Fetish Corner


Listen to “Will You Make Love To Me?”

“Will You Make Love To Me?” -An erotic and sensual question for you to ponder as I ask you if you would do all sorts of wonderful, naughty things to me. This is very sensual in nature. If you love my “Passionate Description” recording, this is similarly sensual. I wrote this with my all time favorite phone partner in mind. I still hope one day he will return to me…..5 min 35 sec

Listen to “Passionate Description”

“Passionate Description” -A detailed description of what I would do to you and your body, and what you would do to me and mine…….If you loved my “Will You Make Love To Me?” recording, this is similarly sensual. 7 min 32 sec


Listen to “Tease & Denial”

“Tease & Denial” -Listen as I tease and deny you orgasm. 4 min 39 sec

Listen to “Cuckold Fantasy”

“Cuckold Fantasy”-Hear about what you’d see as you watched your woman get fucked by 2 other guys as you sat and stroked yourself…..and watched. 2 min 46 sec

Listen to “Small Penis Humiliation”

“Small Penis Humiliation” -Listen as I laugh and belittle you and your pencil dick……4 min 32 sec

Listen to “Breast Milk Fetish”

Breast Milk Fetish-Listen as I describe making love to you with my breasts over flowing with my warm, sweet milk….4 min 27 sec

Listen to “Cum Lickers Delight”

“Cum Lickers Delight” -You love to lick your own cum and creampie….I know you do. 4 min 33 sec

Listen to “Lingerie & Stockings”

“Lingerie & Stockings”-A sexy scenario describing us fucking with me in some sexy lingerie and stockings. 4 min 34 sec

Listen to “Panty Lovers”

“Panty Lovers” -For all the panty lovers out there. Ones that wear, sniff, and use stolen ones for masturbating into. 4 min

Listen to “Sissification”

“Sissification” -Listen up, sissies, this is for you. Strap on fans, cum lickers, you’ll like this…….You naughty cumslut panty boys.  3 min 37 sec

Listen to “Blow Job Sounds”

“Blow Job Sounds”-Recording of blow job sounds for you to jerk to you naughty boy…….(No, it’s not real.) 4 min 36 sec

Listen to “Cock & Ball Torture”

“Cock & Ball Torture” -Listen as I describe torturing your cock and balls.  3 min 55 sec.

Listen to “Spanking”

“Spanking”-Recording of my spanking you and telling you what a bad boy you are……5 min 3 sec

Listen to “Foot Worship”

“Foot Worship” -Me describing you worshiping my feet and getting a foot job you’ll never forget. 4 min 20 sec

Listen to “Pathetic Penis”

“Pathetic Penis”-Someone wanted me to record this for them, they wrote it. I never claim work as my own that is not. But they gave me permission to use it as I see fit. It is very entertaining, so I wanted to share it.

Listen in on a humorous 2 person dialog in this entertaining 15 min 32 sec recording as I berate your pitiful cock.

Tranny Stories


Listen to “Amusement”

An 11 min 20 sec mp3 recording. A couple visiting an amusement park get stuck on a ride and decide to make good use of their time being trapped.

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Listen to “Beauty Secret”

An 8 min 20 sec recording. A couple has some naughty fun in the shower washing and getting dirty again.

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“Beauty Secret”

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Listen to “Birthday Cake”

A 6 min 53 sec recording. A nude girl gets covered in frosting and is the entertainment for a hungry group of men.

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“Birthday Cake”

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Listen to “Love Doll”

A 10 min 48 sec recording. A group of guys sent a sex doll as a gag gift decide instead to put the gift to a much better purpose and enjoy it together.

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“Love Doll”

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Listen to “On The Beach”

An 11 min 42 sec recording. A couple spends the day at the beach having fun and getting to know each other better.

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“On The Beach”

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Listen to “The Photo Shoot”

A 14 min 25 sec recording. A photographer doing a photo shoot decides shooting pictures isn’t as much fun as joining the action during a naughty photo taking session.

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“The Photo Shoot”

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