A man goes skinny dipping and encounters an ethereal sexual creature that fully enjoys herself as he watches.


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“Nymph” A 9 min 46 sec recording.

I saw her in the waterfall from across the azure lake. The water was like glass so it reflected her perfectly as she washed herself. In this lonely place I am sure she expected to be alone but I was here and I watched. I watched and I must say, I coveted. Her body was not some skinny lil girls body, it was a woman’s form, full of curves and swaying hips. Like a woman should be, real and alive and enticing. The water drained down her skin and her hair, which I imagine was more blonde then it looked, was matted and wet and hung down below her shoulders. Her hands went over her large breasts that hung in that sexy way that only natural breasts can.

As I watched I felt a twinge of guilt in staring at her but I couldn’t look away. Ducking down into the bushes I watched her and was mesmerized. As her hands played over her wet flesh I found myself aroused more then I could explain. This excitement not only of the body, but deeper hungers aroused in me. I had to keep watching her. She washed her hair and I wished I could touch it, feel it, rub it on me. I wished I could touch her body, feel her slippery skin under my trembling fingers. She was so far away but I swear I could smell her, I could smell the sweet, musky smell of arousal from her. She loved being there and loved being free enough to do anything. I loved it too.

As I watched I undid my jean shorts and slid them off and then pulled off my shirt. I had to get naked. . .it felt so wrong to be clothed watching her. I didn’t even think of the consequences if she should catch me, I didn’t care. My cock hung free and hard, aching to be touched by her. I saw a group of water reeds to one side of her, closer and easily large enough to hide me. My heart beat a mile a minute as I made the choice and silently slipped into the cold water.

Without a sound I crept closer and closer to her, making sure not to disturb the glass like lakes surface any more then necessary to move. I had to be as close as I could be to her, to see her better, to know her. It took me 15 minutes to cross that short distance so slow and carefully did I move and she was still playing in the waterfall. She had a laugh I could hear now, like sunshine and happiness. She took such joy in the cascading water and feeling it on her bare skin. She danced under it like a child. . .or maybe a pixie from a fairy tale I had never read.

Peering through the reeds I watched her and my hand naturally found my cock under the water. She was running her hands over her belly and one sliding between her legs. Her other hand pulled on one of her nipples and she began to pleasure herself, the hand between her legs touching her in some great way. her eyes shot open and she laughed like this was the first time she had ever felt it and spread her legs more.

She turned slightly and I could see between her legs as her fingers probed into her inner folds and spread herself wide open. The cold spray washing over her pussy and sending chills up my spine as well as hers. I could almost taste her from here. She swung her head back and forth and the wet hair smacked on her back and she wiggled her ass in delight. She was loving life.

As she began to get more serious about things, she slid two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck herself harder. She pushed her ass out a lil more and my view was that much better of her wonderful show. She was leaning against the stone of the waterfall face as she played with herself, holding herself up against it’s cold, unyielding surface.

Her squeals of delight became more earnest and hungry sounding as she fucked herself for me to see. My stroking was more frantic as I watched and imagined taking her like that, penetrating her pussy and fucking her so hard she had to grab the stone to keep upright. My hands on her succulent breasts as they swayed to the fucking. Our bodies slapping together in a wonderful wet splatter of sex. She was trembling and I saw her fingers falter in their purpose . . . she was so close she was having trouble keeping the pace up. My cock slamming into her would be so much better, my mind screamed. God I needed to be in that sweet pussy. Her fingers renewed their efforts and I could almost hear the wet sloppy sounds of her fucking herself.

I was trying not to make a sound, but needing to scream out, I was so close and it felt so good. As I fucked my hand in the water, I was in her. I was fucking her like a demon from a distance. She felt it, I know she did. She responded and ground her hips onto her hand to feel the full length of my cock.

She braced herself as I fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster. Her fingers so deep into her pussy my balls slapped her ass cheeks. Oh God, my mind screamed, she felt so good. She cried out in a deep bestial way, some primal scream that echoed through out the glade and she started to cum. I fucked harder and harder into her, I had to fill her, leave her dripping me down her thighs. I could feel it in my balls, the ache getting so intense I would explode. I fucked into her as she slumped against the stone. Fast and hard until I was ready to burst.

Stifling a cry I let loose and began to fill her wet pussy. A geyser of hot cum erupted out of me and filled her. the cold water making it feel so much better as I shot load after load of cum. My fist was so tight, just like her sweet pussy was. I came and came, I didn’t think I would ever stop, I would just keep going until I was nothing left. I couldn’t cry out so I bit my lips until I bled into my own mouth. Then I was done and panting quietly. I was quivering like a virgin in the water watching her. She sat down next to the waterfall on a rock and tried to catch her breath. She was spent and happy but still she played with her pussy gently to enjoy the aftershocks. Then she slid one finger into her pussy and withdrew it and I nearly screamed. It came out covered in my thick cum mixed with hers.

She was laughing and playing with my cum as I felt a surge of panic starting in me. How? What? HOW? As I tried to make my way quickly to where my clothing was I looked back and she was fingering herself and then licking me off her hand when she pulled it out. She was dripping me into a puddle under her ass and savoring my taste on her fingers. I pulled myself up on the shore and turned again and she was gone.

The waterfall was empty and I was alone. She had just vanished. Glancing around I tried to find her and couldn’t, there was no one there. And then a splashing sound. Very faint, very far away. I saw the ripple as something slipped through the water effortlessly. Something which was almost water itself. Something I could not see. There was a laugh, like sunshine and then the ripple was gone.

Pulling on my clothing I was shaking. unsure of what had happened, of where I had been. But I marked the spot on the map. I knew I would be back. The thing that scared me was, I knew she knew I would be back as well.



The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.