The following hypnosis recordings and mind control stories were written by clients of mine and they gave me permission to share them on my site for others to enjoy them.

Listen to “Control”

A 16 min 10 sec recording for your relaxation and induction pleasure.

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Listen to “Relax”

A 14 min 36 sec recording for your total relaxation pleasure.

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Listen to “Erase”

A 23 min 9 sec recording. An induction and mind control recording to bring you further under my control.

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Listen to “Fem”

A 13 min 15 sec recording. For men that long to really be female, this femininization hypnosis audio will have you giggling like a girly girl! Fun fun! Get in touch with your feminine side as you take a lovely bubble bath.

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Listen to “Classic”

A 9 min recording.

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A two part story of a boss and employee on an interplanetary trip that get stranded on a planet that’s ruled by women, and the employee decides she likes things on this new planet much better than earth, making her once boss her new slave.

This is a hilarious story ones into female superiority will very much enjoy. Please read the forward to it first to set it up.


It is the future. You and I are traveling on a business trip in space between planets. Though I am kind of like a supervisor to you it is a casual corporate hierarchy. Our  working relationship is relaxed and I in no way abuse power.

Our ship crashes on a planet. This planet has been colonized by people much like 20th century middle class citizens of a Western nation, so language and culture are familiar to us.

Except the society is controlled by women who have enslaved the men using a mind controlling implant that submits and suppresses various parts of the brain that makes men obedient. Some sort of automated mining operation provides ore that is exported and keeps the colony so rich that the woman can live in luxury and never have to work.

I have been given the treatment, I know that it was done to me but do not fully realize all the effects. You have been offered citizenship on the colony.

I am in a holding room and you enter.

Listen to “Classic Part 2”

A 12 min recording.

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“Classic Part 2”

This takes place several months after the previous entry.

Listen to “Brad”

A 12 min recording.

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A 14 min long recording.


We are a married couple who are relatively happy. You, my wife, need treatment for a temporary medical problem. Brad, a brilliant neurologist is one of your doctors. He is extremely attracted to you and begins to behave observably, calling you, following you, etc. We are relatively strong and effective people, thus, I threaten him and we take legal action to put a stop to his behavior.

Brad kidnaps us however. He puts implants in our brains. The implants are designed to administer pleasure and pain, all different levels as well as types of pleasure and pain.
The devices can administer sensations of incredible intensity. An implanted transmitter in Brad’s brain controls the implants. Thus, Brad can administer these sensations to us by just “thinking them (this may sound far fetched, but the technology to make this entire set up work is near at hand if not available already. It would involve messy brain surgery.

(Let’s say Brad has a way to easily implant these things). Brad only uses the pain settings on me. The device is extremely powerful; it can inflict torment beyond imagining. It can also administer lesser degrees; Brad uses his power to enslave me. He moves into our house. He requires me to call him Master. I am addressed as “slave“. He requires that I serve him hand and foot. I must behave in an extremely servile way. Brad humiliates me. For example make me lick his feet. He uses me as a body slave, I must wash him in the shower, tend is nails, etc. He uses the device to mold my behavior, a little pain if he does not like the way I walk, a little more if I do not speak submissively, a lot more if I am slow to obey a command. The device has GPS so I can be tracked and pain can be administered at any distance like a mobile device. There is no hope of escape. I can be sent thousand of miles away and still be controlled. Brad expects total obedience and is a control freak. He is an expert manipulator and has me behaving extremely submissively whenever he is around.

Brad only uses the pleasure setting on you. He addicts you to him. A little pleasure when you see him. A little more when he speaks. More when he smiles. The device is more powerful then the most addictive drug. Soon you are sleeping with him as he can provide unimaginable ecstasy. Brad is an expert in control and is also able to model your behavior with the pleasure settings. The settings can change your entire mood, your entire outlook to whatever degree that he wants. At first you resist, but he delivers such a variety of pleasures at just the right time you find yourself falling in love with him.

He also delivers pleasure when expressing his opinions and beliefs to you. Before you know it his ideas seem wonderful to you. More on this latter. Brad treats you as an equal. In fact, he is a romantic and caring partner. He requires me to behave submissively towards you. At first you hate the idea, but the pleasure is provided when you treat me like a servant as well as when Brad humiliates me. He eventually modifies your implant so that you can administer pain to me. Up until this point you have never done so however. At this stage I have been forced to sign divorce papers as well as my share in our property over to Brad. I picture the following as occurring about six weeks after Brad has moved in. By this point Brad has brought me to absolute obedience.

When Brad is around I behave like a slave towards you. At first when we were alone we conspired together and tried to figure a way out together. The conditioning is wearing you down however. Lately you are acting as if you expect obedience from me even if Brad is not around, however, up until this point you have been unsure and hesitant about it. Even when Brad is around, though getting more and more commanding, you are still kind to me, treating me a little, but as time goes by, treating me more and more like a child or a pet. Remember, as Brad tells you things like, “he is a slave” or “you love to see him humiliated” it is accompanied by really good feelings. Despite yourself these feelings are getting coupled with these thoughts.

Brad is out for a few hours and you decide that we will have a talk. What follows is basically your speech to me.

Listen to “Brad Part 2”

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“Brad Part 2”

A 16 min recording.


In the months following the previous recording, Brad goes really hard on me. He uses the pain device incessantly, relentlessly controlling my every action, humiliating me and never being satisfied. His goal is to so effectively torture me and control me in every way that I come to completely accept my position with enthusiasm. During this period I am forced to write essays and speeches extolling the benefits of my enslavement as well as all of Brad’s actions. You have used the pain device on me, but only a few times and on low settings. This usually happened when I tied to speak to you as an equal about my predicament. He continues to condition you using only pleasure. He otherwise treats you as an equal and actually treats you his very loved wife. You enjoy and very passionate and romantic relationship.

While he secedes in making me very docile, I do not reach the stage where I actually enjoy my position. Until…As we know Brad has access to advanced medical technology. He is able, using some kind of advanced laser process, to painlessly and bloodlessly castrate me. At first my internal rage, already indescribable, is doubled. But shortly afterward, due to combination of the chemical changes relating to the procedure, as well as the unrelenting control, emotional trauma and pain conditioning, I finally begin to calm internally and accept my place. I eventually develop affection and love for Brad and strive to be the best slave possible.

One evening Brad grants me permission to speak freely, and with tears of joy streaming down my face I profess my love, adoration and gratitude toward you both. I shower Brad’s feet with kisses. My treatment eases after that, the pain device, is only occasionally used if my behavior starts to deviate from complete subservience. I am allowed to sleep on dog pillow and allowed to eat somewhat decent food. Brad even shows a little affection for me as he would towards a pet. Of course, absolute obedience is still expected, I am worked hard and serve you both hand and foot.

The humiliation also continues but it is less hard edged. About two years have gone by since the last recording while all this has transpired and it is time for another talk.

Listen to “Financial Domination”

A 5 min 13 sec recording for ones into the fetish of financial domination and female superiority.

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“Financial Domination”

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