Big Girl

Two brothers have an adventure with a 40 foot tall woman that walks into some power lines near the one brothers barn, and he decides to keep her hidden.

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A 26 min 56 sec long recording.


“Who?” Mike said, trying to find the right end of the phone. He sat up in bed and turned the clock so he could read it. It was just past midnight.

“Who the hell is this?” Mike demanded, holding the phone to his ear as he made his way to the bathroom.

“Dan… your brother.”

“Dan? Dan, why are you calling me at 12:45 in the morning, I work tomorrow?” Mike asked.

“I can’t tell you over the phone. You need to come here, and I mean now.”

“Screw you, Dan. I’m not driving five hours and missing a day of work, unless I know why,” Mike said as he lit a cigarette.

“Do it, Mike, I mean it. You can’t miss this, buddy, really. Get your ass over here. Bring your video camera.”

Mike heard the click and looked at the phone incredulously. Dan lived in Ohio, almost 300 miles away. Was he serious? Of course he was serious, he was always serious. And if he called, Mike had to come. Dan wouldn’t call for nothing.

“Fuck me,” Mike said, pulling on his pants. He didn’t want an all night drive, he wanted sleep. He had a box of Nodose around somewhere. He needed to find it.

Dan paced his kitchen floor restlessly, trying to drink a cup of coffee between steps. He nearly chocked when he saw the silver Lincoln Navigator barreling down his road. His farm was at the end of a long gravel road, few people came who did not belong there. He had a few turnarounds, but not many. This car he recognized, even though he had never seen it before. It was his brother’s new car.

Mike stepped out of his vehicle and waited for the cloud of dust to pass. When he looked up his brother Dan was holding out a cup of coffee. Mike took it wordlessly, while staring at the old family farm. It hadn’t changed much, except for the fact that there was a huge blue tent made out of tarps at the end of the pole barn. The equipment which should have been stored inside the pole barn had been hastily pulled out into the lawn in the center of the driveway circle. It would take days to fix that lawn.

Not far away, a group of American Power trucks were working on the high voltage towers. It appeared that a line was down. Dan followed his glance and chuckled.

“Let me show you what I’ve got in my barn, it could shed a little light on their activities,” he smiled.

“What’s with the blue tarp tent. A little tacky, isn’t it?”

“It’s a deterrent.”

“From what?” Mike asked.

“Spy planes, satellites, NASA, the FBI, the unusual,” he shrugged with a secretive smile.

“I told you to get a good woman. Living out here alone is eating up your brain’s,” Mike said, throwing the remains of the disgusting coffee into the grass. He sat the cup on a fence post as they passed. Dan stopped and added his own cup to the post.

“I was hoping they would be gone by now,” he nodded toward the AMP trucks.”

“Why. Is that any of your doing?”

“No, it was a friend of mine. Here, come on in,” he hurried to the small door in the side of the pole barn and ushered Mike inside. The first thing Mike noticed was that the barn was full. the second thing he noticed was the smell.

“It smells like you’re raising French whores in here.”

“Are you ready?” Dan asked dramatically, with his hand on the light switch.

“Sure, let’s get this over with so I can get some sleep.”

“You asked for it,” Dan yelled, flipping on the lights. They were mercury lights which came on slowly, gradually brightening over a 1 minute period. Mike waited listlessly, yawning conspicuously, while he glanced at Dan. Dan’s eyes were wide with excitement. Mike moved forward into the darkness and immediately bumped into something soft and warm. He leaped back, in case it was a horse or cow, either which could flatten him with one kick. But the softness seemed to be human skin. He reached out tentatively and swore.

“Dan? What the fuck” he yelled, following the bare skin down the length of the barn.

“Step back so yo can get the full effect,” Dan called. Mike stepped back. The lights were beginning to work, but they were partially blocked by the bulk inside the barn. As he looked at the lights, the outline blocking them seemed to rise and fall.


Mike jumped back with a cursing shout. He ran over next to Dan, who was giggling loudly and grabbed his arm to keep him from leaving.

“Just a second more,” Dan said, doubled over in laughter.

