Karen Coerced – Part 3

The continuing story of Karen and her perverted, yet compelling boss Jeremy heats up.

A woman is blackmailed by her sleazy boss to give him sex, but she soon starts to like it and crave more. The continuing story of the deepening sexual relationship of Karen and her dominant boss Jeremy.


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“Karen Coerced part 3” A 24 min 55 sec long recording.

As I walked into Jeremy’s office, anger welled up inside me. I was getting a bit fed up of his games. The sight of him annoyed me, he seemed to be growing more arrogant by the hour, but I was powerless.

He directed me to stand near his desk. He took a seat, about kicking distance in front of me, on a hard four legged, armless chair. I stood there in front of him, feeling incredibly vulnerable. He just sat and stared, his eyes all over my body, making me feel like a cheap whore.

Jermy clucked his tongue.

“Tut tut tut, you’re wonderful Karen.” He shook his head gently from side to side. “Do you realize that there isn’t a man in his rightful mind on this planet who wouldn’t want to bend you over and fuck you?”

I said nothing.

“And modest too. Do you know what the best part is?”

“No Jeremy.” I answered.

“You’re mine. I can make you do anything I want. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes Jeremy.”

“I feel so, how shall I say, privileged. Do you remember what I said to you on the phone this morning?”


“Remind me.” He looked in my eyes.

“You said you might need to feel my succulent cunt around your cock, or something to that effect.” I said, looking down, ashamedly.

“Speak up you filthy slut, and look in my eyes when you speak to me,” he said sternly.

“You said you might need to feel my succulent cunt around your cock.” I repeated, louder, looking into his eyes.

“Have you got panties on now Karen?”


“Are they wet with your juices?”


“Do you like talking like a filthy little whore?”


“Does it get you wet?” he asked lewdly.


“Let’s see about that…” he smiled, sincerely. “Let’s pretend you were desperate to be fucked by me, unprotected, right now. You want it more than anything. Tell me. Tell me how you physically crave my cock. Talk dirty to me.”

I did as he asked, talking dirty to the sick little bastard.

“Mr. Roth, I want to feel your bare cock inside me, sliding against me, filling me up. I want you to use me, and make me come, all over your cock.” I looked in his eyes as I spoke softly, feeling dirty and excited.

“Please, won’t you push me down on the desk and lift up my dress? Give me what I need. Don’t make me beg Mr. Roth, stick your big cock in me and fuck me, hard. I just know it would feel amazing.” The more I spoke, the more I got turned on.

Jeremy stood up and approached me, then moved behind me.

“Are you going to fuck me now Mr. Roth?”

His hands moved quickly up my dress, along the outside of my thighs. I felt his finger tips rest on the bare flesh of my hips before he whipped my panties down to my ankles.

“Step out of your panties Karen.” I did. He came around front of me and stretched the crotch over the back of his hand. It was glistening with my wetness.

“I asked if talking like a filthy whore gets you wet Karen.”

“I’m sorry, I was mistaken. Yes it does Jeremy.”

“Tell me more Karen, bring your marriage into it, your infidelity, bring Steven into it, tell me how you want me fucking you behind his back, how you want to betray him. And grope your pussy while you do it, caress your tits, pleasure yourself.” He sat down again and calmly crossed his legs.

“Oh God Jeremy, you see how wet you can make me, without even touching me. I let Steven fuck me the other evening and I imagined it was you.” I pushed my hand between my legs, feeling my silk slip against my naked pussy. I was getting breathless as I continued. “That’s how much I want your cock. I begged him to come in me. I wanted it to be you, coming deep inside me.”

I think Jeremy suspected that this was the truth. I continued rubbing my pussy, both my hands between my legs, getting more and more worked up.

“I want you to give me what he can’t, I want to betray him in the worst way, I want you to use me over and over. Come in my married pussy, again and again.” It was a flowing tirade. “Fuck me Jeremy.”

Jeremy held out his right hand, palm up, fingers bent at the knuckles, a little below waist height.

“Come over here and rub your married cunt against my hand.”

I let my hands fall to my sides and walked to him. I positioned my mound near his fingertips, then going up on my toes as I moved my hips closer to him, causing my dress to gather between my parted legs as I pressed my cunt against his hand. His hand applied sweet firm pressure against my aching cunt as I slid myself against it. I could feel his fingers spreading the folds of my slit through the silky fabric of my dress. I grew increasingly breathless as I gyrated my hips.

“It’s getting late Karen, there’s no one left here to disturb us tonight.” I whimpered softly as I continued moving myself against his hand.

“Call Steven and tell him you need to work late.”

I hesitated, looking at Jeremy. He nodded.

