herself like a classy lady but a lady with a private very discrete yet highly active sex life.

He looked into her closets and found a blanket which he unraveled and draped over her entire body. Next he wiped his genitals clean with disposable tissues before donning his clothing. Afterwards, Mike explored Kara’s bedroom, snatching every worn pantyhose he could find, including any from the adjoining bathroom. When he came upon her purse he looked inside and retrieved two, balled-up, worn pantyhose for his Miss Kara pantyhose collection. Out of curiosity, he rummaged deeper into her large handbag.

Mike discovered a trove of interesting items in Kara’s purse. He first found her small purse and cosmetics things which he removed and left on the side. He continued rummaging. His hand came across feminine hygiene toiletries, such as new tampons, new panty liners, new sanitary pads, a squeeze tube of vaginal cream, another tube of different vaginal medication cream, a plastic blister pack of vaginal suppositories, another blister pack of vaginal spermicide suppositories, and three sachets of disposable, scented wet wipes for the feminine genital area after intercourse. Delving deeper he found several plastic strips of male condoms. Two of the 3-condom strips were typical size but of different brands and materials, one brand promising to feel like nothing worn. One of those condoms had been removed. The third strip of 3-condoms was a brand titled, Magnum, described for the larger-sized man. One of the sachets had been torn open and its large-sized condom missing. Peering back inside her handbag, he retrieved a small plastic case. He lifted the lid and saw a white, round rubbery cup, a diaphragm, and no doubt used before. The back of the case had a lid too. It held another diaphragm. Mike couldn’t determine when the last time she had used a diaphragm but he decided to keep one as a souvenir. Back inside the handbag he found a new, unopened, pink plastic sachet. He could feel a thick, wide, rubber ring inside. The sachet bore a small, worded description, “Menstrual Cap”, which he set aside. There was another small, rounded, square plastic case he removed and opened. He lifted a thin silk cord holding four, 3/4th inch diameter, ivory balls. The string of ivory balls smelled pungently of musk. He replaced the balls into the case.

At the bottom of the handbag and pushed into a corner lay an old balled-up tan color pantyhose. Mike retrieved it and held it up. As he began unrolling it an unsavory smell filled his nostrils. It was one of the shimmery, tan color Sheer Energy pantyhose, the nylon material thicker and higher quality. There was an oval gusset panel at the crotch, except the gusset had been neatly snipped open in the middle, top to bottom, undoubtedly with a sharp scissors. But there was something stuck inside behind the opaque gusset. Mike opened the snipped gusset panel, seeing the backsides yellow-stained, and located the source of the smell. Stuck to the inside of the cut gusset material was a crumpled up, used condom. It smelled bad. But Mike’s curiosity got the better of his disgust. He pulled out the used condom and unraveled the stuck, extremely thin latex. Judging from the size of the ring, the width of the condom and its length, it had to be one of the Magnum condoms, the missing one. The condom was largely flattened and it was hard to tell just how much semen had been left inside but the top level reached some two inches. The semen had almost hardened by now. Mike knew that Miss Kara had dated a black male former professional football player a while ago. He guessed that this extra-sized condom may have been from that black man assuming Kara had slept with him. He was certain that Miss Kara had forgotten these pantyhose at the bottom of her handbag. Good. He would keep the soiled, ruined pantyhose with its disgusting contents as another trophy, but a special one.

Mike rifled inside the handbag one last time, noting a small notebook he ignored previously. It looked like a tiny handback book. He examined inside and read on the different pages, notes to herself and names of men and phone numbers. There were accompanying notes about the men which he learned might be business associates or acquaintances, men she met socially, or men she encountered in the course of her job. He read which ones she dated. There was some spicy information about her working relationships and social life with many of the men recorded on the pages. As expected, Kara attracted many men and she enjoyed the company of a number who successfully gained her interest. Mike read on and he was pretty sure that some of her notes were deliberately cryptic, several men she accepted dates for business reasons; men from her office and men encountered in interviews and meetings, for which she possibly leveraged career advantages by extending her sexual favors. Mike thumbed through the pages but was starting to become bored. He stopped reading and replaced everything back inside her handbag as he had found it, except for the filched pantyhose.

Kara barely heard the front door slam shut, dimly knowing she was alone once more. The knowledge that Mike departed only added to her amazing, prolonged state of ecstatic bliss. A normal sexual orgasm would have faded by now leaving her relaxed and ready for sleep. This orgasm, while subsided in its former hot intensity, still left her feeling a residual low level of it. It felt like nirvana ethereal bliss, as she considered the most appropriate way to describe it. But Kara would not be thinking about it for that much longer. She drifted off to sleep on the gentle rolling waves of a warm ocean.

Kara remained in an ultra-relaxed, near comatose slumber from that evening all through the night into the next morning. It was close to 10:00 am when she awakened, not groggy or dazed, but wide awake and feeling extremely refreshed and totally smooth. She never felt so good and the feelings of relaxation and lingering physical enjoyment confirmed the prolonged, happy effects of a cervical orgasm. She was completely naked under a blanket. Drawing the blanket off, she continued to lay nude on the bed, letting her body enjoy the continuing delightful sensations still flowing like a twinkling, crystal clear stream within. Eventually Kara decided it was time to get up and get on with her life. After such a long, relaxing, therapeutic sleep, she did not feel dazed or groggy as one often feels due to oversleep or insufficient sleep. Instead she felt rather light on her feet and energetic. She stepped with a light spring out of bed. Standing in front of the bedroom mirror, she examined herself. Despite all that happened, she couldn’t see anything amiss, no bruises, no injuries, nothing. Her mirror reflection showed a fine nude body of a mature, blond-haired, blue-eyed woman. But she could smell that a bath was in order. The long, vigorous sex had left its mark with dried bodily perspiration and bodily sexual fluids from her and him. Her body odor was ripe and she padded away to her bathroom for a long, leisurely hot bath.