“What the fuck is that?” Mike demanded.

“Look,” Dan pointed dramatically. The lights were brightening quickly now. Mike squinted, then turned white and jumped back.

“Who the fuck is she?” Mike demanded in outrage.

“How the hell should I know. She’s probably an alien. You seldom see a 40 foot tall naked woman out walking in the country. She knocked herself out when she walked into the power lines. I though she might be dead, but she was just unconscious. I loaded her onto a wagon with a forklift and pulled her inside here. I couldn’t get her all the way inside, so I built a tent around her head. Come here,” he said with a boyish grin. Mike followed, finding himself climbing up on the wagon, between her enormous legs.

“Oh Dan, you fucking pervert,” he said as he followed Dan between two legs almost as tall as his head. Dan stopped and stepped aside.

“Have you ever seen a pussy so big?” Dan asked breathlessly. “She’s fucking beautiful,” Dan said in excitement. “Wait until you see her face.”

“Well she looks good from this angle,” Mike agreed, looking at her amazing pussy. He edged closer, feeling the heat coming from her pussy and legs. Her aroma was strong, but pleasant.

“She’s hairy,” Mike pointed at her embarrassingly sexy pussy. “A blonde?”

“Yeah, she’s incredible,” Dan said, pushing his hands down into his pockets and grinning boyishly. “I’m going to keep her.”

“You can’t keep a forty foot tall woman. People would talk.”

“Fuck them, I’m keeping her.”

“Have you… explored,” Mike asked nervously.


“Have you… you know, done perverted things?”

“Where would I start?” Dan snorted.

“Well, here or her breasts.”

“You’re weird,” Dan said uncomfortably.

“Who’s fucking weird?”

“Ok, I’ve thought about it. I’ve even checked her breasts out, come on,” Dan said, enthusiastic again. He grabbed a stepladder and placed it against the woman’s 6 foot tall leg. They climbed up, sinking and bouncing on her soft, warm flesh. After negotiating her leg and hip, they began to sink into the softer flesh of her stomach. It was like walking on a water bed.

“Whoa, look at that,” Mike pointed at her belly button. It was two feet across and a foot deep.

“To hell with that, look at those,” Dan said, pointing at her breasts.

“My God,” Mike said reverently as he saw the massive breasts. Each breast was 6 feet across and 4 feet tall. The nipple alone was as big as Mike’s head.

“Push,” he said, starting up the left breast. Dan put his hand behind Mike’s ass and pushed. Mike clawed his way up her breast and sank down beside the nipple. Come to me,” Mike said, clasping the nipple in his open arms. He pressed his face against the nipple while stroking it with his hands.

“Hey, what about me?” Dan called.

“Take that one,” Mike pointed at the right breast. “Let’s see if we can turn this sleeping bitch on.”

“Oh yeah,” Dan called, running up her right breast and diving toward the nipple. He used the hardened nipple to pull himself up. He had never noticed how soft and squishy a breast could be. He could get lost in it.

Dan leaned down and began licking her right breast, while rubbing his hands all over it. The nipple began to distinctly stiffen, growing larger by the inch.

Mike mouthed the upper edge of her left nipple, while stroking it gently with his hands. He wished he could take his pants off and slide his body against it. He suddenly realized that he could do anything he wanted.

“I’m getting naked,” Mike called as he pulled off his shirt.

“Oh yeah,” Dan called, tearing off his own clothes. He tossed them over the side of her body. The clothing disappeared into the darkness. Now naked, Mike wrapped is bare legs around the nipple and gently humped it, while stroking it with his hands. The soft nipple felt good and hot against his cock. Her soft breast felt heavenly against his ass. He had never felt skin so soft. He leaned forward and mouthed her rigid nipple as he humped it with his cock. It grew almost imperceptibly, but the heat was very noticeable. He began to sweat. Before he knew it he blew his orgasm all over the woman’s tit, and his own body.

“Oh shit,” Mike said, standing and looking down at his sticky body. Dan began panting ever louder. Mike looked up to see him jacking off above her nipple. His cum spurted all over the small pink tower. The woman went on sleeping, unaware that she had just made two grown men cum.