I walked to the desk and picked up the phone, dialing home. As the phone started to ring I felt Jermy’s hand slide up along my inner thigh from behind.

On the second ring I felt Jermy push a finger into my cunt, he started to move it in and out slowly, working it deeper. Steven picked up. I tried to gather myself. I took a deep shaky breath.

“Hi Honey, I’m so sorry, but I have to work late tonight.”

“Awww Karen, really? How late?” Roth’s finger was past the second knuckle now. I had to restrain a whimpered cry.

“I’m going to be here another couple of hours I guess. I have to get a presentation ready for first thing, there was a last minute schedule change.” I amazed myself at how easily the lies rolled off my tongue without even thinking as Roth’s finger squelched in my dripping cunt.

“That’s OK sweetie, I understand. See you later babe. Love you.”

“Me too.” I hung up the phone. Roth laughed. He pulled his finger slowly from my sopping cunt, then slowly drew it under his nose, like a fine cigar, as if savoring the scent. I was so close to coming.

He sat on the chair pulled out his cock. I waited, thinking maybe he was going to tease me again. I wasn’t sure I would be able to take that.

“Come here Karen.”

I stood in front of him, I couldn’t resist looking at his cock, the tip was drooling precum.

“Climb onto me, let your slit push down onto the tip of my cock.”

I held the base of his shaft as I lifted a leg over him, straddling him, then bent my knees until I was almost sitting on him. His cock nudged my slit open. I trembled with desire. He looked in my eyes, a sly smirk.

“You want this, don’t you?”

“No sir, you’re blackmailing me, I have no choice.” I gasped, completely breathless.

“Have it your way Karen, lower yourself onto my cock, mein whore.” I have to admit, the nazi turn of phrase suited the bastard.

I squatted down a little more, feeling him enter me. At last I felt the wonderful texture of his big bare cock head, porous, rough as he penetrated my womanly succulence. The sensation felt effervescent, sparkling with intensity. His cock felt prickly, a cactus with buzzing spines of electricity.

“Uuuhhhaaaa” a whimpered moan of uncontainable ecstasy escaped my lips. I rotated my hips in tiny gyrations, as I bore down onto his lavish cock, working it deeper inside me. I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt. I have no words. I almost felt sick from the gut wrenching pleasure I felt. I’ve never experienced such intensity. Such release. As I felt him getting deeper, his arms went to my hips and pushed me down.

Before he had even entered me fully, I came with incredible force. My pussy contracted violently, each contraction squeezing a coating of my juice onto his cock. In time with each contraction he rocked his hips and pushed a little deeper inside me.

Our parted lips came together, I breathlessly kissed him, salivating greedily. Licking his lip with my tongue as I orgasmed. He worked his way further inside me, deeper and deeper, I felt strange. My orgasm wasn’t stopping. His cock felt alive, vibrant. The flecks of this tongue across my lips caused my clit to pulsate.

The only word I can think of for what he did to me is transcendental. Very soon, nothing else existed. We were in an empty vast vacuum. We floated through the infinite recesses of space, weightless, tumbling in slow motion through the darkness as we fucked. Gradually drifting, directionless, slow heavenly fucking.

There was no up, no down, just in and out, our two bodies entwined in the most breathtaking soul-uniting fuck. Unending orgasmic rushes overcame me, like the ongoing slow release I had already experienced, but a million times more blindingly intense. The nerve endings in my cunt in orgasmic overdrive.

His cock was a beacon, signaling pulses of pure overpowering pleasure that rippled through my nervous system. I’ve never been fucked so deeply, to my very core. There are no words. My whole body vibrated in tantric resonance with his surging cock. He literally fucked me into oblivion.

Each surging pulse of pleasure was stronger than the last. Comets of pleasure crashed through me, with long lingering tails, causing the waves of meteoric pleasure to overlap with each other. I felt searing shuddering ecstasy. I was only just conscious and barely knew that those tails of pleasure I felt were pressurized jets of his semen squirting deep into me. My whole body was reacting, flowering, opening completely to receive him. I didn’t know that inside me, my cervical head dilated as he sprayed and sprayed directly into my womb.

Each time he had denied himself during our previous encounters had caused his semen reserves to build. I could feel each squirt of his virile seed sweeping into me in powerful streaming ribbons. I gushed in harmony with his every squirt. My involuntary contractions prolonged his orgasm, his seed flooded me. I instinctively wrapped my legs around him while I bucked and twisted in helpless convulsing ecstasy on his masterful cock.

