Gretta’s Weakness Part 5

The sexy tale of Gretta and her teenaged neighbor Johnny continues as her husband remains clueless about his wife’s affair.


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“Gretta’s Weakness Part 5” A 21 minute 3 sec long recording.

I crept furtively into bed beside Michael some time after dawn, my womb freshly painted with generous coatings of Johnny’s young seed. Looking back it disgusts me a little to know that I had both men’s sperm swimming around inside me, at the same time, but in that moment I was so utterly exhausted, I simply closed my eyes and went unconscious.

My sleep was laced with troubled, anxious dreams. One dream morphed seamlessly into the next, a myriad of sex and eroticism in an ever-changing nightmarish landscape. I was running through thick molasses, from something dark, terrifying, unknown, with no hope of escape. Breathless, caught, beastly talons clawing at my back, a sharp cutting sensation when somehow reality melted slowly away. A dry sensation of pressure all along my back and legs causing a slowly dawning dawning recognition that I was laying down, on a hard surface, still bound, unable to move.

I was a vessel to be used, inseminated, impregnated in some sort of vile ritual. Soon to be initiated in the ways this evil cult. A crowd chanting around the sacrificial altar, so many hands pinning me down, holding my forehead, shoulders, elbows, arms, my hips and ribs. I couldn’t move my head, couldn’t clearly see the figure that stood at the foot of the table between my thighs, only his huge dripping erection and I knew exactly what he wanted…

Michael woke me at 11 the next morning with a cooked breakfast. Despite my guilty conscience I ate heartily, I was famished from my exertions the previous night. The bacon was crisp and salty, the sausages succulent and savory, all washed washed down with a steaming mug tea.

Afterwards, I lay there, and everything seemed perfect. I needed for nothing. I could feel the cotton sheets soft against my legs. Michael snuggled in close to me, spooning by by side. He was so happy, so upbeat with plans for the move, for our future.

I felt his strong hands roaming over my body as I lay there thinking about my time last night with Johnny. God, what was the matter with me.

Michael’s hands moved over my abdomen, softly caressing my skin. It made me feel violated. I felt Michael had no right to come home after being away for so long and expect to pick up with me as if nothing had happened.

As the soft flesh of my belly yielded beneath Michaels fingertips I closed my eyes and remembered what had happened last night. I began to wonder if Johnny’s baby was beginning to grow inside me. As I considered the possibilities. I felt increasingly sure it was. I wanted it to be true. I wanted part of Johnny to be a part of me forever more. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Johnny snuggling in close beside me.

As my husbands hands continued massaging erotically, I began to imagine my belly swelling with new life. It made me feel so close to Johnny, incredibly strong orgasmic prickles pulsed through me, my body ached longingly for Johnny.

Michael’s firm arousal pressed against me. Letting him have me would’ve felt more like cheating than I ever did when I was with Johnny. It was bizarre, but I felt I belonged to Johnny now, not my husband. Despite my arousal, I resisted him. It was Johnny’s touch that I craved, not his.

“I’m tired Michael” I blurted.

“I’ve missed you so much baby, I just wanted to be close with you,” he sighed heavily. “But I get the feeling that I’m not entirely welcome here, that you didn’t miss me quite as much as I missed you.”

“No Michael, it’s not that…” I spoke softly, knowing my deceit.

“What is it then?” he demanded, but I hand no answer for him.

It ended with Michael storming off out of the room and I was left there laying on the bed staring at the slammed door, wondering how to tell him, what to tell him. What a mess. It felt so hopeless.

After a little cool-off time, I went downstairs and walked into the living room. Michael was playing monopoly with the kids. I felt pangs of hurt and regret, knowing that I’d hurt my wonderful family unit. And for what? A little nookie with my teenage neighbor.

I was about to apologize, but Michael got there first.

“Michael, we need to talk…” I trailed off.

He agreed, and said we talk later over dinner, get a babysitter.

Later that evening, we went out for a meal. We sat at a candlelit table. It would’ve been romantic if I didn’t have so much on my mind. Michael had even arranged a babysitter, you’ll never guess who! Johnny was at home, minding the kids. Jesus.

Over dinner Micheal was talking about how wonderful life abroad was going to be for us. It was like old times. His voice was arousing and sensual. I closed my eyes as he spoke, and it took me back to that first time Johnny had taken me, while I spoke to him on the phone.

