Online Fun – Is It Cheating? Podcast episode 1

Join owner Sharon Somers and co host George, aka member Reocele, for a weekly fun show on sexual topics. No matter how crazy, we will not shy away from it!

This episode deals with online fun, is it cheating? Or is it just spicing up your masturbation routine, and no business whatsoever of your significant other? Online fun is a safe and usually free way to have a naughty little secret all to yourself and safe and disease free, too! It you like to indulge in phone sex, webcam sex or cyber sex, is it wrong to do it if you’re in a relationship? How would you feel if your own partner was doing this? Would you be ok with it or view it as a threat? What if you didn’t have much of a sex drive and they still did, is it right to deny them this harmless outlet for fun?

We welcome feedback from our listeners on what topics you’d like us to cover.

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“Online Fun – Is It Cheating? Podcast episode 1” A 57 minute recording.