Kara spent the next two weeks processing what had happened to her and trying her best to put it out of her mind. But it was not possible. She had been raped by a virile young man and she thoroughly enjoyed his sexual ministrations and the rewarding, awesome, explosive sexual orgasm. Her mind had become imprinted. Her body seemed to have its own mind, sending out signals into her brain which interpreted as cravings. Her intellectual mind knew this was a biological response and that was that but her feminine libido and womanly biological drives would not let it go so easily. Without willing it or causing it so, her mind often drifted off into sexual fantasies, sexual desires, and sexual fulfillment. She had to force herself to focus repeatedly at work. Fortunately, no one at work discerned anything different about her, too preoccupied as it was with their own problems. Her sexual fantasies grew in numbered and changed in nature. Her daydream sexual fantasies and nighttime ones had become more involved with forced and coerced sex and then rape. Letting her mind drift with her nighttime fantasies at one point shocked her back into full consciousness when her libido conjured up violent and hurtful rape fantasies far exceeding what Mike had done to her. She was confused. If Mike was not that violent with her and took care to leave her unhurt, why did her sexual fantasies drift from overpowering rapes to violent ones where she saw herself stripped naked, tied spread eagled and whipped by tall, dark, blurred faced unknown men who clawed at her flesh?

Her sexual cravings soon returned. She masturbated at night, progressing from twice a week to almost nightly. Kara quickly learned that mentally fantasizing about being raped enhanced and accelerated her masturbation to orgasm. In hardly no time at all, she needed to fantasize about being raped in order to orgasm. She thought her fantasy rapes were on her terms, but one night came about the mental revelation that her own terms honestly meant those dictated by Mike. She fantasized about men losing control to overwhelming lust ending in her rape. The men in her fantasies were young men in their twenties but she began fantasizing of much younger men as well. One night as she masturbated in bed, her sexual fantasy took the shape of three, very young men accosting her rudely in a public park. Despite sternly scolding the brazen, insolent, lusty young men, they ignored her, instead seizing her and dragging her into an empty, large men’s restroom. Inside, the young males stripped her naked then handcuffed her to one of the urinals. One-by-one each male lustily fucked her while the other two examined and sniffed her discarded clothing and pantyhose. She had masturbated so vigorous that she ejaculated feminine vaginal fluid like a man ejaculating his semen.

Kara knew she had slipped far down the dark sexual rabbit hole. What could she do? What she accepted as the inevitable went far against what she was proper and appropriate. Yet she somehow accepted that deep inside, she was no longer the same Kara she once knew a few weeks ago.

During break time at work, Kara took a walk outside the television studio with her cell phone. Holding up her cell phone, she spent long moments breathing deeply, processing her thoughts with the consequences of what she was about to do. She touched the glass screen of her cell phone and brought up the contacts menu. She touched the screen at one name, and touched the text box. Her fingertips tapped out a short text, “Do you want to meet again?” With a deep, slow breath, she carefully and deliberately tapped, ‘send’. She leaned back against a wall, closing her eyes, blocking out the street noises, taking in slow, deep breaths to steady herself. She tried to clear her mind of apprehension and troubled thoughts. She lost track of time. It may have been one minute. It may have been ten. The delightful sound of twinkling wind chimes from her cell phone aroused Kara from her mental reverie. There was the response. She closed her eyes again, making mental notes. She would need to make trips to her favorite stores to purchase additional supplies of sheer-to-waist pantyhose.

Kara returned home that evening. She did not bother with her mail. She did not bother with thoughts of dinner. Her son, Eric, had gone straight from school to the home of one of his new friends. He would be spending the night there. Kara’s thoughts were already preset. She strode into her bedroom, laying her purse on the nightstand. She looked at herself in the mirror, checking her hair and makeup. She was still in her black business suit, fuchsia color blouse, and black skirt. She unbuttoned several buttons on her blouse in order to expose her chest. She pushed her strapless bra off her breasts down to her waist where she could easily rotate the bra around, unhook it and pull it out. She re-buttoned her blouse. She next pulled her short black skirt off and laid it on the chair. Reaching into her closet, she retrieved a black, very short skater skirt with a wide elastic waistband. She pulled the skater skirt up her legs and settled the waistband around her waist and slipped her blouse inside. The skirt’s wide waistband was actually meant to sit just on the hips, but she pulled it just over the hips. In the mirror the black skater skirt looked functional as a micro-mini skirt but any bending of her waist would reveal her tan-colored buttocks without any panties. But that’s what she intended. That’s what he would like…very much.

Kara had a second waste basket by her dresser except it held only one thing, a number of her worn pantyhose and any discarded worn pantyhose. She picked up the basket. It smelled strongly of pungent feminine odor and musk. Reaching into the basket she grabbed a handful. Walking back into the living room, Kara stuffed used pantyhose into the corners of the sofa couch. Behind the front door stood a six-foot, wood hat rack. She draped used pantyhose over each hook by the waistbands. Over the back of the sofa chair she draped a worn pantyhose. Returning to her bedroom she stood in front of the mirror, touching up her makeup. She was ready.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell rang. Kara strode to the door, walking like a model on a runway, one foot placed directly in front of the other in a straight line. Opening the door, Kara gazed at him placidly for a moment then smiled. “Come in, Mike.”


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.