I was so confused. I couldn’t just move away and start a new life. I couldn’t just leave Johnny. And yet, I couldn’t hurt Michael. I couldn’t tear our family apart. There was only one way I could see of solving this, and it was very temporary.

“Um Michael, I know it’s what we worked for, what we planned for, but, I’m just not ready to up sticks and leave our home. My family is here, our friends, our kids school and friends. I just can’t. I’m not ready…” I trailed off, not knowing what else to say. I waited for a reaction.

He just smiled and shushed me.

“I understand Gretta. It’s a bit of a shock. We don’t have to rush into this. We’ll figure this out.”

So we talked and he said he’d go back and start his new job without us. He’d continue supporting us long distance for the time being and we’d let the kids finish out their school year here. That at least bought me some time.

After dinner, Michael said he wanted to go meet up with some of his friends at a bar. It didn’t really appeal to me so I said I’d go on home in a taxi.

When I got there, Johnny asked me what was going on. I told him what had happened, that Michael would be leaving in a few days, and that I was staying for now. He tried to act cool about it, as if it didn’t affect him much, but I could tell it meant a lot to him. He had a lump in his throat. God he was so sweet, so young, so sexy.

He told me how sexy I looked, dressed up for dinner.

“Not now Johnny, Michael will be home soon” I gasped as his fingers trailed up my leg, then playfully smacked his hand.

He didn’t stop though, we kissed and kissed, salivating hungrily for each other. He slipped his finger inside my pussy and I moved a hand inside his jeans and stroked his erection. Forbidden lust is so hard to resist once you’ve tasted it.

“Please Johnny no.” My words in contradiction to my desires as I unbuttoned his jeans and straddled him on the sofa.

My eyes closed as he drew my panties aside pushed his 19 year old cock up into my somewhat more experience pussy. Ohh gooddd, the vibrancy of youth.

As he thrust inwards into my pussy, I almost didn’t hear the car pull up outside.

“Oh shit!! Oh Jesus.” Utter panic.

I immediately dismounted Johnny.

“Get dressed” I hissed as I rushed out swiftly to the darkened kitchen where I peered out the front window. It was Michael.

I ran back to the living room and sat in an armchair. Johnny was making some final, um, wardrobe adjustments. I began small-talking with Johnny just as Michael put his head through the door. He was a little boozed up, quite jolly. I wondered how jolly he’d be if he knew Johnny’s cock had been in his wife’s pussy a brief moment ago. It was probably still wet with his wife’s juice, and here we were chatted casually like nothing was going on.

He poured himself a Scotch and offered one to Johnny. He declined awkwardly. I wondered what he must be thinking. He looked so cool, so unruffled. Johnny made to leave, but Michael stopped him. “Oh shit” I thought but Michael only wanted to pay him for the babysitting.

It was surreal. It turned me on. My husband paying the young stud who had only just sampled his adulterous wife’s soaking pussy. Johnny closed the front door after him. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t see him again for another two weeks.

And so my husbands few days at home came and went. We made love one more time, on the night before he went back. It was an obligatory thing for me, something I didn’t really enjoy. As each day passed by, I was lovesick for Johnny, more and more.

After Micheal was gone I thought he’d come find me, but Johnny had gone away visiting a relatives farm, to help out with some work. So, when my period was late, and I took the test, I hadn’t a soul to tell. Michael had been gone for more than a week when Johnny appeared at my front door.

“It’s Michael, he’s on the phone.” We walked over to his house in silence, and I went inside to the kitchen. It was all so familiar.

I picked up the receiver and began chatting to Michael. We talked for a while and, just like before, Johnny stayed in the kitchen, listening in. I turned around so I could see Johnny. He studied a magazine, pretending not to notice my stare.

“I’ve got something to tell you” I said, suddenly serious, speaking to Michael and Johnny simultaneously.

“I’m two weeks late. I’ve taken a test. I’m pregnant.” The phone went silent for a moment. Johnny looked over at me.

“Oh my god Gretta, that’s wonderful news.” Michaels voice had taken on a soft tonal quality, and I felt goosebumps on my arms and at the back of my neck.

Johnny was walking towards me, looking unsure of himself. He stood in front of me, placing his palm just below the waistband of my skirt, as if feeling for a bump through the soft fabric.