“I’m a mess,” Mike said, spreading his hands.

“There’s still a hose in the bumpout,” Dan pointed toward the little wing at the front entrance. Mike nodded and bounced across her body to the ladder. Dan did a back flip off her breast and landed on her chest. He stood with a smile and moved toward her pussy.

Mike hurried into the bumpout, then stopped, looking out the front windows. The AMP trucks were still outside, but nobody was working. They appeared to be done with their work, but stood looking at Dan’s barn uncertainly. Mike could tell that they wanted to come in. They knew something.

Mike snaked a hand out and turned on the faucet, then pulled the hose closer with his foot. He was able to grab the hose without being seen. Mike gasped as the cold water cascaded over his body. Now clean, he turned off the water and peeked around the corner toward the electricians. They stood looking from the barn, to the two cars in the front yard. They seemed to come to a decision, as everyone piled into their trucks and drove off. One man stuck his head out the truck window and watched the barn until he was out of sight. Mike stepped across the line of windows and looked toward the blue tent. There was nobody in sight, and the goddess was still under wraps.

Why would a group of AMP men be so interested in Dan’s barn, unless they knew something? Mike shook his head and went back into the barn.

“Something’s up, Dan. I think the AMP men know what you have in your barn.

“How could they?” he asked, popping up above her crotch.

“I don’t know, maybe she left tracks. I imagine a 40 foot tall woman would, especially when she’s barefoot.

“Damned, I bet you’re right. So where can we move her?”

“Move her hell, call the cops.”

“No way, I’m not giving her up, she’s mine.”

“She’s not yours, Dan. For all you know she might die at any moment. Not all people who go into a coma wake up. She needs… I don’t know, IV’s and body massages and stuff.”

“Sure, sure, later,” Dan said enthusiastically. “I’m going in, and I want you to spot for me.”


“I’m going into her vagina. I want you there in case I slide inside.”

“You fucking nut,” Mike laughed. “What happens if she wakes up. One squeeze of that gigantic pussy and you will look like toothpaste.”

“We’re both fucking nuts,” Dan laughed. “We are two tiny naked guys screwing around with a forty foot tall naked woman… hey, why do you think she’s naked?” he asked as an afterthought.

“Well, in the movies, a woman is zapped by a cosmic ray and she grows. If she outgrows her clothing, she would be naked I guess. Or maybe she is a giant alien from a race who doesn’t wear clothes.”

“No, clothes serve a practical purpose, they keep us warm and protect us from nicks, burns, and cuts.”

“Yeah, I guess they do. He, where are you going,” Mike called as he hurried around the wagon.

“I’m going in,” he called, holding a handful of pubic hair. It was obvious that the woman had never worn a bikini, human or not. She had not shaved her bikini line. Mike found this very appealing, but Dan did not. Dan liked little or no hair.

“Oh my God!” Dan shouted as his feet slid inside the moist opening of the woman’s pussy.

“What’s the matter?” Mike asked as he arrived.

“Hot, moist, and so damned sensual. I could live in here,” Dan said as he wiggled his way inside. “And a pussy is a pussy, whether your rub your cock inside it, or slide in and out of a normal one. This feels fucking fantastic,” he said as he rolled and moved inside her pussy. He was now up to his chest in pussy flesh. Mike looked for signs of movement, but the woman was still comatose.

“Oh fuck, this is good,” Dan said as he slithered and withered inside the giant pussy. The moist pussy flesh felt great on his entire body, but more than that, he was fucking her from the inside out. It was great. And the more he moved, the more she juiced up.

Rather than trying to slide in and out of the huge woman, he simply turned from side to side, like the inside of a washing machine. His eyes rolled back into his head as the slick wet flesh of her pussy stimulated his cock, and the rest of his body. It wasn’t long until he began grunting, held his breath, and exploded. He came and came, shuddering inside the woman and trying to hold still while his sensitive cock wilted and could be pulled from inside her silky moist flesh. Mike helped him out and he collapsed on the oak boards of the hay wagon.

