In From The Dark

A man who likes to watch spies on a woman enjoying herself while he joins….


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“In From The Dark” A 10 minute 12 sec recording.

I watched her like I always did this time of night. Crouched in the bushes, safe in my shadows, I was her audience. Her curtains were open as always, a frame to my private show she would put on. The light in the room just bright enough to see her by, not so bright as to blind me as I looked in from the dark.

She entered the room fully clothed. A long white blouse and blue jeans. She dressed nice and rather conservative but even the over sized top could not hide her huge breasts and the jeans clung to her curves enticingly.

She looked in the mirror and examined herself, she pulled the shirt tight against her body and giggled. I would have love to have heard her thoughts, I wondered if she was thinking of touching herself right then. I know I was thinking of touching her . . . she looked so tempting.

She turned to face the window and swayed slightly with the music that she was listening too. I could almost hear the beat from her movements, like she was the physical manifestation of the song. As she swayed she slowly began to unbutton the blouse. One button at a time, teasing me, driving me mad with wanting her.

As she undid the last button she turned suddenly. She was such a tease, I caught only the briefest glimpse of her lacey bra and creamy skin before she spun around. She undid her jean buttons and slid them down her body as she continued to dance. Bending over she pulled them off and I could see her pretty white panties, satin of course . . . she was definitely a frilly satiny type of girl.

Her ass was plump and juicy. Not some tight little boney ass. She had this voluptuous look to her, like a woman should have. As she swayed I imagine ripping those sweet white panties off her and using them to tie her up. I knew she’d like that. I knew she’d love to be taken. Why else did she put on the show for me?

She slid her blouse off her arms and let it fall, dancing now just in her bra and panties for me. My cock was so hard, I had to open my fly and take it out. She always did this to me, teased me until I lost control. She loved doing that, I could tell. She loved to drive me nuts with her dance.

She reached back and undid her bra for me, allowing it to hold onto her huge breasts for a moment before pulling it free and allowing them to spill forth in all their glory. They were real, you could tell that with that wonderful jiggle to them. They hung down slightly like tits are supposed to. Not hard like some silicon beauty, she was all natural and as she danced they swayed and bounced for me.

I had to start stroking my cock now, she knew that’s what seeing her topless always did to me. That is why she danced now, so I could see her sway and swing and to tease me until I couldn’t help myself. I stroked it slowly and deliberately, I wanted to make tonight last.

She rubbed and squeezed her breasts as she danced, aroused at the sight of herself in the mirror. She pulled at the nipples and laughed and shmooshed them together. I knew she was imagining my cock between them. . .sliding against her smooth hot skin. She pulled at her nipples again and it was my fingers teasing her back, making her so wet she’d beg to be fucked.

She slid a hand into her panties as she danced and began to play with herself for me. Watching herself in the mirror, she began to rub her clit. I wanted so badly to taste her fingers right now. I timed my stroking to her hands movements inside her panties. She danced faster and swayed more, her big tits bouncing just for me. God I want her so badly.

She half crouched and began to finger bang her sweet pussy, ass presented for me to take if I wanted. She was leaning forward and bracing herself against a chair with her other hand. I could see her hand as her panties slid to the side, I could watch her fingers fucking herself for me. The show was amazing tonight. I jerked my stiff cock faster and faster watching her.

Sweat was covering my brow as I watched and got closer and closer to cumming. I watched her moaning in the mirrors reflection and tried to time my own orgasm with hers. I loved cumming with her. She was fucking herself hard now, two fingers deep, fast and hard. Her pussy was dripping her juices down her legs, making a wet mess of her as she fucked herself. I was almost there, trying to hold back, I always try and let the girl cum first. It was hard to do but I felt it was more considerate of me. I tried to slow down my pace but she was fucking herself faster and faster and I just couldn’t.

When she came it was amazing, cum squishing out past her fingers, her body trembling, knees wobbly and barely able to support her. But she stayed up for me. She kept the show going for me so I could finish too. I let out a very low moan and stroked myself faster and faster, squeezing my hard cock tighter.

She pulled out her fingers and a flood of cum spilled out of her and drizzled down her legs. Her fingers were soaked with the sweet mess and that was too much for me to hold back any longer. I stifled a cry as I began to cum, great gobs of hot cum splattering on the leaves of the bushes, drooling down my hands. I just kept cumming and cumming until I thought I would be a withered husk when I was done. Hot salty splashes all over until finally, the last few quivering squirts left me drained and gasping for air.

She was so good to me. She never ceased to amaze me with how hard she could make me cum. Shaking, I leaned against a small tree as I watched her. Her fingers teasing her sweet pussy and after shocks zipping through her again and again. She was shaking like a leaf when she finally stood up again and wiped her pussy covered fingers in her big tits, making them all slippery with her cum. She giggled again as she watched herself.

As I slid my half hard cock into my pants and zipped up, she turned and came to the window. I froze in the shadows, not wanting to be seen. She pulled the curtains half closed and then peered out into the dark. I was silent and still, hidden in my shadows, not even breathing. After a long moment she smiled and kissed the window and pulled the curtains the rest of the way shut.

Breathing a sigh of relief I finished zipping and made my way quickly back to the road and to my car, the show was over, she would go take a bath now at the back of the house and then to bed. I smiled and blew her a kiss and left, knowing she would be waiting tomorrow night for me once again.

Sandy walked back to the bathroom naked. Her cum dripping down her legs. She loved the wet feeling of just having cum. She turned on the hot tap and waited for it to get nice and steamy and then plugged the drain and began to fill the tub. She lit several candles and turned off the light so the room was bathed in a soft glow.

She opened up a new bottle of bubble bath and poured it into the rising water and then added a scoop of scented salts. The clear water turned a slight bluish tint as the bubble bath and salts mixed into it and began to foam up nicely. The steam soon began to fill the room so she went to the window and opened it. There was no exhaust fan in here and she had to open the window or it was like a sauna when she took her bath.

I watched her like I always did this time of night. Crouched in the bushes, safe in my shadows, I was her audience. She pulled the window open as always, a frame to my private show she would put on. The light in the bathroom just bright enough to see her by, not so bright as to blind me as I looked in from the dark. . .



The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.