He looked at me with wide eyes. He gazed intently at me and silently mouthed “Is it mine?”

I nodded at him, without any proof whatsoever, but somehow knowing without any trace of uncertainty. After almost two weeks apart, his touch felt amazingly intimate. Michael spoke.

“I wish I could be with you right now Gretta, are you alone?”

I hadn’t planned it, but I knew history was about to repeat itself. The anticipation was incredible. I don’t know what hormones, if any, are involved in the early stages of pregnancy, but I cannot stress enough how much I needed the this

“Yes Michael, I’m alone.” I looked in Johnny’s eyes, but spoke into the phone for my husband as well.

“Would you like to do me right here? Like you did before? Come on. I know you want to lift me up onto the counter-top and slide your cock inside me?”

Johnny’s hands encircled my waist, then moved together around behind me where they undid the zip of my skirt. It slipped down over my hips and down to the floor. His hands moved back to my waist once again, and he lifted me onto the counter top, pushing me too far back. I wiggled, moving my ass closer to the edge of the counter.

“I’m with you now Gretta, taking my cock out in front of you, where you can see how hard I am.” Michael’s spoken words described with uncanny accuracy what Johnny was doing. It unnerved me.

“Oh god, you’re so big, so hard. I need to feel it inside me.”

I spread my legs, stretching the silky fabric of my slip creating a satin enclosure around my legs. Johnny hesitated, his cock felt like a powerful magnetic drawing my pussy towards him. He aimed it up into the tunnel created by my slip.

“I need it so bad.” I panted desperately, shifting, feeling heat radiating from his throbbing erection.

As he pushed into me I felt faint. The feel of him sliding in after a prolonged absence was overwhelming. My head began to swim and one thought repeated itself in my mind over and over, like a mantra: My husband has no idea that I’m pregnant with your baby.

His cock sizzled inside my pussy, emphasizing the mantra in my head, making me whimper helplessly into the phone.

I was unable to speak, my lungs occupied with expelling soprano pitched squeals of ecstasy. I could tell Michael was getting turned on, describing in detail how he as nailing me against the kitchen counter-top while Johnny acted it out for real, his hot young cock pistoning excitedly in and out of my pussy.

I was totally out of control. It felt so dangerous. Johnny wasn’t being gentle, he was fucking me real hard, like he wanted Michael to know what was happening.

“Fuck me harder” I called out, attempting a cover up. Johnny took this as a direct order, a personal challenge. He rammed his cock relentlessly into me as Michael hissed “Take it you disgraceful slut.” I knew by the gravelly quiver in his voice he was close to coming.

It was all too much. Brutal orgasmic shockwaves rippled out from my pussy, into my body. Michael was describing himself coming in me, but Johnny wasn’t finished just yet. He continued his hammer blows, showing no mercy to my convulsing pregnant pussy. As Michael wound down, I was in helpless, but I knew I had to do something fast.

I couldn’t speak, for breathless whimpers.

“Oh shit, someones coming. I have to go” I cried out, genuine panic in my voice. I slammed the handset back in the cradle.

Johnny leaned in and kissed me urgently, never missing a stroke as he continued screwing me. His pace decelerated, which increased the intensity of sensation for me. Maybe it was the hormones, I don’t know, but his eager young cock came alive inside my pussy.

I wrapped my legs around behind him, clamping him in, his vigorous thrusts moving me. He pulled me towards him, my ass moving over the lip of the worktop, and screwed his way deeper and deeper into my pussy.

“You can come in me all you want now, I’m pregnant with your baby.” I whispered softly.

Johnny rocked his hips, arched his back and without ever pulling out, launched thrust after thrust up into me, his blows driving screams of ecstasy out of my shuddering body.

“I’m coming over tonight Gretta. I’m going to come in you all night long.” he answered as he went on using me just how I needed.

“Don’t ever stop Johnny” is all I could manage as he fucked through orgasm after orgasm into a state of utter delirium.

Even as I left to return home, I was already dying to see him again, dying for him to make good on his word.


johnnytee is my favorite author I have done recordings for. He contacted me years ago on Literotica and we have had many stories recorded since he wrote. He is very talented and I always love his works. Here are links to his pages on Climax Connection and Literotica.

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