Pearl Of The Orient

A man watches a beautiful Asian girl pleasure herself and then she joins him.


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“Pearl Of The Orient” A 9 minute 22 sec recording.

She was beautiful. That was the first thing he noticed. The long black hair hanging down like strands of liquid silk, flowing, shimmering in the light, almost alive in it’s beauty. The alabaster skin setting off the dark hair like a frame, the innocence in that face was breath taking. Like a spring morning. Like a childhood fantasy of purity. The dark, almond shaped, eyes drawing him into their gaze, draining all will from him as he met them. The smile, pure in it’s sheer pleasure at seeing him. Beauty. That was all he could think. His perfect pearl of the orient.

Then the long silk gown fell from her shoulders. The white silk sliding with a whisper over her unblemished flesh. Falling off the shoulders and revealing her long supple neck. . . the swell of her breast. The gown falling to the floor and revealing her small pert breasts, the dark pink nipples stiff from excitement. The luscious curve of her hip, the dark patch of black hair of her pussy, carefully shaved and sculpted into the perfect V. The body was pure. This body was temptation.

He undid his jeans and slid them down slightly on his hips so that his hard cock was free. He touched it gently at first, almost tickling the shaft as he caressed himself to full length. Then he grasp it firmly and pulled on it and enjoyed the feeling of his erection. The smile on her face suddenly devilish as she watched and bit her lower lip. Her eyes almond eyes sparkled in excitement at the site of his cock and she took a tentative step forward. He stroked his cock again and she absently caressed her nipples watching him. She took one in-between her long slender fingers and pinched it absently and pulled on it. He was aroused by this so she took both nipples in her fingers and pulled on them and giggled. She closed her eyes for a second and let herself feel the pleasure of her act. She stepped with a longer stride and he could see her lips were shaved, just as he loved. She was perfect for him and only him.

One of her hands slid down to her belly, gently caressing her skin. The fingers dipping down into the dark patch of pubic hair. She opened her eyes and watched him stroking his hard cock as she slowly slid her fingers down to her pussy. She watched him shift to get a better view and then shifted her hips forward so he could see her fingers slide between her lips. She gasped as her fingers brushed over her clit and felt her skin pucker in goose bumps. Her fingers were wet from her juices as she withdrew them and placed them in her mouth and sucked her arousal from them.

She smiled as he moaned watching this. She so enjoyed putting on a good show.

“What shall I do for you?” She asked shyly and with a heavily accented voice.

“Play with it.” He said, his voice rough with excitement.

“Play with what?” She said in a feigned innocence. She knew what he wanted, she wanted him to say it though. She took a step forward and placed her fingers back on her pussy lips.

“Yes. That.” He said as he increased the pace of his stroking, the first bubble of precum making his hard cock slightly slippery. He moved forward and his jeans slipped further down his hips allowing the balls to hang free. “Play with your pussy for me.”

She smiled and slid two of her fingers into herself and began to finger fuck herself for him. She was so wet, so slippery, her fingers slid in with ease and her pussy sucked at them as she slid them back out and again sucked her juices from them. He moaned again and she smiled. She loved being sexy, loved turning someone on.

“Don’t stop. Please. Let me see.” He pleaded as he stroked faster and faster and began to sweat from his exertion. “Please.”

She smiled and turned her back to him and bent over so her ass and pussy pointed straight at him and slid her hand between her legs. She looked back to make sure he had a good view, his face told her he did as he smiled and watched in rapt attention. She slid two fingers into herself and began to fuck her pussy fast and hard. Her juices making her lips and upper thigh wet and glistening. She bent over further and almost forgot about him as she played with her clit with one hand and fucked herself hard with the other. Her fingers made wet sucking sounds as they slid in and out of her.

He was panting now and stroking his cock at a blinding speed. He wanted to cum. He wanted her to see it. She was glancing back at him, watching and waiting for the sign he was going to cum. Her fingers spreading her pussy wide open as she fucked herself hard and fast so that he had the perfect view of her masturbating. She felt her own orgasm building as her fingers worked her tight pussy fast.

Without warning it was on her, an intense orgasm that shook her. It didn’t build and slowly take her. It was a harsh lover that caught her unaware and suddenly she screamed and felt her knees go weak as a wave of sheer pleasure took her. She felt her body tense and then a sensation like she had to pee. Then she ejaculated and cum spurted out of her pussy and drained down her legs. She couldn’t stop cumming, wave after wave took her and made her body shake and tremble as she felt her cum running freely down her legs and wetting the floor.

His moan brought her back to reality as she realized he was going to cum. She dashed over in front of him on her wobbly legs and knelt down in front of his cock. He was stroking so hard and fast, she could hear the slapping sound of his hand against the head and then against his hips. Small droplets of precum shook free of his cock and were tossed into the air.

She licked her lips in anticipation. “Please. For me. Cum for me.” She said, her accent so heavy, so sexy. A perfect pearl of the orient voice. He couldn’t hold back and cried out as he began to cum. Great jets of cum erupted from his cock and sprayed towards her. She squealed in pleasure as he shot cum in the air.

Again and again he moaned and shot another spurt of cum until finally there was no more cum in his balls to shoot and he slowly stopped stroking himself. He milked the last cum out of his cock and shook it from the head.

She was looking up and smiling at him as he caught his breath. He laughed at the innocent gaze and fell in love with her all over again. Then the grating sound and slowly the window gate began closing as his cum dripped down the glass. She licked the glass on her side and laughed.

“MMMmmmmm. All for me.” He laughed and decided not to spend any more quarters right now, he reached out and touched the glass in front of her face and she kissed his hand through the glass.

“Bye baby. . . .come see me again soon.” She said as the window snapped into place and blocked her from him. He pulled up his pants and smiled to himself and made plans to return again soon to his special pearl of the orient.


The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.