Insatiable Wife – Part 3

Picks up where the last one left off. I can’t get the encounter with you of of my mind.


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“Insatiable Wife part 3” A 5 minute recording.

Ever since it happened, I haven’t been able to get you out of my head.

It was so intense. Just thinking about it makes me breathless.

The way you took me, it felt amazing.

The moment your thick cock slid up inside me. Oh god.

I can’t forget the feeling, the thrill of being violated, by you.

Utterly helpless as you penetrated me.

I couldn’t help …. liking it….wanting it.

I can’t help wanting it….again.

So charged with electricity. I can’t get it out of my mind.

I need it again, I need you to take me.

Treat me bad, make me your slut.

Lift up my skirt and stick your cock in me.

Turn me into an adulterous wife, a whore.

I can’t get the image out of my mind.

It’s all I can think about anymore.

You’re holding me down, wrists behind my back as your hand moves up my skirt.

Your vile touch so indecent, so divine.

I’m disgusted by the dire need I have to feel you inside me.

I realize my hips are gyrating, moving my married pussy against your groping palm.

All at once revolted by my lewd infidelity, unable to stop myself, almost at orgasm from your touch.

Distraught momentarily at the loss of contact as you hand moves away to rummage in your trousers.

Fierce orgasmic tingling as your incisive cock-tip pries my slit open and delves into my wetness.

Closing my eyes, overcome with such pure pleasure.

Oh goddddd, finally.

The ultimate contact.

The velvety flesh of you bell-shaped helmet ventures inside my aching vagina.

Suddenly lost, enraptured, entirely engulfed in ecstasy.

Oh god yeesss. Fuck me, you deplorable bastard.

Time seems unreal, gradual, everything is in slow motion, awareness heightened, sensation amplified.

I’m aware of every pore, every cell as you penetrate me entirely.

Your heart-stopping cock reaming my gushing pussy.

Radiating blissful internal sunshine inside me, filling me. Ugghhhhaaaa..

Hardly aware of your voraciously thrusting cock, saturated with pleasure beyond comprehension in hyper-real slow motion ecstasy.

My whole body spasming orgasmically as you ravage me.

Oh god, yessssss. Come in me, come in me.

Spray your special sauce deep inside me.

Oh, Oh, I can feel it. Ogghhhh.

Liquid lightning, dousing me, seeding me so deep inside.

Like nothing I’ve ever known.


Oh god.

I’m his wife …(breathless)…. but I’m your whore.

I need you. I need you to show me.

Devour me.


johnnytee is my favorite author I have done recordings for. He contacted me years ago on Literotica and we have had many stories recorded since he wrote. He is very talented and I always love his works. Here are links to his pages on Climax Connection and Literotica.

Climax Connection – johnnytee

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The above story was written by another author I have done recordings for. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it unless the author gives it to you.