Pure Sex

A couple has a very graphic, steamy encounter.


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“Pure Sex”

She slid down my cock, her pussy sucking me in inch by inch. She had an evil little grin on her face as she slid down the whole seven and half inches easily and then pushed down until even my balls got wet from her pussy. The whole time her big sexy tits were hanging in my face, swaying back and forth.

Her nipples were nice and dark. Against her brown skin the dark circles were so tempting, so hard, so needing to be sucked. As she squeezed my cock in her pussy I smiled and moaned, she had such great control, it was like a hand stroking me inside her almost.

Reaching down I grabbed her ass. That ass needed to be grabbed. Nice and full and round and just right for a good handful plus, you could squeeze it and grab it and still have some to play with. I grabbed it and lifted her up until just the head was still in her and watched her grin at me.

I paused and she opened her eyes back up and gave me a pouty look. I laugh and wouldn’t let her slide back down. She wiggled and moaned and pouted but all I did was laugh. Finally she swung her big tits and slapped my face playfully with them.

“Break it. Break this pussy.” She got a hungry look in her eyes. “Fuck me hard.”

That was what I was waiting for. I slammed her back down the length of my cock in one long thrust, feeling her juices squishing out as my cock filled her up.

She grunted as she swallowed me whole and then raised herself back up for more. Nice long hard slam fucking, there’s nothing better. As she rode me hard, I grabbed her big tits and sucked on them, biting and sucking the nipples. She moaned and tossed her head, thrusting her chest out for me to have easier access. Squeezing both tits, I alternated biting each one until her yelps became squeals of agony/pleasure. Her pussy was dripping wet
now, juices slopping down over my balls as she rode me.

I felt her pussy quivering, clenching and releasing and knew she was going to cum soon and I knew she would drown me when she did. Her breathing was that nice ragged grunting that told me it was a big one building. Her slams down were not as hard as already her body was starting to seize up.

Grabbing her ass, I started fucking up into her, lifting my ass and thrusting my cock balls deep to meet her half way. She growled in pleasure and I fucked up into her harder and harder. My fingers dug into her ass cheeks as I lifted myself into her pussy as hard as I could, she was lifted off the bed a little bit each time from the force of our fucking.

She was trying to moan yes but the words wouldn’t come out anymore. She just was nodding as fucked her mercilessly and help a nipple between my teeth. Each hard fuck made her body shift and pulled against my teeth, she cried out and that made me even hotter. I wanted to hear her scream for me.

I spread her cheeks wide as they would go and fucked her as hard as I could, lifting her up each time until she was bouncing on the bed. A low, evil moan started in her as I kept fucking. her eyes clenched shut, the moan became a wail as she started to cum all over me.
I didn’t slow down or soften up at all. I was close too so I kept fucking her faster and harder. Her wailing got louder and when it reached a crescendo, I slipped a finger up her sweet asshole and shoved it deep in her. She screamed out and her pussy felt like a fist around my cock as her orgasm ripped loose.

She was breathing tiny gasps, tiny little breaths and whispering over and over “Break it. Break it,” again and again as I kept fucking her. Her cum was squishing and dripping and flowing all over my hips and balls, it was running down the crack of my ass.

I let out a low deep growl and fucked into her again hard as I could and held, she was balanced on me in the air, knees barely touching the bed as my cock exploded into her. The first blast shot and I felt her pussy milking me, clenching and releasing, wanting all the cum she could get.

I started fucking her deep and hard again and each thrust was a blast of cum filling her up. There was so much cum as I kept fucking her it was squishing out and dripping on me. She was so wet, so slippery, so full of her cum and mine, every time she breathed more squished out.

I finally emptied the last of my cum into her and let her collapse on me. We lay there, unable to catch out breath, panting and growling at each other. As my cock slowly began to lose the erection, the flow of cum became a torrential down pour as her pussy clenched again and the sticky mess was squished over us both.

“Broke it.” She whispered between gasps for air.

Ya. I did. But it wouldn’t stay broke for long . . . that I knew.


The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.