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The following stories I have recorded for other people. I did not write most of them, only a few of them. The ones I wrote on this page I sold to others, as I also do paid writing, so I do not have the copywrite to them, but was allowed to post the audios here, but not the text. Some of them wrote them themselves, others I do not know where they got them.

Update-The stories on this page that I wrote, I have purchased back the rights to. (There’s only a couple on this page I wrote anyway) I decided I was giving away my best work and couldn’t live with that anymore, so I bought all rights back to my stories. I must however sit on them for one years time before posting them. As of Aug. 19, 2014 I will be posting the 11 stories text and all that I’d sold and then bought back. Ghostwriting-just not worth it!


Listen to “Obsessive Confession”

A 40 min long recording. A woman confesses a lifelong obsession with circumsized cocks and how far she has gone in her quest to find the man of her deepest desires. Placing her job in jeopardy to track a man down that filled out a supposedly anonymous sex survey, she hunts him down since she believes they can have a sexual relationship.

This likely is the most difficult recording I ever have made due to the medical terminology in some sections. It is an unusual story, but extremely well written and strangely compelling. It was recorded in 5 segments, so there may be a few seconds long pause from where the segments were joined together.

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“Obsessive Confession”

Listen to “The Glass Elevator”

A 9 min 12 sec recording. A woman on her way to surprise her boyfriend on his birthday gets stuck in an elevator with a handsome man and they find a naughty way to spend their time together.

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“The Glass Elevator”

Listen to “Jenny’s Parisian Romance”

An 18 min 15 sec recording. A woman on a business trip to Paris discovers a whole new side to herself when she meets a vivacious woman staying at the same hotel, and they have a wonderful week together.

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“Jenny’s Parisian Romance”

Listen to “Welcome To Blush Lingerie”

A 9 min 50 sec recording. A cross dressing man goes shopping for some lingerie and gets friendly with the sales lady who is more than happy to help him make his selections.

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“Welcome To Blush Lingerie”

Listen to “Dear Lindsay”

A 7 min 22 sec recording. A saucy girl writes a letter to a girlfriend recounting her masturbation practices and the threesome she had with another couple.

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“Dear Lindsay”

Listen to “The Best Part”

A 9 min 28 sec recording. A girl talks about a memorable sexual encounter with her boyfriend. Ones into smoking fetish will like this one, as cigarettes are part of the encounter.

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“The Best Part”

Listen to “The Encounter With Susan”

A 15 min 22 sec recording. A housewife from the mid west makes a very special friend in her female neighbor when she and her husband move to California. An invitation for a swim in the backyard turns very sexual and makes Susan realize she’s more interested in other women than she ever thought.

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“The Encounter With Susan”

Listen to “Phone Sex”

An 8 min 36 sec recording. A woman describes herself masturbating to a man on the phone in graphic detail.

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“Phone Sex”

“The Trade Off”

A 32 min 8 sec recording. A pair of female friends have a deliciously wicked idea to entertain their husbands for their birthdays. They are going to strip for each others husbands, yet keep it a secret. Needless to say, things go a lot further than a striptease…

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“The Trade Off”

Listen to “Mom And The Neighbor”

A 6 min 26 sec recording. A naughty female college student comes home early to find her mom and the neighbor going at it, and she spies on them…

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“Mom And The Neighbor”

Listen to “Surprise Homecoming”

A 14 min 27 sec recording. A college student comes home early to find her daddy and her best friend having wild sex on her bed and she watches from the hallway.

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“Surprise Homecoming”

Listen to “Swingers”

A 32 min 17 sec recording. A lady tells her girlfriend in graphic detail about the swingers party she and her husband went to and about all the guys she got to fuck while she was there.

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Listen to “Martin’s Story”

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“Martin’s Story”

A 26 min recording. A woman recounts her hot night of sex with her husband and their best friend Martin as he joins them for the threesome they invited him to and he gets to explore a side of himself he didn’t know existed before.

Listen to “Mountain Top Escapade”

A 22 min 04 sec recording. A young woman gets an unexpected ride home from the friend of her boyfriend’s father, and things take an unexpected and naughty turn on the drive home.

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“Mountain Top Escapade”

Listen to “Massage Parlor Mayhem”

A 17 min 28 sec recording. A young singer falls on hard times and takes a job at a local massage parlor.

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“Massage Parlor Mayhem”

Listen to “Exotic Dreams”

A 32 min 28 sec recording. A man meets an exotic lady and they have an almost surreal evening of intense passion that neither of them will forget.

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“Exotic Dreams”

Listen to “Interior Designs”

A 40 min 18 sec recording. A man and his interior designer have an intense sexual experience in the bedroom she created for him.

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“Interior Designs”

Listen to “The NCO Creed”

A 2 min 27 sec recording. I’m not really sure if it’s appropriate to post this here, but a military man asked me to record this for him to help him learn it. Of course I wanted to help, it was a small thing to ask really. Even though I’m Canadian I was pleased to help him, so servicemen, feel free to use this or ask me to do one for your branch of the military. It is word for word, as I wanted to do it perfectly.

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“NCO Creed”

Listen to “Sharassa’s Song”

A 14 min 44 sec recording. A mermaid falls in love with a human man and they wonder how they can create a life together. This is a beautiful, well written story, but not sexual, more of a romance story.

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“Sharassa’s Song”