Counter Help

A couple of buddies get naughty with the waitress at the pizzeria behind the counter.


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“Counter Help” A 7 min 11 sec recording.

He bent her over and slid his cock in inch by inch. It took several times sliding it back out to get her pussy stretched enough to take his full 11 inches. . .the shaft glistening with her cum as he slid it back and allowed her to adjust her hips. Finally into her he began to fuck nice and slow.

He knew from experience fucking too hard too fast would ruin it, she would be in pain. Instead he worked her lil pussy sweet and slow, sliding it all the way until his balls slapped her spread lips. She was moaning and starting to push back as he fucked her, that was a great sign.

He knew she would be good as soon as he saw her. She had that “wild fuck” look to her. He and a friend came into the pizza parlor for a slice, little did he know he’d be getting a piece too. She was sitting by the register, chewing gum, looking bored. The place was almost empty, a couple of old men sitting and talking in one corner and a couple eating in the other.

His friend and he were both well over 6′ tall, both with short cut blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular build. They tended to look like an Aryan wet dream double header when they walked into a place.

She had definitely taken notice of them and started to grin. He grabbed her hair and pushed her face down on his friends cock as he slid all the way in to her pussy, making her deep throat his 9 inches. She was good, she swallowed them both up and purred for em. Taking her hair tight in his fist he guided her mouth up and down his friends cock, making her suck him like the good little cum slut she was.

Her pussy was so wet it dripped down her legs, she was getting ready. He started fucking her faster now, with a little more force. Her pussy stretched and took him and wanted more. Each time he banged into her all the way her ass rippled from the impact. She had just enough extra ass to make her a good doggy style fuck.

His friend played with her big hanging tits, pulling on her nipples as she sucked his cock. They both laughed and talked about what a good fuck she was. She was eating that shit up. The more they talked, the more she wanted to be the best piece of ass either of them ever had. Each time the cock slammed into her sweet pussy full force, she moaned and sent shivers up his friends cock in her mouth.

She had taken their order and brought their pizza pie in a very professional manner. They had eaten and talked and joked around, always seeing her watching them from the counter. She was grinning ear to ear and the could tell she had something in mind. She brought them a refill pitcher of beer and sat down with them. The spoke for a few minutes but the real conversation was happening under the table. Her hands were grabbing at both their cocks unseen to the world around them, playing with them, letting them know, it was gonna be a good night. They were up for that.

They were both fucking her fast now, one used her pussy, the other fucked her face. She was cumming, had been for a few minutes, shaking, cunt dripping cum, moaning. They both tore loose on her and began to fuck her like they wanted. Her pussy was stretched enough that the big cock made her whimper in sweet pain as he buried it balls deep over and over. The cock in her mouth was giving her a preview, precum making her mouth taste salty and hot.

The other customers had left a while before when she came back to the table. She told them she had sent the cook home and was gonna lock up the door. They smiled and said OK and she turned to walk away. That was when they first noticed her little jean skirt was gone and she was only wearing the apron on the bottom. Her big sweet as bare for them to watch.

She looked back and winked at em and locked the door. Pulling the shade down and bent over to make sure it reached the floor and then reached back and spread her cheeks wide for them to get a good open cunt view. Looking around her legs she watched them grinning at her and then walked back into the kitchen, promising to return soon.

Grabbing her hips he fucked her for all he was worth. This girl was gonna be sore tomorrow with the pounding her pussy was taking but he was beyond thinking about that. He watched her sucking his friend off and slammed into her again and again, harder and harder, getting so close to cumming.

She had returned as promised, nude, all smiles. She had sat again at the counter but now so that she could show off for them. Sitting on the stool she turned so that she was facing them and then began to play with her pussy and pull on her nipples. They watched her through a climax and then stood up and went to her, both opening their flies as they went, huge cocks pulled out for her to see.

She looked like she had struck the mother load at the sight of their huge erections. She licked her lips and dropped to her knees immediately and began to suck one and then the other, greedily rubbing them all over her face as she stroked them. They watched her sucking them both off for a few minutes until they were both rock hard and ready to go. Then they pulled her up and bent her over the counter.

His friend walked around to the other side of the counter and slid his cock into her greedy mouth. She started sucking him immediately with great wet sloppy sounds. He spread her cheeks and rubbed his cock head up and down her slit until her wet pussy was ready to start to be fucked.

His friend came first. He groaned and grabbed her hair too and fucked her face a couple of times hard and fast and then pulled out and stroked his cock, sending showers of hot sticky cum all over her face and big tits. She grabbed at his cock and shoved it back into her mouth and sucked the last of his cum out, swallowing it and sucking him deep down, begging for more cum.

He took care of that, growling he slammed his cock into her again and exploded. Gobs of hot sticky cum filling her pussy. He kept fucking and the cum squished out of her and dripped down her legs. He emptied his balls into her and pumped her a couple more times to watch the cum squish out. She collapsed as they both pulled out of her, laying across the counter, panting, grinning.


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