We stayed like that forever, our bodies wrapped up together, rocking from the ordeal of such immense pleasure. Eventually I realized I was still alive, I might even survive. I started to come back. I slowly opened my eyes, and looked into his. We were still in the office, sitting on his chair. Our chests heaved from the exertions. His cock still plugged my cunt so tightly, so completely.

In that moment I felt I understood him. His reasons finally seemed clear to me. He was not happy to simply have control of my actions by way of blackmail. He wanted a deeper power. He wanted to control my needs and desires. He wanted me to want to be controlled. I had never really considered other, deeper, levels of control before this moment.

Jeremy smiled smugly. I was still trembling, vibrating, still feeling swirling orgasmic undulations sweep through me. I couldn’t catch my breath.

We both knew, he had me now. Right where he wanted me.

I thought he was finished with me, until he issued another directive.

“Stand up Karen.” I stood slowly, dismounting him. Feeling him slide out of me was the last thing I wanted.

“Turn around.” I turned my back to him. I felt his warm come dribbling between the lips of my pussy.

He stood close behind me and unzipped my dress. His hands went inside it, warm on my shoulders. Then he pushed the shoulders of the dress apart, it fell to the floor leaving me standing there in my full cream slip.

“You’re such a sexy bitch Karen” he whispered in my ear.

He moved his chair in closer and sat again, right behind me, then reached between my knees and pulled the hem at the front of my slip back, between my knees, and then up to my ass, pulling tight so that the satin formed a second skin over my mound and pussy. He reached around front of me with his other hand and groped my cunt.

“I loved coming inside you. I love that my come is inside your pussy right now.” His words caused me to reel with ecstasy.

“Come for me whore,” he said aloud as he tirelessly stroked my cunt through the satin.

“Come for me whore,” he commanded over and over as he continued rubbing me. By now his come was leaking from me, seeping through the satin fabric of my slip. I was so turned on. He’d given me no chance of recovery after the fuck of a lifetime. I felt my lust, my pleasure, my sensations growing and growing.

“Come for me you filthy cheating whore.” His words made the skin at the nape of my neck prickle. His touch felt electric, my clit buzzed and pulsed beneath his busy fingertips.

“Come for me you slut wife.” And I did. So hard. Juice gushed from my cunt, mingling with his spunk, squeezed out from between the contracting walls of my vagina. He continued groping me thoroughly, one hand reaching around the front pressed between my legs the other from behind underneath as I gushed and gushed copiously into his hands, soaking them through the fabric of my slip.

He stood and began to walk me to the desk, his hand still clasping my pussy, working me.

Finally letting go of my cunt, he still held my slip tight as he sat me on the desk. He stood between my parted legs and rubbed his cock against my satin covered cunt. He was rigidly hard again. Probing, pushing in a little as if to penetrate me through the wet spunky satin barrier.

“Tell me you’re a cheap filthy whore, Karen.”

“I’m a filthy whore, Jeremy.”

“Tell me how much you love what I’m doing.”

“I love the way you’re rubbing you cock along my satin covered slit. I love the way you make me feel like such a dirty little slut.”

I talked dirty to him, trying to catch my breath as he rubbed his cock against my cunt. He hooked a finger underneath the satin barrier and tugged sharply, letting my slip fall back down. There was a large soaking wet patch.

“The true mark of a filthy slut.” He smiled, and looked in my eyes, then he entered me, sliding in so easily.

He stood, staring unflinchingly into my eyes, fucking me. I wondered if he was taking viagra as he pounded relentless, on and on. Length after length of his monstrous cock while he grunted like a beast from the effort of his powerful follow through.

He placed his hands behind my knees, lifted them, laying me back on the desk without missing a stroke. He pushed my legs up onto his shoulders as he thrust his powerful bullish body into me with all his might.

It went on and on. He pinned my wrists down on the desk and used me. My pussy so sensitized from all the attention, felt ever nuance of his wonderful cock, magnifying the sensations.

“I have so much to show you Karen, this is only the beginning.”

And he fucked me, and fucked me, a bull. Relentless, unstoppable, a freight train.

I cried out over and over.

I came, and he never stopped fucking me. He fucked me through orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

At some point I wondered if it would ever stop. Then I wished it never would. What a fucking animal.

I don’t know how long it went on. It was after midnight when I finally got home, utterly spent and starving, with another fresh coat of his semen lining my womb.

As I slipped into bed my husband woke.

“You poor thing, you must be exhausted” he soothed.

“Totally” I answered as sleep immediately washed over me.


johnnytee is my favorite author I have done recordings for. He contacted me years ago on Literotica and we have had many stories recorded since he wrote. He is very talented and I always love his works. Here are links to his pages on Climax Connection and Literotica.

Climax Connection – johnnytee

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