“You have got to try that,” Dan said listlessly.

“I don’t like sloppy seconds, and I don’t like the idea of getting a comatose woman pregnant, even if she is an alien.

“No problem, pull that garden hose in here. We can kill two birds with one stone.”

“Yeah, maybe you’re right,” Mike agreed. Seeing Dan fuck the woman from inside her, had him hard and raring to go. His hard cock wagged in front of him like a hairless dog backing up. He tossed the hose over the woman’s thigh. Dan caught it and pulled it across. Mike gave him a few seconds, then turn on the hose. He half expected the huge woman to rise up and destroy the barn, when the cold water hit her, but she remained motionless.

“Ok,” Dan roared. Mike shut of the water and hurried back to Dan.

“Clean as a whistle,” Dan said proudly.

“I’m going in, but if I slide too far, you yank me out,” Mike warned.

“No problem.”

Mike reached up, grabbed a handful of pussy hair, and pulled himself inside. It was only a 4 foot climb. Of course her clit was almost out of reach from the wagon, but was directly in front of his face as he sat inside her vulva. He peeled the envelope of flesh back and marveled at how much the clit looked like a cock. He licked his lips and took her clit into his hands. He rolled it between his hands for a moment, then pulled it into his mouth. It was very hot, and very soft. He sucked it diligently for a moment. He soon realized that he was giving the woman a blowjob. With a pause and smile, he looked down at his brother, but he was off exploring her legs, ankles and feet.

With a shake of his head, Mike returned to his blowjob. He had been bobbing up and down on her clit for several minutes, before he heard a soft sigh. He paused in horror and waited, but there were no further sounds. He dropped her clit and slid partially inside her pussy. It was very hot and wet, almost unbearable. Now he new how a baby felt when it was forced to leave the pussy and face the cold cruel world.

“Oh yes,” he gasped as he slid inside. The warm moisture on his cock was magnificent. The pulsing flow of blood through her huge blood vessels, was almost enough movement to make him come. He enjoyed the warm throbbing inside her cunt. It was very sensual, very erotic. It would make a great amusement ride for adults.

Mike kinked and straightened his legs slowly, in an attempt to fuck himself. But the movement was all wrong. He began to mimic Dan’s movements, spinning back and forth inside her wet flesh. The enjoyment was almost too much to take. He was suddenly being stimulated all over his body. He was being fucked, and rubbed with hot oil by a hundred hands, or so it seemed. There was no way to describe the wave of heat and pleasure that swept through his body. He felt the uncontrollable urge to cum, but stopped and gritted his teeth in an attempt to hold off his orgasm as long as possible.

To his intense horror, Mike felt the ripple of muscles inside her pussy squeeze his body. He began to struggle, attempting to get out. His struggles brought on his orgasm. Screaming for Dan, while he came and struggled, he finally flopped out of her pussy, covered with juice and cum, and ran diving off the wagon, just as the legs moved.

“What the fuck?” Dan yelled.

“She’s waking up!” Mike screamed in horror. “She will kill us. Get the hell out of here.”

“No way, help me tie her down.”

“Fuck that, get out,” Mike screamed, pulling on Dan’s arm. They wrestled briefly, both slick and naked, until they neared the windows in the bumpout. They gasped in horror when they saw a line of cars approaching.

“Fuck!” Dan screamed, racing to find his clothes. Mike washed off with the hose, then went looking for his own.

The FBI threatened, paid, and forced Mike and Dan to sign a bunch of forms. Then they threatened them again and hauled off Dan’s 40 foot woman on the bed of a semi. They later heard that she was flown out of the state on a C5A. Nobody knows where it landed.

Dan is despondent over the loss of his forty foot woman. He vows to use every cent of his 100,000 dollars to find her. Mike is despondent because he can’t tell other’s about the strangest fuck of his life. He… I finally decided to write this little story, it’s my way of telling others. But who would believe me?

I’m going to use my money to buy a boat to sail around the world. If there is another 40 foot tall woman out there, I will find her.


This story was part of a collection I bought. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I have the right to post it and have made the recording of it.